DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani Details the Success of His Business

Hussain Sajwani is one the world’s most prolific real estate developers. He was raised at a young age by his father to become an entrepreneur. His life would get a jump start when he become one of the first study abroad students for the United States, where he ultimately graduated from the University of Washington. By 2002, Hussain Sajwani had founded DAMAC Properties to tap into the potential real estate market of the middle east. In a recent interview on the website Albawaba, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani talks about the approach he his taken to his business.

The interview begins with Hussain Sajwani discussing how despite the start strong start, the late 2000s global recession hit DAMAC Properties very hard. However, his business foresight helped him avoid the worst of the market crash. Through 2013, DAMAC Properties would pick up the pieces and get the momentum going again. DAMAC Properties soon went on to team up with future U.S. President Donald Trump and create their first golf club. The company is currently doing better than ever before and maintains a strong position in the stock exchange.

In addition to domestic projects in the Dubai region, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani looks at the region as a whole and the international market for opportunities. He goes on to describes he has completed 40,000 units in the United Arab Emirates, and how he has a team in place for a 50 story building in London. The expansion of DAMAC Properties projects across the world is only gaining more and more traction. Hussain Sajwani sees potential in many places.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has weathered several ups and downs, but his strong position Dubai Financial Market makes him a force to watched in the real estate world. He recently became the richest new billionaire in the region. As DAMAC Properties grows, more projects will present themselves. There is no doubt he has played a major role in shaping the modern scene in the middle east.

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Hussain Sajwani – Life as an Entrepreneur

As the founder of DAMAC Properties, a real estate company that has always graced the ears of any individual who has a dream of owning property in Dubai, Hussain Sajwani still graces the public eye from time to time. Of late, he was being interviewed by Ideamensch. More information about the interview will be highlighted in this context.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani’s journey as an entrepreneur started while he was still young. Born to Ali Sajwani, Hussain Sajwani always spent his free time at his father’s shop. Since his father was a merchant who imported goods from China and he would, in turn, resell them at a higher price, it is evident that he knew a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Since Hussain Sajwani was always keen about anything that revolved around him, he was able to gain life skills that would prove to be of higher value than gold itself.

Sajwani’s Journey as an Entrepreneur

After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering, Hussain Sajwani was proud to be the holder of a degree from a recognized institution. Since every graduate has a dream of working in an office, Sajwani sought employment from the various reputable business institutions. Luckily, Sajwani landed a position as a contracts manager at GASCO. After working for two years, Hussain Sajwani felt that it was high time that he delved into entrepreneurship.

Such a move was quite risky, but keeping in mind that Hussain Sajwani had the entrepreneurial spirit in him, he never hesitated. For starters, he launched a catering company in 1982. The company was able to amass humungous profits that in turn made him a millionaire. Nevertheless, Hussain Sajwani’s life dream was to become a billionaire. As a result, he was always thinking of how he could achieve his goals in life. Since factors such as government decisions influence the various market trends, entrepreneurs such as Hussain Sajwani are always on the lookout.

DAMAC Properties is formed

Since foreigners could now buy and own property in Dubai after approval from the government as from 2002, such an opportunity showcased that property would be in demand. As for Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial), he knew that the early bird catches the worm. With that as the case, DAAC Properties was born in 2002 with the sole aim of satisfying the demand for property by the foreigners. By introducing eye-catching apartments, everyone who was in pursuit of property was always amazed by what DAMAC Properties had to offer. To date, DAMAC Properties has been able to maintain a positive portfolio.

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How Much Did Jay-Z Spend On Juan “OG” Perez’s Birthday Party?

Juan Perez is known as a close friend of Jay-Z. In order to put their friendship into perspective, just look at the amount of cash Jay-Z shelled out for his friends birthday celebration. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, shelled out nearly $115,000 dollars for his friend.

Carter spent $13,000 on dinner, $9,000 on drinks, and nearly $100,000 at a club. They began the night at Zuma, a Modern Japanese restaurant Zuma. The group then transitioned to Made in Mexico, a restaurant nightclub. They finished the night at Playroom Nightclub, purchasing 40 bottles of champagne, costing Jay-Z $91,000.

Questions arose, after the party was made public knowledge by Snapchat, as to why a small group of friends needed 40 bottles of champagne, but Jay-Z was seen handing out bottles to other patrons in the club. The brand of champagne preferred by Hov and company was Ace of Spades, a brand that Jay-Z owns.

Juan Perez surely enjoyed 50th birthday party.

About Juan Perez

Juan “OG” Perez was born in Harlem and was first introduced to Jay-Z in 1996. Jay-Z referenced Juan Perez in 2003 rapping: “OG Juan, what up? Whassup Dez?” The bar is simply saying hello to a few of his friends, Juan Perez and Juan’s wife Desiree Perez.

Both Juan Perez and his wife have taken on a variety of roles in Jay-Z’s companies over the years. When Jay-Z created Roc-La-Familia records, it was Juan Perez who took over the role of President; Desiree Perez currently works as an executive officer at Jay-Z’s current record label – Roc Nation.

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Retire to a New Lifestyle with HCR Wealth Advisors

Many people might not realize that retirement is about moving on to something new. Most people view retirement as the ending of a career. While this is true, the new retirement system requires people to develop another purpose for their life. Just because an individual is retired does not mean that they will not have anything important or meaningful to do. As long as people are alive, they will need to have some kind of purpose. Without purpose, people lives can end up being filled with negative or unwanted things.

HCR Wealth Advisors understands how important it is for people to be prepared during their retirement years. The registered investment advisory firm can help clients to realize that retirement is more than just financial planning. A person must also plan for their new lifestyle. People that do not have a goal or a plan about how they are going to live life during retirement will probably end up someplace where they do not want to be.

HCR Wealth Advisors integrates various aspects of retirement into a client’s plan. The firm addresses issues regarding relationships and how they will impact a person’s retirement years. The retirement plan will also explore issues related to personal development and leisure activities. Potential retirees can describe the type of life they want to live in retirement and how their money is going to play a big role in that regard.

Retirement is not an end but a beginning. Once people realize this fact, they will look at their retirement differently. In some cases, retired people will use their golden years as a starting point for a new career or purpose. People want to live life to the fullest once they retire. Even if they want to relax and take it easy, having a solid retirement plan in place is essential to the process. Remember that HCR Wealth Advisors can help a retiree plan for a great life once their initial career has come to an end.

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Meet Dubai’s Real Estate Guru: Hussain Sajwani

The real estate of Dubai was not explored until the reign of Hussain Sajwani began. Sajwani is the owner of the dominating real estate firm: DAMAC Premises. The company was founded in 2002. Before this, Sajwani had built ssome hotels to help in accommodating the overflowing population resulting from the business persons in Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, had always been passionate about real estate. Back in his university days, he sold time share apartments. After school, he began working at GASCO Properties as a contract manager. He says that this job was very demanding. It involved paying the contractors.

During this time as the contractor manager, he realized that he would make so much money if he let others work for him. He also learned that employees had indispensable information that could change the face of a conglomerate company if they were given a chance. He also learned the value of money and time. He says that every minute is valuable. Any minute wasted cannot be re-lived.

Hussain Sajwani quit the job two years later and began his catering venture. The catering venture is currently doing great with over 200 projects and serving more than 150000 meals every day. He says that his success has been accomplished by fighting the spirit of fear. You got to have the courage to try what you believe can work.

Sajwani is named among the most influential Arabs in the world. This is because of his success in business and humanitarian work. He is a compassionate individual who loves to give back to the society. He recently donated AED two million to support an organization whose aim is to clothe needy kids around the world. His contribution would help cloth 50000 children. During the event, he urged other individuals to do the same. He mentioned the need to give children a good environment to nurture their dreams as they are the future leaders.

Hussain Sajwani also has valuable partnerships like that with Donald Trump. Although the latter has assumed office, he is confident that their business relationship will only get better. Their families are also close and spend a lot of time together.

Checkout the available jobs at DAMAC: https://www.payscale.com/research/AE/Employer=Damac_Group/Salary

The Effects of Muscle Memory According to Neurocore

One of the most talked about aspects of fitness is muscle memory. For those who are wondering what the term muscle memory means, it is pretty self explanatory. To be more specific, muscle memory is basically when a physical action, mostly in the form of exercise is mastered. For instance, someone attempts a new exercise. At first, it feels awkward to him, and he can’t even seem to get the exercise right in many cases. Then later on, he is able to do this exercise with very little to no problem. It often takes at least a couple of days worth of practice in order to get the exercise to sink into the muscle memory. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One source of information that deals with muscle memory is Neurocore, a facility that is dedicated to mental health. There is a lot of information that talks about issues such as depression and other disorders that often affect people. This facility is also one of the leaders when it comes to treatment. For one thing, the treatments it gives out are tailored to the individual. Therefore, Neurocore is always going to be effective at treating certain disorders. After regular sessions with Neurocore, people are going to walk away feeling a little more normal. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocore helps people come up with solutions. The experts at Neurocore know that there are so many factors that can influence mental health. This is one of the reasons that they do not believe in just giving people medicine. They do not want to just drug people. They actually want to look into the issue so that they can find the root cause so that they can treat it. One of the goals is to provide people with the best possible treatment of depression without having them suffer any painful side effects.


PSI-Pay And Kerv Introduces The Convenient New Contactless Payment Ring

PSI-Pay is hastening the arrival of the cashless society with their contactless payment methods. A growing number of consumers now prefer to use cards or their phones to pay for their purchases. In the United Kingdom about half of consumers pay for small purchases using contactless payment options. And Sweden may soon become a cashless society, making them the first country to do so. PSI-Pay has collaborated with Kerv Wearables to make contactless payment even more convenient by developing the contactless payment ring. It eliminates the need to swipe or sign. Consumers simply tap it on the point-of-sale terminal and go.


The rings are the latest salvo in the ‘wave and pay‘ revolution. These new contactless payment methods are fast, convenient and secure. The PSI-Pay rings are comfortable, durable, water and scratch resistant, can be turned off and on and come in 12 sizes for men and women. They eliminate the need to count change or put in your PIN number. Users simply tap and go. PSI-Pay uses proprietary technology in its ring and the transactions are kept secure through RFID technology. Contactless payments has been embraced by the over 60 crowd and the Church of England is testing it in 40 churches.


A United Kingdom based financial technology company that has been around since 2007, PSI-Pay is licensed and regulated by the Financial Control Authority of the British government. The company provides digital accounts and contactless payment options like smartcards, credit cards, debit cards, and now payment rings, to consumers throughout the UK and in 170 countries around the globe. And the contactless payment rings are growing in popularity. The staff at PSI-Pay have extensive alternative banking experience and the company is known for its transparency, efficiency and clarity.


In addition to PSI-Pay and Kerv, a number of other companies offer contactless payment options. They include Andriod Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and EcoPayz. And demand is growing. Last year in the United Kingdom customers got more than 108 million contactless payment cards, according to the UK Cards Association. A MasterCard Principle Member for almost 10 years, PSI-Pay has been providing MasterCard services throughout the EU and worldwide to individuals and organizations. This includes contactless PayPass programs, debit and prepaid cards and virtual cards for use in small on-the-go payments.


The wearable payment ring devised by PSI-Pay and Kerv is now the latest in convenient, flexible contactless payment technologies.

NPG VAN is Utilizing Technology in Modern Political Campaigns

NPG VAN is a technology-based company that provides voter database services for the Democratic Party. The organization also offers web hosting services as well. NPG VAN has been around since 2010 and it is headed by an experienced technological officer named Nathaniel Pearlman. Mr. Pearlman was the chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton when she ran for president in 2008.


The purpose of NPG VAN is to utilize technology for the purpose of campaign finance compliance and for fundraising. These are two very important activities within the process of political campaigning. NPG’s technology is also used for field organizing and for digital organization. When Democrats campaign and have to reach constituents, they now use real world and digital means to carry out this process.


NPG VAN specializes in the use of software such as VoterBuilder which allows party members to track and interact with potential voters. The program simply records basic voter information so that the party can contact party members to get out and vote. Innovation Platform is another technology that is used by NPG VAN and this software program allows outside developers and engineers to write programs for NPG VAN. The programs they write allows the Democratic Party to utilize self-serve online advertising, make live calls and to contact voters through peer-to-peer text messaging tools.


The importance of technology in modern day elections cannot be disputed. Many people do not turn out to the polls to vote. Technology can be used to help motivate or convince these individuals to cast their ballot for a candidate. Modern candidates and political parties also rely on technology to gauge their impact on voters and to figure out what they need to do to improve their chances with winning at the polls. NPG VAN will continue to serve the Democratic Party with its important and practical technology.

One-on-One Interview Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Jim Toner

Jim Toner has worked as a speaker, radio show host, real estate investor, and consultant for a very long time. He speaks to several people all over the country on why clever real estate investing is important. His vast experience in the real estate industry has enabled him to make real estate investment more user-friendly to people new to this field which has increased the demand for his services. People travel from all corners of the country and pay thousands of dollars just to listen to his sound advice on real estate investment.

Jim has been in the real estate industry for almost three decades, and during this time, he has taught thousands on how to achieve financial freedom through his 12 Little Houses strategy. Being a dynamic philanthropist, he has been recognized nationwide for his works with the homeless and war heroes. He is part of the Pennsylvania Salvation Army advisory board chair.

Where did the Band of Rebel’s idea come from?

Although The Band of Rebels is a part name, it’s more of an attitude. The team I work with comprises of experienced entrepreneurs in the world of business. With our vast experiences, it’s impossible not to have a bit of rebellious attitude. However, this isn’t towards our clients or the public, but towards how things work. There are numerous obstacles that hinder entrepreneurial activities, and this is the reason why only a few succeed.

Which trend excites you more?

I rarely follow trends because that’s what they are – just trends. Instead, I focus more on fundamentals because they won’t change. If a person approaches you with new fundamentals, you should run in the opposite direction. However, if I were to pick a trend that would excite me, I would choose podcasts. Personally, reading is among the keys to success. Reading is the best way to gather ideas. Podcasts work similar to reading but are easier. Podcasts are also free and you can learn from different experts. But keep in mind that you can’t just listen, in case you discover some great ideas or strategies, take them with you. (Reference: sendinthewolves.com)

Which strategy has helped you to successfully manage and grow your business?

The “Think and Grow Rich” principal is one of the strategies that has helped me. To succeed, you don’t have to be an expert in anything. What you need is to surround yourself with individuals who have the capacity to fill the holes. Make use of other people’s talent and money. Personally, I have made a couple of multi-million businesses using this simple formula. Start by viewing yourself as a music director waving your magic wand to tell others what to do.

Which business idea would you freely give to your readers?

While some readers may know this, your business plans should include giving away money. This is a proven strategy that has been used by some of the wealthiest people in the world including the Carnegie and Rockefellers. Take 10 percent of every dollar and place in a separate account just for giving. The fun part is that you get to choose what to do with the money as long as it benefits another person.

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Paul Mampilly- Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the fastest growing publishers of investment information today. The site publishes high-quality information on investment opportunities that are available in the modern day. The editors of this firm are providing readers in an easy to understand manner that enables them to understand investment opportunities that are available in the economy. The site offers advice on various investment opportunities which include options plays, income-producing investments, mid-cap stocks, undervalued U.S companies, commodities and natural resources. The information available on this website is good for individual investments. Visit at ideamensch.com to know more.

Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998, then known as “The Sovereign Society.” The firm established itself as a leading investment organization that enhanced the culture of personal sovereignty and self-reliance. The company provided advice on global investments strategies, international business corporations, and tips on maintaining financial privacy among other services.

In 2016, the site was rebranded and renamed Banyan Hill Publishing so that it could offer advice on assets protection, entrepreneurship and investing. The editors aim to help Americans to attain “financial freedom” by applying the knowledge provided to be able to make financial decisions of their own. The aim is also to help them make investment decisions with low risk of losses and other business risks that people are faced with today.

Banyan Hill Publishing is offering information and assistance on growing and protecting wealth. By following the steps taken by the site owners, reader stands a chance of making wise business decisions. Most Banyan Hill Publishing experts have been great financial advisers and have practiced as hedge fund managers, have been newsletters, authors, financial advisers to top world leaders among other positions. So, when they are giving information to readers, they are sure of what they are writing about. One of the prominent editors in this firm is Paul Mampilly – an entrepreneur and investment guru.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the author of two newsletters; Profits Unlimited and the Extreme Fortunes newsletters. He specializes in looking for investment opportunities in technology and small-cap stocks.

Paul Mampilly appears in various business media channels such as Fox Business news, Bloomberg and CNBC. His first role in the financial sector was as the assistant portfolio manager of Bankers Trust. He later worked with other top financial institutions in the world such as Deutsche Bank and ING where he was managing multi-millions. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/paulmampillyguru