OSI Industries aims at global expansion

OSI Industries is a leading company in the production of processed foods. It is one of the companies that have shown the ability to meet the needs of the customers by making sure that there is sufficient food in the market. This is a company that complies with all regulations that guide food production operations in order to protect customers from unsafe products. OSI is a top private business in the United States that appears in the list if the top 100 businesses in the country according to the Forbes. To meet the needs of the market, they have employed over 20,000 workers in 17 countries where they are currently operating in. Find out more at careersinfood.com to learn more about OSI.

The success of OSI Industries has everything to do with the input of the leadership. The top executives in this company have made efforts to see that the company grows and achieves all the goals it has set. CEO Sheldon Lavin has cooperated with COO David McDonald to manage the operations of the company. While Lavin is knowledgeable about finances, McDonald is more knowledgeable about the food supply chain. He has experience working with other organizations where he was handling the supply business. Both of them have been in this company for a long time. Their combined experience is over 70 year. With such kind of experience, they are the best we have seen in this industry.

OSI Industries is growing its operation steadily. It is also taking up the use of new technologies as a way of meeting the needs of the industry. New technology brings efficiencies in production work and also protects the environment. OSI wants to apply sustainable production methods that will maintain production at high levels while at the same time protecting the environment. The British Safety Council recently awarded the company the Globe of Honour Award for maintaining safety standards.

OSI Industries is still in the process of growing its operations further. The company aims to take its operations to all corners of the earth. For the past three years, there has been extensive expansion operations in Europe, a market where they want to penetrate and dominate.

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Great lessons from Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad has not worked hard to establish himself as a successful surgeon in the entire world, but he has also been contributing to the medical field in many ways. His contributions to improving pediatric care are unmatched mainly because he is committed in his work and wants others to live healthy lives.

His career has been successful in having worked in the field of medicine for decades. Apart from working hard to improve how children receive care, he has been looking for innovative ways to improve the performance of medical procedures. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-saad-saad

His techniques have worked magic. They have improved the delivery of healthcare services to patients, and they have also contributed immensely to saving the lives of several individuals. These innovative techniques have also helped patients to recover from some of the worst conditions.

Dr. Saad Saad gives people tips on how they can shape their lives and become successful in what they do. Some of the techniques that have helped Dr. Saad Saad to succeed in his career are the following:

Settling for what you deserve

When he was growing up, Dr. Saad Saad settled on a career that many would give up on the way. He was convinced that he wanted to become a doctor and save lives of many. The journey has not been easy, and the talented surgeon has experienced many challenges on the way.

For example, when he was a teenager, they were forced to live their country, Palestine and went to settle in Kuwait as refugees. But this did not change his dream of working in the United States. He knew that through education, he would achieve great things in life and focused on achieving this goal.

You should not procrastinate

Saad Saad believes that most of the time is lost when you start procrastinating. Maximum use of your time is the only way to avoid wasting your time and achieving quick success in what you do. The surgeon believes that you should not wait for tomorrow to perform something you could do today. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

The veteran doctor advises those who want to succeed in their dreams that achieving the set goals is not something impossible and it can be achieved. As long as you set your goals and outline them, then you will eventually achieve them.

Saad Saad is a Palestinian who was born there in the 1940’s. But his family later relocated when the nation was undergoing several changes. They went to live in Kuwait and life was not easy when the doctor was growing up.

Despite all these hardships, he still managed to become one of the best doctors in the history of the United States. he has left inventions that will be used for generations.

From Marketing to Healthy Businesses: Bernardo Chua’s Rise to Success

After years of helping one business expand, Bernardo Chua started a business of his own, one that has also gone on to have great success. This native of the Philippines started his business career in marketing, and before long became an executive with Gano Excel in his native country. Specializing in unique beverages and personal care items, Chua helped Gano expand beyond The Philippines, to Hong Kong, Canada, and ultimately, the United States. He was rewarded by being named Gano’s president of its USA office. Read more about Bernardo Chua at oldcurmudgeoncomics.com

With his Chinese heritage, Bernardo Chua knew of the benefits of the fungi ganoderma. Used in traditional medicines throughout Asia for years, Chua successfully marketed this ingredient in coffee, capsules, and food products outsid of Asia. This led to more success for Gano Excel.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua struck out on his own and founded Organo Gold. This company specializes in healthy coffee and tea products. It was a struggle to get the new company off the ground as Chua opened it just at the start of The Great Recession, but he was able to successfully promote the health benefits of his ganoderma beverages throughout the world. In just five years, Direct Selling News listed Organo Gold as the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. Based in Canada, Organo Gold boasts one million distributors. Chua himself also spends a great deal of time speaking and giving interviews on the benefits of ganoderma.

Considered one of the most successful businessmen in the Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua has received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry in 2014. He is also a five time winner of the Direct Sales Company of the Year award. Along with coffees and tea, Organo Gold offers other consumables.

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