How the Internet of Things and Jason Hope are Shaping the Airline Industry

If you have been paying to the technology industry that has been growing before our eyes then you are probably at least sort of aware of Jason Hope. Hope is a futurist, technologist, writer and entrepreneur. Hope is most well known for his work with the SENS Foundation but now he is shifting his focus toward the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a joyous little concept that could end up fundamentally shifting the way that we live our lives. The Internet of Things is a technological phenomenon that explains how our daily activities will become increasingly connected to the internet — literally.

One of the easiest ways to see how effective the Internet of Things can be in real world applications is by looking at the airline industry. Airline companies rightfully get their fair share of flack due to customer service and price gouging issues, but there are going to be airline companies in the future that go all in on the Internet of Things in order to make their service a step above the rest. We’ll look to Virgin Atlantic as a prime example of a company that Hope believes is profiting directly from the Internet of Things.

We can start by analyzing how Virgin Atlantic as embraced the Internet of Things with their Boeing 787 jets. This plane is the commercial plane that is commonly used by people who are flying daily, all over the globe. What makes the Boeing 787 so important and special, in regards to the Internet of Things, is that it is connected directly to the internet. From rail all the way to the nose you are looking at a device that has been interfaced directly with the internet. Analysts can read information to stay up to date on the operational statistics of the plane at all times.Outside of the plane and back into the airport the Internet of Things will make it possible for people to closely watch the way their baggage treks along behind them. We can see that the Internet of Things has life changing application and also smaller, more convenient applications as well. Jason Hope believes that this is the next great industry and we believe him.

Bruno Jorge Fagali: A Scion of Multi-skill Law Practice in Brazil

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a professional attorney and scholar on law who grown his professional portfolio through personal initiatives aimed at improving his grasp of law. He is a versatile professional who has specialized in numerous subfields within the larger law field including administrative law, family law and urban law among others. He is committed to scholarly dispensation in the field, which has seen him author two articles on law while also learning English, Spanish, French and Italian. Together with his native Portuguese, these languages have greatly improved his service delivery. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he graduated in 2009 with a degree in law. To further increase his grasp of the various principles and subfields of law, he joined the University of Sao Paulo in 2012 to study for a Master’s of Law degree. As an attorney actively engaged in the management of a law firm he founded, he has also specialized in business administration.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a very active attorney within the Brazilian law circles. He attends regular law forums, seminars, workshops and short courses trainings. This has enabled his focus on key areas of law practice such as gifting, corruption, electoral laws and ethical law practice. In 2016, his commitment to law practice in Brazil was feted with a Pro-Ethics Award and a membership seat at Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

Entrepreneurship and Professional Career

Bruno Jorge Fagali founded Fagali Law Firm. Founded in 2014, the law firm specializes in public law. Even though he is actively engaged in the management of his law firm, he still finds time to serve his alma mater as a lecturer in the University of Sao Paulo. The appointment made in 2015 is an indicator of professional versatility. He gained valuable experience in law practice and management while working at Radi, Cali and Associates for two years. His two year stay at the company as a legal advisor on public law, which ended in 2014, was preceded by serving as Tojal, Renault, Serrano and Teixera Ferreira Associates. He was also hired by Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm as a legal advisor.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Success With Foresite Capital

Jim contends that by virtue of being an investment strategist and a healthcare entrepreneur for 25 years, he was able to found Foresite Capital. He posits that after looking for key success factors, he found that most successful companies and entrepreneurs focus on innovation and teams. Jim says that he saw an opportunity to supply emerging healthcare companies with information, capital and networks to enable them to enhance their success.

Today, Foresite Capital has invested in corporations engaged in genomic sequencing and diagnostics, medical services, and biopharmaceuticals. Some of the notable companies that Foresite has invested in include Aimmune Therapeutics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Intarcia Therapeutics and 10x Genomics.

He spends much of his day working with members of his team in meetings and making calls. He networks with thought leaders in the healthcare industry as well as presenting new ideas and updating on the existing company portfolio. Jim notes that his favorite activity is having dinner with his family. In addition, between meetings, the shrewd entrepreneur finds time to work out. To Jim Tananbaum, the aspect of bringing ideas to life requires capital and engaging effective, persistent and smart thought leaders in the healthcare industry. He seeks to enable various companies to be in a position to undertake critical scientific discoveries that can be beneficial in the industry.

Jim contends that healthcare innovation excites him. He is optimistic that in the near future, people will have their saliva, blood or tissue sequenced for purposes of diagnosing diseases, thus preventing and treating them in time. Jim Tananbaum says that different companies have developed innovative applications in genomic sequencing and manufacture of drugs.

About Jim Tananbaum

The chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, a private healthcare equity firm, is a graduate of Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Over the years, he has been passionate about marrying computer science and hard sciences with healthcare. He posits that because of having a broad network, he was honored to be mentored by renowned personalities. They include George Whitesides of Harvard University, Bob Gunderson of Gunderson Detmer, Roy Vagelos of Merck and Theravance, Rick Levin of Yale University and Rick Klausner of NCI. Visit his page to know more.

Jim is credited for being one of the partners who founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He is also one of the partners of Sierra Ventures. Tananbaum has rendered his services for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, Amerigourp and Amira Pharmaceuticals.

Traveling Vineyard, a Winery like No Other

When one gets to here of Napa Valley, he thinks of nothing but wine. The area is one of the best producers of grapes, and it is recognized for this globally. Wine is its pride, but there are other features that this area feels proud of. Napa Valley also boasts of fascinating sounds and sights. When visiting this area, it important to move around and have a taste of these features besides enjoying the wine.

How the Traveling Vineyard’s business model work

The independent Wine Guides at Traveling Vineyard offers a relaxed in-home tasting of the exclusive wines of this area. These events are informative and entertaining and provide the guests with a variety of delicious wines to choose from in a serene environment flanked by friends. The Wine Guides have control over their schedules, work environment, and income. The company offers exceptional wines, excellent support, and extensive training. The guides are basically wine consultants who love wine as well.

One would benefit in a number of ways by taking part in The Traveling Vineyard. The event is full of entertainment as well as informative sessions on a wide range of topics. The training offered by Traveling Vineyard is also important as it increases the skills of the participants across different fields.

Traveling Vineyard’s Social media presence

Sales have been greatly impacted since the debut of Traveling Vineyard on social media. Their social media presence has been increasing over the years, and so have the sales. By the clients getting to connect to one another and sharing their experiences, it is the marketing of Traveling Vineyard that gets better. The company updates its customers on the recent developments through social media. The company uses such social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This company enjoys a positive sensation since its customers have no loyalty division. Travelling Vineyard gives rewards to its customer as one of its strategies on the social media platform. With a loyal customer base in the social media, this wine company has seen its direct sales go up and there club membership increase within a short time.

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Sujit Choudhry Leads Global Constitutional Interpretation Initiative

All countries have some sort of constitution they follow, and someone who interprets them as well. This is where we meet Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry is an internationally-recognized authority on comparative constitutional law, and he is the founder of the company Center of Constitutional Translations which is a globally-based company that seeks to provide evidence-based policy options for decision-makers and agenda-setting.

Choudhry worked for years as a constitutional lawyer in divided countries and realized the need for a central, global point where leaders could go to have someone help them interpret exactly what their constitutions, laws, and regulations even meant much less how to implement them. Choudhry has been to and studied many cultures and gained a respect for the way people choose to live and govern themselves in different cultures around the world. Check law,

Choudhry has degrees from three different countries and shares a globally-minded way of thinking, so setting up this agency was a natural fit for him.  More of Sujit’s insight in this article on

Sujit Choudhry has always with people from all over the world and in that regard, this was nothing new for him. Choudhry knew that people would be skeptical of his idea at first, but he figured if he worked at it people would grow to realize the need for it over time. It turned out that he was indeed correct. Sujit Choudhry is currently preparing to launch three international project initiatives with the International Institute for Democracy and the Electoral Assistance in the fall.

When he is not working with the Center of Constitutional Translations, Sujit Choudhry teaches at University of California (Berkley) as an I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law who has studied in various countries including Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Check this law blog about Sujit.  Sujit Choudhry also has worked with writing in and editing many publications including The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006) to The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution (Oxford, 2016) and many others in between.  Refer to for additional article.

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George Soros Still a Force to be Reckoned With

George Soros has returned to the political battleground. The billionaire investor donated upwards of $25 million this past year to further Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Soros, who had been nearly vacant from the political scene since 2004, reportedly felt great faith in Clinton, as well as fear of her opponent, Donald Trump. While Soros was always found to financially support Democratic causes, this influx of cash far surpasses anything he has contributed in recent years. Soros found the political stakes to be particularly high in the political realm, as he disagreed with now President Trump on a number of big issues, such as immigration reform, criminal justice, and religious tolerance.

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The large donations contributed by Soros are seen as potential catalysts for further Democratic investments by big philanthropists. According to Politico, along with his contribution to the Clinton campaign, Soros also committed millions to organizations that work to protect voting rights, improve voter turnout, and abortion rights groups. Such donations seemed to have an effect on other big time liberal donors, as many moguls and hedge funders contributed large sums following Soros’ commitments. Read more on

Aside from liberal organizations and groups, Soros has also sought change by splashing money in another direction. The protest movement in Ferguson has been largely motivated by financial backing from the billionaire. According to the Washington Times, Soros, among other things, has spent years funding and mobilizing groups seeking civil action. $33 million was contributed by Soros himself in that time to support activists in Ferguson.

While these groups have gained much from Soros financially, it appears that he asks little from them in return, save that they keep up they doings in Ferguson. The activists receiving the funds from George Soros are not directly encouraged to protest. Rather, Soros merely gives them the financial ability to continue to fight for social justice in Ferguson, a cause very important to the billionaire philanthropist. Soros sees the movements taking place in Ferguson as the beginning of the social change that is so near and dear to his heart, and is crucial in his eyes to the betterment of society. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Eric Pulier Has The World At His Finger Tips

Eric Pulier, one of the top serial entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, must be respected. He was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. As a fourth grader he had an interest in computer programming, and as a teenager, he founded a database company. In 1984 he attended Harvard University, majoring in English and American Literature while taking classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

Pulier has spent his life as a technologist, published author, public speaker, and philanthropist. He has founded over fifteen companies including such companies as MediaPlatform, US Interactive, Desktone and SOA Software. He has sold his latest company for $350 million and raised millions of dollars to fund charitable organizations.

Eric Pulier is Co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc. and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Pulier served as Vice President and General Manager of Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and CSC Australia Pty. Ltd. He served as Secretary of Santa Monica Media Corporation. Pulier served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SOA Software, Inc. and its Chief Technology Officer. Pulier also serves on the board of directors of the Painted Turtle

One of his startups is X-Prize which has competitions and prizes. The point of this startup was to encourage teens and adults to offer innovative solutions to solve the most severe problems for humanity.

Pulier is committed to developing programs to help children struck by disease and who are disabled, called Starbright World. Starbright World is a platform for children with serious illnesses who can connect with each other and share their experiences through social media. People Doing Things, a Pulier creation, addresses the health care, education of children through the use of technology.

Eric Pulier’s work was recognized by President Clinton and Vice President Gore who honored Pulier’s work by unveiling the Starbright Foundation. Pulier created the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C.which was called “The Bridge to the 21st Century“.

Pulier’s commitment to children is unmatched. One of his philanthropy efforts is known as the Painted Turtle, which is a camp for children with chronic illnesses.