CEO of American Institute of Architects Sings Praises About The Organization

The AIA, American Institute of Architects has chosen to represent the organization with a fellow member, Robert Ivy. This organization is represents the licensed architects as well as the professionals that assist in design and construction within the industry since 1857. Robert Ivy is now the Executive Vice President as well as chief executive officer.

Robert Ivy has been a recognized figure within the architectural profession and has help the editor in chief for Architectural Record, this position has been held by Robert since the year 1996. While maintaining his position for the McGraw-Hill Construction team and serving as the VP and editorial director, it is his responsibility to efficiently handle the management tools of the organization.

Robert Ivy has been within the architectural background for many years and has worked as the managing partner for Dean & Dale & Ivy firm for many years before he moved over to the corporate positions that he now serves.

Robert Ivy is a Crane Award reciptent from 2009 which honors the business media’s highest award for the contributions that a business mogul has contributed to during their lifetime. The very following year, Robert was awarded and recognized as being a Master Architect from Alpha Rho Chi. They are considered to be a fraternity that is communicating to the younger generation for communicating values of designs.

Mr. Ivy is going to hold the position of managing the national office in Washington, DC and has over $56 million through annual budgets as well as more than 200 employees to be in charge of. It will be his job to find the right organizations to focus on as well as design and practice on.

Mr. Robert Ivy is going to need to demonstrate that he knows how to enhance the voice of the AIA while organizing and focusing on issues that the institute has which effects the environment. They also work to enhance the voices of the AIA and work along more than 300 chapters across the nation and oversees.

In an interview in 2010, President George Miller spoke about how excited they were to have Mr. Ivy join them with his seasoned experience within the industry and for the leadership skills that he has in corporate backgrounds. The complete board had all agreed that bringing Robert Ivy in could help bring a higher level of expertise to the organization. The members of the AIA all spoke about the passion that Mr. Ivy holds for his career as well as to the leadership that he brings into the board as well.

In an interview with Robert Ivy, he was asked about his association with the AIA and what he felt about the organization. Robert spoke highly of the organization and how proud he has been to be a part of it.

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How Glen Wakeman Started his Career Path

The modern market can sometimes be very complicated. Individuals who have been fortunate in this area can say how much they have endured many challenges. The most successful businessmen are those that have chosen to remain strong despite the changes in the market. Glen Wakeman is one of these professionals ( Upcoming people in business in the world can look at the career of Glen Wakeman and see the amount of success they will achieve. Many people know Wakeman as the founder and also the chief executive officer of an organization that is called LaunchPad Holdings. The organization has not been in the market for a long time. The institution focuses on providing software services that assist newbies in the business world. With the help of the software from this company, many people have been able to successfully transform their ideas into a reality.


Successful Career Path of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman successful career path was not an easy one. The businessman began his journey when he enrolled in one of the leading colleges so that he can acquire his degree. After graduating, he used the skills he got at the university to transform the business industry. His success in the finance department has motivated all people in the complicated markets. People in the market have followed his expert advice so that they can become successful like him. His company has been recognized on several platforms. The company has assisted numerous clients to realize their goals. The institution has served as a mentor to very many American citizens.

According to Glen Wakeman, businesspeople can turn out to be very successful if they have the right connections. With the right connections, it is very easy for individuals to get funding that will assist them in establishing strong businesses. The kind of connections in business will determine how a company will succeed in the modern markets. Wakeman has served as an entrepreneur for a while now, and he understands the kind of challenges facing consumers in the modern times. Using these skills, the businessman has managed to assist the investors to start profitable ventures. The people who have sought for his expertise say that they got great returns.

Omar Boraie Brings Back the Health of the City

Omar Boraie has successfully turned around an entire city by using only his grit and determination. This won him the label from many news articles as the father of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This tenderhearted man has used his real estate company in order to build the infrastructure necessary to grow a healthy city.


Sam Boraie has been passionate about reviving the city of New Brunswick ever since he returned from his two were in Europe. While traveling across that great continent, he saw the powerful cities of Munich, London, and Paris. He told himself that New Brunswick, New Jersey could become just as powerful as any of those European cities.


When Omar Boraie arrived back in the United States of America, he began sharing his dream and vision with anyone who would listen. He detailed for them a four-step plan that would allow New Brunswick to become an economic force to be reckoned with. The first part of the plan was to make a loving community. The second step of the plan was to make jobs lucrative in the area. The third step of that plan was to unite the entire city under a single vision. The fourth of that plan was to build the backbone of the strong society, which is the middle class.


According to WSJ, Omar Boraie set to work immediately by helping New Brunswick become a more loving place. He mainly did this through working with churches and nonprofits. He gave them instructions to plan events that would help families meet one another. In return, he we=ould provide them the necessary finances. One nonprofit worked with the State Theater to provide a summer of movie nights for the people. Seven movies were shown for free and 7,000 families were united.


Omar Boraie also immediately began to strengthen the job situation in New Brunswick. At that time, jobs were leaving. Rumor on the street was that Johnson & Johnson were moving their factories to another city. Omar Boraie knew that if they did this, the entire area would die. He was able to work out a plan with them so they could raise wages, hire more people, and build an additional factory. You can search on Yahoo for more details.


Omar Boraie then worked through his network to build a strong coalition. The Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and members of the state Senate made it their life’s work to help New Brunswick thrive.




Some of the World’s Top Meat Specialties Come from OSI Industries

It takes a lot of work to get tasty quality meat from the butchering and processing center, but that’s what OSI Industries has done for over 100 years. OSI Industries processes and does research and development in a wide variety of beef, poultry, pork and fish meats. They package specialties from nuggets, patties, filets and burritos in addition to shipping bulk quantities of raw meats. OSI is most famous for supplying its meats to McDonald’s, but they also have supplied to other chains like Wendy’s and Pizza Hut. Their international distribution chains are run by locals in every region who understand customer preferences in that region.

OSI Industries is based in Chicago where it’s original founder Otto Kolschowsky first opened up shop. Kolschowsky grew the shop into a fairly large meat market and by 1928 had turned it into a full company known as Otto & Sons. They officially joined McDonald’s in 1957 and as they had more demands to meet, they now needed more large production plants. To get the capital for their growth, they needed someone with financial experience to procure it, so they hired a consultant named Sheldon Lavin to come on part-time to do it. Several years later Lavin became CEO and Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries. Its next move was investing in a meat plant in Germany, and from there the company began to grow in North America, Europe and Asia.

OSI Industries has bought several meat wholesale companies in Europe like Baho Food and Flagship Europe, but in each case they kept the CEO and all company employees while also funding them and allowing them to market to more customers. What Lavin has also said about the company is how they value employee input and do what they can to make the workplace even more friendly for everyone. In his words, OSI Industries is much more like a family company than your usual big corporation. To know more click here.

Currently OSI Industries ranks at number 10 in the world’s top 100 meat wholesale companies according to Provisioner. They have put a lot of effort into making their work environment safe and ensuring that their products are safe to consume. Honoring their commitment to safety in 2016 was the British Safety Council who presented OSI and its leaders with the Globe of Honour. OSI Industries also is a philanthropy supporter as the presiding company of the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Entrepreneur Glen Wakeman Reveals The Secret To Success

Many people want to go out and make a name for themselves in the entrepreneurial world. However, most successful people hold their best secrets close to their vest. One accomplishes entrepreneur, however, has recently revealed what has given him decades of business success. This man, Glen Wakeman, has shown what thinking big and executing fast can do in a short amount of time.

Mr. Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a company that helps entrepreneurs with a low-cost consulting service. The company helps people with big ideas organize those ideas into actionable plans. This leads to a higher success rate for people looking to get their business off the ground (

In a recent interview, Mr. Wakeman was asked about the secret to his success. He answered that being part of an entrepreneurial association was a “difference maker” not only for himself but for many other people. Being part of a network of like-minded and ambitious people allows entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off each other and offer encouragement during challenging times.

Glen Wakeman also believes that people should demand excellence. He believes that this kind of thinking will inspire better performance from people whom an entrepreneur needs to become successful. It is a belief that Mr. Wakeman employes within his own company to facilitate growth.

Finally, Mr. Wakeman is a big believer in teamwork. Teamwork, much like an entrepreneur association, finds strength in numbers. Having someone working on one’s side, Mr. Wakeman believes, ensures accountability and discipline, two critical values needed for the success of any business.

When asked what book inspired him, Glen Wakeman answered that “The Art of War” Sun Tzu has been an invaluable addition his library, which contains wisdom and insights on every single page. The book, Mr. Wakeman insists, offers valuable insight on preparation and collaboration.

Glen Wakeman studied at the University of Chicago. During his many decades in business, Mr. Wakeman has worked on a number of start-ups as well as mergers and new market entries.


Perry Mandera Gives Back Through Business

Businessman Perry Mandera is the founder and leader of The Custom Companies. The company had had its headquarters set up in Illinois since its inception back in 1986. The corporation has established a reputation for personalized services and a hands-on approach to transportation needs. The business prides itself on taking individual care of each client and adhering to standards in order to provide maximum efficiency and quality of service.

Perry Mandera believes that the needs of the clients should be treated equally with great care. At the same time, those needs vary greatly in nature and so the corporation of the Custom Companies Inc provides clients with a full range of services. The business contributes in other ways as well. The Custom Companies. is a member of the SmartWay Program which was started up by the Environmental Protection Agency (

The SmartWay Program has the goal to reduce carbon emission let off in the air by freight transport. It is a voluntary program that is hugely beneficial to both the participants and the community as it provides freight companies with the means to reduce their carbon emission significantly. The Environmental Protection Agency provides those solutions to the participating companies without charging them for it. The SmartWay Program is available for companies working in freight transport only. There are several logistics businesses that track the progress and also take note of how much fuel the freight companies use and how much gas they emit.


Perry  Mandera’s Community Contribution

Perry Mandera aims to serve people through philanthropy as well. he has donated to a number of charities through The Custom Companies, Inc. One of the most recent contributions was made to the Jess White Tumblers. The charity was started up in 1959 to keep kids in the inner-city occupied with hobbies and learning to keep them away from the influences of drugs, alcohol, and gangs. The program is for kids between the ages of 6 and 16.

Perry Mandera believes that business should be about giving back to people. He strives towards a more conscientious way of doing things and providing his services to his clients, local communities, and charities.



How Graham Edwards’ Telereal Trillium Has Made A Dent in the U.K. Real Estate Industry

There would be an endless list of features, articles and anecdotes that we can read online, but how many of them are really relevant, gratifying, meaningful and engaging? How many executive profile online you can find will captivate you with a good story and inspire you to do more good? Well, one story that could probably capture your fancy is the one about Graham Edwards, the chief executive officer of Telereal ( Read on to know more about Mr. Graham Edwards’ passion for quality service in the industry that he’s in.


Telereal’s Growth Since 2001

When Telereal was created in 2001, Graham Edwards wasn’t so much dealing with the great challenges, gigantic problems and fiery workforce that he is currently facing. He just wanted to create a company that could withstand the demands of the market and provide opportunities for residential homeowners, and project managers who wanted the best real-estate infrastructure for their company. Right now, things have grown and escalated. The problems have grown into an exponential scale, and yet Graham Edwards is more than welcome to still face them with a brave heart and unhurried and calm demeanor.

Graham Edwards’ approach and status is also not short of being outstanding, considering the fact that he has now initiated a total series of transactions of about 6,700 properties, which are the ones that have been transferred from BT to Telereal; all of this has reached about £2.4bn in outsourcing deals. Truly, Telereal Trillium is U.K.’s leading and probably largest real estate business company in the industry today.


Telereal Trillium’s Passion For Creating Value

Telereal Trillium under Graham Edwards’ management has seen one of its triumphant and blazing growths in its entire history. In fact, if you aggregate the property partnerships, strategic land developments and investment deals that are made by Graham Edwards with Telereal Trillium, it may total already to more than 8,000 in real estate properties. How impressive is that? It is even safe to assume and claim that with such growth, at least 1% of the workforce in the U.K. has benefited from the business ventures of Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium.



Glen Wakeman Draws On His Experience To Guide Budding Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from a guy like Glen Wakeman. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, he has built a software platform that serves startups and early-stage entrepreneurs to take their company from the idea stage to getting it off of the ground ( Wakeman started out by going to college at the University of Scranton where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Finance and Economics. He then attended the University of Chicago and earned his MBA while there.

Glen Wakeman now has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a Small Business Owner, CEO of a successful Public Company, a member of various boards, and a financial services executive who has found plenty of success. He has found that he has a real talent for not only building businesses but for improving existing businesses and teaching them how to be agile and lean so they can succeed in today’s competitive world. Glen is known for using his “5 Key Dimensions of Performance” rule and this includes finding strong leadership for a company, appreciating and taking advantage of human capital, executing, paying attention to risk management by decreasing disruptions, and governance.

Glen Wakeman is also the President and founder of Nova Four, which is a business accelerator that offers its clients advice for business strategy as well as the funding needed to get started. He also coaches CEO’s and those who are members of various boards and works with budding entrepreneurs through his company, LaunchPad Holdings. The software platform he developed for LaunchPad teaches these entrepreneurs and other business hopefuls how to navigate the muddy waters of reaching real success.

Glen Wakeman spent more than 20 years of his early career with GE Capital working in leadership roles including general management and operations management. Before he left the company, he served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. While there, he helped to put together a multi-billion dollar operation with 17,000 employees. He also helped to create a spread of new products, more than 1,000 branches, and entered the company into many different profitable partnerships. He also previously served GE as a General Director of GE Capital and worked in London, UK as the Director of Business Development.



Clayton Hutson – Sound and Stage Production Genius

Clayton Hutson has the amazing capability of juggling many roles at on time. That is because his work demands it. Clayton Hutson is a successful tour manager with competence in sound engineering, stage designing and management and overall tour organization. Mr. Hutson and his team Learn more:



Clayton Hutson’s talents were called into play recently as he took on the tour management for Aaron Lewis. Aaron Lewis is the main man of the band Staind. Clayton Hutson uses the best sound devices for his shows, and this tour was no exception. He called into play the SD 11 console by DiGiCo to maximize sound quality in this tour. Since Clayton Hutson had to perform multiple tasks such as sound engineering as well as the front of house duties, he needed an audio system that would offer excellent sound. Another requirement was one related to the size of the console. Since the tour demanded frequent flights, a console which was compact and easily fit the dimensions of luggage allowed at airports, was necessary. Once again, the SD11 portal with its 19-inch dimension made a convenient choice, with no loss of sound either.



Clayton Hutson has managed top production for other big names in the business as well. He managed the automation for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. The tour required complex set changes. This was because the sponsor needed a large LED screen for promotions in between the OneRepublic band performance. Clayton Hutson demonstrated his exceptional skills in orchestrating a show without hitches. His job was made easier with the Kinesys 1+ console. This system allowed him to smoothly transition the stage settings to meet the requirements of both the sponsors and the band. Clayton Hutson has wide experience with different consoles and rigging equipment. He ensures that he delivers his optimum efforts for every group or performer he works with.



Clayton Hutson’s skills were brought into the spotlight during the Maxwell and Jill Roach. For this show, he relied on the SD7 console. This console offered excellent sound dynamics with clear, reproducible effects. Clayton Hutson’s work profile suits almost every type of live show. He can effortlessly manage a live performance, which requires massive integration of sound and stage effects, as well as flawless transitions from one setting to another.



Clayton Hutson and his team represent the most reliable tour management services available at cost-effective rates. They stand out from the rest with their commitment to the rendition of quality stage production.


Chicago Entrepreneur and Donor Perry Mandera Helps Mercy Home Residents Learn About Sustainability

Perry Mandera knows the value of giving. The Chicago, Illinois entrepreneur and Marines Corps serviceman employs hundreds of his fellow residents through his freight transportation company, The Custom Companies, Inc.

Mandera’s giving isn’t limited to business. His impressive charitable activities extend to a wide range of organizations and causes that provide relief to some of society’s most needy.

His organization Custom Cares Charities, Inc., provides relief through various activities and donations to causes benefiting those who have served in the military and children.

In coordinated efforts with the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, the Jesse White Tumblers, Mandera has organized transportation and donations supporting the delivery of 6500 coats to needy children in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Mandera’s other charitable activities have included supporting organizations engaged in the fight against cancer, providing aid and other contributions to victims of natural disasters and giving transportation services to families, whose lives have been adversely affected by natural disasters, across the country.

Most recently Perry Mandera has worked with AkzoNobel and the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls at its Hay Campus, promoting sustainability and social awareness activities. The Gardening Project combined the efforts of volunteers and Mercy Home workers along with residents of the program to revitalize the Home’s garden, planting vegetation and flowers.

Green Thumbs for a Greener World, as the rejuvenation program has become better known, expands the commitment of the organizations to promote self sufficiency and at the same time lower the community’s carbon footprint. The Mercy Home’s residents learn about the satisfaction that comes from participating in activities that promote social responsibility and sustaining the environment.


About Perry Mandera

After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Manderas decided that the best direction for his life was to sign up for the Marine Corps Reserves.

That decision would have a life altering impact on Mandera’s life. He was assigned transportation duties during his service. Following his honorable discharge, Mandera formed his own transportation company after briefly working at other transportation firms in the area.

The Custom Companies, Inc., was founded by Perry Mandera in 1986. The company has recently exceeded $200 million in revenues.

An active giver, Mandera’s contributions have been recognized in his community and by the media.