What Is All About The White Shark Media Company?

The White Shark Media is a private business company with its headquarters in Miami. This company has got a good number of employees that ranges from above fifty to less than two hundred, which determines its size and scale – https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/. These employees establish a teamwork to ensure the growth and progress of this private firm. The annual revenue that White Shark Media can realize is from $1 to $5 million.

A good number of employees find the company a good place to work for since majority of the people will be oriented. White Shark Media is always on the forefront to ensure good representative of customer service.

There are awesome business cultural practices and value system techniques, which is applied to every member of the company at every rank. Some employees would again talk of a favorable business environment to work on; that greatly facilitates the growth of various business opportunities. Get more details here: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

Good leadership line high up the chain is practiced that triggers positional level entries also. Employees may also benefit from some improvements like better salary pay, lengthy lunch break of two hours and much more.

A good relationship is empowered from one employee to the other since there is that scenario where friendliness is encouraged between people and staff.

This again can be seen to bring socialization, which is one of the factors that may ensure the success of business. This may trigger the formation a strong teamwork where helping each other will be possible, and therefore even the relationship between the company and its employees would be a marriage of convenience, and can last longer than Chinese made shoes.

On the contrary, there has to be some problems or difficulties that may be experienced in any company whatsoever. In White Shark Media, sometimes work may make employees get stressed in the abnormal and confusion situations. The other challenge may originate if there is the lack of a well-establishing process.

Most employees would believe that much time is spent at work which is close to half a day, from early in the morning to late in the evening. The case scenario which gets employees pissed off again is in the hiring process.

This is where some people may be offered jobs at the company, yet they don’t deem important fit to be offered such jobs or positions. This can be possible if those being hired do not possess the required necessary skills for the respective job. This can also be a problem in the situation where are irrelevant promotions are made without the thorough scrutiny of the possessed skills.

Even After Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah Enjoys Success

Recently, Sanjay Shah was interviewed for the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio by Eric Dye. The successful businessman touched on a range of topics from business to charity. Sanjay Shah is famous for his role in creating a charity organization, Autism Rocks. The organization aims to raise funds to aid in the research efforts in the neurodevelopmental disorder. Before forming the organization, Shah was involved in running a brokerage firm he founded in 2011, Solo Capital.
In the interview, Shah gave advice to all those seeking to start a business never to underestimate the real amount of money required in making the move of starting. He goes on to add that the entrepreneur should never make the assumption that they can handle the journey alone.
The establishment of Autism Rocks saw Sanjay Shah combine his love for music as well as his passion for family with his entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit. His ultimate goal for the organization was to provide funding for research and awareness creation on the neurological disorder. In April 2016, Autism Rocks has plans to hold the 2016 Autism Rocks fest that will involve activities for the whole family. The festival will feature renown artists such as Flo Rida and Tyga.
Shah’s journey has been a long one. Contrary to what many people think, his journey started with Shah studying Medicine and training as a doctor. He, however, ended up becoming an accountant and worked for various investment banks among them Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse. During the financial crisis that rocked the country in 2009, Mr. Shah was made redundant. He went ahead to form his own brokerage firm, Solo Capital.
Apart from his pursuits in the business world, Sanjay Shah is also a great philanthropist. A great deal of his philanthropy journey is attributed to the fact that his son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Shah went ahead to found an organization, Autism Rocks, that hosts various concerts with a view of raising money to fund research into the disorder. He has experienced great success with the organization.


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Protecting that Good Business Name and Reputation

A recent article brought to light an often problematic but not often discussed issue, that is the online attacks of reputation and business. It is a problem that websites like, searchcleanup.com have been dealing with for quite some time. Unfortunately with all the good the internet provides it also opens a new arena and forum for those with less than good intentions. Business owners large and small understand and appreciate the hard work, hours and sacrifices it takes to succeed in this ultra competitive market today.

This is where sites like the aforementioned searchcleanup.com can be a wonderful resource to remove bad search results. In addition to the hours and hours of searching to uncover what bad information is being spread about you and or the company, there is the question of what to do once uncovered. Sites like these will quite simply in most cases erase any existence of such harmful data out there while saving time and energy that would be otherwise spent attempting to remedy the situation.

There is of course other actions that should be taken. Such steps like putting more positive news out there about the business, what it is doing, who it is helping and the like will benefit by redirecting attention from the negative to the positive. Consulting with trusted others, perhaps even other owners who have had to deal with such negativity can help in formulating not only counter-strategies but by putting defensive measures in place as well.

A couple of other suggestions that have proven effective is to not get into a mud slinging war, this can be detrimental in the very worst of ways and cast a bad light on you and your business too. One of the most overlooked aspects of countering such attacks is reaching out to that loyal customer base and ensuring those who have put trust into doing business with your company. .

In an ideal world, these would be issues that would only rarely occur, the truth is that it happens far too often. The more successful any business or individual becomes the greater the target is on your back. Rest assured you won’t be the first and the last, and with the know how and tools like those sites previously mentioned, the ship can and will be righted. So here is to clear sailing, smooth waters and navigation into the best business your business can be.

Brian Torchin Helps Everyone Find A Better Medical Job

Brian Torchin has a reputation for helping people find the medical jobs that they need, and he has been able to help people get the exact help they need as they continue the job search. Everyone who is trying to get a job needs some kind of help that is going to guide their resume or their interview. Brian Torchin helps people find out the right places to apply, and he also helps people figure out what field they should move into.

Brian Torchin is using his blog to shares the stats that he finds as he does his own research, and he is answering questions of people who come on the blog to learn more about the industry. He wants to be as helpful as possible, and he wants to make sure that everyone is going to feel much better about the choices they have made because they were more informed.

The people who are reading Brian Torchin’s blog are going to be able to check on the information he has, and they can send him messages in return. He puts up all the questions that he answers, and he shares the answers to make sure that he is going to be able to get the right kind of help for people who need it. He wants everyone to read the answers because he knows it could help other people besides the person who asked, and he also wants to make sure that people are going to learn the newest information.

The newest information in the industry is going to be very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn more about finding a job, and they can use that information to see if they found something that is going to really help them get a good job. They can apply in places where they are most likely to be hired, and they can learn about interviews from Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin knows everything that people need to know about getting a job in medicine, and he makes it very easy for people to get the exact information they need.  Running HCRC is no easy task, but Brian is up for the challenge.

New York Attorney Starts GoFundMe Campaign for Homeless Animals 

Ross Abelow, an attorney in New York City, has started a campaign on the website GoFundMe, a crowd-funding platform, to raise $5000 to provide animal shelters with resources necessary to help the homeless animals of New York City. The campaign started on January 13, 2016. With record cold temperatures this past winter, homeless animals were forced to face dangerously cold conditions when they were unable to find shelter.

The money raised in this campaign will be given to animal shelters to help these vulnerable animals with resources such as medicine, vaccines, blankets and food. During the bitterly cold winter of 2015-2016, many shelters were unable to extend their care to distressed animals due to a lack of space and funds. The money raised in this campaign will help to alleviate the financial strain on the shelters and will lessen the impact the winter months and increasingly cold weather have on New York City’s vulnerable animals.

Ross Abelow, the founder of the campaign to raise $5000 for animal shelters, has been practicing law in New York since 1990 and is currently a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP. As an attorney who focuses on entertainment law, Abelow helps artists and entertainers navigate through the complexities of intellectual property. In addition to helping entertainers, Abelow also specializes in divorce and family law. When helping a client through the negotiations of a divorce, Abelow brings a light, gentle touch to often contentious dealings while ensuring an optimal outcome.

Those who have read Ross Abelow’s personal blog or follow his activity on social media will understand that the combination of his intellect and heart have driven his growing involvement in the community. The GoFundMe campaign, which Abelow has launched to assist the city’s animal shelters and reduce animal deaths in the winter season, underscores Abelow’s commitment to helping his community both legally and humanitarianly.

Those wishing to protect the homeless animals of New York City are encouraged to donate to the campaign to raise resources for local animal shelters. Additional information about the Abelow’s effort mitigate the suffering of these susceptible animals can be found on the campaign’s GoFundMe page – https://www.gofundme.com/ross-abelow-pets

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