American Institute of Architects Goes Global

In 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded. This organization has since risen to become a premier institute that represents architects and other related professionals working in the design and construction industry. In February 2011, the AIA appointed Robert Ivy as their new CEO and EVP. He is still working as the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, a position he has held from the early 1990s. Robert has been able to make this company’s journals become one of the most circulated worldwide.

George Miller, the previous president of AIA, said that Robert was loyal to his architect passion and to the institute as well. George also mentioned that Robert’s way of management and steadiness will be a pillar in bringing to light the AIA. He reckoned that Robert’s had enough industry experience for corporate leadership to make the company better. In his opinion, Robert was appointed unanimously by the board due to his experience, leadership skills and passion shown over the years to the AIA.

In his speech, Miller also said that the board recognized the immense support Paul Welch had brought to the AIA as the acting vice president before the appointment of Robert Ivy. He mentioned Paul as an individual who was highly valued, diligent in managing the institute and had unwavering loyalty to AIA. According to George, Paul had won the hearts, respect and gratitude of many.

In 2011, Clark Manus was the president of AIA. His sentiments about the appointment of Robert followed that of his predecessor George Miller. In his words, Clark stated that the architectural industry was at a pivotal time hence requiring a leadership that could see the institute through the economic stress and rebounding problems in the industry. As such, he mentioned that Robert was a smart choice because he was not only experienced but well versed in the trends of the industry and its analytics. Clark is hopeful that Robert would be able to facilitate the lacking growth in AIA by using the resources at his disposal.

Robert has also served as the VP and editorial director for McGraw-Hill Construction. In his position, he has enabled the company to develop efficient management practices that boosted the editorial quality of content being published by the company. At Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy, Robert became a managing partner for 14 years. As for Ivy Architects, he has served as the principal architect.

The American Business Media awarded Robert Ivy the Crane Award in 2009 for his lifetime contribution to the construction industry. Later in 2010, he received another reward from Alpha Rho Chi as Master Architect. Robert Ivy now joins the likes of Buckminster Fuller and Pei I.M. This was in appreciation to the value of design and the editorial contribution he had made to his generation.

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