Why should you follow Matt Badiali?

If you want to make money from the financial markets and have no idea how to go about it, it is good to follow the information that is available from the professionals. Although the choice of who to follow needs to be done carefully, it is good to note that not just anyone can be followed. Many so-called gurus are out to take money from unsuspecting investors in the name of turning them into millionaires. If you have to choose a mentor, do your research keenly.

Matt Badiali is one of the honest investment experts we have today. His reputation as an investor is good. He joined this profession in the past one decade and has in this period assisted many people to make profitable investments. The people who have benefited from him can vouch for him as a reputable investor.

Badiali guides investors who would like to make money from natural resources. He is a trained expert in this field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in earth science from Penn State University and masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was pursuing Ph.D. when he was introduced to the idea of investing by a friend. Since then, he has never looked back; he has supported the people who have no advantage of the education in this field as he does.

Matt Badiali has been around the world working in different countries and studying their mining sectors. He has primary information on the direction this industry is taking, and that is why he is recognized as one of the best investors. He has shared information with corporate executives of mining companies and understood the status of the industry well.

When following Matt Badiali, one should not worry about making the wrong choices. In 2008 when the world was facing the financial crisis, and many investors kept off from investing, Matt Badiali was making investments. He bought an energy stock at $0.006 and in 2010, he sold it at $2.64 per share. For Badiali, it does not matter what time it is; if an investment is ripe, it must give money.

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Dr. Saad Saad

Born in the 1940’s in Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad has had a distinguished career as a pediatric surgeon. His family was relocated after the creation of the state of Israel when he was still very young to the West Bank region. Later on in the 1950’s, they relocated to Kuwait in the Middle East where his father worked as a skilled petroleum mechanic. This is where Dr. Saad Saad went to school. His father advised him that he needed to work hard in school and attain a high level of education so as to get out of his seemingly hopeless situation. The high temperatures in Kuwait made Dr. Saad make a life-changing decision to become a pediatric surgeon so as to work in a room with controlled temperature.

He advises that anybody can become whatever they want in life by putting in hard work citing his rise from a poor Palestinian refugee boy to a successful pediatric surgeon in America. He believes that one should not procrastinate what they can do to another day and this work ethic of good time management has greatly contributed to the success of his career. His determination saw him become the only United States Board Certified pediatric surgeon fluent in both English and Arabic which in turn landed him a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal family and specialist for the entire country.

On return to America, the doctor embarked on innovation to reduce pain for his patients. He developed the elimination of a second incision on a child’s body, a procedure that has been successfully implemented in more than 2000 children hence saving and improving their lives. He also invented an endoscope with a suction device attached to the end which has been used by many doctors to view stomach, lungs or esophagus of a patient without needing to remove it for cleaning. He also invented an electromagnetic catheter to reduce the time that children are exposed to X-rays and MRI’s. His inventions have definitely revolutionized the medical industry. He idolizes President Abraham Lincoln and urges people to read any books written about him. Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Jason Hope: Donating to anti-aging research

Aging is a natural process that occurs to every human being. No matter who you are, aging is mandatory. Aging comes with its challenges. Health deteriorates, and it becomes almost impossible to do the things we used to do while we were young. Old age diseases is another challenge that comes along with aging. Due to the weakness of the body, it becomes susceptible to diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes among others. These are diseases that normally to do not affect young people. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Is there a solution for aging?

There is no solution yet to the aging. It is a process that we have to accept. However, efforts are being undertaken to have a solution in the quickest time possible. An anti-aging drug is a solution that will eliminate all the challenges that come with aging. Old age diseases can be done away with by developing a drug that will reverse the effects of aging.

An anti-aging drug will rebuild body tissues and cells which have been destroyed by the aging causing substance. The good thing about an anti-aging drug is that it addresses the core cause of diseases. It does not deal with prevention as many of the drugs we have today. Addressing the root-cause of aging is the best solution.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who is leading research on an anti-aging drug. The Arizona based entrepreneur is interested in an anti-aging drug because it will alleviate some key health problems that humans face. It is a drug that will change the whole approach to treatment. There will definitely be great benefits that will be achieved by an anti-aging drug.


Jason Hope is not a scientist or biotechnology expert. His work is to support the initiative which was established by a non-profit organization based in Cambridge known as the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope has given this organization $500,000 to build labs and engage in research work.

Education and Business

Jason Hope holds an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University. He once owned a mobile technology company which he later sold for a hefty price.

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Lets all Fagali this vacation!

When you visit the Polynesian Island you will have to stop at the Fagali International Airport. This airport is small but right in the heart of Fagali and is the “go-to” place when it comes to finding deals around town. They have specials and deal all the time and they can tell you where to have the most fun. Some of the fun things you can do on this Polynesian Island is listed below. Read this article about Fagali Airport at Radio New Zealand

There are the infamous Fagali Nights filled with exciting male dancers that have the energy of a fire ball mixed with feminine female dancers that know the native dances of the land. This show is entertaining and you can also eat outside while enjoying the dancing and the fire. There is also the dive and snorkeling the Island offers. Snorkeling in this Samoan paradise is full of colorful fish that swim right up to you and beside you. Make sure you remember your camera because you will want to take a lot of pictures. Another expedition we want to mention is the Samoa Culture Village. This historical area of the Island is full of Samoan cultural artifacts that you will ove. This is the perfect place to get souvenirs. Last but not least we have to mention the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral. This cathedral is larger than life and you will feel like you stepped back into time when you enter this timeless state of the art building. It is full of historical artifacts and considered to be sacred.

This Island is not desolate. We have all heard about vacations to Hawaii and Tahiti but what about Fagali? This place should be on everyones bucket list. Visiting this Island in Polynesia is life changing and unforgettable.

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Milan Kordestani: Proliferating Success off Envisioned Societal Purpose

It was while being a sophomore in high school that Milan Kordestani sought to act upon his belief that he could make a difference in both the availability and quality of food choice to the American consumer. In contrast to that of other companies who either lack honesty in their provision of food ingredients or who fail to provide consumers with all natural alternatives, Milan Kordestani wanted to create a company that not only provided organic products, but one that also stood transparent in its operations in order to gain consumer brand trust.

Therefore, upon founding Milan Farms in 2015, Kordestani was able to do just that. Milan Farms was created with the intent to provide quality products to the consumer via its incorporation of a humane/organic system. As of today, Milan Farms has excelled to the status of being a trademarked company and has expanded to include distributional farms throughout the west coast.

However, in addition to maintaining responsibilities as CEO of his own company, Kordestani remains diligent by overextending himself in various personal commitments. These commitments include studying academic courses as an undergraduate student, writing about agriculture, politics, and mental health as an author for Huffington Post, and being thoroughly invested within the sport of horseback riding. Yet, of these additional endeavors, Kordestani is highly recognized for his extraordinary achievements as a skilled equestrian.

Kordestani’s interest in horseback riding began around the age of 10 when upon taking lessons, he became intrigued by the quest to master the complexities of its skill Nonetheless, with a strong determination to be the best, Milan Kordestani rapidly progressed to a level of exceptional expertise that enabled him to compete and place high rank in global competitions. Moreover, it can be agreed that Kordestani’s success as an equestrian and CEO was acquired as the result of being faced with the adversity of horseback riding as a child that taught him to manage his fears and shoot for any goal that he desired. Indeed, Kordestani’s numerous accomplishments can be perceived as being a message to the younger generation that life is what you make it.

The Brazilian Economy according to Flavio Maluf

In the first quarter of 2018, the Brazilian Economy, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) grew by 0.4% in comparison with the last quarter in the previous year. When taking a look at the Agricultural sector, in particular, there was a 1.2% increase when comparing the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2017. Despite the growth by 1.2%, the current year’s first quarter was not really as good as last years. This observation was made by the President of the Companies, Eucatex, the Impresario, Flavio Maluf. Find out more about Flavio at barbacenaonline.com

According to a report by Folha de S. Paulo, there was a decrease of 2.6% in the Gross Domestic Product of agriculture and livestock between the period of January and march in the year 2018 as compared to the same period in the year 2017. Flavio Maluf noted that the Agricultural sector lost its rhythm in numbers due to demonstrations by truck drivers that lasted for about 10 days. These demonstrations were as a result of a decrease in diesel oil in the wake of regulation of road freight. These demonstrations consequently lead to crisis shortages and losses which turn meant agricultural producers could drain their production. According to Flavio Maluf, the demonstrations won support from a large part of the population.

These demonstrations took a toll on the circulation of Sugarcane and maize, which in turn affected producers, tradingsand also halted the production of proteins. With this in mind, Flavio stressed that the production of meat was affected. Another product that was affected was coffee, whose harvest reaches a whopping 61% in the second quarter. Despite these deductions to the Gross Domestic Product, Soybeans, according to Flavio, contributed to the growth of the GDP in the first quarter of the current year. According to a report by Folha De S. Paulo, Soybeans increased the GDP, however it lost pace due to the deduction in maize produced. IN addition to Maize, reduction in rice and leaf tobacco were detrimental to the GDP’s growth. Despite all these reports, the fall in GDP had been foreseen. This was due to the fact that last year’s data was quite high. In a report by Flavio Maluf, the GDP for last year’s first quarter had increased by 18.5% as compared to 2016’s first quarter. Follow: https://twitter.com/flavio_maluf for more updates.

Robert Ivy The First Architect To Win The Polk Award.

Robert Ivy is the C.E.O of The American Institute of Architects and is also the executive Vice President. He is the first Architect to win the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement from the Mississippi institute of Arts and Letters. He has been the C.E.O OF American Institute of Architects from 2011, and is an editor, writer and practicing architect.

Robert ivy has expanded the global presence and influence of AIA since becoming the C.E.O in 2011. He has made the organization reach its peak level of membership in its 160 years of existence. Ivy has a master of Architecture Degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has also served in the U.S Navy as an officer. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

The Polk award is given to living Mississippi associated artists and art patrons who show an exemplary work of creating, performing and supporting art in their lifetime. Mississippians who have won this award in the past include Writer Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, Walter Anderson, Leontyne price and Morgan Freeman.

President of Mial Nancy La Forge in a press statement said, that there is no one from Mississippi who can make architecture more available to the people like Robert Ivy. She also said that he has taken his place among a list of celebrated Noel Polk Award candidates.

President of AIA Carl Elefante, said that Robert Ivy is a worthy representative of Architectures. This honor comes as the greatest in his personal and career achievement for a person born in Mississippi. He congratulated him on behalf of the AIA.

He is an accomplished writer, and was previously editor- in -chief of Architectural Records before joining AIA. Under his governance Architectural Record grew and become the most widely disseminated journal in the World. He has written a book called Fay jones Architect, printed in 2001 and it is now in its third printing. The book shows the work of the American architect.

He has won other awards such as Alpha Rho Chi awarded by national architecture fraternity. He has also received the Dean’s Medal, but his greatest accomplishment so far is the Polk Award. Visit: http://architecture.tulane.edu/alumni/profile/robert-ivy-faia 


Brian Torchin Professional Core Equates To His Grand Leadership

When it comes to the healthcare staffing industry the one thing that you can depend on is that it is always expanding and the one thing we know to be true is that the baby boomer population is greying and growing. While the baby boomer population expands, you can be sure that the demand for healthcare will increase as well.

However, there seems to be a decrease and the supply of health care services needed to meet the demand of the baby boomer population. As health care services decline, there is an inevitable decline in healthcare personnel and what follows is an increase in health care personnel vacancies. With the expansion of health care personnel vacancies, an increase in demand for healthcare staffing agencies will increase, leaving many medical practice organizations with the decision of picking the right recruiter to fulfill the personnel needs of their organization. Read more about Brian Torchin on Glassdoor.

Health Care Recruitment Counselors and Brian Torchin busted in on the scene. Before organizing and manning Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware in the capacity of chiropractic services as a physician, Mr. Torchin gleaned an acute knowledge of the health care industry. At the moment, Brian operates in the capacity of President of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is known to be one of the nation’s largest healthcare staffing agencies.

The home of the agency is in Philadelphia and offers a myriad of services. Brian Torchin yields a unique skill set in the recruiting industry and has led the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors to their current success. Healthcare recruitment counselors offer advisory services to Canada, Asia, Australia, and the United States. Some of the services that the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors offer are background checks, training of personnel, staffing and business consulting, just to name a few.

Further, Healthcare Recruitment Counselors offer physician’s assistant, chiropractic, physician and nurse staffing career services. It’s Brian Torchin’s professionalism and integrity, along with many other great attributes that’s made the Healthcare Recruitment Counselor Organization (HCRC) the successful business that it is today. Find out more: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086


Sussex Healthcare: General Information and Information about a New Endeavor

Brief Introduction

Sussex Healthcare functions twenty centers of living and care for different groups of people. For example, those who suffer from dementia, neurological disorders, and those who undergo dementia. Also, the people who have serious disabilities that are natural or learning. A fragment of the centers of treatment over ensuring that residents have enjoyment in a well-being feel. For that purpose recreational activities and gatherings that are social are just as vital for the tending of the tenants health. The home of this company have a crew of nurses. These give the tenants as much consideration that he or she needs. The tenants will get twenty-four hour care at a home of Sussex Healthcare.

New Announcement

Sussex Healthcare recently opened an  extensive gym with a lot of equipment. Examples are elliptical trainers and stationary bikes. There are also many kinds of medicine balls, free weights, and treadmills they are able to make someone’s abdominal muscles more strong. There is also a pool which has cables. In addition residents have the ability to chill in a giant hot tub. It had been displayed by many studies that a hot tub is able to do prompt the discharge of endorphins.

It can also lower soreness caused by some exercises and lower stress and more of the manufacture of added norepinephrine. Sussex Healthcare also contains a swimming pool as well. The resident can take part in classes that can help them swim in pools with currents that are predetermined. The activities could greatly step up the endurance and boost the flexibility of every swimmer. Sussex Healthcare also has group session. They can be used to assist residents to complete a lot of exercises. Different reports displayed that these sessions can more endorphins that the brain of a member can take out. It can also prompt parts of the brain that are grouped with well-being and lower stress. Learn More.

Southridge Capital Is Always Meeting Their Clients’ Changing Needs

Southridge Capital LLC specializes in a diversity of financial matters encompassing financial options to its business clients. They guide and advise on corporate issues such as mergers and acquisitions, finance options, balance sheet advisory, bankruptcies, and many other areas. The company maintains its headquarters in Connecticut. Steven M. Hicks serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

In the time period of the last 20 years, they have helped more than 250 public companies with financing. They will also help their corporate clients make the transition from private ownership into a public entity. The financial experts at Southridge Capital are known for their unique and innovative solutions that are financially beneficial to businesses. They offer customized solutions to the diverse complex issues that will affect their balance sheet, and they present an effective strategy in order for their clients to reach their goals. The firm has been recognized as a “company on the move”and has earned this classification as they continue to add new services. The company’s team are specialists in their industry, and their focus includes not only financing options, but also credit restructuring and strengthening, securitization, and many corporate options. You can visit their website southridge.com

The company has been in existence since 1996. It was founded by Steven Hicks. As CEO, he takes on numerous roles within the firm. He creates the detailed and intricate strategies that define the company as a leader. He also focuses on new business development, and his reputation aptly attracts a great deal of new clients. He has redesigned the brand that the company represents by increasing their products and services to meet their clients’ needs. In addition to Steven, Southridge Capital is also served by other respected and experienced leaders.

The Controller and Chief Financial Officer of the firm is Nadine Persaud. The Chief Operating Officer is Henry B. Sargent. The two other members of the executive team are

Lawrence J. Ditkoff, the Research Director and Linda Carlsen who serves as the Portfolio Management Specialist. Together this strong team leads the entire team of talented professionals at Southridge Capital.

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