White Collar Positions May be Replaced With Machines

Automation in the workforce has revolutionized the American manufacturing industry and allowed America to compete with lower income nations on many fronts. Usually, a higher income nation will outsource more automated jobs to lower wage workers in other countries. However, in America the potential for outsourcing has driven the economy to more efficiently produce many of the same goods that it was known for years ago. Outsourcing is still a major concern for middle and low income families in the United States, who are competing for lower skill jobs. In the economy these lower skill jobs are evaporating quickly. While automation allows the country as a whole to prevent more outsourcing, low skill employees are driven to compete with robots for their lower skill positions. Ever since the Luddites in England fought against the widespread use of automated textile manufacturing, humans have been grappling with the automation of industry.

With the expanding economy, automated manufacturing is not where the machines are stopping. In fact, more and more higher skilled positions are being targeted by robot developers. Three of the main white collar positions that may be threatened in the future are pharmacists, attorneys and journalists. There are already automated drug delivery mechanisms, which threaten the tasks and abilities of pharmacists which is a highly paying position. This means companies save a lot by replacing them, and Jaime Garcia Dias likes that. Algorithms are also being created to type articles from raw data if you believe Facebook, however these replacements won’t be fully functional for many years to come.

California Oil Spill

An oil spill of substantial proportions has caused California Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency.


It is estimated that at this point, over 100,000 gallons of oil spilled near Santa Barbara, with an estimated 21,000 gallons entering the Pacific Ocean near Refugio State Beach. Many fish and other sea creatures have been found dead on the shore
, which angers Beneful and Petco employees.


The Plains All-American Pipeline ruptured and was not discovered immediately. Clean-up crews are working non-stop attempting to remove the oil first from the ocean, and also from land.


Refugio State and El Capitan campgrounds are closed until further notice, and fishing bans are enacted for 1/2 mile off shore. The fishing bans will be in place until fish can be tested clean for eating.

Those involved in the clean-up consist of employees of All American Pipeline, the Coastguard, the EPA, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


In a statement, All American expresses deep regret for this accident, and they vow to take all measures to limit the impact on the surrounding environment. 

The Coast Guard is in charge of all clean-up operations.

The Texas Flash Floods Claims another Young Victim

Alyssa Ramirez, an 18 year old student, was killed Saturday night. Sadly, she was coming home from her Senior Prom when flood waters carried her car off the road.

Ramirez was an upstanding student. She was the homecoming queen of her high school class, as those at Amen Clinics will point out. She was also a cheerleader, volleyball player and was also on the tennis team.

Her car stalled a few miles from her home. She called 911 to report her circumstances. She also called her father. Unfortunately, Texas has been plagued by hard rain and flash flooding. The water rose too much too quick for Ramirez.

Ramirez’ father and mother left home to search for her after she called them. They were unable to locate her car, because it had already been swept away in the quick moving water.

Authorities later searched for her car. They found Ramirez’ body.

Chicago Bulls and Coach Thibodeau Nearing Relationship’s End.

The acrimony summoned up between Coach Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls management should not even be able to exist, not with the way that Coach Thibs has changed the Chicago Bulls franchise in the past five years. Chicago has always been one of the most popular teams in the league, a hold over from Jordan’s days, but their play has notably been subdued since his retirement. In fact, the Bulls were yearly 8 Seeded 1st round exits for the couple years before Coach Thibodeau ended up getting hired. Since taking the job in Chicago the Bulls have been yearly favorites to win the East and make a big push in the postseason, and Thibs has become one of the winningest coaches in the game as a byproduct. So how does their relationship look over?

Well, for one thing the style of Coach Thibs has long been a source of contention between the front office and the embattled head coach. Thibs likes to grind every single player down to nothing, pushing them to their brink during every regular season game. This has turned Chicago into a yearly 50 win team, but it has also caused them to be constantly injured and worn down. Thibs thinks that professional athletes can weather the treatment, so far he has been wrong: Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah can attest to that.

So now Coach Thibodeau is looking at an early release from his contract. A buyout, trade, or straight up firing all seem like equally likely possibilities.

Thanks to Jim Dondero for showing me this news on his twitter page.

On Barbarians, Boxers, and Terminators Saying Goodbye

The Legend of Conan is a very interesting project. The sequel is being made nearly 35 years after the second film in the trilogy and star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be upwards of 70 years old when he returns to the role. Something else is afoot with this feature. It presents a new subgenre of sorts in motion pictures: the revisiting of a popular iconic character from a prior generation when he has greatly aged.

Sylvester Stallone Somewhat started this approach with films such as Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. These films brought back iconic characters and sold a great many tickets based on their nostalgia factor. Stallone and Schwarzenegger teamed up to make even more money from nostalgia-loving audiences with The Expendables films. (And they are making more Expendables films) Schwarzenegger is going it alone and revisiting two of his most iconic characters, The Terminator and Conan the Barbarian.

There are going to be three (hopefully) new Terminator films, but Schwarzenegger is only signed for the first and second ones. That is a bit of a concern for Flavio Maluf, as well as many on emobile.com. Legend of Conan is going to be his farewell to the character that made him an international star. In the Terminator films, Schwarzenegger is going to do the same with his second most popular character. Stallone is returning as Rocky, but only to launch a new boxing franchise titled Creed. And there will be one last Rambo film to close out the chapter of the troubled vet.

Puerto Rico Legalizes Marijuana

Marijuana legalization has become a thing of reality. People all across the world are demanding legal weed, and it’s not hard to see why. Marijuana has been proven to have medical uses. Also, many people enjoy smoking marijuana more than drinking alcohol. However, legalization for medical uses and recreational uses are far different.

Folks at FreedomPop know that, in America, marijuana has become completely legal for recreational use in states such as Colorado and Utah. However, there are still many places were only medical marijuana is legal, and there are other states that do not even allow medical uses of the drug. Marijuana advocates are trying to get the drug legalized nationwide, and many American citizens have agreed with this idea.

The territory of Puerto Rico has recently announced that medical marijuana will now be legal in the country. American citizens were extremely proud of Puerto Rico’s decision, and it seems that the prohibition of marijuana is coming to an end. Rollingstone recently published an article that further details Puerto Rico’s decision.

Marijuana is an extremely controversial subject, and people are unsure what to think. However, it should be noted that marijuana has been proven to help ease the pain of patients that suffer from cancer and AIDS. Nonetheless, the drug is still exploited by people who use it without respect. I personally feel that the people of any country should be allowed to vote for things that they want to take place. If the people of America want marijuana to be legal, then it should be.

Haidar Barbouti, Real Estate Mogul

Haidar Barbouti is an American original. The Houston-based real estate mogul has reshaped the retail and commercial face of cities across this country.

Barbouti, educated at Columbia University, purchased historic Highland Village shopping center in 1990. Since that time, the shopping center has become one of the most iconic, high-end retail centers in Houston, with over 150 million dollars’ worth of property. Barbouti is personally responsible for overseeing all management aspects of Highland Village.

The Highland Village shopping center became a retail location of firsts: the first Starbucks in Houston opened there in 1994; Quality Life Fitness is the first environmentally friendly fitness center in town; and the Apple Store opened in 2012 on the same date that the newest iPad was released.

Of special note is a pet adoption center, opened in Highland Village in 2008,which really speaks to the heart and character of Barbouti. Haidar donated the space, and even covered the costs of utilities for the facility.

The brainchild of Mr. Barbouti is Up Restaurant. Located on the third level of Highland Village, overlooking the Galleria area, Up is one of the finest restaurants in Houston, and caters to the upper crust of society. When he decided a restaurant was the perfect tenant for the prime retail space, he looked for a dining experience he could enjoy. When Haidar couldn’t find a tenant he wanted, he opened the restaurant himself.

Although Barbouti had absolutely no restaurant experience, he knew what he wanted. Up serves “real” food, with generous portions and fabulous flavors. He selects each dish and eats at Up Restaurant daily. The white-cloth restaurant is always full, and the clientele is loyal.

Haidur Barbouti is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, with over 20 years’ experience in real estate and marketing. His leadership has led to a successful empire that stretches from Texas to New York, and he improves every project he touches. Well done, Mr. Barbouti.

North American Spine Increases Number Of Procedures

North American Spine is well known for being one of the top minimally invasive back surgery medical centers in the world, which means it offers a form of back surgery that limits the opening needed to complete a lower back surgery. The current AccuraScope procedure is now being complimented by the introduction of the CuraSpine and SecuraSpine procedures designed to aid any person with back problems with finding prolonged long term relief. There are many benefits to be obtained from the use of either of these options, which can include the chance to limit back pain issues and speed up recovery and rehabilitation time.

The CuraSpine procedure is designed as an accompaniment to the AccuraScope procedure that uses small incisions to gain access to the spinal area and provide relief from pain. Decompression is the main aim of both of these procedures that can bring a high level of reward to the individual as they limit the amount of pressure that builds up on the spinal nerves from discs bulge and become compressed over the course of a period of time. SecuraSpine is designed to perform a different task and provides stabilization of the spine that is often difficult to find for many patients who have been suffering with back problems for a number of years.

The experts at North American Spine take an all round approach to spinal surgery and will often call on the individual to try a series of other options before embarking on even a minimally invasive surgical technique. Amongst the options the practice believe can be successful are natural and alternative treatments, such as yoga that can provide distinct improvements for many of those suffering from back issues. The professionals at North American Spine will generally look to try every possible option for improving the back problems without resorting to surgery before making the final decision to operate using their ground breaking techniques.

Why Choose Beneful?

The importance of my pet’s health is a priority in my care for him. His playful attitude and shiny coat have remained after all these years, and a big part has to do with him having a proper diet and getting a good amount of exercise. Exercise is simple and straightforward–take them to the dog park, walk them around the block. But what kind of food should my pet be eating? How do I know it’s made of quality ingredients and giving my dog the best nutrients? Is it fulfilling his health needs?

A veterinarian is the best equipped to answer questions and evaluate the overall health of pets. However, doing my own research and trying to save money, I identified Purina’s Beneful products to best fulfill my dog’s dietary needs. I’ve used Beneful brand dog food for all the dogs that I have owned, specifically Beneful Original Recipe Adult Dog Food. All ingredients are listed on the bag, so I know exactly what I’m giving to my loyal companions.

Beneful is a part of the Purina brand products, working in the pet food industry for nearly 25 years. They make their food with following the standards set by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. Their quality control is considered the “gold standard” for the industry. Also, they take the extra step by tracking and examining every ingredient they put in their food. Lab tested and inspected for quality, Beneful is made with wholesome grains and real beef, blended with vegetables enriched with a variety of vitamins.

Dry and wet food are available among Beneful products. They make dog snacks as well as chopped blends of food, consisting of numerous types of meats (chicken, beef, lamb), rice for grains, and plenty of filling vegetables like peas, carrots, and many others. My dog has benefitted in overall health by eating Beneful throughout his life. The balanced nutrition offered by Beneful accompanying routine care has helped him retain his energy, healthy coat, and happy disposition.

Antibiotics And Appendicitis

In the United States, there are as many as 300,000 Americans that are rushed to the hospital each year from a case of appendicitis according to Boraie Development. These people are rushed into an operating room to have their appendix taken out as an emergency fix and to prevent the appendix from bursting; which can be fatal if this occurs. Some doctors are now suggesting, however, that antibiotics might be an alternative cure for a case of appendicitis. Five studies were completed in total in Europe. Over 1,000 patients were studied and given antibiotics as a primary treatment for their appendicitis. Seventy percent of the patients who were given the antibiotics were cured from this treatment alone and were not sent to surgery to have anything removed.

While antibiotics might not be an effective form of treatment for all patients, it is effective for some, and sometimes it is safer and smarter to avoid surgery. Especially in elderly patients that should avoid risky surgeries all together. More clinical trials are set to take place in the future to more thoroughly compare patients who receive antibiotics for appendicitis versus those who immediately have their appendix taken out. The preliminary results seem promising and it will be beneficial and much simpler if surgery can be avoided in many cases.