The Depth of Internet Creepiness


This article serves to show the creepy content you may find on the internet. Be prepared, as these websites are some of the most graphic you will encounter. Enter at your own risk!


Chilling Photos of Murder Victims Taken By Their Killers- Chris Farley



This one has creeped me out because of how much of a fan I was of his. As a comedian on Saturday Night Live, Chris was known to everyone, his loud and boisterous nature impossible not to stare at and break out in complete laughter. His increased alcohol and drug use was seen by millions towards the end of his life. However, on the night of his death, the prostitute he was partying with thought nothing to help him when he seemed to be struggling to breathe, and begged her to stay. But it was no problem for this woman to snap a photo of him lying on the floor, ultimately spiraling towards his death. She is the killer, that makes these murder pictures, because she could have called for help and didn’t. She chose to get her picture for her payout instead. Onto the next shockers.


The 14 Creepiest Websites on the Internet


This has got to be one that ultimately supports my fact of the ballsiness of what people can actually put on the internet legally. Here is the list for those brave enough to venture in their quest for scary pictures:


1) If you thought terrorism was bad, check this one out. It’s called IRL cannibals. It’s a forum about eating people and being eaten by people. I’m not joking. Just when I thought there couldn’t be something creepier than what I’ve already seen, here comes another site. Holy schnikees, this is creepy.


2) How to Summon Demons. Pretty self-explanatory, right? The sad thing is that it is mostly comprised of young adolescents.


3)Interactive- a story about being in a mental asylum. Most people don’t venture beyond the first chapter. Which of course makes this one of the most disturbing websites.


4) What the drug trade is really like.

5) Find a Photos of celebrities that are deceased are found in this site.

6) Fifth Nail- blog of a serial killer, among other nasty things.


Madison Street Capital Provides Services for ARES Security Corporation

Early this year, Madison Street Capital made headlines after serving ARES Security Corporation as the exclusive financial advisor. As a result, it assisted ARES in arranging its subordinated debt and minority equity. ARES Security Corporation, a Vienna based company, is a leading security risk management enterprise that offers all-inclusive end-to-end security software.


Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the minority recapitalization services. Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director of Madison and Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison led and announced the transaction respectively.


Reginald McGaugh expressed his gratitude for the excellent opportunity to work closely with Ben Eazzetta, shareholder and president of ARES Security. Mainly this was because ARES Security is a unique company that boasts of top-in-line suite of technology solutions, which are used in protecting the globe’s most valuable assets. ARES safeguards various systems that are operated by the nuclear, government, transportation and energy industries. On the other hand, Ben Eazzetta expressed the company’s appreciation by citing how they were impressed with the whole process involving valuation analysis, due diligence and capital raising process.


According to ARES Security, dealing with Corbel to structure the investment was an ideal path towards building vast equity value. ARES hopes to take advantage of Corbel’s operationally-supportive partnership and flexible capital solution in a bid to maintain its considerable sales momentum.


Extensive Details on Madison


Madison Street is a prominent investment banking institution that was formed in 2005. It operates as a mid-market investment banking firm that offers a broad range of financial services including valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory, financial opinions, and business valuation for middle-market companies. As a matter of fact, the firm endeavors to provide its clientele with world-class mergers & acquisitions advisory services. In this case, the company first strives to help its clients understand the value of the company by painting an accurate image of the company’s present and future opportunities.


Madison boasts of in-depth experience and knowledge in the industry. This experience and knowledge are coupled with extensive relationships, which aid in matching active sellers and buyers. The professionals at Madison are also able to match suitable capitalization and financing structure to every client situation. By doing so, Madison Street has created a reputation and history of excellence in the investment banking industry. In fact, it has established itself as a leader in the provision of financial services, especially to the middle market. Currently, the firm operates offices in various locations such as Asia, Africa and North America.



How Is Waiakea Water Growing?

The Hawaiian water that is used by Waiakea is a lovely alternative to other bottled water companies in the world, and there is a push to use the purest water in the world from the purest sources. This article discusses how Waiakea water is harvested from lovely springs in Hawaii, and there is a look at why it is perfect for anyone who wishes to drink better water every day. Water consumption must rise for a healthy lifestyle, and Waiakea provides the finest option.

#1: Where Are The Springs

According to Baby Boomster, the Waiakea springs are located in the Hawaiian islands, and they are filtered by volcanic rock that has been deposited over the centuries. The islands are still quite active, and every bit of lava that cools in the area helps to clean the springs. They are pure in every respect, and they offer a better flavor because of the composition of the water and the rock.

#2: Marketing To The World

There is quite a lot of allure and intrigue around the islands, and there are many who have never been there before. They want to pay the islands a visit to see what the beauty of the places inspires in them, and they will see springs that may be managed by Waiakea. They will see the pristine waters they are drinking from the bottle, and the company is rightly marketing their heritage and culture on the islands.

#3: The Company Is Growing Quickly Every Year

Waiakea water is growing so fast that is has many new customers every day, and the company is spreading by word of mouth. Someone who wishes to drink a better bottle of water will taste the difference when they are drinking other bottles of water.

Organic Authority reveals that Waiakea spring becomes the overwhelming favorite of each customer, and it is a lovely package that catches the eye in the store. Someone who needs a new bottled water to use at home or the office will quite enjoy the brand.

The family at Waiakea water has created a beautiful company that offers better bottled water products to the world through their Hawaiian springs. They are counting on the filtering from nature, and they are selling bottled water that has a flavor all its own.

Someone who is looking for a way to change their lifestyle may begin drinking more water, and they will feel comfortable drinking something as tasty as the Waiakea brand.

The Growth of Seattle Genetics & The Role of Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer seems to be as prevalent now as it has ever been in the past. This deadly disease just seem to be any and everywhere around the globe. There has been some major changes over the past decade thanks to the production of some of the most innovative medications in cancer research has come to light. Antibody Based Therapies are the name and saving lives is the game. One of the top cancer fighting organizations in the world is Seattle Genetics and it has become a powerhouse in the history since it’s birth back in the late 90’s. This exclusive organization produces and distributes some of the most advanced antibody drug conjugates of this business. These powerful therapies attack cancerous cells with cell killing agents which eradicates them.


The head guy in charge at the Bothell, Washington based company is Dr. Clay Siegall and he has played an intricate role in the fight against cancer throughout the years. This guy is the real deal when it comes to getting things done. Dr. Siegall has an extensive educational background as he holds a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland and a Ph.D from George Washington University. Besides being the President and CEO of the organization, he also one of it’s founders. Dr. Siegall has taken the industry by storm as of late as Seattle Genetics will be going through much bigger changes such as hiring another 200 employees, release about five new drugs in the near future, and expanding their services instead of remaining a single drug company. Big things are on the horizon and most of these changes are coming from Dr. Siegall.


The company’s social media presence is ever growing as well. There are thousands of followers whom keep track of the company’s every move. Many of Seattle Genetics’ events, photos, and updates can be found here also which keeps everyone in “the know.” Overall the future of cancer research is constantly changing with ups and downs, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

Evolution of Smooth Offers a New Unique Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a skin care product manufacturer whose lip balm product promises to be successful because it touches on three distinct areas of enticement. The first area of enticement is visual and in the print advertising the model is photographed only showing her nose and lips. Her lips appear soft and smooth, and the visual and emotional effects are pleasant and only slightly suggestive. The second enticement has to do with our innate curiosity especially with impulse sales, and curiosity offers a reason to try this product. The shape of the container is different, not the typical cylinder and there is a tactile urge, a sensation to touch, hold, and operate the dispenser to see how the product works. And finally EOS lip balm is offered in a multitude of flavors. Consumers want variety, and the EOS lip balm offers blueberry, strawberry sorbet, even a medicated tangerine among other fruit flavors. The products use shea butter that is having a revival as a skin care product, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. These ingredients are all part of the composition of the lip balm.

As an impulse buy, EOS lip balm will be hard to pass up. The product has a universal appeal to men and women, and the Facebook advertising hits a home run with their choice of a lip model. Having unique flavors and an unusual dispenser all add to the impulse to buy and try the product. Evolution of Smooth looks like it will be a marketplace winner.

Read more about the product here:
How did EOS started? Read here:





Benefit of Shea Butter on the Hair

There have been a number of reports to broadcast the benefits that shea butter has on the skin but shea butter has many advantages when it comes to the hair. Some may assume that any type of shea butter may render these results. Even though shea butter in any form can possibly provide benefits for one’s hair, the best type of shea butter to use is the one that is unrefined and organic.


The name Shea Butter may cause some to become skeptical. Shea Butter is not made from milk but it is extracted from nuts that come from the African shea tree. These West African trees provide nuts have been used for many centuries for skin care and hair care.  The highest quality shea butters have to come from Africa, like the measures Eugenia Shea takes to ensure the quality of their ingredients.


There are lists of benefits that are associated with shea butter. One of the benefits includes being a moisturizer for one’s scalp. This butter contains vitamin E, which when applied to the scalp acts as a protector against dryness. Shea butter not only has the ability to protect a person’s scalp and keep it moisturized, it also has anti-inflammatory abilities that can heal the scalp when one has an irritating skin condition such as eczema. To offer relief, simply massage a small amount into the scalp.


The benefits of shea butter does not stop with it being a protector or a healer for a scalp, the antioxidants found within the butter helps increase blood flow in the scalp which helps the hair to grow.


Using shea butter in a specific way can also render a number of beneficial results.

Applying shea butter to one’s hair before curling it can help to create lustrous curls and radiant curls. Also, applying shea butter to one’s hair before using a curling iron or another type of heated styling device can protect it from heat damage.


Detangling one’s hair can become a time consuming processes, this process can become easier by dampening one’s hair with water and a rubbing a small amount of shea butter in the hair until it softens. After the hair is soft, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair until the tangles are removed.


Madison Street Capital Offering Its Services to Investors

Madison Street Capital is investment banking firm. Its size puts it in the category of the “boutique investment companies.” These boutique investment companies can offer a complete range of services to their clients based on a representative to client ratio that is smaller than the large investment houses.

Madison Street Capital has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa, and offers a complete range of investment services from mergers and acquisitions to bankruptcy services on

Madison Street Capital recently implemented a YouTube animated series that explained some of the lesser known financial strategies. This endeavor was the beginning of a functional bridge between Madison Street Capital and a client base that is ready to invest but confused about sophisticated financial maneuvers. The series of animated videos produced by Madison Street Capital was a very successful way to connect with the public. Madison realizes that not everyone is an MBA, but most of the public have a yearning to know how their hard-earned money on Pinterest will be used by an investment banking firm. The YouTube concept is well worth the watch. Enjoy viewing one of their short animated series on YouTube.

In today’s economic climate investing is an important ingredient for any family’s financial future at Those who do not take advantage of the tax breaks connected with creating wealth for the future may never be able to retire comfortably.

Education is the most important ingredient in making sound and profitable investments. Read and research what is available. YouTube and the series of animated shorts produced by Madison Street Capital is a very valuable resource. Before you invest your first dollar learn all the can about investing, and then when you speak with a financial adviser you will be able to fully communicate your goals and the levels of risk you will be comfortable facing. Financial security is gained after following the long road but having a roadmap is vital so that you do not get lost.

The Magnises Card is Less of Perks And More About the Community

The Magnises Black is giving millennials a great opportunity. Anyone that wants to experience elite destinations at discounted prices can finally have the experience. The Magnises Black Card has given Millennials access to hotels that people desire. One hotel that has partnered with Magnises is the Dream Hotel. The hotel is based in New York and offers members a chance to sleep at the hotel for seventy-nine dollars. Through the Magnises Hotel Pass feature, members can get discounts that amount to $160. Regular customers to all these destinations get to experience the hotels at high prices. With the Magnises card, members can get a taste of their dreams.

Another feature that comes with the black card is known as the club pass. The feature has given members a chance to go to places where they could not afford previously. The discounts and offers that come with the card have made sure that the card has fees that go at a very low cost. Apart from the club pass, members can get additional offers such as table bookings for free.

The Magnises Black has all been about building a community and network of young professionals. Through the feature, members interact with different kinds of people. The networking community shows that Magnises card is not about the perks and offers. It is about giving millennials another chance to connect better. People that have signed up for Magnises have improved their social lives as they interact with other individuals. Members have also been able to enjoy high-end facilities at specific locations. The facilities come at very low prices.

Magnises card holders have also been delighted by the availability of a supporting mobile application. Through the application, members have been informed of happenings and developments within their city. The cool thing about using the application is that it is easy to use. You can instantly connect with the best deals and offers that are close to your location. The kind of innovation with the card is perfect for millennials. That is why the card has enlisted members that are aged between 20 and 30.

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Thor Halvorssen Shows His Liberal Credentials

Family history can often have a great effect on the political views people possess, and this can be seen as being the case for Venezuelan born human rights activist Thor Halvorssen. Although Halvorssen comes from a long family line of politicians and diplomats the family is also well known for maintaining their integrity when those around them may be losing theirs; Thor describes himself as a classical liberal who has spent much of his time as an adult campaigning on behalf of those who are trapped in closed societies around the world.

The career of Thor Halvorssen has seen him create some of the world’s most impressive new human rights institutions, including the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum. In terms of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor has used his growing influence and notoriety in a bid to publicize groups and individuals being persecuted for their political views; Thor has been named as one of the most impressive opponents to Russian President Vladimir Putin and has used his high profile to promote the causes highlighted by the Russian activist group “Pussy Riot”. Thor has also made sure his presence is felt in Russia on a regular basis by promoting former World chess champion and political opponent to Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov to the role of President of the Human Rights Foundation.

The liberal values of Thor Halvorssen have seen him become an owner of the “Ny Tid” Socialist newspaper in 2010; published monthly in the traditional Halvorssen home of Norway, “Ny Tid” was in danger of going out of business until it was rescued by the intervention of Thor. Despite being a liberal, the political views of Thor Halvorssen have rarely played a part in his career as a human rights activist that has seen the film producer publicize human rights abuses committed by both left and right wing governments. Thor believes in reporting all human rights abuses as a political outlook of any kind does not give any government the right to strip their citizens of their rights.

Handy Has To Keep Things Moving

Handy (see, is a cleaning company that was started by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan in 2012. These are two individuals that are both European born, and they wanted to be able to start an international cleaning company. Their goal was to be able to connect qualified professionals with individuals that needed their service.

Recently, did an article about Handy’s difficult path to profitability. The cofounders of Handy had a difficult task, because they wanted to build a profitable company while keeping their investors happy with their companies capital. Handy employs many professionals, and the company aims to keep their clients happy with the professionals that they are able to hire out. In 2015, the company decided to move all of its customers onto a recurring service plan, but they did not give their customers a way to easily opt out of that service plan. At the same time, the company shut down their telephone complaint lines. Because of that, customer dissatisfaction went up and Handy received tons of complaints.

The two founders of the company initially did not agree on the best way to do cut down on expenses for the company, but they decided that they were going to implement an on boarding strategy when it came to hiring their professionals. Even though it probably would mean that the success level of this project initially would not be great, it was something that would be very beneficial for the company in the future. This move would help the company save millions of dollars each year by hiring people online. Unfortunately, the prediction was correct to some degree, and handy lost about 40% of onboarding because of this new initiative. In the end, things have started to level out and Handy’s sacrifice led to continued growth for the company.