A Room of One’s Own

Our father passed away a couple of years ago and it has been very difficult; especially for Mom. They met in grade school and were sweethearts all through high school. Mom and Dad were married right out of high school and Dad joined the Navy. They had three rowdy boys and enjoyed a beautiful marriage of forty-five years.

Recently, we were going through some old pictures with our mother. One of my favorites is of Mom and Dad riding their bicycles together as third graders. Mom looked so cute in her little blue dress and Dad had a sheepish grin. You could tell from their expressions that they loved each other even then. There was also Mom’s favorite 5×10 picture of Dad taking her to the school prom. What a beautiful couple they were! Mom wore a sky blue dress with a matching wrist corsage that Dad had given her. Dad was dashingly handsome in his suit and tie.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing over our family’s life in photos. Each picture evoked a cherished memory. There were baby pictures and funny school pictures that made us laugh. It was hard to believe we ever dressed like that and wore those big glasses! We helped Mom separate the pictures into categories and put them in labeled boxes. My wife and daughter are really into scrapbooking and are eager to help Mom create some of her own.

I knew that Mom loved this old house where she and Dad raised their children and lived in for so long. After long discussions with her, she realized that the upkeep of such a big house was just too much for her. Recently, I built an addition on to our house that included its own bathroom, kitchenette and separate entrance. It was a difficult decision for Mom, because she has always been fiercely independent and was proud of it. However, she is getting older and has some health issues. We all felt better that she move into our new addition.

Mom shared a lot of family heirlooms with us boys and her grandchildren and sold a lot of things she did not need any more. Each piece seemed to have a special memory attached. She cried a little and laughed a lot during the transition. My children were excited about having Granny so close to them.

Like many older people who have lost a spouse, Mom has a modest, set income. Of course, we do not charge her any rent; however, she does have a few bills of her own and insists on contributing to the household. She is adjusting well to her new place.

Mom loves to talk to her family and many friends on the phone and was thrilled to find out about FreedomPop Wireless. She did not have to sign any contracts or worry about extra cell phone bills. It works on our WI-FI system and she gets two hundred free minutes of talk and up to five hundred free texts. She can also upgrade to have Internet if she chooses. Thanks to FreedomPop, Mom is enjoying the independence she loves!

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