Rona Borre Embraces Employee Worth

There are quite a few “woman-owned” businesses around in today’s modern workplace, but there is something different about the enterprise started by Rona Borre. Instant Alliance is its name, and it continues to turn out great profits which are increasing every year while at the same time being recognized nationally for the success. She has become one of the think tanks or a leader in the sometimes difficult industry of human capital, and her opinions and ideas have been shared across a myriad of top television stations and publications.

The principles that Rona Borre and her firm strive to implement are not anything extreme. For example, they believe that the right executive team can make the difference between a company being good and a company able to do great things. They reach out to individuals clients in order to form a real human relationship that can later be leveraged to great success. She started as a recruiter out of college, and the relationships that she was able to form helped carry her through despite non-compete clauses and market downturns.

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So what does the average day of Rona Borre (once Enterprising Woman of The Year) look like? Well, she admits that there is hardly any day which is just a repetition of the one before it. It is that constant change and adaptation which keep the deeply motivated women like Borre eager to face the next challenge. She admits that any employee is able to bring an idea to the table, and if enough of those in the office feel like it is a worthwhile venture then it will be put into action. As a privately held firm Instant Alliance has the freedom that some others in the market are not able to enjoy.  Related article on

Rona Borre has also been challenged in her past by jobs such as the receptionist role that she took right out of college. While those around her looked down on her she was able to turn the experience into a motivating factor which gave her a valuable moral tenant that everyone is important in an organization. As such, she continues to keep this enthusiasm and sense of worth for all that she comes in contact with, and it appears that it will pay off for a long time to come.

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Christopher Burch – Fashion and Technology

Chris Burch is a prominent businessman and successful entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. For him, he always struggles to become part of the business solution to businesses and individuals in the United States. He has also majored in the fashion and technology industries. According to him, these two industries have worked hand-in-hand to become seamless. If you want to succeed in fashion, you must first acknowledge that your success is geared towards business and idealism. Chris Burch commenced his first business by founding the Eagles Apparel Fashion Company in the United States. He started this company while still in college. Because he majored in the development of activated business entities, no one was suited to develop the most sophisticated business materials in this industry.  Check on for additional article.

For over four decades of professional experience, Chris Burch has gained an understanding of what businesses and companies need to succeed in this rapidly moving world. In the recent past, there is a hike in the competition. Therefore, you might consider using business as the main reason why you need to activate more money into your business world. If you are geared towards making money, more money can be made through uncertainties and developed management capacities.

Chris Burch has an increased capability to locate the gap between demand and supply, if you have a company that is failing, consulting his professionalism will give you the best results in this field. If you are also in need of activating your business brand, you can look for his experience in this field. When he founded his first company with only $2,000, he worked hard to become the best business model in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. He sold the company to the Swire Group at $160 million. Chris Burch used that money to develop the Internet Group of Companies that issues solutions to internet connectivity.  More to read on

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According to him, fashion and technology are always seamless. For you to succeed in the fashion industry, you must first develop your business I a manner that is located in technology.  Related articles on   One remaining constant is that both industries keep on growing in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Technology has always grown to become fashionable. Fashion, on the other hand, is considered as technologically fashionable if fashion is employed on its development. A fascinating part of this story is how they have kept on growing together. Looking at the experience makes you know what lies ahead of you.

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Success Academy’s Unique Approach.

For a period now the name Success Academy has come out of the mouths of many people. It was so after the school registered exceptional performances in mathematics and English. The proficiency rates were 64 percent for English and 94 percent for math. The first school under the Success Academy began in the year 2006. Today 32 schools exist, serving a population of more than 9,000 students. Of the 32, 24 are Elementary, (K-4), seven are middle schools (grades 5-8) and a high school. There are prospects of opening, even more, schools in the future. The exceptionality found in the institutions after a survey made it clear that achievements were not based on the content taught but by its delivery.

At Success Academy, content is all. While other Kindergarteners are playing with wooden blocks, Success Academy has a block curriculum. Children come together in small groups and come up with an architectural sketch, and later construct a project. From each cluster, one child explains what they have built to other students in the class. The approach helps the students to have exposure to buildings from all over the world.

Another source of achievement for Success Academy is its English Language Art curriculum. The school initially used success for all reading, but that didn’t feel enough. The schools add lots of content even to the vocabulary and knowledge instilled in students. Elementary students, for instance, have two units in each grade, where they read and write on a particular topic for about six weeks. In middle school, an independent reading time and a literature class are added. The students in these grades receive iPads containing numerous books.

Writing skills are overly emphasized from the kindergarten all the way to the 8th grade. In other classes, students come up with pieces that cross along several genres. Revision is essential. Unlike what many people perceive, Success Academy teaches experimental based science in each day from kindergarten. When it comes to co-curriculum activities, Success Academy is active. At one time during a survey, the chess team was found preparing for the national tournament, others making preparations for music while others worked on art projects.

Chris Burch And His Investment In Nihiwatu

Chris Burch is a known fashion expert. He has invested in the hospitality industry by building Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu is a 5-star beach hotel that is situated on a remote Island in Indonesia. Chris Burch has cofounded and also founded various popular brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Chris Burch partnered with James McBride who is an hotelier and purchased a beach hostel that is located on Sumba Indonesian Island. It cost approximately $30 million to renovate the hostel. They later reopened it in the state of a 5-star hotel and named it Nihiwatu.  More of this on

Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu as the world’s best hotel in 2016. Chris was in an interview with Business Jet Traveler. He said that he purchased the property for his children and also as a means of giving back to the community. Chris stated that the beautiful Island of Sumba offers many development opportunities that are not possible in other places. He added that the outcome of Nihiwatu surpassed his expectations. Burch said that this is rare since things do not turn to our expectations most of the time. The Wall Street Journal reports that Chris Burch has divided his time between Nihiwatu, Miami, and the Hamptons. The beach resort comprises of 27 private villas with the inclusion of Chris’ private home known as Raja Mendaka.

The Raja Mendaka consists of the main house and four villas. Each of them has its pool. Chris and his hotelier friend purchased the property from a New Jersey couple who had made it into a beach hostel. Nihiwatu is now the biggest local employer in the remote island. Part of the profits from the hotel goes to the Sumba Foundation which funds local projects.  Additional article here.

Chris Burch works at the Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the founder and principal. Chris is a serial entrepreneur. Chris Burch has an extensive background in business in a broad range of sectors including real estate, technology, and fashion. Chris combines both industries to create strong and successful retail brands. Chris attended the Itchica College where he completed his undergraduate studies. He partnered with Bob who is his brother and founded the Eagles Eye apparel. Chris has a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and fashion mogul. His brand portfolio is exciting. It includes Nihiwatu, Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Cocoon9. Chris says that his success comes from hard work, passion, discipline, and commitment. He is a philanthropist who is involved in several noble courses. Additional article on

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How Thor Halvorseen is Championing the Underdog and the Powerless

In 2005, the Human Rights Foundation was launched in New York to provide a platform to voice concerns of political prisoners and dissidents. Its annual Oslo Freedom Forum has been dubbed the “Davos for Dissidents.” The man steering what is termed by some as the” New Global Human Rights Movement” is Thor Halvorssen.

The 41-year-old Mr. Halvorssen is of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent, born and brought up in Caracas. He has an ancestry of royals and freedom fighters. His paternal grandfather was the consul of the Norwegian King during World War II. His mother is a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen and his family have experienced the pain of political injustices. His father was tortured in Caracas after exposing the government’s corruption. His mother died from gunshots during the anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration, and his cousin is currently a political prisoner in Venezuela. Troy has also suffered physical and psychological torture for his activism.

Thor’s mission is impartial. He fights injustices from all sides alike. He has avowed himself apolitical and has shown a burning desire to end this world’s injustices. Thor has committed himself to the mission with an intensity matching that of the dictatorships he targets. CEPOS, a libertarian think tank points out that Mr. Halvorssen is “as much a fixer as he is a showman.” He makes things happen and never changes his mind once on a mission. Click here to know more.

In addition to being an activist, Thor Halvorssen is an actor and a producer who uses his platform to educate society on the importance of human rights and how to unite against tyranny. The films he has produced include Freedom’s Fury, Hammer and Tickle, The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, 2081 and the documentary, Indoctrinate U. He is currently working on a film adapted from the novel; The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein. Thor Halvorssen on Linkedin.

How Kate Hudson Is Building A New Type of Activewear Clothing Brand

Fabletics is a highly successful women’s activewear clothing brand which has been able to compete effectively with clothing retail giants such as Amazon. The brand, which was conceived of and founded by actress Kate Hudson, offers fashionable activewear which is designed in-house in order to be high quality while still affordable, especially compared to their established competitor’s high prices.

Fabletics was launched as an online retail site. They have now started opening retail stores across the United States. Most conventional retailers are afraid of what is known as showrooming which is when a customer browses in the store that then leaves and actually buys it online for a less expensive price. As Fabletics started as an online brand first and then started opening physical stores, they make use of what they call reverse showrooming. When someone comes into one of their stores, Fabletics doesn’t care if people want to try on clothing in the store and then buys it from their online site as it doesn’t make any difference to them.

Fabletics makes use of a membership system where women pay a monthly fee and then get a monthly shipment of clothing. Members can opt out and save a month’s fees by logging into the website in the first five days of any month. When someone makes their first purchase they are encouraged to fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. Filling this quiz out makes the website a lot more convenient for women as the quiz determines what specific types of fashion they like. Armed with this information, Fabletics is able to show them clothing they like whenever they visit as well as make sure their monthly clothing box is going to have items in it that they will find appealing.

Kate Hudson has devised a number of rules for Fabletics to follow. She wants women of all shapes and sizes to feel welcome at Fabletics and therefore her stores carry every size of clothing. Her clothes are meant to be worn not only when exercising but also casually when women are going about their day. This ties into her first rule for the brand which is to identify marketing opportunities. Too many fashionable clothing brands are only marketed towards very thin women, something Kate wants to change. Another rule she has it to inspire her staff and customers as well as keeping a hands-on approach to running her company and continuing to meet her member’s needs.

Capital Group Succession and Growth

Timothy Armour performs his functions as the head of the capital group. The capital group is the center of the American funds, and he is one of the hardworking fund managers in the world. Armour succeeded James Rothenberg as the chairman of the Capital Group.

Just recently, Tim Armour was working the head of the company’s management committee. The firm manages more than $ 1.25 trillion of customers. Most of the money is in equity mutual funds. He joined the capital group after he was through with his college education at Middlebury College, which is located in Vermont. His good education has made him be a hero in active management.

Rothenberg, who is a former chairman of the company, joined the firm in 1970, and he has been helpful in the expansion of the company worldwide. According to Armour, the company’s strength mainly comes from its pool of talents who are capable of delivering long-term investment results.

Capital Group recently made an announcement of its strategic partnership it has launched with the Samsung Asset Management. The association is meant to enhance its global investments and asset management products that are aimed specifically for the Korean Market.

Many renowned analysts, including Janet Yang, have recently given the Capital Global an excellent rating for its endurance.

According to Yang, the Capital Group, which has more than 7000 employees, has continued in the advancement of sound investing and creation of reliable results. In the report, she claims that Capital Global will continue being a solid model of robust investment culture, which has been made possible by long-term managers such as Armour.

Before joining Capital Global as the Chairman, Armour performed his duties as the equity investment analyst, equity portfolio manager and global telecommunications expert. Most of the asset managers including Armour are, however, skeptical that the entry of Donald Trump is going to end the sluggish economic growth, which has resulted in subdued interest rates in the country. Know more about Tim Armour on Bloomberg.

France: Avaaz Activists Celebrate Election Results, WWII Anniversary

Many human rights activists have been pleased by the France election in the recent past. For the company, they are always pleased by the fact that they remain accepted in the industry. The human rights activists were seen praising the presidential elections early this morning. For them, they always strive to accept the regime that acknowledges the rights of humans as well as other animals in the habitat. While humans and animals are different in the level of activities they conduct, they are always in the will to acknowledge the numerous associations in business. The activists were in a minute to mark the important anniversary in their lives.

Many other associated forces joined the activists in the celebration concerning their animated capacities. In 1945, the allied forces came together to accept the activated business ordeals in the process to alienate better business deals. The 90-year-old Auschwitz survivor also joined them. He is one of the few people who survived the occupation during the 19th century. During that time, the German forces invaded France and swept more than one-third of the population. They were so ruthless concerning killing the innocent people for the reason that they are residents of France. The two countries were at a serious war. According to him, there has never been a war likened to the Auschwitz Occupation.

The 90-year-old Elie Buzyn recalls that event as though it was yesterday. He also uses that mouth to encourage other activists to develop a new platform that negotiates for peace and harmony among the European nations. Germany is considered as the most brutal country. Because it is comprised of animated structures, they will always develop fast income in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. Elie has also supported the presidential elections. The only thing he wants the president to do is to foster peace and tranquility among the residents.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Treats Cancer in Many Ways

Most people do not understand what a cancer patient and his or her family have to go through to get through it all. Cancer comes in many forms, and different people react to it differently. Cancer is still a dread disease, and it is very difficult to handle, but there have also been many advances made against the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has 30 years of experience in dealing with the disease, and their approach is similar to many other medical groups and hospitals in some ways and different in other ways. The remedies of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are still used in conventional ways, but other means of treatment are meant to cover things in different procedures that have been found to be effective.

When a person gets cancer, it affects the whole family, not just the individual who is ill. Spouses and children are all affected, and the entire lifestyle of a family is changed. The psychological and emotional consequences play a big part of a patient’s overall outlook on things too. If a patient is not up to speed emotionally, it can be difficult from the start.

It is a fact that 80 percent of adults who are being treated for cancer are malnourished and are in need of a better diet. This is largely due to the lack of desire to eat when under chemotherapy and radiation, lots of time spent resting, and regular meal times being disrupted by the disease. About half of those people suffer from chronic fatigue. These conditions both leave a person less able to fight a condition like cancer.

In addition to conventional treatments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America employs naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, natural foods, pain management, mind-body medicine, genomic testing, immunology, and many other techniques that they call integrated care. This approach treats the whole person in addition to cancer.

Why Patty Rocklage and the Husband, Scott Received an Honorary Plaque at MIT

Patty Rocklage has probably saved the marriages of countless couples while practicing as a licensed family and marriage therapist. Patty is a highly sought-out-after relationship therapist who offers a wide range of beneficial services to her clients in her town, Sudbury, MA. In the natural discourse of a marriage, problems, like stress and depression, child-parent issues and individual emotional and psychological issues, are bound to arise. It’s prudent to address the root source of these complications family and marriage systems before they quickly spiral out of control. Dr. Rocklage is well-versed on how to counsel distressed couples with the hopes of breathing new life into their lives.

Life-Saving Services Offered

Client’s who’ve been fortunate to work with Mrs. Rocklage all attest to the same things: First, the customers described her personality as being warm and friendly. She’s a therapist who takes the time to listen to what the couples in her sessions have to say. Her solutions and ideas are termed as, ‘brilliant and effective’ by everyone who’s frequented her clinic. Additionally, her services are reasonably priced especially, putting into consideration Patty’s experience and abilities.

Community Outreach Projects

When Patty Rocklage isn’t at her offices dispensing invaluable advice and wisdom to troubled families and lovers, she’s often busy handling all the charities and noble philanthropic causes she and the husband, Scott Rocklage are passionate about. Patty has given many inspirational talks and speeches to university students and to regular members of the surrounding communities. In recent times, the couple has gifted the Michigan Institute of Technology (MIT) vital funds to improve their Nanochemistry laboratories. MIT happens to hold a special soft spot to Scott and Patty because that’s where Scott attended his schooling many years back.

Honorary Plaque at MIT

The couple’s grant and donation to MIT got commemorated in a special event held at the universities grounds. That auspicious ceremony culminated in the Rocklage’s receiving a plaque to their honor was well-attended by members of staff and faculty.

About Patty Rocklage

Patty’s a licensed licensed to practice in the State of Massachusetts. The celebrated professional therapist received her training at the University of South Carolina. In 1981, she graduated with top honors and went straight into private practice where she’s remained for the past 20-something years.