Jack Plotkin: The Future of Telemedicine

Telehealth is about combining distance and time when being able to access a doctor. Telehealth is a useful addition to actually visiting the doctor in real life. It offers a 360-degree view of patient care. The entire care team has enough data that can be shared collectively. Telehealth does have flaws, because the system may wind up with a security breach. Jack Plotkin is CTO of Virtual Health. He’s created a population health and healthcare management platform. He has studied both economics and computer science at Harvard. He has worked on technological development for Fortune 500 companies.

Jack Plotkin

Systems have been developed to take care of the ability physicians have to connect with a patient by a means that requires coordination solutions. Telehealth systems are designed to measure the needs of the managed care population. Healthcare organizations need to adapt to making sure that crucial program needs get met, getting the right sort of partner that allows for managing long-term choices to support program needs. Telehealth is something Jack Plotkin has thought through because a physician can keep track of their patient’s progress from a distance. The biometric data is isolated without the context of the patient’s overall health profile that the doctor can actually see. Telehealth data has to be combined with other data streams such as the patient’s health record. Wireless devices can be used to monitor physiological changes in the patient’s body from a distance. Biometric data needs to be recorded, data such as weight and blood pressure, which change daily or hourly. Wireless devices come shaped as armbands, wristwatches, bracelets or pendants. The biometric readings get transmitted wirelessly, in order to record it to an online data repository. This kind of technology already exists and is in use by the entire care team responsible for a patient. Free medical care like Medicare does not necessarily cover telehealth practices. Telehealth is not yet an average part of health care in a clinical setting, because health care organizations are looking for ways to reduce the cost of care, which Jack Plotkin is working on.