Mangers Are Creating Roadblocks For Women And They Don’t Realize It

There are many women in Corporate America that have beat the odds and have senior positions with large corporations. But many of them say there are road blocks that won’t allow them to move up the corporate ladder. Those roadblocks are the managers that work with them and the managers that are above them. Even though recent surveys say women are caught in a trap, 87 percent of the men that are senior managers say women have as many opportunities as they have. Only 57 percent of women in the workplace agree with that assessment. 

Senior managers don’t intentionally create roadblocks for women, according to Helane Morrison. Morrison is the dynamic leader of the San Francisco Hall Capital Partners LLC. Morrison is for gender equality, and Hall Capital Partners is a good example of how effective gender equality can be. Morrison likes to say that diversity is one of the prime ingredients in a successful company, and Morrison says her company is successful because it is so diversified. But diversity is still a talked about non-entity in many of the large corporations across America, according to Morrison. 

Helane Morrison knows what she is talking about, as evidenced by her prolific LinkedIn resume. She is an attorney and investment manager as well as a top-notch negotiator and speaker. She is also a former regional director for the Security and Exchange Commission. Before she accepted the job at Hall Capital Partners, she was a working partner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, the San Francisco law firm. Morrison is a major proponent of a women’s surge to the top of Corporate America. Follow the latest news about Helane on her Crunchbase and to see her work in detail, check out the Google Book below of a closed case she litigated.

The women’s surge means women must be considered by male managers when position are open at the vice-president level. The surge also means women must be paid the same as men, and at least 30 percent of the attendees at management meetings must be women, and 30 percent of the onstage speakers at those meetings should be women. 

According to a recent article, Morrison said that male managers are in unexplored territory when it comes to recognizing women for their abilities rather than their looks. There are no classes in women’s leadership in business schools, so most managers have no idea how to deal with talented women like Morrison. 

There is still too much lip service and not enough action in corporations, but Morrison wants to turn that lip service into positive action for women across the country. 

Gourmet Dog Food Might Be Closer than You Think

Wikipedia recently ran a story about one of the more surprising trends in gourmet culture. It began in an unsurprising way. A reporter was given a tour of a small gourmet food company by two of the executives who run it. Unsurprisingly, one of them took a quick bite of their turkey. After savoring the flavor he exclaimed that it tasted just like Thanksgiving. This would be a normal scene in most circumstances. But what set this apart from the ordinary is the nature of who the company’s meals are targeting. The reporter was being given a tour of a dog food company. This might be surprising to many people. But the reality is that more and more dog food manufacturers are using ingredients that are at a comparable, or even superior, quality as food in most people’s pantries. There’s quite a few reasons behind this trend. But one of the biggest is the fact that people are becoming much more conscious of how tightly health is tied to food choices. A family who is careful to eat only high quality organic food will naturally begin to wonder if they should be providing the same for their dogs. But what a lot of people don’t know is that they might already be feeding this type of gourmet dog food to their pets. While the trend is only now catching the public eye, many dog food companies have been at it for a while. One of the most successful is the high quality dog food brand Purina Store’s Beneful. The brand was using all natural organic ingredients right from the very start. The brand is marked by a desire to create high quality meals for dogs rather than simple foods. The difference can be thought of by imagining what people want for their own meals. Beneful knew that almost nobody would want a single food item on their plate. People like the experience of tasting several delicious flavors within a single meal. And they want all of the ingredients to be of the highest quality. Beneful realized that dogs would enjoy the same thing and set out to create complex recipes which combined fresh ingredients in perfect combination with each other. And the result is a high quality dog food brand which can bring gourmet dog food into everyone’s home.

Social Media Woes Can Impact a Business

Ryan Holmes, the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, made a lot of great decisions on the path to establishing his company. Then, he made an error when one day when positing on social media. On the same day several employees were laid off, Holmes posted an Instagram photo of a drink in hand with the message “Cheers to my homies.” The recently fired employees went on a tirade and posted scores of angry comments on the comments section.

The original message may have been deleted, but reports about it are likely on the internet. Those reports are going to end up being indexed by the search engines and, in turn, haunt Holmes and Hootsuite for some time.

Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, warns executives to be very careful when posting on social media. Executives end up pulling their own companies into controversies that were totally avoidable. Status Labs of Austin, TX serves a host of different clients who find their reputation serious harmed and their company’s name tarnished. Many times, social media postings are the root of such damage.

It is pretty easy to post something on social media. A little typing and a single click can send out text and images within seconds. Controversy frequently ensues.

Before putting anything on a social media platform, executives really have to think twice, even thrice. Asking other managers or employees whether or not the item in question is a good idea to post would be a smart move. “Official” promotional posts that are planned are easy to get opinions on. Those who publish things on their own at a whim or without really thinking about the content are asking for trouble.

Improper content on a social media can create a firestorm within a very short period of time. Steps should be taken to avoid such disasters. If they cannot be avoided, then working with a reputation management firm may be the only way to deal with the situation. And yes, the situation can get out of control as some have learned the hard way.

The Beauty Guru of YouTube

Internet based entertainment is incredibly popular. So popular that there are some who are concerned that it is taking the place of television as we use to know it. In a day in age where the internet is at your fingertips and readily accessable most of the time, it makes sense that we would all gravitate toward entertainment on the internet. Not only is internet based entertainment more convenient, it is far more diverse. There are plenty of streaming sights that require a fee, however, YouTube is a forum that allows for anyone from anywhere to have a channel. Then popularity determines whether or not money can be made from that venture. This means that all of us have access to cultures and places that we wouldn’t normally be able to experience because of this open ended forum.

In this open format of open and creative entertainment, there are a handful of names that have managed to rise to the top of the YouTube food chain. Comedic personalities like PewDiePie from Sweden and Grace Helbig from the United States have gained loyal and enthusiastic fanbases from around the world. Morning shows like Good Mythical Morning with hosts Rhett MacLaughlin and Link Neil have ganined popularity as well as an array of endorsements. In the realm of beauty secrets and fashion tips, it is Australian YouTuber and cosmetic expert Wengie.

Wendy Huang, known better to fans as Wengie, shares fashion tips, cosmetic trends and gives a variety of tutorials. Her show The Wonderful World of Wengie has gained popularity and become quite the success. Her creative approach to a subject that has been covered and covered again has set her apart from the pack when it comes to cosmetic and fashion entertainment. Inspiring and creative ideas from hair dye to complicated makeup techniques have given this Aussie and entertainment advantage that fans are grateful for.

Not only does Wendy Huang promote creativity and inspirations in the world of makeup and hair, she also encourages healthy living as a means to enhance appearance. Choosing foods that are good for your body add to your overall health and nutrition. Proper nutrition has been shown to improve the appearance, but Wengie encourages her fanbase to be even more conscious of the foods they eat. Foods good for the skin, hair and nails are among some that she recommends along side basic nutrition.

We are lucky to live in an age where we are able to access personalities from across the globe. Without sites like YouTube, some of our favorite people and videos would be inaccessible. With endless inspiration as far as costmetics are concerned, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Lucky for Wengie, and all her fans, she seems to have exactly what it takes.

Who Will Satisfy The Appetite for Venture Capital in Europe?

Venture capital has never been one of Europe’s strong points. However, this is changing. Venture capital is now moving to the European market. America and Asia have been the main focal points for venture capitalists.

Tech giants are now moving to Western Europe looking for the most promising tech outfits to invest in. The outfits include data mappers, game developers, cloud software creators and mobile payment firms. Venture capital shops such as Sequoia Capital are also moving to the European market.

Interest in the region is being sparked by the fact that startups in Europe are cheaper than in the U.S. Large corporations are making their way to cities like Berlin, Stockholm, London and Paris. Here, they have access to a pool of well-educated and talented individuals, all at a lower cost than in the U.S. This makes Europe very attractive to investors.

According to John Somorjai, there is an increase in the innovation coming out of Europe. There has also been a lot of interest from European firms looking for investments. John, who has the task of running Salesforce Ventures, made the announcement of a commitment of $100 million in the region.

In the past, European startups had mainly been focusing on local and regional markets. This led to a slow rate of scaling up and slow expansion to a global scale. It also takes the firms relatively longer to make sales of 100 million euros. This is a process that venture capitalists estimate should take five years.

However, the startup scene in Europe is not without challenges. Startups are still experiencing difficulties, as evidenced by firms like Deezer, which postponed their IPOs as a result of market volatility.

Highland Capital Management is a globally recognized venture capital firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm has grown to open offices in New York, Singapore, and London. The firm produces excellent services, with hedge funds under its management going on to receive various awards and accolades. The firm had over $18 billion in assets under their management as of 2014.

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management. Jim is also a co-founder of the firm, having taken part in its formation in 1993. Jim has an experience of 30 years in credit and equity markets, enjoying great success in his career.

Jim graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. Jim has been involved in the management of billions of dollars in assets and hedge funds in his career.

The original article can be found here.

Beneful Nutrition for Happy Healthy Dogs

While pet nutrition is important and your dog’s health and wellness is our first priority, your pet is an extension of your personality or your lifestyle and interests. Refrigerated pet foods are increasing brand awareness, and premium manufacturers are releasing duck jerky and cheeseburger dog treats. Chunky chicken, beef stroganoff, and lasagna appeal to pet owners and devour half of the $23.7 billion pet-food market in the United States. Your dog can’t choose for herself. Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care to incorporate the finest minds in dog nutrition into the production of their Beneful product line. Your pet is a member of your family, but fresh meat from your table increases your dog’s blood urea nitrogen, which is produced in the liver and filtered in the kidneys. Purina Beneful’s team of 400+ researchers blend food nutrients, textures, and tastes to help you choose what to feed your dog. From diced and chopped to hearty chunks, the amount and type of protein your dog needs depends on his breed, age, genetics, and his health. Puppies require extra protein, and lactating females and healthy old dogs require protein which is easy to digest. Senior dogs require medium-chain triglycerides to metabolize the amino acids in protein. One of Beneful’s special blends combines the protein found in coconut oil with chicken or beef, greens, and grains to create a high protein diet for senior dogs to help them maintain their weight, strength, and energy level. Beneful chefs also serve roast pork and lamb with carrots, barley, and green beans in convenient single serve dishes or in multipacks of 3 to 10 ounce servings. Beneful fills your dog’s bowl with healthy goodness and joy. Beneful offers an endless selection of dry kibbles, treats, and packaged meals to help your dog relive the chase, wade at the water’s edge, or regain youthful vitality and energy. Natural probiotics from spinach and kale in every healthful serving of Beneful improve your dog’s digestive health. Beneful packaged meals are scientifically prepared to meet your dog’s nutritional needs and all special veterinarian-ordered restricted and medical diets.

George Soros: The Billionaire Philanthropist

The EU needs a comprehensive plan to eradicate the growing problem of the lack of a common refugee policy that has seen a transformation in the growing numbers of the asylum seekers into a political crisis in Europe today from a manageable problem. Every member of the EU state has focused on their individual benefits and not the interests of other. The panic among the asylum seekers has also precipitated as a result as well as the authorities responsible for order and law and the general public. The refugees are the victims that are worst hit.


The European Union needs a comprehensive plan, a plan that reasserts effective governance over the flows of the refugees. In an orderly and safe way that depicts the picture how Europe can absorb the refugees. For this plan to be comprehensive enough, it has to extend beyond the borders of Europe outwards. This will make it less expensive and much less disruptive to maintain those refugees close to their locations.


Syria is the origin of the current crisis facing Europe, the population of Syria is to be the priority. But other migrants and refugees should not be forgotten. The European plan must be brought to effect accompanied by a comprehensive response, under the UN authority and every member state under the UN. This will help in distributing the burden in Syria over many states while a global standard is established for dealing with the caused problems of more generally of forced migration.


The comprehensive plan must have the integral components. The European Union must accept at least one million refugees every year into the future. For the European Union to achieve that, the burden must be shared equitably. It is critical for the EU to have adequate financing; The European Union must provide a minimum of 15,000 euros fro every refugee for the first two consecutive years. These funds will be used by the asylum seekers to take care of their health, education and cover housing costs. The EU must use its unused capacity in the AAA borrowing that has added to stimulate the economy of Europe.


The EU will lead the worldwide effort to provide funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to support the millions of refugees in the country. The EU will then embark on building a migration agency that will guard the border. Safe channels must also establish for the refugees from Italy and Greece to their countries of destination. Please Visit: MarketWatch for more information.


George Soros fled from Hungary to England in the year 1947. He studied in a London school of economics and obtained qualification to work in a local investment bank in London in 1952. He immigrated to the United States and held two positions as an analyst and investment manager in three companies in New York City. He went off in 1973 and started a hedge fund firm. The Soros Fund Management grew into the well renounced Quantum Fund. For related reading, please visit Investopedia.

Designer Vagina Surgeries on the Rise

Believe it or not, designer surgery goes beyond tummy tucks and breast implants. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, designer vagina surgeries are on the rise. What is driving this trend? Mainly the desire of women wanting to look better in yoga pants and to appear skinnier. The age range for this genital surgery range from 16 to 70.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a significant increase has occurred in the number of women that are wanting tissue removal and restructuring operations by 49%. That increase is in one year only.
Labiaplasty, the surgery performed to the internal vaginal lips, labia minora or the labia majora, can change the shape and size of a woman’s labia. The typical request is to make the labia smaller, or more asymmetrically correct. Another growingly popular procedure is vaginoplasty. The aim of this procedure is to tighten the vagina that has become slack due to age or childbirth.
According to ASAPS spokeswoman and aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas, Labiaplasty is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures in women. She reports that there has been a huge rise in the patients that are requesting this procedure. She states that “it (labiaplasty) is one of the fastest rising procedures, in terms of popularity,” and continues by saying that this procedure “can prove life-changing for so many patients.” Dr. Walden performs labiaplasty surgery on the average of two to three times a week. She also states that her practice sees two or three women per week regarding non-invasive procedures, such as ThermiVa.
Dr. Jennifer Walden runs an ambulatory surgery center and private plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas, and was listed as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been featured as an expert commentator regarding plastic surgery by VH1, Fox News and ABC News.

Nashville Real Estate Is Appreciating At An Incredible Pace

When Nashville is mentioned in a conversation, most people visualize a small country town that is filled with plaid shirts, blue jeans and old pickup trucks. But that was the old image of Nashville. The Nashville that people talk about today is a progressive city that is filled with opportunity and great music. Nashville is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country and for good reason. The city offers entertainment for everyone. Nashville is an educational hub, a recording mecca where great musicians filled the bars and restaurants with the sound of the South, and the city is one of the major homes of the printing industry.
According to a recent article in the Tennessean, property values in Nashville are going up by the minute. A single family home that was worth $183.000 a year ago is now worth $218,000. The city is filled with construction workers and all their equipment. Downtown Nashville was a empty, dirty place 30 years ago, but it’s the vibrant hub of the city now, according to Scott Lumley, the owner of Resolve Financials. Lumley is one of the developers that is transforming the city into a mecca for Millennials as well as for hip baby boomers that want to feel the thrill of big city with a small-town attitude.
Lumley is doing his part to turn the small towns around the city into up-to-date suburbs of this up-and-coming city. Mr. Lumley has completed many projects around the city, but he is always working on another one. His current project is in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. Lumley is turning one of those old 1970s strip centers into office and retail space. Scott Lumley likes to keep the integrity of these old centers intact. He does an excellent job blending the old with the new.

Nashville will always be a small town in the minds of some folks, but according to Lumley those folks are in the minority. Residents of the city love the progressive attitude that exists around town, and they also love the new architecture that Lumley and other developers are incorporating when they remodel the old buildings.

There’s no doubt that property taxes will increase as property values increase, but the cost of living in and around Nashville is lower than most cities that have the same population. There’s a lot of growth in the city, but the friendly nature of Nashvillians lives on regardless of the city’s size. To learn more about Scott Lumley, follow him on Twitter.

Shaygan Kheradipir’s Comeback

Shaygan Keradpir once again reprises his role as a talented leader in the business and technology sector. Coriant has newly appointed him as their Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Many in the industry are considering this a great comeback for him. It was not too long ago when Keradpir’s future as a leader in the telecom, technology, and financial services industry seemed to sway delicately in the balance. After a highly publicized exit from his role as CEO of Juniper Network’s Inc., there was a period of time when some seemed to question whether he could bounce back. Not everyone during this time was in doubt however. The people back at Coriant were able to recognize that this was just one setback amidst Keradipir’s extensive history as a proven expert in strategic planning and operations.

Keradpir’s 28 years of executive experience began as Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. While at Verizon he successfully steered the company as it modernized and pioneered new products, most notably its Fios television service which received an initial capital investment of $20 billion. After Verizon he joined Barclay bank where he went on to make more waves. As Barclay’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer he stood at the helm of their TRANSFORM program, where he helped to modernize the company for the 21st century. Also under his belt is a PhD in engineering from Cornell University as well as a number of technology patents. It’s little wonder then that Coriant is more than thrilled to have Keradpir join their team.

In a recent article ( Coriant expressed their confidence in Keradpir’s skills and talents. The company’s senior management team has been working closely with him since earlier in the year. Coriant is confident that Kheradpir is just the man they need at the helm, leading them as they pursue growth strategies and aim to stay at the top of the competitive end-user market.