When It Comes to Empowering Women in Business, Isabel dos Santos Shines

Isabel dos Santos, known as the richest woman in Africa, lives by the motto, “First the seed, then the future.” And when it comes to “seeds”, she wants women around the world to know they are the seeds that will become the future of the business workforce. Her encouragement doesn’t always happen on a large stage. When Isabel supports women in business, she doesn’t let the size of her audience impact the message she shares.

Often, these talks take place in small classrooms, where dos Santos encourages women to be pioneers in the coming technological revolution. But you’ll also find her on many of the most prestigious stages, where her message is sought out by the likes of the University of Warwick, Yale, and the United Nations. Dos Santos recognizes the future of business, and how commerce will change with advances technology (Behance). 

She acknowledges that planting the seeds in women of pursuing work in business technology has a clear path to success in the workforce. Women have the power to change society beginning from education within their own families. Consistent, sustained growth is the key to driving Africa’s women forward in the business world. Isabel dos Santos tries ensuring the women of Africa have equal access to education, training, and job opportunities as their male counterparts also plays a role in the success of women moving forward. To do this, she has committed herself to “planting seeds” around Africa. 

By improving local communities and providing opportunities to those who previously were less fortunate, dos Santos is creating wealth for those small communities to begin investing in themselves. Her charity and philanthropy are already evident in the communities she has touched. Isabel dos Santos’s Facebook and Instagram pages share the seeds she is helping plant and tells the stories of the many African people who have taken part of her plan.

Keep on reading about Dos Santos´philanthropic projects at https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/12/21/marketplace-africa-isabel-dos-santos-africas-richest-woman-a.cnn

Isabel Dos Santos Contribution to the Empowerment of Women

Isabel Dos Santos is Africa richest woman. Isabel focuses on helping women and young women across Africa. During the United Nations debate, Isabel talked about empowerment of women and how they would play a significant role in transforming Africa’s economy. Isabel’s words of advice and encouragement have gone a long way in motivating African’s to work towards making their goals a success. Isabel’s advice focuses more on women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes that a large number of fruitful entrepreneurs have risen from Africa due to the continents business-minded nature. According to Isabel, Africa has ceased to grow due to the disapproval of women in most work institutions. The fact that women are looked down upon has inhibited women from aspiring to do more and working towards becoming successful. She fights against stigmatization of women which has also created a dent in the economy since women can be valuable assets in the growth of a country. Isabel Dos Santos believes that she can change people’s view of women and instill self-confidence in women; only if they are given equal opportunities as men; opportunities like access education and information, employment opportunities and mentorship.

Isabel dos Santos uses her philosophy of, “First the seed, then the future” in empowering women and making a change in the society. She has faith in steady growth rather than sudden change as a way of promoting growth. The seed that Isabel is talking, in this case, are African women; they need to be planted by allowing them to have economic freedom. Isabel has faith in the power of women to transform the economy with the right chances. Isabel believes that women are being held back since they are not given the right prospects that will allow them to achieve financial stability.

Over the years, Isabel has been working to ensure Africans are provided with suitable opportunities. Isabel dos Santos focuses most of her energy in Angola, her home town. She usually talks to young individuals on the importance and value of business and entrepreneurship. She visits various institutions in the countries providing insight on entrepreneurship. Dos Santos encourages young people to join the entrepreneurship and be part of the “great family.”

More information about Dos Santos career at https://www.ukuncut.org.uk/isabel-dos-santos-technology/

NGP VAN Hears the Rally Cry

NGP VAN is a database used by Democrats for fundraising, compliance, and organizing. NGP VAN was formed in 2010 by Mark Sullivan and Nathaniel Pearlman. They’ve been utilized by some of the biggest names in government. The database benefited the Obama 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, and the presidential campaigns of Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016. They were named the number one voter management tool by the Democratic National Committee. NGP VAN provides the same technology to smaller municipal candidates, so they have the most accurate and up to date election information. Candidates or organizers can use this info to organize rallies to gain support. NGP VAN recently posted a blog on how to organize a great rally for your campaign.

NGP VAN listed several tips on how to best organize an effective and motivating rally. They suggested that you decide what your goal is, and commit your time and energy to the rally promoting it. They’re a great way to sway undecided voters, but the timing is essential. Rallies are a great way to kick off an election season, but most of the time they’re hosted within the last two weeks of a campaign.

Make sure to plan your rally in detail. Find the location and gain support by advertising. How will your sound system operate? What will you put on display? Who will be speaking? NGP VAN suggests leaving nothing to chance.

Advertising is vital. Hang and hand out flyers around town. Use social media to get the word out. Creating an event on Facebook is a great way to stay up to date on the details of your rally and reach more people. NGP VAN offers tools for social media like Facebook Events Integration, Social Share Tracking, and Advanced Social Matching. These will lessen the some of the hassle involved in the planning process.


NGP VAN stresses the importance of informing the media with a press release. Newspapers, television stations, radio stations, blogs, and college newspapers should all be aware of your rally. They suggest getting creative by asking your local radio station to announce the rally on air.

During the rally, it’s important to recruit as many activists as possible. Gather emails, and make sure to have people who can canvass the area for volunteers. NGP VAN says rallies are a great way to boost support. People are pumped and ready to take action, so they will be more likely to volunteer for the cause.

Planning a rally can be a stressful process. NGP VAN makes it easier with this advice. They say planning a rally creates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm turns into action. The action turns into results.


NGP Van, located in Washington, D.C., is a company that leads the way in providing technology for various aspects of the Democratic Party in all of the United States. Many other progressive organizations also use their software to help make their voices heard for causes they support. NGP Van offers affordable prices because they believe in these organizations’ principles, ideas and changes being promoted. It was founded in 1997, employs 190 people and is one of the ten fastest growing companies in 2017. NGP Van said they “are like family”, is a fun place to work and offers many perks for their employees.

NGP Van has strategies available for political campaign fundraising goals and how to meet them. They also have plans for organizing a rally to help it run more smoothly.

NGP Van has the following tips to help make your rally a success:
1. First, decide what points you want emphasized at your rally.
2. Plan your location by considering how many people will be attending, how much parking area needed, accessibility to all, etc.
3. Hang photos everywhere of the person involved in your campaign, distribute campaign signs to everyone attending and make sure passionate proponents are strategically located behind the podium with signs of support.
4. Decide what other speakers to choose that will help convey the candidate’s message.
5. Choose an enthusiastic emcee to introduce other speakers to make sure your program runs smoothly and problem-free.
6. Advertise, advertise and advertise! Use all social media outlets, newspapers, TV, radio, etc. to promote your rally event.
7. Enlist volunteers to help in all areas.
8. Make sure there is plenty of media coverage.
9. It’s a good idea to save your rally for the last two weeks of your campaign when excitement and enthusiasm of your base is at its peak.

NGP Van is not only for political campaigns. Non-profit organizations, labor unions, and local and state campaigns also use them, so whatever is needed for your organization, NGP Van may be just the place to look to help in all your endeavors.

George Soros, Philanthropist and Much, Much More

According to Forbes, George Soros is the number 10 highest earning hedge fund manager in the world. He is the 19th richest man in the world. He has stated recently that he will invest and support refugees arriving in Europe with five hundred million dollars’ worth of investments in new companies that are started by refugees. George Soros is a man who puts his money where his heart is, and his heart has always been with the downtrodden and forgotten people in the world.

He had donated three million dollars to a political action committee that wanted to help Hispanic voters to mobilize and get out the vote. Because of his upbringing, Mr. Soros has a reason for helping the poor, the destitute, and the refugees of bad times and political management.

He was a refugee, himself. He left Budapest in war-torn, Nazi-occupied Hungary when he was but a child. His father colluded with others to hide the fact that they were Jewish, and they made their way into hiding until the Nazis were no more. He left Hungary in 1947 and went to the United Kingdom, where he went to school and studied economics. Shortly after graduation from college, Mr. Soros was on his way to becoming an investor to be reckoned with. Read more on Snopes about George Soros

According to Discover the Networks, George Soros is one of the most politically powerful individuals in the world. It is said that George Soros has toppled governments and is now the most politically influential man in the United States.

The Discover the Networks article says that George Soros considers himself a savior, as it were, of the poor and the unguided. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

Indeed, Mr. Soros has given to more charities, and donated more to charities, than any person in the world, living or dead. He had given to groups to help topple the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, and has with those countries trying to come to terms with their new ideals of democracy and liberty after the collapse of the Soviet Union. George Soros, like we said, and as was stated in Forbes, does not mess around with saying something: he actually does something about it.

He has started charities, and then donated tens of millions of dollars to the charities. Yes, George Soros may be disliked by some, and feared by others. But, Mr. Soros has their undying respect and admiration for being a true leader and a man of his times.

Visit: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Thor Halvorssen Speaks Out Against Nicki Minaj’s Angola Concert

Outspoken human rights advocate and film producer Thor Halvorssen sent a personal communication to rapper Nicki Minaj imploring her to cancel an upcoming concert in Angola. As president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor Halvorssen states the dictator, Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ “policy to harass, imprison or kill politicians, journalists and activists who protest his rule,” as the reason for the boycott. Yet a $2 million dollar payment seems t have been hard to resist – as the show certainly did go on as scheduled. Despite the country’s extreme poverty, according to HRF, the dictator has gained a fortune exploiting Angola’s diamond and oil wealth.

Nicki Minaj herself grew up in extreme poverty on the Southside of Jamaica Queens, New York. Trusting that she would have an empathetic ear towards the plight of the people of Angola, Mr. Halvorssen reached out to Ms. Minaj in hopes of bringing attention to the country’s human rights indifference. Not to be singled out though, as Halvorssen points out, many other big name celebs continue to profit from performances in countries that are led by brutal regimes.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Halvorssen in 2005, yet he has been advocating for the rights of underprivileged societies since 1989 with loud opposition to South African apartheid. Graduating Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania did not shield him from suffering first hand the unfairness of political structures that seek to silence the peoples they govern and misuse their power. His father, a diplomat, was falsely accused and suffered torture in a Venezuelan jail, while his mother was shot while attending a peaceful political protest.

The HRF has successfully participated in attaining the release of seven dissidents, and has provided crucial information for major international human rights cases. They follow an untiring mission of freedom for individuals in closed societies rooted in a deep commitment to individual liberty in those areas that are most under threat. While the lure of a cash windfall for performances in countries such as these may seem harmless, imagine the spotlight to human suffering Nicki Minaj and others could bring in the fight against impoverishment.