Social Security Advice From David Giertz

As an executive of a national investment company, David Giertz is absolutely qualified to inform people of the measurers needed to be taken regarding social security. David has an extensive thirty two year work history that began in 1988. He has worked for a host of insurance and investment companies.

Today, David is a certified financial advisor registered to conduct financial advisory business in 18 states and is the president of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial Distributors. As a registered broker, David is involved in the business of buying and selling securities, such as stocks and mutual funds. As an experienced broker and executive, David has great advice for those nearing retirement and for those already retired.

The broker sat down for an interview with WSJ to give insight into social security planning and retirement. David expressed that from a survey taken by people retiring or nearing retirement are not being advised properly by their advisors. From the survey conducted, David stated 4 out of 5 people would change advisors if their current advisor was not discussing retirement planning and social security. He advises for brokers and clients to both have a good understanding of all the social security rules and regulations. He advises that social security could be up to forty percent of a person’s income once they retire, so retirement planning should be something taken seriously. He also warns against turning on social security too early, as doing this could cost a person $300,000 over the course of two decades.

David Giertz as an excellent advisor and broker that teaches us that planning for the future is vital. He highlights the importance of clients working with advisors that have a firm focus and guidance on helping people to prepare for their income, social security benefits and retirement.

Mission accomplished by Sheldon Lavin

As a degree holder in accounting and finance, Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial consultant before venturing into OSI group of companies as the chief executive officer. OSI food processing and supply industry can never forget the classy services by Sheldon Lavin in their prowess. Bacon, hot dogs, and dough products were some of the many meat products that OSI group made. Skills in business and management of funds contributed to the productivity of Sheldon Lavin as a manager.

Some of the remarkable and memorable episodes that steered the expansion of OSI Food Company was the need to satisfy the demand Donald’s which was overwhelming. As a result, Sheldon Lavin strived hard to meet the demand and the result was making OSI group a multinational corporation whose headquarter was based in Chicago. Markets wise, there was an expansion, since the supplies were then made to North America, South America, and some parts of Europe. Amick farms provided diverse types of meat and frozen chicken for the company.

More job opportunities were created, the hiring of manpower and skilled personnel led to the employment of many across the countries where the OSI subsidiaries operated. Improvement of living standards and psychological health of many was accomplished. Actually, this was as a result of stance development by Sheldon Lavin. Liquidity of cash was felt by stakeholders of food and meat processing fraternity. Reduction of employees who were to be replaced by others improved efficiency and quality production by the brand due to specialization.

Globe of honour 2016 award is one of the awards that OSI food solutions clinched due to job creation on a global platform. Sheldon got an award for his philanthropic deeds in Sheba foundation for being the president and director, a general trustee of Rush university medical centre. Sheldon Lavin was a trustee for Ronald McDonald’s hose charities.

Consistency in food production industries perfected the skills of Sheldon Lavin to master the food supply trends on a global vision. Dealing with large volumes of money was also another key factor that led to efficiency in the management of OSI international food solutions.Bearing in mind the food company emanated from a German Otto &sons company to global enterprise that brought an impact to many was a dream come true to Mr Sheldon

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ClassDojo Opens the Lines of Communication

Unfortunately, edtech investments are expected to fall short of the anticipated $1.5 billion mark in 2015, but since 2016, education technology is on the up-and-up and are expected to reach a whopping $1.4 billion by the end of 2017.

Overall, 2017 has been promising for edtech startups, and learning startups such as Nearpod had a pretty good year.Nearpod alone achieved $21 million in fundraising which helped to catapult its success. Gamification platforms such as Classcraft have done particularly well.

The main market for edtech products are often administrative, and support staff and teachers have a lot of pull. They are typically looking for products that will solve problems, are tested and proven to be effective teaching tools, and are easily adopted into the setting where students will be taught. ClassDojo is a perfect example of what teachers are looking for, and it is an effective communication platform.

ClassDojo is a very effective tool for teachers since it is easily integrated into the classroom and it also solves many of the challenges that teachers are faced with on a daily basis. ClassDojo enables open communication between teachers, parents, and students and is now used in about 90 percent of school districts in the U.S.

ClassDojo enables students to add pictures and videos to their portfolios so they can share them on any computer, iPad, or Chromebook. The app allows teachers to encourage their students and to get parents involved with their children and the classroom.

With ClassDojo it is easy to translate messages into over 30 different languages. The app also lets parents join with any device and Quiet hours can even be set so as not to disrupt learning time.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and has faced its fair share of competition, but it is now used in 85,000 schools in the United States. It is widely used because it is effective, easy to use, and practical. Its primary purpose is education-centered, and it is not too much unlike Facebook or Snapchat. At the moment it is primarily used for messaging and for keeping the lines of communication open.

Todd Lubar, a Passionate Businessman

As a Syracuse University Graduate out of Baltimore, Maryland comes a real estate business man and entrepreneur, Todd Lubar. Starting his career in working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation and ending that position he went on to Legacy Financial Group moving to the top of his game in no time at all. When Mortgage companies were at a low Todd Lubar became Senior Vice President for Charter Funding and became one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the US for many years. He is now the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Sr. Vice President at Legendary Investments and is always looking for ways of expanding the businesses to higher standards.

Lubar also owns a demolition company and other companies that deal with real estate in Baltimore. He has been involved in financial and real estate and has been in some way or another for over twenty years. Being very passionate about business and helping the people in the community, he uses his knowledge of credit and finance to help the real estate business grow and prosper in both rural and business. Todd Lubar has his own software designed by his own team and uses his knowledge to bring his clients relief of the headaches with loans and financing and does this with his own system. The city of Baltimore continues to grow as older buildings are being turned into apartment complexes, condominiums and businesses such as restaurants and shopping centers and Todd Lubar is right there making his business grow along with the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.

A typical day personally for Todd Lubar is no different than the average entrepreneur beginning his day with a cup of coffee checking out the news and staying fit with a brief exercise before starting his day. He enjoys his family and gives the advise to anyone who wants to follow their own heart and become successful in the business world is to “work until you are tired and then work some more.” As Todd Lubar continues to follow his own advice we will hear from him for a many number of years in business.

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Chris Linkas Believes In The Investing Power Of Individuals In Their Twenties

As a European Head of the European Credit Group Chris Linkas understands the importance of people entering the world of investing in their twenties. Their funds may be tight but they have the time to reinvest. An investment of $10,000 made at the age of twenty at an interest rate of five percent would be worth $70,000 when the individual turned sixty. If this investment were made at age thirty it would be worth roughly $43,000 by the age of sixty. If this investment were not made until this individual reached forty the value at sixty would be just $26,000. Investments need enough time to grow (relationshipscience).

Chris Linkas has an extensive  background in investments. He realizes the degree of risk is easier to withstand by a younger investor. Once an investors is closer to their retirement their investments are generally risk free or low risk such as certificates of deposit or bonds. The younger generation can handle an aggressive portfolio and additional volatility. This will provide larger gains. Chris Linkas sees the time and flexibility inherent to the younger investor. He has watched them learn from both failing and succeeding. There is a learning curve to successful investing and it takes time to master.

The younger generation has more technical savvy. There are online tools for investing and techniques not available in the past. These investors have access to online trading platforms, educational and financial websites, chat rooms, apps and social media. Chris Linkas knows these tools can provide an edge to help the younger investor achieve success. They can work with the wages they will earn in the future to establish a good retirement. Perhaps the best investment the younger generation can make is in earning a degree and advancing their skills. This enables them to increase their wages with new opportunities.

The best reason to plan investments is to ensure a good retirement. Numerous investments will provide a stream of income for the entire life of the investment. Investors in their twenties have a lot of advantages they need to use. This includes the ability to handle opportunities and risks, plenty of time and increasing wages in the future.




The Philanthropy and Generosity of Perry Mandera

Custom Co Inc. is one of the leaders of the transportation industry in the United States. The company works with thousands of clients to provide transport and logistical tasks. The company comes from the mind of Perry Mandera, its founder.

Perry Mandera has established a sub-section of the company: a charity. Custom Company Charity works with dozens of other charities for a wide variety of causes.

Custom Company works with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Boy Scouts of America, Toys for Tots, Prostate Cancer Research and many, many others.


About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera grew up and went to high school in the Chicago area. When he graduated in 1975 he left his home town to spent some time in the US Marine Corps. It was in The Marines where Mandera learned about the transportation industry: Mandera drove a truck for the military. He was in charge of transporting a variety of objects from location to location.

When Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marines he worked for a variety of different transportation companies. It wasn’t long before he became his own boss when he founded Custom Co Inc,. His creation now works with other organizations all over the country, providing them with a means to an end when it comes to transport and logistics.

As well as his company’s charity section, Perry Mandera personally contributes to charitable causes. Mandera is a former coach of a number of children’s athletics programs and teams. Mandera has been involved in the sport of boxing, as well. Two of the boxers he has coached or sponsored have went on to become Olympic level athletes.

One of Mandera’s favorite charitable causes is the Jesse White Tumblers, a charity that was created in the 1950s to provide productive activities for children in need. These activities keep the children of Chicago off the street and give them something other to do than drugs and alcohol.

When Mandera isn’t working or donating his time to charity, he enjoys spending time with his family and church.


Why OSI Food Solutions Needs More Chicken

OSI Group came into the food production department so many years ago. When the company was starting, consumers thought that it was going to be an ordinary meat store like any other. The founder of the company had great dreams for his company, and he had to show the people around him that he was going to perform well. Many years later, the company is a leader in food production. Apart from being able to deliver high quality products to consumers who are in the United States, OSI Group has managed to open branches in the international society, and this is why the company is considered to be leading in the international platform.

The OSI Group believes that for a company that has ventured into the international platform to be successful, it must ensure that all the branches in the globe localize all their operations. The company knows that people in different parts of the world have diverse cultures and tastes, and this means that their preferences are completely different. When making products for customers, the OSI Group officials make sure that they understand the tastes of the customers in question so that they keep on growing. The business strategies used in OSI Group have played a leading role in the success of the large company. The institution brags because of the success it enjoys in many parts of the country.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain has all the reasons to celebrate. When the new branch came into the market several years ago, no one knew that it was going to impact so many lives. The organization has been famed for being the best when it comes to the provision of chicken products to the consumers living in Spain. The company has been getting large numbers of chicken consumers every day, and this has forced the company to take the right action so that the company does not have to deal with losses.

In order to keep with the stiff competition taking place in Spain, the company has announced that it has doubled its chicken production so that customers can get the amount of food products they need. The OSI Group will be increasing its production by double in the new year so that consumers will never get a chance to make any complains. The OSI Food Solutions management has announced to the consumers that it will be increasing the number of people serving in the food plant so that the large production is successful.

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Chicago Businessman Perry Mandera Helps Police Reduce Crime in Chicago

Founder and CEO of The Custom Companies Incorporated in Lake Northlake Illinois, Perry Mandera helps police in Chicago reduce crime. Perry Mandera has been a successful transportation executive with over 30 years of experience in transportation services. The Custom Companies has a long history as a valuable member of the community by giving back and helping various charitable organizations. In particular, Perry Mandera has utilized his own nonprofit organization to work in tandem with the Police Academy League to advance causes important to the Chicago police force. As a matter of fact, the Illinois State Crime Commission and Organization Awarded him its Bishop Shield Award in 2010 and its Citizen of the Year Award in 2011 to congratulate him for his various charitable contributions. Perry Mandera champions various activities to prevent crime and the causes of crime. In particular, to prevent gang violence, juvenile sex offenders, underage drug and alcohol possession, domestic violence and impaired driving. By founding the charity, Custom Cares Charity Perry Mandera has invested in opportunities to give back to the community and leave a legacy of giving back that provides him the opportunity to champion causes such as reducing crime. Perry Mandera has been a fierce advocate by helping Chicago and their police force stop various crimes that are happening in the city of Chicago. Chicago has a long known history of gang violence and other criminal activities that have been notoriously recorded over the last 10 to 15 years. With the help of people like Perry Mandera, the Chicago area is raising a standard of resistance against the culture of crime. Also, working with the Illinois State Crime Commission, valuable skills such as tactical training seminars focused on firearms, martial arts and hand combat and event security and management provide needed training for the public. Also, due to the recent mass shooting crimes in our nation and other violent acts throughout the country investments in policing and security are vital. In any the Chicago community, Perry Mandara has been a champion for helping reduce crime and create neighborhoods that are safer and more secure.


Felipe Montoro Jens and The Development Of Rio de Janeiro

A plan was developed for Rio de Janeiro. In essence this plan was to construct, maintain, and provide services to increase each particular child care network development. Another addition to this expansive network was the 20,000 new places in day-care centers and 40,000 new places in pre-schools. In Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, a project that involved the upgrading of the quality and quantity of child care places was completed in July 2012.

The IFC was hired for R $2.3 million and according to Felipe Montoro Jens,is working closely to ensure every level of construction is done in accordance to the year 2020 deadline. The International Finance Corporation, is responsible for the services through a Public-Private Partnership. A partnership between the IFC and Public-Private partnerships in Rio de Janeiro would mean so much for the current administration. Child care, construction workers, administration, and of course the children would benefit greatly from a successful partnership such as this. Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in this field and has closely monitored the current developments.

When it is all said and done, this project that is underway for Rio’s Child Education Network is no small one by any means. The agreement signed in 2004 established many guidelines for the bidding and contracting of the Public Private Partnership within this public administration. Felipe Monotoro Jens explains this and more with regard to the entities of the public administration as well as the private partners. It takes groups of all different kinds of individuals to ensure the process is completed in a timely, safe, prosperous fashion. The Public-Private Partnerships were created by Law No. 11,079 in the year 2004.

Whitney Wolfe Stirring the Professional Networking World with the Introduction of Bumble Bizz

Whitney Wolfe is a woman who has faced numerous challenges throughout her career to achieve the position that she is in today. As the founder of Bumble, one of the top five dating apps in the market at the age of 28, she is one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world today and has also made it to the 30 under 30 lists of Forbes. Whitney Wolfe has even been the part of the team that co-founded Tinder, but she left the company after having issues with other co-founders. Whitney Wolfe, after going Tinder in 2014, decided to build a dating app that would be focused more on women, and it is how the idea of Bumble was formulated.

However, with time Bumble has evolved and it is all due to the creative brains of Whitney Wolfe. She has extended the social dating platform of Bumble to become a professional networking platform as well by recently launching Bumble Bizz. It is similar in concept to Linkedin but more casual in its approach. While Linkedin has been around for many years, Bumble Bizz is a new entry to the world of professional networking platform and aims to make professional networking more fluid and friendly. The concept of networking in Bumble Bizz would be same as the dating platform of Bumble where only female members are allowed to make contact first, but in all other aspects, it can be compared to Linkedin.

As per the industry experts, the introduction of Bumble Bizz can be a game changer as many people have liked how the Bumble Bizz is designed and works. The Bumble Bizz is more open to its members, and there is no air of formality in it. The people can connect to other people in the same industry as per their wish, and they can even find mentors with ease. As the member base of Bumble is increasing with the passing time, it is just a matter of time that Bumble Bizz stands at par with Linkedin as a large professional networking platform. The feminist part of Bumble that only the females are allowed to contact first is kept with Bumble Bizz as well, and it would help in empowering women professionals to connect with other severe professionals without being worried about bombarded with unsolicited messages, which is a standard part of any social networking platform these days, unfortunately.

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