How Does The US Money Reserve Help People Invest In Their Future?

The US Reserve has a long list of gold investment and collection options for anyone who is interested in securing their money.

The gold market has always been very stable, and the people who would like to invest in gold could buy coins or gold bars from the US Money Reserve. Take a look at what the company can do for people who are looking at the gold investment market as an option.

1. What Does US Money Reserve Sell?

The US Money Reserve sells gold bars and commemorative coins that people can use as collector’s items or a gold cache that could be sold before retirement.

These products could be stored by the US Money Reserve team, or the product could be sent to the customer. These are fun things for people to keep in their homes, and they could add to their collection every year when they see new coins released.

2. Why Invest In Gold?

Investing in gold allows people to make the most money on their investments because gold is almost assured to rise in value over time. Gold continues to rise while the buyer keeps the gold that they bought at a much lower price.

Because of this, the investor saves a lot of money when they are simply waiting for the price of gold to jump again. Someone who has held their gold for years at a time will make a lot of money in dividends because they investment they made has been outpaced by the market price many times over. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

Plus, the gold investment plan that people use could change the way that they approach their other investments.

3. Gold Is Safe

Gold is safe because it is typically not hit by any drops in market value. Because of this, investors do not need to worry about recessions that could steal all their value.

It would be much easier for people to invest when they have access to coins from the US Money Reserve, and they know exactly how much these items are worth. It is much easier to judge the value of a gold investment when it comes from a trusted industry leader.

4. Conclusion

The US Reserve allows people to invest their money in a number of different ways. Plus, these investors could bet on gold holding a stable price even in the face of a recession that might be coming.

How Has Gulf Coast Western Managed to Expand Its Development and Exploration Activities?

Gulf Coast Western is recognized as the managing venture of Gas and Oil General Partnerships, also understood as joint ventures. The company is based in Dallas, and its major focus is developing, acquiring, and exploring of domestic gas and oil reserves in the U.S. The company was established in 1970, and it conducts its activities in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mississippi. The core lease acquisition and exploration activities of the company are in the Gulf Coast regions.

Gulf Coast Western has many drilling programs in other areas of the country so as to as to expand their activities. The company also explores strategic opportunities to explore its development and exploration activities to other potential areas within the country. The company seeks to make sure that that the geophysical and geological attributes of the potential regions meet the stringent criteria associated with increasing the likelihood of financial and geologic success for its partners.

Gulf Coast Western is recognized for its long track record which dates back to its founding in Dallas. The company attributes its success to the transparent and open relationships that it has always maintained with its partners. The relationship with partners is built on mutual respect and trust which is earned through working with integrity and honesty.

The company plans to partner with other companies in the industry such as Orbit energy and Orbit Gulf Coast to develop more prospects within the areas of interest. With the partnerships, the company will increase the number of barrels it produces per day. In addition, the partnerships will enable the company to identify more expansion opportunities.

Gulf Coast Western is focusing on maintaining the strategy of acquiring interests in properties and prospects, especially in well-developed structures so as to obtain significant returns. Growing a portfolio that returns good profits is what this seeks to achieve.

Spice Things Up For 2019 Via Organo Gold Products

The coffee production industry is one of the world’s most successful industries to date. This particular field is loaded with a plethora of companies, including Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best, Starbucks and Folgers. On the other hand, one of the hottest brands of 2019 is known as Organo Gold. This company just so happens to be headquartered out of British Columbia, Ontario. Health and wellness is the specialty here as Organo Gold sells a huge list of products. This includes:

  • Green Tea
  • Red Tea
  • Organic Toothpaste
  • Organic Deodorant
  • And more

Organo Gold has become a gamechanger in coffee production. This company manufacture its own blend of coffee products, including café mocha, café latte, gourmet-black coffee, café supreme, hot cocoa, grapeseed oil and many others. Thanks to the passion and love of coffee, consumers can enjoy International Coffee Day, which hosts a plethora of events, gatherings and promotions. This holiday has only been around since 2015, but it has made a huge imprint on society. Organo Gold allows you to enjoy its coffee products in a variety of ways. There are a number of flavorful tips that can add some extra spice to your favorite cup of Joe. Organo gold recommends using orange peel to liven up your hot drink. Pumpkin spice is also another popular ingredient as well as cinnamon mocha. Organo Gold is ushering in a new era of coffee consumption, and it will continue to set new trends in the years to come.


Steve Lesnard: The Product Marketing Expert Talks About Two Marketing Principles

In an article dated January 28th of 2019, a product marketing expert gives his insight on how to market products digitally. The article begins to talk about today’s modern world has changed how consumers shop. Specifically, it talks about how technological advances and how society uses them has changed the way products are marketed.

The article goes on to list “two key principles” on marketing products today. The first of the two principles generally talks about using simplicity to make the product “memorable”. The article gives an example of this principle. Steve Lesnard says to create a “storyline” that resonates. Preferably in the introduction of the product being marketed. As part of the product’s “story line” marketing its features to be “innovative” and “relevant” is vital when presenting it to consumers. The article goes on to talk about how Apple applied this type of marketing principle to its products and services. Steve Lesnard details how Apple successfully marketed their first iPod.

Next, the article moves forward to talk about the second marketing principle. This is the handshake between telling a consumer how innovative a product or service is and how it applies in real life. To generalize, this principle means to take an idea and make it tangible. To take the idea and make it into a “reality”. The article then gives examples of this principle.

If you would like to read the full article, please click here.

Steve Lesnard is the writer of the above-mentioned article. Steve Lesnard is an expert in product marketing and has worked with one of the world’s top athletic brand. He attended F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and later earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Business and Entrepreneurship in 1996. He has held many high ranking roles such as Global Brand Concept Director, Global Vice President, and General Manager to just mention a few. He has also worked with superstar Rihanna and Madonna’s choreographer, Jamie King.

If you would like more information on Mr. Steve Lesnard, please click here.

The Investing Strategy of HGGC

There are many theories about investing. You will find that experts in the field of investing have their own ways of going about their business. There have been literally thousands of books written on the subject. There are some companies that are much better at investing than others They have a knack for putting their money in the right industries and generating a profit. HGGC would definitely fall into that category. The private equity firm headquartered in Palo Alto has become a darling of Silicon Valley. They have made connections with many of the biggest tech firms in the world. These valuable connections have been a huge asset for HGGC over the years.

One of the biggest reasons why HGGC has had such massive success over the past decade has been their leadership. The people who are in charge of running the company have an enormous amount of experience. They have seen and done everything in the world of finance and investing. Therefore, they are able to predict what direction the markets are going to take. The venture capitalists who invest with HGGC are well aware of their skill when it comes to finding great potential investment opportunities. This is why the company never has a shortage of people who want to work with them.

The investing strategy of HGGC involves spreading their money out over many different industries that are always in demand. For example, they have poured a lot of money into tech and infrastructure over the years. These investments have generated huge profits for the company. They also prefer to keep all of their investments very close to home. They tend to shy away from investments that require them to put money into foreign countries. They prefer the stability of the North American economy for all of their investment ventures.

The world of investing is constantly evolving. Only the private equity firms that show the most consistent profit will be able to survive. HGGC has proven itself many times over the years. There is no sign that this will be changing any time soon. They are always ahead of the curve.

Find out These 5 Techniques From Pitching To Your Media for Promotion

Pitching is all about approaches and abilities. Like playing with the basketball, you want to coordinate with your staff to construct the ideal strategy to win against the opponent.

In pitching, establishing your objectives, building your skills and strategies are essentials to obtain marketing.

The important thing here is to consider the way the journalists do. Your media release may be about a new film, a book launch, a new shop branch or cooperation. Nonetheless, these won’t impress them.

They take care of the usage of your media release to your subscribers.

Check out the five approaches that can Help You to Get their attention:

  1. Compose a ridiculous headline.

A fantastic headline is essential if pitching.

To compose an intriguing headline keep these items in mind:

Be creative. Practice writing great headlines.

Lead is vital. The readers need to have the ability to grasp the sort of story they will read upon viewing the headline.

Practice. Use old fashioned headlines and repurpose it all on your own. This can allow you to learn how to manage your own.

2. Forget about the jargons.

You’re writing a best press release distribution which needs to be read by your intended audience, not by your coworkers. Be sure it doesn’t comprise industry jargons which are difficult for the readers to comprehend.

Should you have to write some specific provisions, be sure that you include meanings or explanations of abbreviations. It raises the odds it will be enjoyed by viewers and probably share.

3. Insert resources.

Make your media release plausible and exciting by incorporating photographs, videos, charts, numbers, links and other tools which will assist readers and journalists. A narrative mentioning comparisons without charts appear hard to internalize.

By adding these tools, you make it much easier for them to write a narrative about your brand. Make all of the tools readily available on cloud-based providers such as YouTube or Flickr. When you finish the resources they want, the more likely they may pay for your story.

4. There should be a hook.

At times, you can not overlook something since there’s a hook which you can’t resist. It might be the lesson from the narrative or the defeat in s tune that makes you need to recall it or sing it over and over.

To create writing a narrative with a hook, then have a look at blogs and posts which were composed by the competition. Check great content using higher enjoys shares and remarks. There is a hook inside which makes them hot to the viewers.

Attempt to come up with content such as these and use it as an inspiration.

5. Assess and proofread.

Not all media releases are printed because not all are composed professionally. A specialist media release stands out from a poorly written one.

If you would like to raise your probability of obtaining a policy, ensure that you proofread your story first before pitching. Make it a habit to run off your narrative in Grammarly instrument to check punctuation, grammar and punctuation errors.

As you understand the following five strategies, you will come to develop the abilities which you have to have in crafting a media release, and the ideal way to pitch. It requires time to learn all of them, but it is well worth the patience and time.

OSI Group And McDonalds Have Special Ways Of Keeping Burgers Preserved

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship has produced some of the most popular burgers and chicken nuggets both in the US and around the world. What OSI Group has done is build very high tech processing plants that don’t require any more than 45 people to be on shift at a given time. What they do in a particular plant in Germany is bring in thousands of tons of beef from the slaughterhouses and make sure it is diced up and frozen thoroughly. They have mechanisms such as metal detectors and scanners to make sure no foreign substances get into the meat, and every employee that goes into the plant must practice sufficient hygiene and cannot have even a minor illness. The meat is frozen and uses only limited amounts of preservative ingredients, though it has been tested to make sure it can be preserved for a long time.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has brought quality meat from these plants to the restaurants and consumers of all demographics. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership began in 1955 when OSI was known as Otto & Sons. They had originally been founded as a meat market in Chicago owned by Otto Kolschowsky and his family, and they had the kinds of meat products that interested Ray Kroc, the McDonalds CEO at the time. He had taken this restaurant from a local malt shake diner to what would become a fast food franchise that was going global, and OSI Group was to become the restaurant’s key supplier.

It was Sheldon Lavin, a former investment banker who came to OSI and started helping them obtain the financing to grow with McDonalds, and by 1978 they would launch the venture that led to the opening of the aforementioned plant in Germany.The OSI Group McDonalds partnership has been rooted in sustainability both in terms of food preservation policy and safety, and also in the workplace culture. Both companies have made their mission about more than just profits and building ongoing relationship with their employees and local communities. Both companies support the Ronald McDonald House Charities which helps families through healthcare grants for special needs children, and helps underprivileged young people attend college.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada talks about R.A.W products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the current Global Brand President in a United States professional hair brand. The company’s name is called Matrix/Biolage. The institution has been aiming to create a product R.A.W that contains all natural ingredients and offers the best service to its clients. In this article, he talks about the process, challenges they faced when creating the product and how his team overcomes them.

R.A.W came into the world as a result of the customer’s need for natural products in the market. Customers want products that have a minimal effect on their bodies and to the environment. Given the support by L’Oreal, Matrix created R.A.W with the objective to fulfill these claims. They used a new approach to manufacturing and also in packaging.

The product is packaged in a way that the bottles used can be recycled to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment. The formulas used in its creation contained natural and biodegradable elements. No sulfates or silicone is involved in the manufacturing process since the ingredients came from traceable sources. Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that R.A.W looks at the life cycle of all resources used in the production process to achieve the principles of green chemistry. This principle helps in the effective utilization of the available resources.

Most of the ingredients are acquired from seaweeds, plants, or honey. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team never wanted to compromise on naturalness. He worked with a research team that conducted a number of tests to ensure the product met L’Oreal standards.

Cost and time were a major challenge to Dan’s team. Time used to transport raw materials was not enough since they would get contaminated. Dan recalls a scenario when they transported clay thus compromising its natural formula. R.A.W initiated an educational programme that taught hairdressers and customers to live sustainably. This has been done in more than 700 salons in the US leading to a significant impact on the company. The company’s @Biolage Instagram account has testimonials and video clips which spreads the message of living sustainably and using R.A.W products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a passion for traveling, photography, and fashion. The commerce graduate uses his photography skills to advertise the products. Due to the positive comments and approaches by individuals, Dan is set to enter the European market.

Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t it Romantic is cringe-worthy and surprisingly entertaining

Romantic comedies usually have certain rules that they abide by or deviate from. One of these rules is the lead cast has to be made up of impossibly hot individuals. Another notorious one is that everybody else will see their attraction to each other way before they realize that they are attracted to each other.

Isn’t it Romantic doesn’t really follow these rules of romantic comedies and many others. The lead character is the hilarious and beautiful Rebel Wilson. Born on March 2, 1980, this Australian actress is extraordinarily talented and an amazing performer. Qualities she masterfully portrays in this Netflix movies.

A cringe-worthy and entertaining story

In the rom-com, Isn’t it Romantic, Rebel Wilson who plays Natalie is told at a young age that girls like them only ever find someone to marry and spend their lives with if the man needs a visa. This statement instils a strong sense of skepticism of romance in her which she carries into adulthood. There is also a lack of self-confidence from the thought that she is not good enough for love.

Natalie now lives in New York where she is working as an architect. The men around her, especially work colleagues treat her demandingly despite her being a qualified professional architect who is working on designing a new hotel. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Later on, Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is mugged in the subway and hits her head hard only to wake up in the hospital. Next to her, in this private hospital room with flattering lighting, is a hot doctor. Her life has just become a romantic comedy – her worst nightmare.

A heartwarming experience

As the life of Natalie unfolds from the moment she sets eyes on the cute doctor, I can tell you for sure that you are going to be stuck to your couch. Isn’t it Romantic could not have found a better character to play Natalie, Rebel Wilson is perfect for the role.

Through the 90 minutes runtime of the movie, you are going to be taken on an emotional roller-coaster full of joy, sorrow, pity and even dilemma. All of these is thanks to Wilson’s heartwarming performance.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has had an admirable career as an actress starring in numerous films. The Australian actress is also a writer and producer. She graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2003 and landed her first mainstream acting job in Pizza, a comedy series that aired on Special Broadcasting Service (CBS).

She was also part of the sketch comedy series, The Wedge. In 2008, Wilson took the comedy industry head-on by writing, producing and staring in Bogan Pride, a musical comedy series. From this point, her carrier took off into the international arena.

Rebel Wilson remains one of the best talents in the film industry and her comeback in recent years is an indication that she is ready to continue rocking our screens with tantalizing action. She is also an inspiration to thousands of young women who would like to utilize their talents.

Economist Ted Bauman Talks With Ideamensch

Ted Bauman is an economist by trade, and has used his economic knowledge to have a successful career as a hedge fund manager of many non-profit housing developments. These non-profit developments were based in South Africa and the United States. He has developed housing for many high-profile clients ranging from the United Nations, the World Bank and the South African government. His famous project is being the head of Slum Dwellers Internationals, a non-profit organization that has helped over 14 million people find housing in 35 different countries.

Aside from his work as an economist, he works part time as writer and the editor for The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Report. As a writer for these publications, he uses his experience as an economist to teach others about asset protection, privacy and low risk investment strategies. He sat down with Ideamensch to talk about his typical day, how he brings his ideas to life and how remains productive in a busy world. Ted Bauman does majority of his work from home in his basement office. He generally works from early in the morning until 5:00 pm. As a writer he utilizes his excellent skills to bring his words to life. He understands that topics such as finance and asset protection can be a little dry, so he believes excellent word choice can bring those topics to life.

A trend in economics that excites Ted Bauman is the trend of ordinary people becoming more aware of economic problems that challenge society. He has noticed in recent years many people have become to question not only the US economy, but the global economy as well. Bauman views it as a good thing that people are more interested in the economy as a whole. Ted Bauman believes that getting up early is the key to remaining productive. He tends to tackle the hardest tasks early in the day and this helps him to remain productive. As a finance writer he is always looking for new sources of information to learn as much as he can about the topics he writes about. He believes that discovering new information on a topic helps him as a writer. Click here.