When It Comes to Empowering Women in Business, Isabel dos Santos Shines

Isabel dos Santos, known as the richest woman in Africa, lives by the motto, “First the seed, then the future.” And when it comes to “seeds”, she wants women around the world to know they are the seeds that will become the future of the business workforce. Her encouragement doesn’t always happen on a large stage. When Isabel supports women in business, she doesn’t let the size of her audience impact the message she shares.

Often, these talks take place in small classrooms, where dos Santos encourages women to be pioneers in the coming technological revolution. But you’ll also find her on many of the most prestigious stages, where her message is sought out by the likes of the University of Warwick, Yale, and the United Nations. Dos Santos recognizes the future of business, and how commerce will change with advances technology (Behance). 

She acknowledges that planting the seeds in women of pursuing work in business technology has a clear path to success in the workforce. Women have the power to change society beginning from education within their own families. Consistent, sustained growth is the key to driving Africa’s women forward in the business world. Isabel dos Santos tries ensuring the women of Africa have equal access to education, training, and job opportunities as their male counterparts also plays a role in the success of women moving forward. To do this, she has committed herself to “planting seeds” around Africa. 

By improving local communities and providing opportunities to those who previously were less fortunate, dos Santos is creating wealth for those small communities to begin investing in themselves. Her charity and philanthropy are already evident in the communities she has touched. Isabel dos Santos’s Facebook and Instagram pages share the seeds she is helping plant and tells the stories of the many African people who have taken part of her plan.

Keep on reading about Dos Santos´philanthropic projects at https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/12/21/marketplace-africa-isabel-dos-santos-africas-richest-woman-a.cnn

Greg Blatt Enjoys Business Success Wherever He Goes

Greg Blatt is a highly educated, brilliant businessman who has experienced extraordinary success in a number of different markets in a wide variety of different positions.

Most recently, he took the helm at dating sites Match Group, Tinder, and IAC, and led them to not only increase their revenues and userbases, but what with as CEO for these companies at various points between 2009-2017, he helped them to become leaders in the very competitive online dating industry. When he was not serving as CEO of these companies, Greg Blatt served as executive vice president in general counsel; executive chairman; and chairman at times. 

Greg Blatt was a success in the fields he’s worked in ever since his university days. He earned his undergraduate degree from Colgate University, majoring in English language, literature/letters, and economics. Later, he attended Columbia Law School, earning his Doctor of Law degree. Then he would work at two different law firms as an associate before really taking it big time when Blatt served at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. 

He held several positions with the company, with perhaps his most noteworthy job there serving as executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs. Some in the business sector may wonder why Greg Blatt continues to explore opportunities with different companies. However, they do recognize his need to push his boundaries, seeking out the most he can achieve (Consumerist). 

These ‘doubters’ acknowledge that the drive he shows is vital in helping to become a forward-thinking, successful leader.Modern technology that he implemented with Tinder and other dating applications opens up many doors in different avenues if he should elect to go in any number of different directions.

Now, it wasn’t an immediate jump from one big accomplishment to the next one. In fact, Mr. Blatt had a brief ‘real world’ time between getting his degree from Colgate and attending Columbia. In this time he took a few years off and bussed tables, painted houses, and bartended in Telluride, Colorado, Budapest, Reims, France, and San Francisco. Perhaps this time spent between universities spent out in the world working these jobs gave him some real-world perspective and helped him to focus on what he aspired to become in the future.

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American Addiction Centers Files Suit Against the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

American Addiction Centers (AAC), an addiction treatment group, has brought an action against a trade group, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), for engaging practices that are anti-competitive and defamatory in nature. In the complaint, AAC asserted that the NAATP violated the Lanham Act, an act prohibiting the misrepresentation of goods, services or commercial activities.

The American Addiction Centers is suing the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers on the following theories: defamation, tortious interference, breach of contract, constructive fraud, breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing as well as violation of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

it is claimed that the NAATP engaged in a coordinated effort to prevent the AAC from being able to advertise on Google by misrepresenting the company as a “bad actor” to an organization that is given the authority to certifies addiction-center advertising on the Google search platform.

It is further claimed that the American Addiction Centers and its two directory websites, rehabs.com and recovery.org, were blocked from advertising on Google as a result of the NAATP’s efforts.

Moreover, it is claimed that the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers intentionally excluded the AAC from membership by amending its ethics standards without notifying it of the changes.

One such efforts on the NAATP’s part involved its lobbing of Google to remove any addiction treatment group that are labeled bad actors from being able to secure addiction advertising. As a result, Google created LegitScript whose goal was to eliminate unethical and deceptive marketing practices on Google by preventing any addiction providers that are not LegitScript-certified from bidding for ad space. AAC maintains that it has never engaged in any unethical or deceptive marketing practices.

Despite this, the NAATP not only made efforts to influence both Google and LegitScript but also falsely represented that the American Addiction Centers was a “bad actors” in addiction marketing.

This resulted in the AAC being denied LegitScript certification with the result that AAC was not allowed to purchase search ads on Google. Subsequently, LegitScript was adopted by Facebook and Bing, which made AAC’s purchase of search advertising virtually impossible. When AAC tried to work with LegitScript to resolve the problem, it was rebuffed.

As a result of the denial of access to Google search ads, AAC experienced a drop in third-party providers buying ad space on its two directory websites, considerably less third-party opportunities in its diagnostic lab testing business and a decrease in the number of patients admitted to its treatment centers. As a result of the NAATP’s repeated efforts at defaming its reputation, advertisers left its directory websites in fear of retaliation or blacklisting by the NAATP or LegitScript.

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The Famous Resident, Zeco Auriemo

The Fifth Avenue neighborhood which borders the east side of New York’s Central Park is one of the famous, lucrative, highly sought after line of houses in the world. It is populated by all manner of rich and powerful entrepreneurs, lawyers, and advertisers. A few years ago, Jose Auriemo Neto, the CEO of real estate development company, JHSF, and his family took up temporary residence. He would be there to supervise as JHSF completed its first project in the states: The transformation of a four-story 19th-century mansion into a luxurious apartment building.

The acquired the building for $32 million and working and eventually acquired permission to alter the historic building. They also had to win over the neighbors who were very vocal about the discontent about the whole thing. There was additional hesitancy because the mansion was the oldest building on 5th avenue. Famous 20th-century residents of the mansion include Norman Rockefeller, a banker and former U.S. Vice President; Steve Wynn, a Las Vegas tycoon; and the actor, Richard Gere. The end of the construction project signaled the departure of Jose Auriemo and his family.

However, Sergio Millerman continues to lead as the representative of JHSF in the USA. In previous years Jose had been instrumental in revolutionizing the economy of Brazil by taking JHSF into the luxury retail sector. Their first project to that end was the massive luxury shopping complex, Cidade Jardim. Auriemo also led the company into a very lucrative partnership with the Fasano hotel and restaurant chain.

QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaren Is An Expert In Hospitality And Direct Selling

Vijay Eswaren is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience running a successful business. Vijay started the QNET company along with the QI Group, for which he is now the Executive Chairman. WIth a specific focus on direct selling and hospitality, Vijay has been able to turn QNET into a global corporation with partnerships all over the world.

Vijay’s QI Group has become a huge corporation with projects throughout various industries, such as direct sales, education, telecommunications, retail, logistics, advisory, antiques, luxuries, and much more. Vijay has been with the company since the beginning, helping form the business strategies and provide direction that has led to extreme growth over the past decade. The QI Group’s services are used in over 30 countries today and they have opened up various locations for business around the world, including offices in Singapore, China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Over the course of his career, Vijay has built quite the portfolio of business accomplishments and vastly sharpened his skills. More so than most, Vijay is also an excellent communicator, both in business and general conversations with people. He has taken the time to speak on countless occasions over the years to talk about business and his career around the world, from universities to dozens of business events. Vijay has been featured on dozens of forums and business programs as well. Dedication is an important trait for any successful individual to have, and it is one of the principles that Vijay lives by. For him, dedication is all-encompassing and the only way to be a highly successful businessman, which is why he focuses on improving and being productive in all aspects of life that he can be. This extends into philanthropy as well, with and without his company QI Group. Giving back not only helps the community and brings new growth, but Vijay believes it is an important responsibility for any individual with great success.

LocationSmart Delivers Its Services to Canada

LocationSmart announced the expansion of its location tracking services to Canada across all major wireless carriers. The services provided comprise of short message services, geo-contextual, and secure carrier network location.

The company will utilize its original platform to provide location-based services to more than ninety percent of mobile subscribers in Canada. More so, the location-based services will remain available to all wireless network providers as well as their branches within the country.

After obtaining the rights from subscribers, different businesses will readily determine the location of their clients in real time. The services are free from software installation or related mobile app downloads and supported by cellular connection devices such as smartphones, tablets, M2M/IoT, among others.

As security and privacy being crucial factors in the process, LocationSmart uses carrier-grade securities and inclusive privacy management tools to ensure subscriber location remains confidential and secure.

The company provides location-based services for the benefit of businesses, especially in boosting operations and improving customer service delivery. Other benefits include the provision of real-time locations for tracking of assets and cargos, customer transaction verification, toll-free routing, and essential for the management of the workforce.

Besides, businesses can trace subscribers through their phones anywhere around the world, given that they have an operational device connected to a cellular network.

According to a statement released by Mario Proietti, CEO of LocationSmart, the expansion to Canada aims at developing new ways to create opportunities for clients to improve service delivery to mobile users. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

Again, wireless network providers utilizing location tracking services will eventually explore new markets while realizing more business relationship, therefore, building more sustainable mobile services. The CEO also promises to include other strategies on their international expansion hence enabling businesses to support their clients effectively.

In early 2018, LocationSmart introduced a complete Beta program in Canada which has seen different industries already utilizing in several sectors.

Mario Proietti added that the company remains committed to implementing seamless techniques while the Beta program is already witnessing a large number of clients launching it. Subsequently, other customers are on the processing of acquiring the service hence integrating mobile network location services successfully.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a Location-as-a-Service and wireless location-based Services Company headquartered in Carlsbad, California, United States. Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti founded it in 1995 under the name TechnoCom Corporation and based in Los Angeles, California.

It is privately held and specializes in providing consent-based location services for businesses through tracking of mobile subscribers.

In 2003, it was recognized as the fast-growing facility in the United States by Deloitte & Touche. Rebranding in 2012, the company uses a cellular network, Wi-Fi, IP address, hybrid, and software development kit to identify the location of registered subscribers. Currently, it operates with different companies in the United as well as US states in the provision of online gaming services.

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EOS Lip Balm Review for Its Organic Ingredients

There are various lip balms that are being sold on the market, but not all of these lip balms contain organic and all natural ingredients. EOS lip balms are one of the best lip balms to use right now because of their all natural ingredients that contribute to healthy lips and attractive scents in addition to being good for your lips.

One of the most popular flavors, Strawberry Sorbet, is paraben free, gluten free, petrolatum free, and simple to apply. More than half of the EOS lips balms are 100 percent natural and are safe to use because of the abundance of healthy ingredients in the lip balm.

Many of the EOS lip balms also contain shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. These all natural ingredients help chapped lips and other types of issues that one might face with their lips.

There are plenty of EOS lip balm options to choose from if you are purchasing the sphere. The stick comes in less flavors than the sphere, but you can guarantee that the quality is still the same, top notch, and healthy above anything else. 

Sergey Petrossov JetSmarter App

Sergey Petrossov was recently awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 award for his work in consumer technology and the award for South Florida’s Top Working Professional by the prestigious Sun Sentinal. Sergey Petrossov has been awarded so many prestigious awards because he is always working hard to find ways to make the technology and consumer industries more innovative.

Before Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter, he was the co-founder of two other IT projects including an online chat service system that enhanced the customer service experiences as well as a platform that allowed Russian based educational institutions to provide distance learning. During that time he was also serving as an advisor to the board of a private jet operator based out of South Florida- an operator that had the world’s largest fleet of charter fleets in the entire Gulfstream.

Petrossov flew his first private airplane for the first time and it was then that he was first able to see the challenges that came along with the process of booking a charter flight. At that time, mobile marketplaces were becoming more popular, and Petrossov felt that if he could utilize technology, then he could make the booking process for charter planes much easier and less awkward. And from this singular private flight, the idea for JetSmarter came about.

Petrossov quickly got the team that he worked with for other projects together and invested much of his own money, and together they started working on building an app that would connect flyers to the best of the best jet operators. After a lot of planning, JetSmarter was finally able to launch in August of 2012. After its launch in 2012, JetSmarter worked to raise some additional funds and collaborated with other vendors and partners and in March of 2013, Petrossov was finally able to launch JetSmarter to the public. The team behind the success of JetSmarter are people who worked on things like NASA, Nokia, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and BMW, which means their combined experience in technology, private air travel, and logistics has allowed JetSmarter to be the groundbreaking app that it has become!

Why Jeunesse Global Thinks Hard Work Is Worth It

The individuals responsible for the work done at Jeunesse Global with regards to constantly making developments in the anti-aging industry are continually trying to improve upon their past business model. It is important to the company at large to ensure that the only new people who are joining their business are working towards creating a reality wherein their products can genuinely reduce the effects of aging on the human body more than any of their competitors. They know that in order to do this, they need to work extremely hard towards creating new technology within their field, but to them, the hard work is worth it. 

When Jeunesse Global receives letters from customers detailing just how much their products have changed the individual’s life, they remember why they exist in the first place. Jeunesse Global does not simply work as hard they do because they want to make a profit; this would never work out in the long run. In their minds, chasing money only gets you so far. If you truly want to leave your imprint on the world, if you want to let everyone know that you are capable of creating a positive change in the settings around you, then you must fight for a cause you believe in. Fighting for the sake of fighting has never done much for anyone in the way of development, and Jeunesse Global is more than aware of this fact. 

It is because of this that they ensure that with every new product there is a reason for its existence. They will not simply pump out new ideas so that they can deceive more people into buying them; when they create something, they are preparing for it to be present on their catalog of items for years to come. Because of this, they want to ensure that it is nothing but completely refined, so they make sure to spend hours upon hours studying the effects of their products before they even become close to being released to the general public. This precaution ensures that Jeunesse Global only delivers the highest quality products to their loyal customers.


Fortress Investment Group Has Introduced Open-End Fund To Investors

Fortress Investment Group has introduced direct-lending to boost the amount of money the company has been lending to investors. This is a lending strategy that is mostly focused on ensuring that customers will be getting more credit from the company. Although customers are the ones who are likely to gain from this innovation, Fortress Group will be able to establish itself as one of the most profitable companies to the interested investors.

Recent reports indicate that Fortress Investment Group is expected to launch another funding opportunity that is designed explicitly for intellectual properties, solving real estate debts, and helping in the purchase of aircraft leases. The owner of Fortress Group, SoftBank Group Corporation, is expected to close the direct-lending for 42 billion shortly. However, the $2 billion funding will not only be used to buy real estate debts but will also play a significant role in buying other profitable ventures.

Another product that has been on the raise at Fortress Investment Group is an open-end asset fund, which has already attracted $500 million. Recent trends show that Fortress Group is drawn to the private credit market due to the higher yields from investments. This has caused significant shifts in the operations of the company. Fortress Group has already moved its operations from pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, and insurance companies.

So, what is a private credit market? This is money given to various organizations for investment opportunities after careful negotiations between the two parties. Careful negotiations have helped Fortress Investment Group to make huge profits than what it was making when it was trading its funds in public markets. In most cases, private credit markets may include structural lending, bonds, loans, and direct lending, among others.

This has made open-end assets to be a darling for many investors because they can pull their resources together and get a huge investment that is not common in other funds. Fortress Investment Group is using the open-end fund to help investors to invest in a low-cost and low-barrier market. Most of the public markets are known to be costly and high-barrier markets, which mean that only few investors can invest in these funds.

See: https://www.inc.com/profile/fortress-investment-group