Status Labs Rounds the Corner on Successful Year

If you’ve orbited the internet in the last year or so then you’ve probably heard of the company Status Labs. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that is based out of Texas. The company got their start just over a year ago and since then has been on a whirlwind track of success. Lead by CEO Darius Fisher, Status Labs has become one of the most successful public relation firms in the internet age and it is thanks to their unique take on helping clients.

Everything for Status Labs starts out up top with President Darius Fisher. Fisher does more than just run the company, he leads by example. Fisher is a loud public advocate of privacy and safety on the internet and it is this passion that has led him to be such a great leader. When users involved in the infamous Ashley Madison hack were without help, Fisher offered free aid from his company in order to get them on their feet. In that same vein he offered free help from Status Labs to embattled Mizzou professor Melissa Click who was fired and dragged across the coals for a single moment out of a 12 year career.

Now Status Labs is comprised of over 35 internet professionals whose expertise range from SEO writing all the way to public relations strategy. The encapsulation of these different skills makes Status Labs a unique source of aid for anyone trying to get ahead of their own public image. Status Labs has served clients in over 35 different countries on the planet and they are steadily becoming the go to source of aid when it comes to repairing PR gaffes online.

Not content to just be a company in a sea of corporations, Status Labs has striven to give back to their community. The company is active in several charities in their home state of Texas including The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas, The Capital Food Bank of Texas, and even Urban Roots. Expect to see the company continue to spread outward as they cement themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Have You Tried Wen Yet?

As a college student, we are kept busy most days of the week with papers and studying. However, there are times when we get bored out of our minds. Believe me, it happens. That’s when you turn to the television. One night as I was flipping around aimlessly, I stumbled across some dude named Chaz Dean on QVC. I had never heard of Dean before, but he was selling a product called Wen that truly caught my attention. What was this all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment? Why did I need it in my house? How would it help me in my everyday life?

I listed attentively as Dean talked about his years in the hair care industry. I was on the edge of my seat as consumers called in and discussed their experiences with Wen. An hour later, I knew I had to pick up the phone and order my very own bottle of Wen. Let me tell you, I’m so glad that I did. This product has made such a difference in the way my hair looks.

Okay, I’ve never been someone with super thin hair. However, my hair has always been something that I’m conscious of. That’s why I felt WEN product really spoke to me. When you use Wen, you will be left with that voluminous hair that we all dream of. It’s easy to use, too. Just squirt a dab of the WEN product in your hands while in the shower, and then lather up your hair with it. That’s it. Once you get out of the shower, you will see the results.

Purchasing on sephora a bottle of Wen was the best decision I ever made. That may sound a tad overdramatic, but it’s the truth. I urge you to try for yourself. Buy a bottle on amazon online now.


A New Take On Real Estate Investment

iFunding is one of the largest and oldest crowdfunding real estate platforms and were one of the first companies to offer this service to its clients. The company began in the United States of America, headquartered in New York City and have a multitude of real estate investments spread across the entire country. There is also now a growing number of investments in the Asian market which will soon see further offices there.

When it has come to traditional means of investing in real estate the individual or group looking to invest in a property first needed to have the contact within the industry, in order to even hear of the opportunity as these investment opportunities are not openly advertised. Secondly the individual or group requires a large upfront capital in order to make the investment. This sum can range from several hundred thousand upwards of a million dollars. Which is an amount of money that not many people have or have access to as many banks are not willing to fund this sort of amount. This is where the crowd funding firm iFunding comes in as they provide for both the pre-screened investment opportunity as well as the platform for multiple investors to each invest a small amount and the company then pools these resources together in order to invest into larger investments. The minimum amount required for an investment is as little as $5000 so this opens the opportunity for a multitude of income brackets. The type of investment opportunities range from single family homes to multiple family homes or retail and office locations.

William Skelley who is heading up the company as the CEO believes that iFunding is only getting started and are hoping to revolutionize the way real estate investments are made. Mr Skelley has a background in several different organizations such as Olympus, General Electric, Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors. He has also given his input in several start ups. William Skelley’s main specialization has always been in his ability to fundraise from both family offices and accredited investors.  Skelley also runs the iFunding Twitter.

Due to his success in the industry William Skelley is also a frequent speaker at real estate financing events across the country. He started out at the Harvard Business School where he got his education and has since built a great empire for himself and others. has more information, but you can also download the iFunding app on the Google store.

Why Avi Weisfogel Chose Operation Smile to Benefit From His GoFundMe Campaign

Recently, Avi Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe campaign that targets to raise $2000 to help fund Operation Smile. This is an international charitable organization that provides surgical operations to children free of charge. It also serves young adults specifically those who have facial deformities such as cleft lips and palates by providing them with free surgical operations to correct such deformities.

As the name suggests, Operation Smile provides these free medical surgeries in order to give these children and young adults hope and happiness in their future lives. With these free corrective surgeries, they can live just like the other kids and young adults.

Recently, in an interview, Avi explained why he chose Operation Smile as the beneficiary of his campaign. He cited the belief that the organization has that every child should be provided the best surgical operations irrespective whether they are our own or not. They should grow knowing that they have an equal chance to live happily just like the other kids no matter the unfortunate position they find themselves.

Avi Weisfogel spoke of how his background and passions have always made him realize that the best medical care should be made accessible to all children. The organization shares his beliefs and as a result, he chose it to benefit from the fund.

Bill and Kathy Magee established the Operation Smile in 1982. The organization visits different places in the world to provide these medical services to children. The charity partners with the local hospitals, medical practitioners and other organizations to provide the best medical solutions to many children in those areas. They obviously require funding to be able to carry out these missions successfully. They need to buy equipment and also hire medical professionals.

About Avi Weisfogel

Avi is a dentist providing his services in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in biology and psychology. He then proceeded to New York University of Dentistry where he earned his DDS. He dedicates his time and his expertise in dentistry to provide sleep solutions. He has done extensive research to understand what dentists and physicians can do to relieve patients with sleep disorders.

He operates his own dental care known as Old Bridge Dental Care. He also owns Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor. He has been acknowledged because of the quality of services he offers in his practice. Avi has earned the accolade of the Best Dentist for many years.

Study Proves Email Marketing Is More Effective With Video

The Relevancy Group just conducted a study reported on Hello Tesla that found that adding videos to email increases the revenue of email marketing campaigns by as much as 40%. Part of the reason for this is that attention spans of internet consumers continue to get smaller so videos are a quick and easy way to capture their attention.

The study found that if a video is placed into an email open rates can increase by 20% in some cases and click through rates usually increase by about two to three times compared to emails that are just text. This proves that video simply works better than text in email marketing campaigns. With today’s internet consumer used to a world of instant gratification this is the fix to making sure that consumers open their emails.

Talk Fusion has helped define the space for video email marketing, and now the Florida based video marketers are ranked the 8th largest video provider on the globe. CEO Bob Reina founded the company in 2007 with the intent of figuring out a way to send a video clip to his friends within an email. AOL told him that he could not embed a ten second video, but he soon figured out his own way along with the help of a friend in the IT world.

Quickly the duo became good at embedding videos into email and Reina started to think about further implications of the technology. Talk Fusion has made it easy to embed videos since then by offering its users over a thousand templates so that they can simply choose a template and then pop their video into the email. Users can also choose to customize their own templates once they get more comfortable using the techonology.

Start Up Company Handy Headed For Global Domination Of The Service Business

The start up company Handy is making a name in the on-demand services business. It appears they are headed for global domination. This might not be the case but, the company is taking over city by city. Handy’s CEO, Oisin Hanrahan has a plan and that plan is putting Handy on the cutting edge of the handyman and cleaning service industry. Handy makes most of their money by offering cleaning services. When you want someone to come and tidy up your house you put your request into Handy and they send someone over to get the job done. That service accounts for about eighty percent of their company revenue. The other twenty perfect comes from hiring handymen. When you need a plumber, again you call Handy and they send over a highly qualified expert who is able to do the job. Offering these services has paid handsomely for Handy.

Part of the reason Handy is so successful is also that they do business with the client more than one time. They offer you a cleaning person and a handyman. This is not the only services they offer, they will fill other voids in the market as they arise. For example in New York City the had a furniture deleivery and installation process where you could have furniture delievered by them. This helped to fill a hole in that market. This is a major reason why Handy is not worried about other companies who look like they do the same thing. In reality, because of the marketing system Handy has in place, their customer isn’t going to go anywhere else as long as Handy offers the service.

During several interviews Oisin Hanrahan talked openly about his future plans for Handy and he knows that Handy is going no where but up. Part of this is because the offer a service that everyone wants and needs. They also keep the client and the handyman protected during the process. This is a winning situation for everyone. If you need a service and want it done correctly, call on the services of Handy.

Online Fitness Brand Fabletics Seeks To Design Workout Clothes For Wide-Range Of Body Types

Among the many frustrations that can come with being a human being on the hunt for clothes to add to their wardrobe is the disappointment of trying on clothes that aren’t the best fit. Oftentimes it can feel as though retailers are only creating clothing for a particular body type while everyone else must either find a good tailor or be forced to endure wearing clothes that they are not comfortable in. Consumers’ bodies are different and retailers that are seeking to be successful in the marketplace are recognizing that. Fabletics, an online brand that sells fitness clothes to female shoppers, has developed its shopping experience and clothes with this reality in mind.

According to a 2013 interview that actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson gave to Elle Magazine, conscientious design is a priority for Fabletics. Hudson told the magazine that “designing for every body type” was “really” important and that the brand had developed workout clothes that were made for a variety of body types. These clothes include sports bras and leggings that are forgiving by making its wearer’s derriere “squeeze in and up.” Hudson also discussed her experience working with a physical trainer, the roots of her interest in athletics and fitness and her views on cleansing with the fashion magazine.

Fabletics creates a customized user experience that enables the brand to give customers more of the workout clothes they want and need. Fabletics is able to customize its shoppers’ experiences by asking to take a short quiz about their style preferences. The quiz also includes an inquiry about a customer’s body type and the option to select a “unique” body type if the choices for body type that presented are not relevant to them.

According to Elle many of the items sold by Fabletics are under $100. The price point coupled with the brand’s versatility and fashion-forward design make it a marketplace leader. The bloggers behind the shopping site The Krazy Coupon Lady reviewed Fabletics last year. The savvy shoppers expressed their belief that Fabletics was a good brand in comparison to competitors like Gap Body and that the company had prices that were on par with Target. According to a 2015 interview with Elle, Kate Hudson and Fabletics were working on a Fabletics collection called Fly. According to the Fabletics website Fly was a capsule collection that focused on bringing sophisticated style elements to the brand’s clothing.

The Professional Achievement Scholarship by Keith Mann

Earlier this year, Keith Mann and Keely Mann in appreciating and recognizing that Brooklyn schools are giving rise to a new wave of leaders, announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The Scholarship will be made possible through the arrangement that the two have entered into with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn. Uncommon schools is a New York based non-profit organization. The scholarship will be offered to one student who has graduated from one of the Uncommon Schools. The scholarship will helpful in assisting a student secure college education.

The process of selecting a beneficiary of the scholarship will be through writing a 1,000 word essay. Any interested applicant will explain in the essay why a college degree is vital in them achieving their desired goals. The scholarship is only available to senior student who are to graduate or have graduated from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The period of application runs up to 29th February 2016. The successful applicant will be granted a $5,000 scholarship to fund their college tuition. The scholarship is specifically aimed at students who come from families earning low-income hence unable to fund their college education. A college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School applauded the two for this benevolent action and program.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners provide services to hedge funds by helping them acquire experienced and talented individuals for their firms. Keith has over fifteen years experience in the executive search industry. He developed the Alternative Investment Practice after realizing that the hedge fund industry lacked quality service providers and executives taking into account the fast rate at which it is growing. Keith is currently involved in the management of Dynamic Search Partners.

Keith Mann is extremely passionate about education and this saw him start the scholarship for professional achievement. Keith’s philanthropic initiatives are not limited to education only. In February 2015, in demonstrating his moral support for the NYPD during their protests, he provided lunch to them. He has also facilitated a funds drive that raised over $22,000 in support for the Uncommon Schools.

Video marketing should be your new marketing strategy

Video marketing should be your new marketing strategy because our attention spans have changed over the years. Pursuant to a study done by Relevancy Group, having a video in a email can help grow your email marketing grow by 40% A video email can also help shape your brand’s image and personality. Talk Fusion is one of the outstanding companies that offer video email marketing services. They are graded eighth in the world. Talk Fusion’s templates are simple to understand. Once you get the hang of it, they have templates you can customize. They have over 1,000 templates.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Mr. Reina was informed by American Online that putting a 10 second video into a email wasn’t doable. So Mr. Reina and a tech savvy friend formed the idea of video emailing. Video email is presently an element of the Talk Fusion Connect which includes of other services like video chat, live meeting, and video newsletters. Talk Fusion is located in Brandon, Florida. They have a staff of 11 to 50 workers and they have independent contractors in 40 countries.

Talk Fusion’s services include video chat, video email, video newsletter, live meetings, and a community blog. The video chat can be done on any device that has an internet connection. There is no plugin to download. You can video chat with up to four people at one time. With the video email, you can choose from 1,000 templates for all occasions or make your own. You can schedule the email in advance. With the video newsletters you can choose to do them in a personal way, a business way, or a professional way. Talk Fusion has 600 templates to choose from in the professional category. With live meetings you can host and show off presentations from anywhere. With the community blog, you will be able to voice your opinion about anything.

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Top Surgeon Listed For Texas Is Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the Texas area. She just returned to Texas from her work in New York. After receiving her fellowship and completing it, she made the decision to return home with her twins. She liked the idea of raising her twins where she was raised. Going to some of the same schools and playing in some of the same sports arenas as she did appealed to her. Her family is very happy as well. Everyone is glad Jennifer is back in Texas. She offers so much to the community. The Harper’s bazaar has information on many of the top surgeons in the United States. Jennifer is listed as the top surgeon in Texas. Check out the information along with the list of surgeons to set up your next appointment.

A leader in the community, Jennifer Walden works very hard to do her best at informing others about skin issues and wrinkles. Jennifer is a leading consultant for Botox. She uses Botox as one of her treatments in her own office. Botox is a good way for people to decrease the wrinkles without going under the knife of surgery. Botox is done by inserting tiny needles with a liquid that fills in the lines of a man or woman’s face or other areas of the body. Botox injections can cause some bruising at the site but the bruising will go away after a couple days. Jennifer Walden is also very good at performing plastic or cosmetic surgeries. She has a wonderful success record.

Speaking engagements are part of Jennifer Walden and other top surgeons agendas. When a doctor is good at something, people tend to want to know more about it. Jennifer likes to inform others of ways to avoid wrinkles. She talks about sun screens, wearing the proper clothing, and eating right. Drinking a lot of fluid is very important to maintaining good skin. Dehydration causes the skin to wrinkle easier. Remember to drink plenty of fluid in the summer but all year long. Water is the best thing to put elasticity into your skin and provide you with younger looking skin.