Catching up with Ryan Seacrest

Catching up with Ryan Seacrest is an almost impossible task. Weekdays find him co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan in New York. As the ending theme music is still playing, he is out the door and on his way to his live radio program, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, a few steps away. In the afternoon, he looks in on some of his other businesses (Instagram).

A typical Monday morning starts with Ryan’s arrival in New York after finishing filming American Idol in Los Angeles on Sunday evening. The rest of the week-days start early for co-host, producer, and entrepreneur Ryan Seacrest. After coffee and a shake at 7am, he makes his way to the studio. He says he never hits the snooze button and does not waste time during the day. An Email from him is typically two lines long. Seacrest thrives on this schedule and tries to pack as much as possible into his day.

Seacrest’s radio career began very early – he was only sixteen when he got his first experience in high school in Atlanta. He was just nineteen when he made his way to Hollywood to start his broadcasting career. He quickly established himself by hosting ESPN’S Radical Outdoor Challenge in 1993. A host of other programs quickly followed and in 2002, he became host of American Idol Show. By 2003, with the number of weekly viewers reaching 26 million, Ryan Seacrest became the sole host. This success was quickly followed wh

Following the death of Dick Clark, Ryan continued as the sole host and executive producer. As if this whirlwind of producing and broadcasting business wasn’t enough for the boy born with a microphone in his hand – Seacrest mother reports that while other boys were playing with GI Joes, Ryan Seacrest was giving talks on his toy microphone, Seacrest still finds time to pursue his passion for clothing. Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a line of clothing created by Seacrest and sold by Macy’s stores, features classic, but contemporary masculine clothing. 

The shapes, patterns and textures of the fabrics are put together in ways unique to the Distinction label. The line features accessories, outerwear, sweaters, and pants, all coming with style tips to create a coordinated look. 2010 marks the year when Ryan launched the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit group of ten centers around the United States that support healthcare for children. In 2012, he named Selena Gomez as ambassador to the foundation.

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Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Bennett Graebner’s “The Bachelor”

“The Bachelor,” produced by executive producer Bennett Graebner, has become an absolute phenomenon. The series never fails to stand out in a crowded reality television landscape. It has led to myriad spinoff series and legions of devoted fans.

Even if you consider yourself a huge fan of “The Bachelor”,  there might be some facts about the hit series that you don’t know. Here are some fun facts about his producer Bennett Graebner and television’s hottest reality show.

Contestants Have To Refer To The Show As “The Journey”

Many fans notice that contestants tend to use the word “journey” a lot. This is because “journey” is the preferred terminology of Bennett Graebner and the production staff. In confessional interviews, contestants will often refer to “the show,” but they are asked to rephrase it as “the journey” in order to not take the viewers out of the experience and to not remind them that they’re watching a series (Vassar). 

Some contestants will use the word “process,” but the production team still feels that this is too close to reminding viewers that they’re watching a show and will ask them to rephrase it to “journey.”

People Don’t Actually Eat During Dinner Dates

The food on the table during the one-on-one dates might look delicious, but no one is actually eating it. This isn’t because Bennett Graebner and his colleagues want the contestants to starve, however. Instead, the contestants don’t eat because their microphones would pick up the sound of their chewing and make the audio from the footage unusable or unpleasant for the audience. Don’t worry about the contestants, though! According to Bennett Graebner, they have an off-camera meal before sitting down to film the dinner, which is typically the same thing they’re served on camera.

Contestants Plan Their Own Limo Exits

Many people assume that Bennett Graebner tells the contestants how to exit the limo, but this isn’t the case. The contestants are actually encouraged to plan their own limo exits all by themselves. If you see a contestant exit the limo in an extremely cheesy fashion, know that their stunt or gimmick was completely the result of their own planning.

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Varied History Marks Highland Capital Management’s 25 years Of Growth

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based alternative investment company that places money into in public equities and fixed-income markets, focusing on structured products, leveraged loans and high-yield bonds. The private firm has $8.3 billion in assets and employs 115, with $10 billion under its management as of 2018.

The company, founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, operates offices in New York City, Buenos Aires, San Paulo, Seoul and Singapore. It monitors portfolios via an optimization system to see that its clients are well diversified, and that the portfolio is consistent with its performance goals.

Highland Capital Management designed the first loan portfolio tracking software, selling the program to JPMorgan Chase in 2003. It then ventured into the mutual fund area with Highland Capital Management’s acquisition of Columbia Management Advisors bank loan mutual funds commerce.

The company acquired Dallas-based NexBank institutional banking service in 2004, buying ING Capital Managing the following year. The latter acquisition marked Highland’s initial foray into Europe.

Highland Capital is a founding benefactor of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, providing the center with a $10 million public programs endowment in 2018.

In October, Highland was named to the CNBC television network’s Financial Advisor 100 list, which notes the companies that offer the most comprehensive planning and services in helping their clients navigate their financial lives. Get Related Information Here.

Factors included in the network’s rankings include disclosures, years in business, average account size, total accounts under management, number of investment advisors, the ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees and discretionary assets under management. See This Page for more information.

Joseph Sowin was named Highland’s co-chief investment officer in April. He replaced Trey Parker, who moved to running the private equity team earlier this year. Sowin, who was head of global equity trading, will continue to manage the firm’s trading operations.

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Kynect Is Blazing New Trails In Energy Marketing

When the marketing company Kynect was founded by Robert Snyder in 2005, its original goal was to mix the traditional business model of the utility industry with innovations in multilevel marketing (MLM). Not surprisingly, this idea spread like wildfire across the energy industry.

Kynect is on a mission to change the face of streaming energy services. This means that a whole new exciting chapter is about to written. NRG promises that this new venture will lead to a productive and profitable future. The streaming services that the company provides will bring a new focus on affordability and efficiency to millions of homes across the entire United States.

Since the company’s inception, several thousand people have gone on to start their own business as a Kynect Associate and make a steady stream of income from selling energy services. Snyder, however, has always seen the company’s purpose as much larger than simply providing alternate income streams for non-traditional marketers.

In addition to money and financial stability, Kynect seeks to provide a means of personal growth for all of its Kynect Associates. With thousands of people currently in the program, it isn’t hard for people to find likeminded individuals to help them get their budding business off the ground.

Snyder prefers to keep the company’s organizational chart pretty simple, and the teams of associates are managed by groups of Executive Directors and National Directors. While the Associates often view the opportunity as a lucrative means of supporting themselves on top of working another job, the Executive Directors view their position as a full-time career. See This Page for additional information.

The Associates love having control over how much they earn by selling energy services, and they also love a break from the traditional grind of an office job. Even though Kynect does not promise that new Associates will make money right away, people all over the world have a lot of opportunities to generate a healthy income for themselves with this business model. Get Additional Information Here.

Associates not only receive an initial commission whenever they sign up a new customer, but they also garner monthly checks as a percentage of the customer’s recurring subscription fees. Furthermore, some Associates go on to become customers themselves, doing their part to help the company continue growing.

In summary, everybody involved in the Kynect organization appears to contribute their fair share to the overall bottom line.

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Keeping up with Iskandar Safa

The Genesis of Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa is the Co-Founder and CEO of Privinvest Group. Iskandar Safa was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1955. When Safa was a young man, he and his family went through much turmoil because of the civil war in the country.

In spite of that, the family was able to overcome the challenges that were put before them and maintain a successful civil engineering business. In 1978, Safa went to the American University of Beirut; there, he obtained his civil engineering degree. Later, Iskandar Safa moved to France and obtained his MBA from INSEAD.

After that, Safa worked for a few years in his family’s business. Later on, Safa decided that he wanted to start his own business. He acquired his first shipbuilding business in the 1990s.

A Chat with Iskandar Safa

Recently, did an interview with Iskandar Safa about his business and his success. Even though Safa is one of the richest men in Lebanon, he is a mild-tempered and humble man who does not think too much of his accomplishments. Almost 30 years ago Safa and his brother started Privinvest.

Since the inception of this shipbuilding company, Privinvest has become a leader in the shipbuilding industry. Privinvest employs about 2500 around the world, and it has delivered more than 2000 vessels. Privinvest creates superyachts and innovative navy vessels for international clients. Get Related Information Here.

This company has several successful shipyards including one in Germany called Nobiskrug. In his interview with, Safa speaks about the success of this shipyard. Nobiskrug is located in Rendsburg, Germany.

This acquired company has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. Since Safa’s acquisition of this company, it has delivered some of the highest superyachts to his clients, and Iskandar Safa is determined to continue to innovate high quality vessels at this facility and beyond.

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All About Grupo RBS

Grupo RBS is a Brazilian Media group serving the area of Rio Grande do Sul. Grupo RBS was started in 1957 by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobinkho. Today, the group also includes radio and television stations as well as newspapers and online news groups. Over 6,000 are employed by Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is the second largest employer of journalists in Brazil. It is the larges media group that is affiliated with Rede Globo, a Brazilian free to air television network.

Grupo RBS owns 12 television stations which are affiliated with RBS TV, two local television stations, twenty four radio stations, and eight newspapers. The group also owns a digital company caled e.BricksDigital. This company covers technology digital media, and mobile e-commerce. Grupo RBS also operates an education company, a media company, a digital product development unit, a book publishing division, a record company, a printing company, a logistics company, and a social trust company. To know more about RBS visit

In 1969, the company started its first regional broadcasting network. In the early 1970’s, RBS began to develop its radio network division. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, the company expanded its presence in the radio and television industries. In 2000, Grupo RBS made its mark on the digital world, and launched a logistics company in southern Brazil. It also started a music company and a tabloid newspaper. Shortly after celebrating its 50th anniversary, Grupo RBS began operating in HDTV. It also expanded its television presence into the Itajai micro-region.

In recent years, RBS has voiced its concerns on a variety of public health issues such as road safety, the protection of children, and the prevention of drug abuse. In a recent public health campaign, the group highlighted the importance of caring for children. RBS also launched a campaign in 2012 to show the importance of primary education.

Jack Plotkin: The Future of Telemedicine

Telehealth is about combining distance and time when being able to access a doctor. Telehealth is a useful addition to actually visiting the doctor in real life. It offers a 360-degree view of patient care. The entire care team has enough data that can be shared collectively. Telehealth does have flaws, because the system may wind up with a security breach. Jack Plotkin is CTO of Virtual Health. He’s created a population health and healthcare management platform. He has studied both economics and computer science at Harvard. He has worked on technological development for Fortune 500 companies.

Jack Plotkin

Systems have been developed to take care of the ability physicians have to connect with a patient by a means that requires coordination solutions. Telehealth systems are designed to measure the needs of the managed care population. Healthcare organizations need to adapt to making sure that crucial program needs get met, getting the right sort of partner that allows for managing long-term choices to support program needs. Telehealth is something Jack Plotkin has thought through because a physician can keep track of their patient’s progress from a distance. The biometric data is isolated without the context of the patient’s overall health profile that the doctor can actually see. Telehealth data has to be combined with other data streams such as the patient’s health record. Wireless devices can be used to monitor physiological changes in the patient’s body from a distance. Biometric data needs to be recorded, data such as weight and blood pressure, which change daily or hourly. Wireless devices come shaped as armbands, wristwatches, bracelets or pendants. The biometric readings get transmitted wirelessly, in order to record it to an online data repository. This kind of technology already exists and is in use by the entire care team responsible for a patient. Free medical care like Medicare does not necessarily cover telehealth practices. Telehealth is not yet an average part of health care in a clinical setting, because health care organizations are looking for ways to reduce the cost of care, which Jack Plotkin is working on.

Empiricus Consultancy: Your Key to an Improved Business

Social networks and media are a vital part of any business today. If you want to move ahead of the competition, then you need to make sure you can control and work on your social media sites the right way. This is the ideal space of business owners who want to reach out to a lot of clients through a highly targeted strategy. What might seem easy to the untrained eye is actually a complex formula for which you need the services of a media consultant.

Empiricus Research is a professionals consultant company who know and understand the various features and requirements for the proper care and feeding of a company’s efforts and will be able to offer the help that you require. This consultant company will also possess the appropriate skills to optimize every post, update, and comment to get the most significant return in relevancy within major search engines like Google Ads.

For most business owners and beginners managing several social platforms, one does not possess the expertise or experience to ensure that you are maximizing every opportunity properly. Visit This Page for additional information.

Partnered with The Agora,  the best American company, Brazilian entrepreneurs Caio Mesquita, Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden, this company knows the different platforms and tools, and the best ways to make use of them for your company is going to be very beneficial.

Modern business environments are getting more and more competitive due to the explosive growth of the Internet. That is why you need a competent media consultant like Empiricus, who has the right experience, ability, and expertise to help your business grow in the digital. They use platforms such as Facebook to track the progress of your social networking efforts. This professional company knows that monitoring, improving, and tweaking your posts can make your social media campaigns more successful.

Empiricus brings their expertise to the table, and this cannot be paralleled with trial and error methods and unprofessional practices. They have worked with many businesses across different industries and therefore possess excellent working expertise of user preferences and sentiments.

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Nick Sarnicola Co-founder of ViSalus

In the business of wellness and wellness products the Co-founder of ViSalus is invested in the health of his customer base. The sales guru and dynamic force of a CEO that is Nick Sarnicola, means to invigorate the health and wellness market. HIs motivational attitude toward his profession has led him to recent promotions by ViSalus like the 2019 Vitality event in Italy. This event marked a successful celebration of life, which included two big product releases. Vitality 2019 attracted over 5,000 business savvy individuals prepared to learn and grow in the wellness market. Nick Sarnicola also assisted in the release of a few new marketing strategies for Italy’s top sellers. Taking time to promote success stories of their fitness program Body by Vi The ViSalus team, Nick Visalus showed that he is passionate about the growth of ViSalus customers.

If you are looking to catch a ViSalus, Vitality convention in the United States there is an upcoming event in Kansas City coming up in October that you may want to check out.

Nick Sarnicola is an entrepreneur, a CEO, and maker of millionaires. Sarnicola makes putting passionate and driven individuals on path to making their fortune a habit. To date Sarnicola has helped in the creation of over 50 millionaires.

On the Vi Community Hub page you can see scrolling commitments of other followers of the ViSalus programs which have people committing to things like 3 weekly walks. Nick Sarnicola is not just a sales person he and his team at ViSalus have the wellness of their consumers at heart.

Nick Sarnicola’s innovative mind is driven to get people motivated and out into the world, fulfilling their goals.

ViSalus and their team of talented marketing strategists will continue to make a heavy impact on their community with driving forces behind them like Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen.

Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola Launch Liv Mobile App, Putting Travel Experiences in the Palm of your Hand

Isabel dos Santos on the Importance of Digitalization in the African Economy

Isabel dos Santos believes that Africa needs to be digitalized just like most of the developed world. She told the delegates Africa Summit in 2019 that Africa’s next revolution will be digital. The summit was focussed on the relationship between Africa and the European Union. She believes that after the mobile revolution, the next big thing for Africa will be the digital revolution.

When speaking at the Africa Summit, she oversaw the inauguration of a panel dedicated to emergent technologies in Africa. Isabel dos Santos predicts that there will be an increase in online transactions in Africa than through the Brick and Motor Stores. For the first time, most Africans will prefer banking their money on online platforms rather than traditional banks.

Importance of Urban Planning

Africa faces many problems, such as the case of insecurity in public transport when logistics are conducted online. Isabel dos Santos thinks that when such issues are solved, people will be confident to take their businesses to the next level. Moreover, payment of the transport fees online could reduce instances of theft that is bound to occur in the chaotic transportation system. Digitalization is imperative in urban planning and improving the quality of life for the African people. Africa needs to build cities that are safe to live in with better management of resources, use of soils, and lower costs of conducting businesses. Isabel dos Santos notes that Africa needs to develop fundamental areas of stability and continuity of the legal framework that attracts investors to the continent, which leads to job creation.

Isabel dos Santos Addresses the Issues of Gender Equality

One major area Isabel dos Santos focuses on gender equality where women need to be empowered financially. She says that while growing up she never saw the issues that face the African woman. For instance, in her country Angola, most women are most likely to have access to poor education compared to their male counterparts. In the work scene, most women are likely to be discriminated with limited access to paid work. Isabel dos Santos aims at giving back to society through incentives that promote the social welfare of the community. In her company, for instance, she has installed specific division for social responsibility that sponsors programs that are aimed at improving the well-being of all workers.

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