White Shark Media- Facilitating the Evolution of Digital Marketing

Any marketer worth their salt knows that digital marketing is the it-factor at the moment. The online market continues to grow by the day, and that means more people to advertise for. A company must adapt strategies that help it reach that online audience. Google AdWords is one of the key components of online marketing. White Shark Media knows just how much value AdWords hold and that is why they provide services to clients. For years, WSM has been in the business of developing strategies that work for different types of clients.

Giving Clients What They Want

WSM works with small and medium-sized businesses to facilitate digital marketing. One aspect of digital marketing that the company provides is search engine optimization. The company did not do optimization of websites, but the insistence of various clients changed that. It is the way that WSM deals with all of its customer reviews. A lot of clients felt that it was better to have one company provide all the marketing services they needed including SEO, and that is how White Shark Media began its search optimization services. Now, enterprises don’t have to get different firms to provide them with SEO and PPC services.

An Improved Approach to PPC

White Shark Media is well-famed for its PPC services. By listening to what clients have to say, the company is taking measures to provide better services. Management of customer’s PPC campaigns is one of the biggest improvements they get from WSM. Clients also get evaluations of their AdWords use before experts can help structure new strategies. As a business, it is imperative to learn what was wrong with your previous strategies. If you are doing PPC for the first time, then you can get all the information you need.

WSM believes that an effective campaign does not have to be all new, it just needs to get better results. For this reason, the company ensures that customers have enough people to work with to produce the desired results. The firm has supervisors that team up with SEM strategists so that clients get a fully functional team to work with.

Improving Client Relationships

The relationship between any company and its clients is a crucial one. To provide quality services, it is essential that a business listens to what its customers have to say. If there are concerns, then a company must attend to them. For this to happen, communication must be effective, and that is what White Shark Media is doing. When some customers said that they didn’t get adequate help when they needed it, WSM found a way to fix the particular situation. Through the initiation of monthly reports, clients now know what is going on with their campaigns every step of the way. The phone systems also have direct extensions to ensure that clients don’t have to go through reception personnel when they need urgent help.

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Nicki Minaj’s Angola Concert

Outspoken human rights advocate and film producer Thor Halvorssen sent a personal communication to rapper Nicki Minaj imploring her to cancel an upcoming concert in Angola. As president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor Halvorssen states the dictator, Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ “policy to harass, imprison or kill politicians, journalists and activists who protest his rule,” as the reason for the boycott. Yet a $2 million dollar payment seems t have been hard to resist – as the show certainly did go on as scheduled. Despite the country’s extreme poverty, according to HRF, the dictator has gained a fortune exploiting Angola’s diamond and oil wealth.

Nicki Minaj herself grew up in extreme poverty on the Southside of Jamaica Queens, New York. Trusting that she would have an empathetic ear towards the plight of the people of Angola, Mr. Halvorssen reached out to Ms. Minaj in hopes of bringing attention to the country’s human rights indifference. Not to be singled out though, as Halvorssen points out, many other big name celebs continue to profit from performances in countries that are led by brutal regimes.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Halvorssen in 2005, yet he has been advocating for the rights of underprivileged societies since 1989 with loud opposition to South African apartheid. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania did not shield him from suffering first hand the unfairness of political structures that seek to silence the peoples they govern and misuse their power. His father, a diplomat, was falsely accused and suffered torture in a Venezuelan jail, while his mother was shot while attending a peaceful political protest.

The HRF has successfully participated in attaining the release of seven dissidents, and has provided crucial information for major international human rights cases. They follow an untiring mission of freedom for individuals in closed societies rooted in a deep commitment to individual liberty in those areas that are most under threat. While the lure of a cash windfall for performances in countries such as these may seem harmless, imagine the spotlight to human suffering Nicki Minaj and others could bring in the fight against impoverishment.

European Union Might Not Want to Bet Against George Soros

On February 7, 1992, the European Union (EU) was formed by the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. The Euro currency has been one of the most successful results allowing the continent to compete with the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. Unfortunately, the 2008 economic crisis might be the “beginning of the end for the European Union,” according to Bloomberg Business said by George Soros.

“Why Might the European Union Fail?”

On March 25, 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland and West Germany created an economic marketplace for reducing tariffs called the European Economic Community (EEC). This was aimed at allowing Europe to compete with larger nations, such as the United States and Soviet Union. These “Benelux” countries shared many cultural characteristics.

An important factor in the success of the EEC was that the nations retained their own currencies, such as the Italian Lira, French Franc and German Mark. This free control over currencies allowed each nation to develop and control their own monetary and fiscal policies. International trade requires currency adjustment to deal with changes in national productivity.

“George Soros Comments on 2008 EU Crisis”

In 2008, the European Union had a number of its member countries experiencing horrible economic down-turns: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIIGS). Each nations’ economic problem was slightly different. For example, Greece had high debt and high unemployment; Spain suffered from a collapsing property market. A key EU conundrum is that its political leaders are trying to solve “specific” problems with “common” solutions.

Global investors had worried about the European failing in 2008. Billionaire George Soros has found disturbing similarities between 2008 and 2016. First of all, high debt makes it very difficult for governments to maneuver. Secondly, there remains a serious cultural divide over how the nations should respond.

In 2014, Author George Soros wrote The Tragedy of the European Union. Gradually, the separate member countries of the European Union are beginning to advance separate political agendas.

“What are the bona fides of George Soros?”

George Soros is a well-respected billionaire who has predicted national economic crises. Soros reportedly made $1 billion predicting that the United Kingdom would be forced to devalue its Pound. For this reason, wise men listen to George Soros.

Investors might be less likely to purchase Greek Treasury bonds if the very survival of the European Union is in question. The EU may fail because it was incapable of creating a viable political union, which could overcome national, cultural, societal norms. The United Kingdom lost its bet with George Soros, the European Union might not want to bet against George Soros.

Securus Technologies Provides Newest Version of Its Software To Assist In Public Safety

Corrections and law enforcement personnel have a new tool to assist them in their investigative efforts. Securus Technologies, a Dallas, TX-based technology company recently announced the release of THREADS 3.1. The software application allows public safety, investigation, corrections and inmate communication monitoring agencies a way to analyze “big data” for identifying and reporting on suspicious inmate phone calling patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization.

Most corrections facilities have listened in on inmate phone calls as a way to monitor inmate behavior and gain insights into other criminal behavior. THREADS has been a popular tool helping investigators since its original release. The software uses a set of proprietary algorithms to identify potential conspiracies exposing potential gang, narcotics, and terrorist groups.

The new platform is based on HTML 5 and offers the user a web-based interface for easy navigation. Baseline performance was also improved and some functions such as record loading and search were streamlined and redundancy eliminated.

Securus also provides correction facilities with a number of other tools that provide inmate communications. For example, the company has its Video Visitation program that allows those incarcerated and their loved ones to visit via a video link even from the comfort of the families’ homes. More information can be found on the company’s website at https://securustech.net/videovisitation.

Securus Technologies has invested heavily in software and tech applications spending $600 million in the acquisition and development of several hundred safety, security and efficiency related products over the last three (3) years according to a recent press release (http://www.financial-news.co.uk/32705/2016/01/securus-expands-leadership-team-20160112100500/). This investment makes Securus one of the top providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for the law enforcement and public safety markets with over 800 products.

To meet the growing demand for its technologies, Securus has also expanded its sales force significantly over the past year to serve its more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmate customers across North America.

The company’s history began in 1986 as T-Netix, Inc. Through a series of acquisitions and mergers, the current Securus Technologies came into existence in 2004. Currently owned by the Boston, MA equity firm Abry Partners, the privately-held company does publish financial data. The company website does report over 750 employees and is the holder of more than 100 patents for its technologies.

Kyle Bass And His Many Different Worlds

Kyle Bass is not a man to be left out when others are making news, as his attention seeking blog posts show. Recently, he also tossed himself into the world of ‘Halftime Traders’ who were discussing the 2016 market outlook and what volatility in China would mean to the United States. At a time when many consider the increased profits to be the reason China is facing a slow economic situation, Bass thinks that the root problem is with the country’s banking system. He also went ahead and compared what is happening to China currently to the most concluded European crisis.

In the two cases, the banking systems grew past the GDP at a very fast rate with China’s banking system being almost $365 trillion compared to a GDP of just $10 trillion. He also pointed out that major losses and a serious credit cycle are coming and is worried that investors do not seem to notice.

Bass also took a bearish angle at the same and is of the firm opinion that a 10%-20% nosedive might be witnessed by the end of 2016. However, he points out that the repercussions will not be as serious as the global financial crisis even though the lack of growth in matters credit in emerging markets is an issue to be dealt with.

Kyle Bass is not strange to making news headlines, including negative ones at UsefulStooges. He came into the public eye when he started his Hayman Capital Management hedge fund firm in 2006 and later when he managed to make a killing out of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. At that time, he was one of the most feared and respected hedge fund managers and many saw him as a genius of sorts who could do nothing wrong.

Before he made an entry into matters hedge-fund management, he was an accomplished script writer and director who managed to get two award nominations for the two roles in the movie The Script.

However, as time went on, he started making the wrong moves and started making very regular or rather irregular appearances on television interviews giving his analysis on matters related to the financial. However, he continued to give wrong analysis one after the other hence losing his integrity all the more.

As if that was not enough, he also associated himself with the wrong company and friends for his professional image. In particular, he is very close to Argentinian despot Cristina Kircher, who is considered by financial experts as being financially illiterate. In all his television interviews, he has been defending her even when he knows very well that she has made wrong economic mistakes that have made her Argentinian people suffer. In short, Bass can be described as a fire that used to burn and that has currently lost all its flames.

George Soros right Prediction

George Soros is, left. In any case, for this situation, he’s sort of right — sort of right, that is.

Listen to me.

About a week ago’s business sector turmoil, George Soros only said it on Uncommon Wisdom Daily “helps me to remember the emergency we had in 2008.

After a close to 5% decay on the major U.S. securities exchange midpoints through the span of only one week?

It’s somewhat pompous to say this feels like 2008 once more. That is, unless you’re living in Canada where the land market has foamed and family units have not deleveraged.

In any case, contrasting a week ago’s cost activity with the business sector breakdown in 2008 is untimely, if not mistaken.

Yes, there is no less than one reason 2016 is 2008 once more.

Be that as it may, there is a different motivation behind why 2016 won’t turn out the same way 2008 did.

Those reasons boil down to two numbers: $225 trillion and 0.25%, separately.

$225 Trillion

The obligation is the same today as it was in amid the 2008 money related emergency.

It’s more awful.

One assessment puts worldwide obligation at about $225 trillion. That puts worldwide obligation to-Gross domestic product in the ballpark of 250%.

This graph is dated, yet it typifies the adjustment in the red levels from 2007 through the end of 2014.

Fundamentally, obligation expanded by $57 trillion through the end of 2014.

One outstanding newcomer to these obligation shenanigans is China. The obligation in China has multiplied by levels before the worldwide monetary emergency. Obligation to-Gross domestic product now sits north of 240%.

In truth, we’ve known the size of this surge in Chinese obligation since right on time a year ago.

China hosts joined the get-together after real jolt endeavors by the General population’s Bank of China.

It’s a pattern that is prone to proceed inside and outside of China.

0.25 Percent

Consider the state of worldwide economies:

The World Bank cut its 2016 development figure from 3.3% to 2.9%.

The leader of the Universal Fiscal Asset said the worldwide development will be frustrating and uneven in 2016.

George Soros might have been right about the obligation likenesses in the middle of now and 2008. He wasn’t right about the similar strength of the fundamental worldwide economy.

In the event that the supranational associations above are to be trusted, the worldwide economy is far more terrible now than when things came disentangled in 2008.

George Soros’ currently favorite quote on the “unusual way of the share trading system” is good exhortation that financial specialists ought to remember heading into 2016.

In the second 50% of 2015, the business sector’s state of mind swung uncontrollably as an aftereffect of horde headwinds, for example, smashing oil costs, the political vulnerability inside of the U.S., and the rising worldwide risk of ISIL. Regardless of a better than average begin to the year, for occurrence, the S&P 500 completed the year level, as indicated by information gave by S&P Capital I.

Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

James Dondero’s stock market prediction 2016

Each financial specialist seeks better picks up following their ventures ought to yield what they expect. The year 2015 finished well, and 2016 has begun with high trusts in the financial specialists. Idealism was high toward the start of 2015 among the financial professionals, like Jim Dondero, yet all trusts of the speculators have decreased amid the smaller than usual accident that happened in the middle of August and October. It moved the top to bottom take a gander at the stocks to vulnerability and instability making speculators and different investigators concentrate on danger. The development of the advantages was switched, and numerous financial specialists put resources into danger examination and more profound wariness. That dependable happens when there is a high hazard connected with a given stock.

Stock instability is dependably achieved by future unawareness of what will happen to a stock in a particular business sector. As the capital brought about sound theory, oil costs were at the focal point of the suspicion by the financial specialists as well. The more the price of oil tumbled to its lows, there was expanded critical about what will happen to the whole economy. With the guide of contributing exhortation from individuals, for example, Goldman Sachs and the rest attempted to clarify why the cost of the item fell, there was an expanded stress and pessimism in regards to the stocks in the economy.

James “Jim” Dondero has been president of Highland Capital for some time now and has over thirty years of experience in the market. So, needless to say, 2015 didn’t slow him or his company down at all. Jim’s been here before and he’s not worried. The future looks bright for stocks and Highland Capital! You can see Jim and the Highland team ringing the NYSE Closing bell below!

There were broadened clarifications of what the whole economy will look like as represented by Domino hypothesis. It’s essential in this manner to note that putting resources into a decent performing stock is the best thought. More lessons are found out from such an event, and it appears there is no desire for the stocks to perform better. Financial specialists can, along these lines, redirect their speculations from such a stock to put resources into better stocks. Anticipating and different techniques that are utilized by examiners’ offer financial specialists some assistance with making better venture choices.

This article recapped http://www.forbes.com/sites/johntobey/2015/12/31/how-2015s-flat-stock-market-boosts-2016s-prospects/ 

How Did Handy Win Out Over HomeJoy?

Handy and HomeJoy were recently engaged in a battle over the home cleaning services market, and Handy won the war as HomeJoy filed for bankruptcy. The two companies provided similar services, and this article explains how Handy provided a better service to its customers. Handy grew the market at the same time that HomeJoy was struggling with a complicated website. Homeowners must turn to Handy to get the home cleaning they need today.

#1: Handy’s Website Is Easy To Use

The Handy website has a side for the cleaners and a side for the homeowners. Homeowners may choose the cleaners they want to work with, and cleaners have the opportunity to create information pages for their businesses. Browsing on Handy is simple, and customers may book their cleaners at any time.

#2: Handy Offers Fair Wages

Homeowners understand that home cleaners must make a fair wage, and Handy pays anywhere between $14 and $18 per hour. The HomeJoy model did not pay quite as well, and both homeowners and cleaners were not getting good value. The Handy model is currently booking around $1 million in appointments a month, and those appointments benefit both the cleaners and the homeowners.

#3: Regular Customers

Handy allows home cleaners and homeowners to create regular business. A regular customer may book a new cleaning at any time, and a house cleaner has the opportunity to find more new customers. A house cleaner could create so much regular business from Handy that they must close their calendar to new appointments. This system helps everyone make money without forcing house cleaners to search endlessly for new business.

Every house cleaner who wishes to run their business online may opt to use Handy for that purpose. The Handy website is simple to use, and house cleaners will save money on Internet costs that other businesses are losing every month. Handy saves money on operating costs, and customers find the house cleaner they want instantly. The system was far more user-friendly than HomeJoy, and the imbalance in the two left HomeJoy bankrupt while Handy prevailed in the court of public opinion.

Keith Mann Publically Supports the New York Police Department

Keith Mann, the founding partner and visionary leader behind the executive search firm Dynamic Search Partners has recently taken a public stand in favor of the New York Police Department by publicly commending the nobility and great work of the local Police Department’s 54th St. precinct, as well as sending lunch to the entire division from a local restaurant, a small gesture of his unwavering support for the often times unrecognized bravery and excellence of the New York Police Department.

Keith Mann is no stranger to the potentially dangerous situations that police officers are forced to endure because of his type relationship with his uncle, who currently serves as a police detective for the police department in New York’s Staten Island.

According to his recent public statement about the matter, Mann believes that police officers should be thanked and not shunned for their undying diligence and commitment to keeping the city safe, and their life long commitment for ridding the city of its crime deserves to be recognized, if not exalted. Keith Mann, realizing that law enforcement is one of the cities most difficult and dangerous jobs relative to its pay, Mann recognizes that every police officer is a real person who, for the most part, tend to have extremely honorable intentions and that most of the public outcry is simply random, unfounded and unfocused rebellion.

Keith Mann and others like him have publicly taken a stand by reaching out to and supporting the officers of the New York Police Department because they realize that even the smallest gestures of support mean a lot, especially when the public is nowhere around to praise your good deeds. Despite the civil unrest and the reported political extremists who have been known to commit acts of violence against those who openly and publicly support the likes of the New York Police Department. Keith simply feels it is his duty to his country as an American to support the myriad of officers who defend the civil liberties of his fellow New Yorkers every day.

Keith Mann is a founding partner of Dynamic Search Partners, the hedge fund that was established in the year 2001. A former employee of Dynamic Associates, Mann is a philanthropist, most notably as a public advocate for improving the lives of young adults by providing them with the tools they require once they graduate from college. Keith Mann is also core contributor for the Hope and Heroes foundation.

Read the full article here.

Yeonmi Park says the Horrors of Human Suffering Can No Longer be Silenced

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and author of In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. She shared her journey with reason.com and stated before she defected she hadn’t known what freedom was, or even know the word. Yeonmi Park on nknews also had no conception of what freedom was; to her the happiest thing in her life was having food.

Yeonmi Park’s journey began in 2007 with her first steps out of North Korea. Along with her mother, they crossed the Yalu River to arrive in China without any clear plan of what to do next. Yeonmi was thirteen years old when she arrived in China and for the next year she would undergo a harrowing journey across China and through the Gobi desert to reach the Mongolian border.

It was a test of her character to survive such a journey without money and living outside of the law. Yeonmi Park was constantly threatened with abuse and starvation. Her father who also joined them, but died of cancer before ever completing the trip and knowing that there was democracy in the world.

Yeonmi Park’s story about her journey is incredibly heartbreaking and tragic, yet there are those who would try and discredit her story. A video has even been created in an attempt to show parts of Yeonmi’s story are false. There are critics who claim her story has too many inaccuracies and that she is an agent of the United States.

Yeonmi states her story is true and she has only changed parts of it that would endanger her family. There are also parts of her life that leave her feeling shamed and that she does feel need to be told for people to understand the horrors she lived through. She told reporters with Reason.com, that she didn’t admit to the rape because she was ashamed. She further stated her original statements may have been misinterpreted due to her language barriers.

Yeonmi speaks out and she adamantly says she speaks the truth about the oppression and tragedy occurring in North Korea. She says these stories about human suffering can no longer be silenced.