Beneful Is TheFood Of Choice For My New Puppy

It was my birthday, and I had just turned 21 years old, and I had a big box left on my doorstep. I knew the box was from my boyfriend because he told me he would be sending me a package. I opened up the box, and out jumped a small puppy. I thought it was the cutest gift ever, and I checked over the dog to make sure he was okay after being in a box, but it turned out that he was just placed in the box minutes before. I could even see the guy who had delivered the box, walking quickly down the street to get out of sight.

I picked up the puppy and brought a box inside, and I went right to the kitchen into the bright lights to look the dog over. I wasn’t sure what I would feed the dog, but funny enough, I looked under my cabinets in the kitchen and found a bag of Beneful on purinastore dog food. I know I had never bought dog food before, but I realize that this is what my boyfriend was doing under my sink in the kitchen the other day, he was storing away dog food.

If I looked under the kitchen sink more often, then I would’ve realized that he was getting me a dog, but he obviously knows my routines. I took out the bag of dog food, and put the food in a bowl for him, and he began eating it. I started reading over the ingredients in the dog food, and I noticed that on the cover was a picture of a puppy. It turns out my boyfriend really knew what he was doing when he gave me the dog food because it was made just for puppies. My boyfriend had a dog of his own too, but we lived in different homes.

I finally have my own puppy to grow as I see fit, and I knew I was going to be a good owner. After the dog ate, I went back to the bedroom with him, and we watched TV together. I allowed the dog to be on the bed, but I noticed that he was shedding a little bit. I decided that I would take him to a groomer the next day to get the shedding under control, and to cut his fur if it was necessary. I also wanted to take him for a vet visit too.

When I went to the vet I asked about the food that I was feeding the dog, and he said it was perfect for the dog. The vet had even told me that he fed his dog Beneful for puppies when he first got his dog, so he said it was very good food. The vet said the dog was perfectly healthy, and I went straight to the groomer afterwards. After the dog was groomed, I went to the pet store to buy some toys as well as buying some more Beneful.

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