Goettl Airo Conditioning Adds To Nevada Based Team

The Goettl Air Conditioning brand has always been a major part of the landscape of the states of Arizona and Nevada, and particularly in the Las Vegas area the company has called home for a number of decades. I have been a customer of Goettl for a number of years and enjoyed the excellent customer service new owner Ken Goodrich is looking to continue with the purchase of the Moore Air Conditioning brand that was a major rival to Goettl in Las Vegas.

The chance to purchase both Goettl and Moore means the historic Goettl brand is now joined by another company with more than 50 years of experience and technicians with more than 300 years of experience working in the HVAC field. I am pleased to see how fast and effectively Ken Goodrich is looking to grow the Goettl brand in Las Vegas once again; I have always enjoyed the experience of working with Goettl, and feel the company will be bringing the best new technicians to the Las Vegas area through its link up with the College of Southern Nevada.

I have been a customer of Goettl for a number of years, but must admit I was shocked to discover the company was formed by Adam and Gust Goettl created the company in 1936 when they moved to Arizona. The Goettl brothers were inventors and dedicated business people who would melt the ice ridden pipes of their neighbors using a transformer created by Adam Goettl for a $10 fee.

The company has expanded its range of services over the years and now offers impressive service contracts that make sure the HVAC system of every customer is as prepared for every season as possible. Knowing Ken Goodrich began his own career in HVAC repair working on Goettl units makes the story of his latest achievements all the more satisfying.

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Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Share Their Methods For Success


VTA Publications is a company that was founded by Jim Hunt, and operates as a non fiction publisher for learning courses and programs online. On top of this, the company also acts as an event organizer and host their own seminars. VTA Publications first launched back in 2012, as reported on CheckCompany.co.uk, and has been providing their knowledge and services to thousands of people all around the world. They aim to offer the highest quality information in a variety of different industries, including finance and economics, and this information comes from some of the top professionals in their fields. There services can be received as both digital or physical products as well.

Jim Hunt recently made a claim that he had a sure-fire way of making anyone a millionaire, even his own mother, to show off how easy the stock markets are with the right knowledge. With only a short number of steps, he plans to show the progress through his YouTube for people to see.

Jim has noted that while it is ambitious, it is not very difficult. The challenge can be done with just $1,000, which is a number that most people are capable of acquiring. Over the course of his steps the money will end up doubling until it gets into the millions, which happens because of the compounding power of his method.

The structure Hunt uses to pin point specific stocks using a proprietary method. Jim notes that the secret is not in the trading aspect itself, but rather in choosing just the right stocks at the right times. Even to the untrained eye, these stocks are easy to spot once a person knows what to look for. Jim is currently on a mission to make his mother a millionaire with this method, which he will post on YouTube as proof.

According to Jim Hunt, many people are complaining about stock market trading because they have the wrong perception entirely. He wants to help educate people on proper practices and the right things to look for when it comes to trading stocks, because he believes it is actually not that difficult when using a proper and tested system such as his.


Sam Tabar, A Great Lawyer And Capital Strategist

Mr. Sam Tabar is New York’s outstanding lawyer and capital strategist. Claiming law degrees from Columbia School of Law and the Oxford University, Mr. Tabar is now a new successful manager of Hedge Funds, with various Asian companies. Despite being trained as a lawyer, Sam Tabar has associations with hedge funds organizations as he was always engaged in the legal and financial structures, and investment law professions. He is a limited partner and investors, who uses massive gamble techniques to invest borrowed funds, with hopes of accomplishing substantial capital accumulations.

During his career, Tabar has managed to work in several separate communities. He has acquired numerous diverse languages as a result. He is adequately fluent in French and Japanese, in addition to his native English language. Tabar is widely distinguished for his experience in international finance regulation, Hedge Fund laws, and is well acquainted with Hong Kong, and the United States financial markets.

His legal professional accomplishments at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP stints at law firms give him an outstanding financial career. In 2001, Tabar served for the subsidiary of Japan’s Sparx Group Co. in Hong Kong, and the PMA Investment Advisors. At PMA Investment, Sam Tabar was accountable for designing a new brand, product development, and revolutionary asset development strategies. He also planned and accomplished decisive marketing plans for his company that aimed large family offices, ultra-high-net-worth clients, and global institutional investors. He also presented the firm with personal models of numerous possible qualified investors and formed various additional investor foundations.

In 2013, Sam Tabar was also the Administrator of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction in Merrill Lynch Companies Inc. In the same year, he also worked as an Assistant Attorney for Roth, Zabel, and Schulte LLP. This legal practice gives him a unique perspective and sharp focus to hedge fund administration. His involvement and expertise in hedge reserve strategies and management are exceptional.

Tabar is currently pursuing his trade ambitions in hedge funds. He is a capital strategist and has made significant initial progress by investing major money in THINX, the startup company focusing on the support of women in Asian and Africa nations.


The Lip Balm Votes Are In: Evolution Of Smooth The Soothing Favorite

You shouldn’t only apply lip balm when your mouth is looking chapped and dry. Wearing a balm should be a daily thing, 24/7, especially when heading outdoors in the elements. Skin experts caution all of us to moisturize and protect, because when the strong UVA/UVB rays hit, our lips are vulnerable.
NYC dermatologist Gervaise Gerstner, M.D. tells Vogue.com, that our lips can “swell when they are getting too much sun, and constantly chapped lips are a sign of precancer.”

It doesn’t matter how young you are or how full and big your lips are; we are all stuck with the same lip DNA. In other words, lips are made from the thinnest tissue structure in the body and become dry easily, because lips lack protective oil glands. Lips also don’t contain much melanin and are vulnerable to sunburn.

Celebrities all seem to prefer the modern, travel-friendly, sun protection shield of Evolution of Smooth lip balms. Britney Spears can’t go anywhere without her favorite Pomegranate Raspberry, the Organic Smooth Sphere. These little, ball-shaped balms are packed with rich softeners like shea butter, jojoba oil and Vitamin E and taste so darn delicious.Check out these products on Walmart stores or online via Racked.com.

Evolution of Smooth needs to be in your daily beauty routine, and there are many to choose from: Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks. Each of them is a quality balm carefully prepared to offer long lasting soothing, healing and effectiveness. These organic lip balms are pure and perfect for treating chapped lips, protecting from the sun and cold windy air and healing cold sores and fever blisters. Visit the website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/

Reviewers at ULTA.com rate organic Evolution of Smooth lip balms a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Now, that’s a great lip balm. To learn more, watch this YouTube tutorial video.

What Can You Learn from the Kabbalah

When you hear someone mention The Kabbalah, what comes to mind? Secret societies? The occult? Celebrities? Judaism? The reality is that The Kabbalah is often viewed from an uneducated place, and because it tends to be shrouded in mystery, there is plenty of room for speculation and misinformation.

There are plenty of myths surrounding Kabbalistic teachings, as well as anything associated with them, such as The Kabbalah Centre.

It’s important to realize that Kabbalah can be taught to anyone and that people from all walks of life study Kabbalah, not just celebrities.

While the Kabbalah originated from Jewish traditions, it is not limited to Judaism, and people of a variety of beliefs and practices benefit from its teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre refers to Kabbalah as an “ancient wisdom” and when you go on to learn more, you get the feeling that it’s less about religious doctrine and more about practical teachings that can improve your life. Of course, there’s more to it than that, and a lot of it depends on who you ask.

There are devout practitioners of the Kabbalah who are deeply rooted in their religious beliefs, and there are many who approach it from a more pragmatic angle. Service and compassion are core teachings and there is a focus on astrological studies and self-improvement.

For those who want to learn more about Kabbalah, and how it can enrich their lives on all levels, including relationships, financial security and spirituality, the Kabbalah Centre offers education and resources to help you explore this rich tradition and learn how to apply it in your daily life. There is a wealth of information available on their website, as well as locations throughout the United States and other parts of the world. There are study groups and Kabbalah Centre branches, and online courses so that you can learn from home.

Hedge Fund Guru Kyle Bass Is Getting Slammed By Oil Prices


Kyle Bass, who UsefulStooges.com describes as the golden boy of the 2008 subprime mortgage meltdown, is not fairing so well in 2016. Bass talked about investing in the energy sector, and he backed up his words two years ago when his hedge fund invested in several oil producers. Bass believed the price of oil would increase in 2015 and 2016, and he dumped millions of dollars into the oil market. But the Kyle Bass crystal investment ball must have been tainted with a little crude because oil is sitting at $48 a barrel, and Kyle Bass is hoping for a lifeline. But he’s up against Iran and the OPEC nations, and they are not interested in cutting oil production any time soon.



The list of recent Kyle Bass investment missteps continues to grow. He bet on JC Penny and sold the stock months later. He kept his position with GM, but the faulty ignition switch situation cut another hole in the Bass investment bag. His bet against Hong Kong and China are still pending, but the Chinese are well aware that Bass and others have bet billions of dollars on the fall of their currency, and they aren’t feeling it. The Chinese want a devaluation, but they want to control it, and the Chinese usually manage to do that.



The Kyle Bass Hayman Advisors hedge fund suffered the worst year in its ten-year history in 2015, and 2016 isn’t looking much better. Bass is trying to make up for some of the losses by betting against drug stocks when they are investigated for inflating drug prices. Kyle is getting his information from the man that is calling for those investigations, Erich Spangenberg. It seems Bass and Spangenberg have some sort of agreement, and that agreement may be a little shady.



Hayman Capital Advisors is not on the top of the list of hedge funds that play by the book. The hedge fund book has its own rules, and Bass has crossed the line on several occasions in the past. But as long as Kyle has a big bank account to fall back on he’ll keep talking and some people will still listen.

Philip Diehl, President of the U.S Money Reserve, Named Chairperson of the Industry Council For Tangible Assets (ICTA)

The President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, was named the new chairperson of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) at the Board of Directors Association meeting this past week.

Diehl, who is the U.S. Mint former director, has been serving as the vice-chairperson of ICTA Board of Directors before being named its Chairperson. ICTA is the “watchdog” for the paper money, the rare coins, and the precious-metal bullion communities.

They maintain a regulatory climate that is favorable throughout all the 50 states of the U.S. and provides the medium through which its members may consult, confer, and cooperate with and educate national and other agencies in achieving solutions to the problems that affect businesses. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Diehl is crediting with accomplishing and leading the most determined effort in the legislature that the ICTA has ever undertaken at the level of every state. This is a project that involves the reformation of the 2013 Minnesota State Statute, which compulsory unreasonable governing burdens on numismatic and bullion customers and dealers.

As a former state regulator, utilizing his experience in Washington, Diehl designed and executed ICTA communication and legislative strategies. In the long run, ICTA and Diehl successfully had the pass of the bill in Minnesota Legislature that Governor Mark Dayton signed in May 2016.

Philip Diehl, as the new chairman, has his goals to focus on increasing the value of ICTA to all members, growing the membership of ICTA financial and base resources, and improving cooperation and communication among major organizations in the industry.

“To serve in the capacity of this great organization gives me great honor,” said Diehl. ”I am so excited about our initiatives in strategy and the very rare opportunity granted to me to push ICTA forward as the leading association for regulatory affairs and numismatic legislative.

Diehl is considered to be the most accomplished Directors of the U.S. Mint in history, and as the president of the largest foreign government-issued and private distributor of platinum legal tender, silver, and gold products, he is considered as a trustworthy and credible source for the precious metal market.

According to Manta and Glassdoor, The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001and is now the world’s largest foreign government-issued and the private distributor of the U.S. silver, gold and platinum lethal tender products. Numerous clients across the country rely on the U.S. Money Reserve to have their assets diversified with the precious metals.

Securus Technologies Allows Inmates Free Calls

Securus has been highly involved in the connection of inmates and their loved ones. They do offer services at a price. Now, there is a promotion happening with Securus. This promotion allows inmates to connect with loved ones for free. They are allowed one free call everyday through Sept 7th in order to save money for their loved ones. In order to do this, Securus has joined with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections in order to grant this privilege to the inmate that is locked up at a LA DOC institution. This is in response to the recent floods that have devastated the area. The inmates that are connected with the family members that have been affected by the flood are able to benefit greatly from this.


Richard A. Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies, states that connecting inmates to their families is one of the most important aspects of their mission. He has stated that he is allowing a maximum value of $300,000 in calls for those that are connected to the inmates that have suffered major losses from the flooding. Securus is also making other efforts in order to contribute to the helping of those that have lost a lot to the flood. Securus is also making donations worth a total of $50,000 for the inmate welfare fund in favor of the inmates that are connected to the struggling families.


 Securus Technologies is involved with the telecommunications aspect of law enforcement institutions. They are involved in supplying the technology needed for inmates to stay connected to their families. They also provide necessary tools to help the inmates rehabilitate and develop skills so that they can adapt to the outside world once they have served their term. The goal is to grant more than 250,000 free calls for the next week.

Western California Explains Incorporate Olympic Valley And Drought

Lake Tahoe and the surrounding resort communities are going through struggles on Incorporate Olympic Valley and the incorporation efforts according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. The struggles involving the Olympic Valley and Squaw Valley are only a small portion of the struggles that could be facing Andy Wirth and the other resort managers in the area. Recently, the whole area of Western California is been struggling due to a drought. The drought has cut back the available water by 27%. This particular drought is being deemed as one of the worst in several years. If relief does not come soon, the drought could possibly affect the tourist season for Lake Tahoe. All homeowners are asked to cut back on watering their lawns and washing their cars. Luckily, the area received some much needed cold weather and moisture and should help the upcoming snow season.

Andy Wirth is the present CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings. He also works as Chairman for the Reno Airport. Andy is one of the people that is working really hard to keep Tahoe and the resort areas profitable. He is very good at marketing the resorts. Andy and his wife live in the town of Truckee California. He was born in Nuebrucke Germany. Attended college in Scotland and Colorado. Andy enjoyed his internship with the Steamboat Resort and working with Mountain Village doing global marketing. These two positions paved the way for a wonderful career and allowed him to learn what he needed to do to make his own resorts lucrative.

Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

One of the things Andy hopes will happen is that the drought will not detour tourist from coming to the mountain area for vacation. He is going to do all he can to make sure people all over the world know that Tahoe is up and running and that the skiing is going to be fantastic. Apparently, people did not realize that there were over 6000 acres that could be covered with snow. The feeling is that at least 4000 will have enough snow to ski on making the slopes fantastic for the season.

Tourist comes to Lake Tahoe to ski but they also come because of the wonderful atmosphere. The people that visit love to gather in the resorts for night caps of wine or hot chocolate. People love making new friends but the couples love the coziness of the roaring fireplaces. Lake Tahoe and the Western California areas are happy to welcome everyone to the area and hope that everyone will begin making their reservations soon because the area books fast. Resorts are looking forward to making this ski season one to remember. Andy Wirth will do his best to help tourist get the best deals available.