Josh Smith a Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader and Philanthropist

Earlier this year, High desert Montessori school students received brand new greenhouse from local entrepreneur Josh Smith’s Modular Greenhouses. The school is located in Reno Nevada. Students were very excited to have received the Greenhouse which will be of great significance in their learning process as they will now be able to practically grow food and be actively involved in their health and wellness. In addition to the greenhouse, the school gardening program also received some cash for buying soil, planters, and seeds.
Modular Greenhouses, which donated the greenhouse is a local startup company whose mission is to see that by the year 2020 all Washoe County schools have greenhouses. The company has made other greenhouses donations to the Boys and Girls Club.

According to Josh Smith Modular Greenhouses CEO, the firm has a program of offering greenhouses to schools and nonprofit organizations in Washoe County.
An excited seventh grader going by the name Tyler Jones said she couldn’t imagine how much food can grow from the greenhouses. Great Full Gardens who were also part of the project in a statement said that they are looking forward to purchasing food from the school greenhouse and serve it to their customers in their restaurants.

About Josh Smith
Josh Smith is a renowned serial entrepreneur and CEO of several startups including Modular Greenhouses. Josh Smith has vast knowledge and experience in the wellness and sustainable technologies field. Smith who hails from Reno Nevada is passionate about greenhouses and wants to ensure that the people of Reno, Nevada, in the coming years have access to millions of pounds of organic, local produce. For over a decade he has been a serial entrepreneur and as a result has gained extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as global operations, customs procedures, compliance and manufacturing among others. Smith is committed to seeing children across the world get a fighting chance through greenhouses and garden programs. He has over the years continually donated greenhouses to k-12 schools across the United States of America. Mr. Smith is a visionary leader who understands for one to be successful in life he or she must associate with the right professionals who can positively impact one’s life.

EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) Lip Balm is a Fast Company product. It is a company that produces a brand of lip care products and has appealed to its customers in the last few years. Its popularity has grown rapidly and thus available in almost every outlet. It has outdone Chapstick and Blistex which were in the market way before.The most recently produced is the vegan crystal flavor that has left its customers excited at its selection of flavors. It is free of the animal by-product, beeswax.

It is packaged the same shape for easy recognition. With the new balm, the client gets to see the product through it. It’s organic and clear. The flavors include grapefruit and honeydew and much more. There is a ready market for the product that began as soon as it was released. EOS Lip Balm is of top quality and affordable. The exclusive use of organic products created a broad market and set it apart from others.

EOS is the lip balm that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus among others use. Celebrity use is a good influence on the target market; millennial women. The natural oils used in its production are among the ingredients that ensure smooth and soft lips, see also It is dermatologically tested and rich in vitamin E. The small spheres are comfortable in use; little to fit in hand, and beautiful to the sight of the user. They have varied flavors and give a corking sound when fastening. It can be used for décor in the house.

It has been successful in the market by always pursuing a desire to meet the needs of the customers; to give them a product that offers the user an emotional connection and puts a smile on your face. It is the one item you will be sure to find in a lady’s bag.

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Greg Secker; The Why Not Guy

Trading, as an active lifestyle, centers on making trades and investing based on the ongoing trends observed in the financial markets. Mostly, people decide to venture into trading as a way of making money. Greg Secker demonstrates that people can be their bosses with their own working time while generating unlimited income. Being independent and making a good profit needs one to grasp the basics firmly, have a successful mentor for emulation, stick to a popular strategy, avoid panic for improved decision making, being realistic and defining their own goals.

Greg Secker provides numerous compelling reasons to encourage people to include forex trading in their investment regimen. Many investment and trading projects are foundering because of the low-interest rates, rising inflation, and stagnant wage growth. One can attain decent profits by venturing into forex trading. Forex exchange lacks a centralized trade as compared to the stock exchange. People can profit from forex exchange by making trades depending on the rise or fall of a given currency in value. Forex trading is becoming seemingly popular because it offers trading flexibility, and is easy to start.

Greg Secker encourages people to use specific forex indicators to observe the current trends in the market. The stochastic oscillator gives traders an opportunity to predict trends by comparing price ranges to the security’s closing price. Attending workshops could enable traders to determine the right forex indicator for them to use. Greg Secker uses his foundation to promote life and education skills thus improving the lives of many people internationally. Most people become overwhelmed by the complexity of forex trading. However, Greg maintains that if one gets to know the basics, it is quite easy to maneuver through the trade.

Greg Secker dedicates himself to philanthropy, entrepreneurship, international speaking, and master trading. He started the Knowledge To Action Group. The group consists of a couple of companies like Learn to Trade, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, and Greg Secker Foundation. The Greg Secker Foundation aims at improving people’s lives.

Greg became successful in an early age and created one of the leading trading companies in Europe. He is a known international speaker educating people about trading. He is passionate about assisting others to become successful traders.

George Soros Helps the Left Stay in Power

There are many in this world who are classified as movers and shakers. These influencers strike fear through the hearts of their opposition. An example of such an influencer is George Soros, a rather liberal man.George Soros became a left-wing liberal during his days of working as a railway porter and also a waiter to afford the money to attend the London School of Economics. He saw the effects the selfish rich had on increasing poverty and vowed that if he became wealthy, he would use his wealth to do good.George Soros was able to make good on his promise after raising a hedge fund named Soros Fund Management. Managing this fund earned him $ 25.2 billion in net assets. George Soros would leverage this money to be a force against the Republican Party and their wealthy elite. For the rest of his life, this would make him an enemy of the GOP and a friend of the left.

In 2004, Soros committed to doing his utmost to prevent President George W. Bush from remaining in the presidency. To that end, Soros donated finances to the Democratic Party, mainly to be used for John Kerry ‘s campaign. The total was 27 million dollars which was an unheard of amount before that time. After Kerry was defeated, Soros hatched a new plan to see what he could do to stop the Republican agenda. When George W. Bush stepped down, Soros found a candidate. Initially, he wanted Clinton, but he decided to support Senator Barrack Obama, from Illinois. After contributing millions of dollars, he regretted his decision to support Barrack Obama, who had not forced a liberal agenda. He wished he had helped his old friend Clinton secure the presidency. After Barrack Obama left the presidency, Soros decided to return to backing Clinton.

This backing became even fiercer when Soros realized Donald Trump could win the election. Soros is an impassioned enemy of Trump. He does not like Trump. He opposes everything that is Trump. He vowed to keep the mentally unstable fool from the White House.Soros supported Clinton with $25 million, as well as other Democratic causes. During the election, Soros donated $1.5 million to help various Democratic Senator. Of course, we now know that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the historic election. Rather than ending Soros passion, this invigorated him to continue fighting Trump.Because Soros cannot impeach Trump, he instead focused on beating him at a grassroots level. Soros began donating and organizing events to derail the various policies of President Trump. The day after Trump was inaugurated, there was a protest march of people wearing pink hats to raise awareness for women’s rights. Soros would turn out to be the bank behind this operation as well as its planner. Soros also pays the Super Pacs which support Planned Parenthood, rights of immigrant voters and, pacs which research the assertions of Republicans.Soros would also show his philanthropic tendencies by donating to democratic causes throughout the world.

EOS Review: Lip Balms That Are Vegan, Organic, Clear and Fun!

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is the name of a brand that focuses on beauty products that are natural and affordable. It gives consumers access to many lip balms and moisturizers. People who want to steer clear of lips that are dry, chapped and just plain unattractive frequently gravitate to EOS’ many diverse choices in lip balms, refer also to The company even has lip balms that are completely vegan. People who want to stay away from beauty products that are devoid of animal byproducts, because of that, are now going bananas for EOS’ exciting new offerings.

These lip balms are exciting for a handful of reasons. The vegan aspect is simply the cherry on top. They’re organic, first and foremost. They’re also totally transparent. If you want to pamper your lips with a soothing and hydrating formula that’s also nice and clear, EOS’ thrilling new crystal flavors may just be right up your alley.

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EOS has lip balms that cater to people who are vegan. It makes lip balms that cater to more general audiences as well. The brand’s lip balms are ideal for people who want to say goodbye to lips that look and feel awful, see more here. These intensely hydrating formulas can help people do away with persistent and unpleasant chapped lips. They can help people do away with stubborn rough patches, too. If you covet lips that are perfectly smooth, plump and youthful, then EOS’ organic lip balms may be the right solution. These lip balms appear in a broad range of fun and interesting flavors. People can choose between distinctive flavors such as strawberry sorbet, wild berry, sorbet, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honeydew, passionfruit and pomegranate raspberry. EOS isn’t just a strong choice for fruit lovers, either. People who love vanilla bean and sweet mint flavors also may appreciate it. The brand is always creating new flavors.

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How Fabletics Became a Billion-Dollar Fashion Brand by Using Crowd Power

According to the Huffington Post, Fabletics has made incredible gains by tapping into the immense power of the crowds. By capitalizing on the shift in consumer habits, Fabletics transformed into a behemoth eCommerce giant with a market value of a billion dollars. The online fashion brand started its journey to the top in 2013. Since then, the innovative company has witnessed in excess of 200% growth rise and it now reports annual revenues of over $235 million. The brand is owned by the dynamic duo of Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler.


Consumer Surveys


A top executive at TechStyle Fashion Group, Mr. Shawn Gold told the Huffington Post that the company’s success was brought about by user reviews. Fabletics knows that the modern online shopper is more inclined to order and buy goods that have a ton of overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings as opposed to a product that’s yet to be reviewed. Additionally, consumers tend to recommend and refer products with many positive reviews to their friends and families.


Genuine Reviews


Peter Holten Muhlmann is the CEO and Founder of Trustpilot and his golden advice to smart brands is that they should leverage the power and feedback from their customers. Peter reckons that most online consumers don’t trust a majority of the retailers out there today. A consumer research survey conducted by BrightLocal shows that 84% of people make their shopping decisions after consulting with close acquaintances and after reading the online reviews on that particular item.


Another study by the L2 Research firm showed that the number of eCommerce stores and retail websites allowing reviews shot upward by 70% in the past couple of years alone. Customers rely on the shared reviews to get vital info about the particular products before paying. But, then again, not all reviews can drive up the customer retention rate. No, the testimonials have to be 100% genuine and from verified buyers.


Amazing Kate Hudson


Talking to the press during the induction of pop star, Demi Lovato into the Fabletics fraternity, Kate was ecstatic about the great strides her brand had made so far. Kate’s dream is to empower women with elegant, stylish albeit affordable clothes that leave them exuding with confidence.


Lifestyle Quiz


To read more about the uphill struggle that defined Fabletics journey to the top of the fashion retail niche, here’s a link to an insightful piece shared by Forbes. Before we part ways, we would like to welcome you to try the simple lifestyle quiz developed by Kate’s team. Judging from your responses in the quiz, the staff at Fabletics are able to discern your fashion tastes and preferences and make recommendations if you become a member.


Check out their official online retail store and select the membership package that you feel most comfortable with. Membership sets you up for numerous excellent services that include, getting real-time updates every time Fabletics updates their inventory. Don’t be shy to request the massive price-cuts and other discounts that are always on offer to loyal patrons.

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Rocketship Education

When it comes to learning and education, students need to have a reason for the effort. Just the fact that they have to go to school is not a good enough reason. Rocketship Education is a charter school network that gives students the incentives to make learning fun and appropriate for their current situation.

Rocketship absolutely believes that it is vital that a partnership is formed between the teachers, students, parents and the community to further the excellence of education for the students. Parents are encouraged to become leaders and buy into the Rocketship philosophy of recognizing a student’s talents and helping the student exploit those talents.

Rather than be subjected to traditional large-scale classes that are found in most public schools, Rocketship students, called “Rocketeers,” enjoy smaller group sessions of around 4 to 6 students at a time where they have a chance to fully absorb the teaching along with excellent learning aids such as colorful charts and visual aids.

Digital learning takes place on an individual basis with students using a laptop and a headset. They receive structured lessons that they have to complete on the computer and it is very similar to what they already used to on their own devices. Games and puzzles are the formats that most students already know how to navigate, so this procedure fits what they are already proficient in this activity.

Individual sessions with tutors make up a significant part of Rocketship Education’s process. Here a student can ask any question they want and receive feedback instantly. This helps to build a student’s confidence because the tutor emphasizes the student’s abilities.

Students are excited about Rocketship Education because it is fun and lively. No more boring lectures as students participate in the blended learning concept where personal instruction along with digital learning and individual one-to-one tutoring takes place.

Rotate learning is used to help students concentrate in specific areas. Half of the day is spent in a traditional classroom setting, with the rest of the day spent in two other specialties such as math and humanities. Specialized teachers will teach the students in their specialties and targeted intervention makes up the rest of the curriculum.

Dr. Mark McKenna Leads In Societal Projects

Dr. Mark McKenna a medical doctor who got his license in surgery and medicine in Georgia and Florida state board of medicine examiners. He has a passion for medicine ever since he was a young boy and has worked hard to achieve his dreams. His father is too a doctor and he has worked with him before he became a surgery and medicinal doctor to help him grow who he is now.Dr. Mark McKenna harbors vast skill in community development. He is also a huge advocate for societal projects.


Dr. Mark McKenna is originally from New Orleans. He graduated from the University of Tunale. Dr. Mark McKenna started to practice medicine after completing his medical training. He was practicing medicine with his father by then. He helped in rebuilding of New Orleans. He married Gianne McKenna. Dr Mark McKenna has been blessed with two children, a girl and a boy. He is a hardworking man who says he wakes up early in the morning and first takes care of her family before leaving for work.

Medical Work

McKenna is qualified to offer medical services in different jurisdictions. He has also been extensively linked to societal projects that aim at making the world a better place. Dr. Mark McKenna became the CEO/Founder in July 2017, of OVME, technology enabled, a consumer facingmedical aesthetic company that is reinventing elective healthcare.


The idea for OVME came from working in the medical aesthetics industry for ten years. He noticed, when practicing medicine, many opportunities to disrupt the industry.He says that he has found the combination of active goal setting is a recipe for success and meditation. Dr. Mark McKenna advices young people not to always be in a hurry to finish up with education because its okay to be slow because speed without limit and direction is dangerous and useless. He is a mentor to the youth people who may want to become surgeons in their future lives.

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Top Tips about the American Institute of Architecture

Robert Ivy was motivated to launch a comprehensive effort where a response was built by the expansion of awareness and understanding of architects.

The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects is in Washington D.C., and it is a professional organization for architects. The advocacy of the government, education, the redevelopment of the community and outreach of the public are all done by American Institute of Architect so as to support architecture hence improvement of their public image.

Robert Ivy heads American Institute of Architecture. The Chief Executive Officer is FAIA and Thomas V. Vonier. A group of 13 architects founded it in New York in 1857 so that its members could be promoted with scientific and practical perfection. Its name was changed from New York Society of Architects to American Institute of Architects when they drafted the constitution.

More than 90000 members have been licensed as architects. Architect members, Associate members, International members, Emeritus members and Allied members are all the levels of membership in American Institute of Architects.

Members are given membership if only they have been making their contributions to their profession that is national significance. The Board of Directors govern the American Institute of Architects, and it has over 200 staff who are full time.

Legislative and regulatory actions are monitored by it, and then it uses its membership’s collective power to help them participate in decision making by the state. Members are served with development opportunities that are professional, design information services and personal benefits.

It brings awareness to the public about the value of architecture and the importance of designing right structures. Its members help in the building and shaping the environment. Leaders from the community and mayors are also encouraged to build structures that are environmentally friendly.

Its store offer books on architecture and design. Its members receive a 10 percent on every purchase that they make. To improve the security of the urban, Thomas Vonier has been working with the municipalities to do so.

People are encouraged to understand better that their lives will be more satisfying if there is a better designed environment for them. There are programs that are based in the community, which the American Institute of Architects to work so that it can serve the public as it will help them design houses that are affordable to them.


The Journey of The American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, abbreviated as AIA, is located in the United States and it has its headquarters in Washington D.C. It is an organization that is made up of a team of professional architects. The main aim of this organization is to give support and improve the public image of the architecture community. They do these by doing outreach to the public, giving education, providing government advocacy and redeveloping the community at large. Besides from that, AIA works hand in hand with other organizations in design and construction to uplift the building industry.

Robert Ivy is the head of AIA who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The AIA was established in 1857, in New York City. AIA came about from 13 architects whose main aim was to uplift the standards of architecture as a profession and to perfect the skills of its members. The 13 original architects decided to come together in February of 1857.

They held a meeting and decided to incorporate 16 other well-known architects and together these architects formed the American Institute of Architects. Before AIA was formed, anyone could say that they are an architect since there were neither architectural schools nor architectural licensing laws.

In the same year when AIA was formed, they came up with a constitution and laws which would be used to govern the society of architects. Initially, AIA was known as New York Society of Architects. That was before one of the architects suggested that the name changed to AIA. In April 1857, they filed for a certificate of incorporation and later they signed their new constitution.

After one year the team of architects decided to amend the already existing constitution with the aim of empowering its members artistically, practically and scientifically. Amending the constitution also aimed at serving other purposes but the main goal was to promote and uplift architecture as a profession.

AIA expanded its operations to other cities. That was because other architects were requesting to join the organization. By the year 2008, AIA had over 300 chapters with its headquarters in Washington D.C, and in New York. To select an architect who would head the designing of AIA building, they decided to hold a competition in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately, the architect who won the competition did not get the endorsement from USA Commission of Fine Arts. At the moment AIA has over 90,000 registered licensed architects and related professionals.