Antibiotics And Appendicitis

In the United States, there are as many as 300,000 Americans that are rushed to the hospital each year from a case of appendicitis according to Boraie Development. These people are rushed into an operating room to have their appendix taken out as an emergency fix and to prevent the appendix from bursting; which can be fatal if this occurs. Some doctors are now suggesting, however, that antibiotics might be an alternative cure for a case of appendicitis. Five studies were completed in total in Europe. Over 1,000 patients were studied and given antibiotics as a primary treatment for their appendicitis. Seventy percent of the patients who were given the antibiotics were cured from this treatment alone and were not sent to surgery to have anything removed.

While antibiotics might not be an effective form of treatment for all patients, it is effective for some, and sometimes it is safer and smarter to avoid surgery. Especially in elderly patients that should avoid risky surgeries all together. More clinical trials are set to take place in the future to more thoroughly compare patients who receive antibiotics for appendicitis versus those who immediately have their appendix taken out. The preliminary results seem promising and it will be beneficial and much simpler if surgery can be avoided in many cases.

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