Organo Gold and the Dynamics of Coffee

Organo Gold is the name of a marketing system that’s guided by Bernardo T. Chua formerly of the Philippines. Watch this video on Youtube.

Although this resilient Chief Executive Officer was born on that island nation in Southeastern Asia, he’s been hard at work in business matters in other parts of the planet for years already. Organo Gold has offices in serene Ferndale, Washington. It accommodates audience members in all kinds of international locations, too. Chua isn’t just the CEO for Organo Gold. He’s simultaneously the man who founded it as well. Shane Morand is his colleague and Co-Founder.


Organo Gold doesn’t want other people to tire of coffee consumption. It’s a renowned marketing company that has a lot of coffee-related proficiency. The painstaking team members at Organo Gold have many suggestions in mind for individuals who are looking to enhance the way their coffees taste. These people genuinely comprehend coffee and all of its dynamics. Visit to know more.

Toyo Setal, Diverse Dividends For Engineering Excellence

In Brazil, engineering is a field that moves with precise synchronization to further technological advances. In 2014, Toyo Setal Empreendimentos (TSE) was recognized for excellence in procurement, design, and construction at the AVEVA World Summit. The event took place in Berlin and the attendees were all companies that incorporated AVEVA software. Winning the top prize for project innovation was no minor task. In fact, it was a tough order, however, Toyo Setal created the perfect AVATAR. For their presentation, TSE introduced a performance platform, aptly called, the “Portal EPC.” The chosen theme was the integration of engineering designs with AVEVA software solutions, to rise above project limitations. Each participating engineering company was challenged to defy capabilities and merge internal data into one unified field.

It was determined that the end goal was to create a highlighted format of how an engineering company can manage enterprise information seamlessly. That information had to flow between networks and computer systems, without a hitch. In the end, the results achieved by Toyo Setal were remarkable. They improved efficiency, utilitarianism and data viability between network systems. Innovation in engineering isn’t defined according to one engineering feat. It captures how top engineering companies produce exceptional results, project after project. This is what TSE opted for as testament of engineering excellence. In plain words, there isn’t any room for errors when your firm works on projects as big as $1.2 billion dollars.

With a new hydrogen plant, estimated costs were reflective of the amount of engineering precision needed to complete the project. Toyo Setal was selected for this high-profile project by the oil refinery company, Petrobras. Proof that engineering is big business in Rio de Janeiro. Toyo Setal primarily develops large-scale industrial projects. Clients throughout Brazil turn to them for structural competency and reliability in engineering. The company has received national and international recognition for technological excellence. They work to the highest standards to complete projects on time. While also offering innovations in technology and per the terms of contractual significance, which are based on the global engineering structure of “Engineering, Procurement, and Construction(EPC).”

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Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is a successful entrepreneur whose career journey is full of accomplishments. He was born in New Delhi, India in the year 1978. Throughout his career journey, he has done philanthropic acts and has also worked as a strategic investor as well as establishing C & C Alpha Group. His works as an investor cover a variety of establishments such as properties, medical centers, banking facilities, and many more. Choudhrie’s investment plans at C & C Alpha Group help startups attain their goals and nurture them to become the best.

Bhanu Choudhrie studied International Business and Marketing at the Boston University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Bhanu, later on, joined Harvard business school. Bhanu established C & C Alpha Group back in 2001. Since then, the institution has raised its profit margins by making profitable investments. The company is also known for making lucrative investments in the evolving market.

As an entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie is actively performing in various managerial positions. He has executive roles in a variety of institutions; he has served as a board and committee member for numerous establishments. Bhanu’s philanthropical acts and excellent entrepreneurial skills have earned him numerous awards. Bhanu has helped various philanthropic organization, including an establishment known as Path to Success. The institution assists individuals with chronic diseases and who have the desire to learn but lack capital.

Bhanu Choudhrie developed C & C Alpha Group as a way of bringing together all enterprises that were part of the family. Business ventures was a part of his family; therefore, he was progressing the act. According to Bhanu, his family lineage has been in the investment industry for over three decades.

Bhanu starts his day by checking his emails and watching the news to keep up with what’s trending. He believes that knowing universal trends in the business market are essential for the creation of sound corporate strategies. By around 10 am, he is usually at the office where he proceeds by attending meetings and taking business calls. Bhanu also spends his day working on future projects for the company’s growth.

Bhanu makes ideas a reality by taking in the input of others and allowing them to share their opinions.

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Maarten De Jeu a Lead International Business Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur

Maarten De Jeu is a renowned international business strategist and advisor with decades of experience in the global stage. Maarten for decades has served in various multinational companies in senior executive positions in different parts of the world. Maarten area of expertise is in international business, commercial real estate as well as financial services. Maarten has traversed different countries of the world as a business leader and has served in countries such as Europe, Asia, and North America. Some of the multinational companies that Maarten has previously served include the London based Aviva Company where he served as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, TVDK Management Consultant where he served as International Strategy Manager. Maarten, as an international business strategist, has helped develop business strategies for large corporate organizations such as Heinz, ING, Sara Lee, and ABN AMRO, among others.

Maarten De Jeu is an authority in the international market place having served in the international business platform for decades. Maarten’s experience in the industry has helped many businesses maneuver unfamiliar business territories with ease. There are so many local successful business owners who are aspiring to venture into the international market but lack the knowhow on how that can start a business on the global stage. Such are the people that Maarten is targeting to provide wise counsel that can help them to expand and have a global reach. One fundamental success factor in the international business arena that Maarten recommends people in business to consider is cultural differences. Cultural differences, according to Maarten, determine success or failure in the global stage. An investor wanting to invest internationally must invest a lot of time and energy in studying the culture of the locals. 

Other than culture, the other essential success factor for global expansion is a commitment to quality says Maarteen De Jeu. Emphasis on quality is quite critical in pushing products into new markets. Maarten says that first impressions speak a lot about a product and a product that enters the market has observed the highest standards of quality will be readily accepted and will have a lasting impact on the market. For American entrepreneurs, Maarten says that knowledge of the local market may not be applicable in the international stage and as a result, he recommends that the entrepreneurs should devise new strategies and focus on product standardization, the consistency as well as high quality when entering into overseas markets. Maarten adds that quality is the determinant of reputation, and it is what is going to sell a brand as good or bad. Learn more:

Respecting differences is the other factor that determines success in the international stage says Maarten De Jeu. Respecting other people’s cultural differences as well as customs is key to penetrating international markets. Besides the two, Maarten recommends that investors should also invest in learning the local language. Being able to speak in the language that can be easily understood by the locals will go a long way in making the locals accept the firm’s products.

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Why You Need the Agera Energy Service

With so many service providers out there, it is easy and quick to get to know Agera Energy by creating an account with them. Visit to know more.

You will find their services to be incredibly beneficial and helpful in what they are able to do. You won’t want to go with another provider thanks to what Agera Energy is doing for their many customers and the different types of energy options they are offering. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

Through their Wiki and Twitter page, it is easy to see why Agera Energy has become a trusted name for both owners of homes and businesses. Not only will they be able to save you some money long-term, but Agera Energy has reliable service that you can trust all throughout the year. By getting to know their service options, it is easy to see why they are a great choice for when and if you are going to need to switch.


The Active Ingredients In Genucel Products

Genucel by Chamonix is a leading maker of skin care products. They specially make their products with natural active ingredients. Being a brand that makes natural skin care products is very important to them. The market is crowded with brands claiming to make healthy and wholesome products. However, they make products that are truly natural and have been tested and proven to work wonders on the skin.

It is not uncommon for a company to claim that its product is natural. In fact, many times skin care companies will claim a product to be natural if it is mostly natural. Genucel by Chamonix is the complete opposite. Their products are one hundred percent prepared from wholesome and natural ingredients. They source their ingredients from many places across the world.

According to, the vitamins included Genucel products are included due to how they keep skin clean, plump and looking fresh. Vitamins are essential to healthy skin. Sometimes a poor diet can cause the body to not get enough vitamins. Moisture is another issue many people have with their skin. Genucel tackles dehydrated and patchy skin by including hyaluronic acid in their products. This acid is great for putting moisture back into the skin. It will allow the skin to begin to absorb more skin. The active ingredients in their line of products help to firm up loose skin, make rough skin smooth again, bring back luster to the skin and seal in moisture for healthy skin. Genucel has products in their collections that work great for the eyes, mouth and any other part of the face that needs renewing.

Queen Elizabeth Broke Her Own Royal Protocol— Genucel (@Genucel) May 31, 2019

Because Genucel has focused so much on being a natural brand the company has become more popular amongst a younger generation. Typically, skin care products had been mainly purchased by older women. Nowadays, the average skincare consumer is a younger woman apart of the millennial generation. The active ingredients Genucel puts into their products allow their products to appeal to millennials who are wanting a skincare regimen made of natural active ingredients that fight early aging. The vitamins, tea extracts and oils that Genucel puts into their products make millennials very interested in this brand. For more details about Genucel visit

Betterworks: Managers Conclude That the Performance Management Processes Should Be Improved


Betterworks has gained some prominence when it comes to the formulation of continuous management software. Recently, they were able to release the findings of a certain survey that had been carried out using a population of more than 1,000 managers who have been working with an employee base of more than 500 individuals. 

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According to the report, managers help to improve workforce performance within a company. Their primary focus is in ensuring the staff is motivated so that they may be productive. The managers who took part in the survey talked more about the specific strategies that they have been implementing to increase productivity within the organizations that they have been leading.

When a person becomes a manager, their primary duty is to lead while also offering some guidance to the employees within the respective companies. As a manager, what matters most is the talent management process and the performance of the firm. As per the research, some of the managers have not been getting the support that they need.

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As per the research carried out by Betterworks, the analysis of the findings showcase that;

•The managers do not have a sense of purpose- the companies that have outlined their objectives have been outperforming the market by a considerable percentage. As per the survey, some of the managers do not have a sense of purpose, and they also come across different challenges when leading the organizations.

It is also good to note that some of the managers have noticed that there is no alignment within the organizations that they are leading. Additionally, the managers have concluded that the performance management processes offer little value, although they are supposed to help the executives to train the employees. 


When It Comes to Empowering Women in Business, Isabel dos Santos Shines

Isabel dos Santos, known as the richest woman in Africa, lives by the motto, “First the seed, then the future.” And when it comes to “seeds”, she wants women around the world to know they are the seeds that will become the future of the business workforce. Her encouragement doesn’t always happen on a large stage. When Isabel supports women in business, she doesn’t let the size of her audience impact the message she shares.

Often, these talks take place in small classrooms, where dos Santos encourages women to be pioneers in the coming technological revolution. But you’ll also find her on many of the most prestigious stages, where her message is sought out by the likes of the University of Warwick, Yale, and the United Nations. Dos Santos recognizes the future of business, and how commerce will change with advances technology (Behance). 

She acknowledges that planting the seeds in women of pursuing work in business technology has a clear path to success in the workforce. Women have the power to change society beginning from education within their own families. Consistent, sustained growth is the key to driving Africa’s women forward in the business world. Isabel dos Santos tries ensuring the women of Africa have equal access to education, training, and job opportunities as their male counterparts also plays a role in the success of women moving forward. To do this, she has committed herself to “planting seeds” around Africa. 

By improving local communities and providing opportunities to those who previously were less fortunate, dos Santos is creating wealth for those small communities to begin investing in themselves. Her charity and philanthropy are already evident in the communities she has touched. Isabel dos Santos’s Facebook and Instagram pages share the seeds she is helping plant and tells the stories of the many African people who have taken part of her plan.

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Greg Blatt Enjoys Business Success Wherever He Goes

Greg Blatt is a highly educated, brilliant businessman who has experienced extraordinary success in a number of different markets in a wide variety of different positions.

Most recently, he took the helm at dating sites Match Group, Tinder, and IAC, and led them to not only increase their revenues and userbases, but what with as CEO for these companies at various points between 2009-2017, he helped them to become leaders in the very competitive online dating industry. When he was not serving as CEO of these companies, Greg Blatt served as executive vice president in general counsel; executive chairman; and chairman at times. 

Greg Blatt was a success in the fields he’s worked in ever since his university days. He earned his undergraduate degree from Colgate University, majoring in English language, literature/letters, and economics. Later, he attended Columbia Law School, earning his Doctor of Law degree. Then he would work at two different law firms as an associate before really taking it big time when Blatt served at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. 

He held several positions with the company, with perhaps his most noteworthy job there serving as executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs. Some in the business sector may wonder why Greg Blatt continues to explore opportunities with different companies. However, they do recognize his need to push his boundaries, seeking out the most he can achieve (Consumerist). 

These ‘doubters’ acknowledge that the drive he shows is vital in helping to become a forward-thinking, successful leader.Modern technology that he implemented with Tinder and other dating applications opens up many doors in different avenues if he should elect to go in any number of different directions.

Now, it wasn’t an immediate jump from one big accomplishment to the next one. In fact, Mr. Blatt had a brief ‘real world’ time between getting his degree from Colgate and attending Columbia. In this time he took a few years off and bussed tables, painted houses, and bartended in Telluride, Colorado, Budapest, Reims, France, and San Francisco. Perhaps this time spent between universities spent out in the world working these jobs gave him some real-world perspective and helped him to focus on what he aspired to become in the future.

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American Addiction Centers Files Suit Against the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

American Addiction Centers (AAC), an addiction treatment group, has brought an action against a trade group, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), for engaging practices that are anti-competitive and defamatory in nature. In the complaint, AAC asserted that the NAATP violated the Lanham Act, an act prohibiting the misrepresentation of goods, services or commercial activities.

The American Addiction Centers is suing the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers on the following theories: defamation, tortious interference, breach of contract, constructive fraud, breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing as well as violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

it is claimed that the NAATP engaged in a coordinated effort to prevent the AAC from being able to advertise on Google by misrepresenting the company as a “bad actor” to an organization that is given the authority to certifies addiction-center advertising on the Google search platform.

It is further claimed that the American Addiction Centers and its two directory websites, and, were blocked from advertising on Google as a result of the NAATP’s efforts.

Moreover, it is claimed that the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers intentionally excluded the AAC from membership by amending its ethics standards without notifying it of the changes.

One such efforts on the NAATP’s part involved its lobbing of Google to remove any addiction treatment group that are labeled bad actors from being able to secure addiction advertising. As a result, Google created LegitScript whose goal was to eliminate unethical and deceptive marketing practices on Google by preventing any addiction providers that are not LegitScript-certified from bidding for ad space. AAC maintains that it has never engaged in any unethical or deceptive marketing practices.

Despite this, the NAATP not only made efforts to influence both Google and LegitScript but also falsely represented that the American Addiction Centers was a “bad actors” in addiction marketing.

This resulted in the AAC being denied LegitScript certification with the result that AAC was not allowed to purchase search ads on Google. Subsequently, LegitScript was adopted by Facebook and Bing, which made AAC’s purchase of search advertising virtually impossible. When AAC tried to work with LegitScript to resolve the problem, it was rebuffed.

As a result of the denial of access to Google search ads, AAC experienced a drop in third-party providers buying ad space on its two directory websites, considerably less third-party opportunities in its diagnostic lab testing business and a decrease in the number of patients admitted to its treatment centers. As a result of the NAATP’s repeated efforts at defaming its reputation, advertisers left its directory websites in fear of retaliation or blacklisting by the NAATP or LegitScript.

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