North American Spine-An Innovative Healthcare Alternative

‘Ooh! My aching back!” Not an uncommon expression of pain, especially if you’re a chronic back sufferer.

The spine is one of the most delicate parts of the Human Body, just a bit too much pressure from constantly lifting heavy objects without any strong back support, and a person’s spinal cord can be severely damage, perhaps for life.

And was indicated at the onset, there are those who suffer back pain chronically, or a never-ending excruciating experience on back pain with little or no relief.

Little wonder why people in this condition sorely desires-if you excuse the pun-not temporary, but permanent back pain relief. And there are healthcare companies to that end; in fact many specialized in that specific type of therapy: spinal care. There, they will find back care specialists that are informed of all the latest state-of-the-art spinal care techniques, and for some patients this is proving to be highly effective. Some have had the source of their back pain clearly identified, prescribed medication, given types of back care therapy, and to all intent and purposes, their spinal condition has been solved.

For others, though, it may not be all that simple; they may indeed have serious spinal conditions, perhaps because of a dislocated disk, for instance, that was the result of an accident, or they may have had the condition since birth, or literally their entire lives.

Perhaps this may be true of you of a loved one. You may be able to identified with one of the scenarios described above and you’re seeking permanent back relief comfort. Well, there is indeed such a qualified healthcare company that specializes in your spinal issues: North American Spine.

North American Spine, located in the Houston, Texas area, is a well-known, highly-esteemed medical company that is helping many people in that area to address their spinal-related issues. Their company consists of a mature, experienced, innovative staff who can clearly identify what your spinal condition is and provide practical and viable health alternatives to deal with and resolve your spinal condition. They specialize in minimal invasive spinal care. North American Spine reviews discuss how they use all of the modern state-of-the-art equipment, such as laser surgery, for instance, that will make your spinal operation as painless as humanly possible. And their services are at a cost that is reasonable and will not leave your pocketbook or wallet in pain.

So, if you or a loved one is faced with a severe spinal related issue, now you know you really have a choice: North American Spine. In fact, why not contact them on their official website today?

Philanthropic Prodigy Eric Pulier

Started in Los Angeles, California in 1959 by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt, Computer Sciences Corporation has been a Fortune 500 company since 1995. Initially offering production tools and software, the company has much evolved and today deals primarily in information technology, which usually is in reference to computers but also applies to television and phones. CSC has a selection of cloud offerings that enable organizations to deliver it as a service, decreasing costs and increasing productivity. As of 2009, the corporation was the only major hardware vendor with headquarters in the United States.

Computer Sciences Corporation has had an array of highly talented leaders, including prodigy Eric Pulier. Mr. Pulier is a Los Angles based father of four and is a successful author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Pulier has founded at least 15 companies and has raised millions of dollars for many ventures. He is on the board of directors for Painted Turtle, a summer camp for chronically ill children in California. Eric also created one of the first programs to educate people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease.

Mr. Pulier helped build “Bridge to the 21st Century” for Bill Clinton and Al Gore to commemorate their 2nd inauguration, and is currently a member of Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative, which assists disadvantaged global communities. Clinton’s Global Initiative suits Pulier’s charitable nature. Eric is a financial donor for several worthy causes, including XPRIZE, a non profit organization that sponsors competitions to encourage technological development. XPRIZE is on a mission to bring radical technological breakthroughs to mankind. The goal of it’s competitions are to encourage people to think hard and come up with innovative ideas to better humanity. Mr. Pulier serves on this board of directors, too. His great strides in this and so many other ventures are definitely making this world a better place.

Dan Newlin and His Law Firm

Dan Newlin and his team of highly qualified lawyers in their law offices are a proud group of people because their law firm has been recognized for their distinct and honorable identification since there are only less than 5% of all the law firms in Florida that have attained this honor.

Dan Newlin the Attorney began his career as a police officer at an early age of 20 years at the Indiana police and the fire department. He later shifted to hen he was given a position at the Orange Sheriff’s office which was located in Florida Orlando. Here he served for ten years where he ended up attaining the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective. He worked in many police details ranging from narcotics enforcement to auto theft unit where he was assigned to work as a fugitive detective division. While serving here he apprehended many dangerous fugitives.

While under the same detail, he received a lot of awards because he used to go above board in his duties. This made the US Marshall’s Office to recognize his outstanding services. In 1997 he was accepted to join the Law school which made him to join Florida State law college until the year 2000 when he graduated. He is a very happy lawyer because h has been licensed to practice law in both the states of Chicago and Illinois. In the two states he maintains offices where he provides outstanding legal services.

So far Attorney Newlin has been able to recover more than 150 million US dollars for victims of accident and injury which have made him to grow from a small office to a huge styled law firm that serves the whole of Florida and Illinois. They have a legal team of 18 lawyers who are very qualified and experienced. This law firm is currently having over 75 staff members serving in different positions. This firm majorly focus on cases of any injury, medical negligence and other forms of accidents. They have also ventured into serving people who had been charged wrongfully with criminal charges.

Dan Newlin has been happy because of his firm’, services of experienced first class legal representation with their main aim being commitment to excellence. If any one out there is in need of legal services, he should look no further since Attorney Dan Newlin and his other team members are ready to work for you at any time.

Kenneth Griffin: One of the Most Important Figures in the Financial World

As the perception of millionaires as the most influential people and role models has changed, billionaires have recently got all the attention when it comes to the new and real measure of power and wealth. They build enormous companies, shape economies, run numerous banks, and they manage the money in the way no one else can. The extraordinary success of these people is something that everyone talks about, and Ken Griffin is surely one of them, according to the Forbes magazine.
Kenneth Griffin as the CEO of Citadel
Ken Griffin is the CEO and founder of the Citadel Group, which was founded in 1990. The company represents one of the most important diverse financial institutions, and it includes Citadel Securities (a leading provider in America’s capital markets), Citadel (a leading asset manager in the industry), and Citadel Technology (a provider for investment management technology).
The company now represents one of the largest investment companies due to $25 billion in capitals. Kenneth Griffin’s team of more than 100 highly professional and skilled employees always does its best to bring the company’s business to a higher level. Mr. Griffin has done a lot to bring about the company’s success, and although the company went through a financial crisis several years ago, Mr. Griffin successfully managed to restore its value and to bring it to an even higher value. Citadel still continues to perform very well, and in the first several month of this year, its hedge funds showed returns in the 12% range of fees.
Financial Aid Office Renamed in Kenneth Griffin’s Honor
Kenneth Griffin is also known for investing in numerous educational causes. For instance, he is a financial supporter of Harvard University, with his donation of $150 million in order to help the successful students who do not have enough money to continue their education. In recognition of his donation to this university, the School renamed its Financial Aid Office in honor of Mr. Griffin.
Many students, University leaders, and friends gathered outside the office and thanked Mr. Griffin for his generous gift that will change the lives of many students. This will also make the University of Harvard affordable to many needy students whose dream is to study here. More than 10 years ago, Harvard presented a program known as HFAI (Harvard Financial Aid Initiative) in order to bolster its numerous financial offerings. The program also ensured that the University was affordable to each student, and it has also expanded over the years. Now, thanks to Kenneth Griffin, almost 60% of students receive a financial help, and many undergraduates can graduate without paying any additional debts.
In addition to this, the goal is also to encourage others to financially support aid and to make fiscal requirements of Harvard’s financial aid program stable.
To conclude, it is no wonder why so many people admire billionaires, especially Kenneth Griffin, whose vision will surely contribute to the bright future of the society.

Real Estate Companies in Brazil

The real estate industry in Brazil has experienced some increases and decreases in the last few years. The market was considered “red-hot” at one time but has recently plummeted, forcing some contractors to stop the process of their construction businesses. Brazil experienced an economic boom approximately four years ago, which landed many people into the middle class category and fueled a home buying increase for many people.

The decline in oil prices have also affected the economy in Brazil, which in return have affected the housing market. However, Brazil will always be a desired place to live. They have luscious beaches and beautiful sceneries. It is a top place for vacation seekers and people looking to relocate. Right now is the time to purchase a home in Brazil and Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos can help you with that. Houses are at an all time low, which makes your dream home affordable and at ease of reach.

Under certain market conditions, investors can expect to make a profit on their income properties considering several factors. There is a decrease in the housing supply market that has created low prices for most Brazilian markets. This makes it affordable for people to purchase at an all time low, and eventually sell at a higher price. The demand for rentals is projected to be at an all time high due to the 2016 Olympics. There is also a favorable exchange rate for investors paying with US Dollars as the current exchange rate of USD/BRL is 3.78.

Many Twitter users in the region say that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos can help you make the right decision when it comes to investing in a new property for your family or rental business. They have many years of experience with real estate and happen to know the market very well. They can answer any question you have and are located centrally for your convenience. They have many upscale town homes, commercial business and residential properties for sale. Depending on what you’re looking for, they can find it for you at the right location and at the right price.

Right now is the time to purchase a home in Brazil, according to recent reports published through SlideShare. It is a beautiful place to enjoy many activities and since housing is at an all time low, take advantage of the market while and the upcoming events by contacting Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. The market may have decreased significantly in the last several years, but it has allowed many people to continue to prosper when finding their dream home or a home for their family.

Brad Refiler Stands Ready To Help the American Middle Class

American entrepreneur and investor Brad Reifler is the chief executive officer of Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management, advisory boards that provide clients with guidance in both commodities and forex markets.

Refiler also recently founded a public, non-traded interval fund called Forefront Income Trust, which is comprised of 40 accounts and is focused on helping middle Americans invest in products that are reserved for only accredited investors.

The trust does not make any money itself until investors have made an 8 percent return on their money and in the case of direct investments donates 3 percent of its return to veterans and military families. In addition, the trust buys back shares from investors on a quarterly basis to provide them with asset liquidity .

Prior to his work with Forefront Management Group, Reifler founded Pali Capital in 1995 and served as its CEO until 2008. During his time at its helm, Pali had $1 billion in revenues and employed more than 250 at offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America.

He holds an undergraduate degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College and is the grandson of Refco founder Ray E. Friedman. Reifler began his career in the early 1980s, when he founded Reifler Trading Company, which managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and eventually evolved into an institutional research firm. Reifler sold the company in 2000.

Reifler currently serves as a director at Symmetry Property Management LLC; as a director at ITG Market Research Inc.; and as a director at ROOT Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc. He has also served on a number of boards and advisory boards, including the European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities. Reifler holds numerous regulatory licenses, including Series 3, 7, 24 and 63.

Some Art Collectors Need Art Advisors

The 21st century is filled with the creative works of art. Beauty is all around us, but most of us have to be walking in a garden to notice it. But that is not the case with art collectors. They know and appreciate beauty and are willing to pay big bucks to own that beauty. Art has become a solid investment over the last 30 years. Not that art wasn’t worth collecting before that time. But artists like Picasso, Matisse, Peter Max, Paul Harmon and others have changed the direction of art collecting. People collector art now because it speaks to them in colors, form and expression. The old classics were for the educated art collectors that studied the masters and understood their mindset. The new artists, the contemporary artists, appeal to the uneducated art collectors that want to act like educated collectors.

There is nothing wrong with being an uneducated art collector. There is help waiting for those uneducated collectors that are willing to pay for it. A relatively new professional has risen from the art boom and that professional is the art advisor. Art advisors offer their services to anyone willing to pay a commissions on works they purchase under their guidance. Art advisors are easy to find. Art gallery owners act as advisors, and there is usually dozens of art advisors walking around art shows all over the world.

Good art advisors can help people turn their collection into money at some point in time. Hedge fund manager, Adam Sender, did just that with the help of his advisor, Todd Levin. Sender was able to collect more than 800 pieces of expensive art work with Levin’s help. When Sender decided to get out of the hedge fund industry, he wanted to sell some of his art in order to recoup his original investment. What happened next surprised Sender, his wife, and Levin.

When Sender gave Sotheby’s the green light to sell works from his collection, he thought he would get some of his original investment of $20 million back, but the sale exceeded everyone’s expectations. Sender pocketed a cool $70 million from the sale and Levin pick up millions from the transactions. Art advisors like Todd Levin aren’t for every art collector, but some collectors need someone who can help them build a collection that will appreciate while it is showering them with its beauty.

QNet Truly Believes In Thinking Global And Acting Local

Educating prospective customers is an integral component of QNet’s
wellness mission and philosophy. Currently the lead provider of life
enhancement products and services, this prominent corporation seeks to
spread the knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through their
expert independent distributors. Essentially, their efficient direct
selling business model plays an essential in their rapid growth and
expansion into new regions worldwide. As a seasoned company,
cofounders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark are often presented with
the opportunity to develop new wellness offerings, which has greatly
influenced their comprehensive database of over ten categories of
beneficial products and services. Most importantly, these strategic
entrepreneurs truly understand the value of sharing their philosophy
and strongly believe that effective education of their consumer goods
will result in extremely satisfied and loyal patrons.

Eswaran and Bismark’s primary goal is to promote their wellness
offerings through highly skilled independent distributors. Therefore,
these renowned businessmen strive to conduct trainings related to
professional development in order to encourage strong partnerships
among the team members. Along with emphasizing meaningful
collaborations, the entrepreneurs stress the importance of their
vegetarian product strategy. Moreover, during company events and
conferences, all meals are served without meat and instead with
healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Similarly, the consumer
goods are manufactured with only vegetarian ingredients and, as a
result, the company forbids any animal testing during the production
process. Commendably, the company is also campaigning against the
growing rise of diabetes, obesity, and other degenerative diseases by
reducing the amounts of artificial sweeteners, sugars, and additional
harmful chemicals in their nutrition line. Most prominently, upon the
conclusion of the intensive training, independent distributors are
skilled in relaying this information to the prospective consumer.

The uniqueness of QNet lies in their unprecedented ability to connect
representatives with customers around the world. Notably, their direct
selling approach encourages a face-to-face interaction which
ultimately establishes sincere rapport and trust between the two
individuals. This distinguished focus on local service with an
international business strategy is unlike any competitor direct
selling company. While maintaining an innovative e-commerce platform,
the company simultaneously incorporates a personable retailing
approach through independent representatives.

As a long-standing customer advocate, QNet’s wellness philosophy and business
strategies have greatly influenced their expansion into over 100
countries such as Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia, and India. Because
this well-known company supports the professional development of their
independent representatives through networking seminars, exhibitions,
events, and business trainings, their employees have excelled in many
global regions. In addition, QNet also holds offices and agencies who
are available to assist distributors during their retailing journey.
Undeniably, this renowned company is strongly committed to the
wellness and professional success of the individual, team, and the

Bruce Levenson Sells Hawks to Antony Ressler

The Bruce Levenson era Atlanta Hawks have had as much success, if not more so, than any other period of time in the history for the Southeastern Division team. The Hawks are coming off of a franchise record setting season that saw the team win 60 games and make it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. With Levenson having served as the majority owner of the Hawks for the past 11 years, it makes sense for the business mogul to want to try out new things. With the Hawks popularity rising, Levenson helped orchestrate the sale of the team to billionaire Antony Ressler.

Antony Ressler is a billionaire business mogul with his entrepreneur label slapped onto several different business ventures. Right now Ressler is a minority owner of the Milwaukee Brewers and one of the more interesting new owners in the NBA. Ressler and his purchasing group had been trying to buy their way into the league for some time now, with their most recent purchasing attempt coming in the form of an offer on the L.A. Clippers. Ressler and his purchasing group, led by former NBA star Grant Hill, were outbid by new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer when Ressler’s group refused to come up to the $2 billion mark.

The Hawks were initially valued by Forbes back in 2013 – ’14 for around $425 million total. Since then the NBA franchise landscape has changed pretty dramatically. The Milwaukee Bucks have been sold and the Clippers have found new ownership as well. These NBA sales have caused a domino effect in the marketplace, raising the value of every franchise in the league. When the bidding got going it was a surprise to see Levenson’s Hawks end up reaching the $850 million mark. While there are reports that bankers oversold the team, it looks like Levenson scored a big win in the form of an eager new owner in Antony Ressler.

Ressler will be taking over a Hawks team that is currently on the rise and he has to be happy about that. Atlanta has, for years, been a sort of ‘second city’ in the NBA. Despite the large population and basketball interest, fan attendance has always been a little bit shaky. When Levenson took over the Hawks, Atlanta was 29th/30th in the league for fan attendance. When Levenson fonder of UCG, sold the team the Hawks had climbed all the way into the top 15 spots in the league. Still, for a perennial contender the hope would be that more people would begin turning out. Still, you can’t help but see how far Levenson has taken what essentially was a broken roster.

The Hawks began Ressler’s era with a bang, opening up the wallet in order to bring back an important player in Paul Millsap. With Millsap returned, and several other trade deals in place, it looks like Atlanta is once more priming for a deep and under the radar run. Hopefully for Ressler the team keeps flourishing under his ownership.

Reasons Why The US Money Reserve Is A Good Investment Choice

The US Money Reserve was the brainchild of gold market veterans, who saw the need to combine various factors to bring success to precious metal traders. Some of the factors these investors needed to combine included top-notch customer service, market knowledge from the best experts available as well as trustworthy guidance. With these key factors, trading in precious metals becomes an easy task.
A key factor that makes the U.S. Money Reserve a good investment option is the level of expertise the staff have. The Money Reserve maintains a highly trained team of professionals, who have vast experience in the trade besides being very knowledgeable. The team is made up of over 100 people who are carefully selected to fit the nature of their job.
The U.S. Money Reserve happens to be one of the most trusted distributors of precious metal coins. It deals with U.S. government gold and silver coins. It is also worth noting that the U.S. Money Reserve is under the leadership of Philip N. Diehl, a former U.S. Mint Director. Philip, the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint currently serves as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve.
US money reserve specializes in the sale of gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, Gold bullion, silver bullion and bars. All these are at one’s disposal after placing an order. US money reserve also has an online service where one can place his order at any time of the day and a shipment to overseas destinations. However, orders made get processed after making a call in the number 1-866-646-8465 and making a wired transaction to the bank account. Any decision to buy gold should be well calculated and research on the best company to buy from should be deeply thought.
Making a decision of what precious metal is right for u should be an easier task for you. Once you call the helpdesk, one makes a decision on whether to purchase bullions, coins or a mixture of the two. The decision lays on the buyer and once you make a decision to purchase the order is quickly processed for customer satisfaction.
The US money reserve provides its customers with an option to return their gold coins for a full refund 30 days after purchase and a 20% cut during this period. This a buyer friendly term considering the money reserve’s coins are state of the art and crafted to appreciate in value. The firm has sold hundreds of thousands of coins world over and is considered one of the best in the business.