How Gooee Smart Lighting Works

If you have never made you so smart lighting before in the past, this is definitely something you might want to consider for yourself. The reason so many homeowners have been choosing Gooee Smart Lighting for themselves is because this is something that helps them to lower their energy costs and get them or Affordable Electric bill each and every month. One of the first things you will want to do is to consider smart lighting for yourself so that this is something you can find to be beneficial in the home and for your family. There is nothing wrong with switching to Smart lighting and this is why so many people have done for themselves.

Once you make the decision that smart lighting is the right choice for you, you might be interested to know this works or anything else that you might need in order to benefit from this technology. What you might not realize is that smart lighting allows you to control the lights in your home without having to switch it on at home because you can control everything from a smart device. You will also find that you can have the fixture turn on or off depending on how lit the room currently is. This is definitely something that can benefit you tremendously and many people are choosing to have it available to them when it comes to lowering their energy costs at home and knowing they are doing something beneficial for everyone who might be involved in this.

Slyce Dominates Online Shopping Industry With Visual Search


Since I have grown up I have seen the business and shopping communities change significantly. In fact, I can remember a day before the internet when you could only get things by going to the actual location that your product is sold. You would have to go to the hardware store to get those patio chairs, or you would have to go the mall and figure out where to buy your basketball shorts. Luckily, the internet came along and makes shopping online a possibility. In fact, online shopping might be one of the greatest innovations that the internet has made possible. In addition to providing complete news coverage, and other sources of entertainment, the internet brings us closer to the purchases that we want to make.

Online shopping in itself is an entertaining thing to do, but I do not usually want to spend hours of my free time online looking for the things that I want to buy. I found a pair of sneakers in the store the other day, for instance. They did not have my size in the store, so I went online later to find them, and I had a lot of trouble locating them. I found this app on my smart phone that made it a lot easier.

I was lucky to find out about Slyce because it seems like an app that will make my life easier when it comes time to shop for myself, for my home, and for my family. I imagine that it will make things easier when Christmas time comes around as well. I do not like dealing with crowded department stores at all. Does anyone out there like to stand in line? Why waste all of that time when you can use Slyce to buy exactly what you are looking for.

Slyce visual search is such an advanced technology that it uses image recognition and product recognition software to generate search results for users that are based entirely off of the picture submitted by each user. The entire process generates results that are more accurate than any other online shopping methods. Slyce is quick, Slyce is easy, and Slyce is free to download. The company is really making some waves in their industry, and they are actually partnered with several large retailers out there. Slyce publicly announced their partnership with large retailers such as Shoe Carnival within the past few months.

Coaching Critical to Developing Successful Real Estate Agents

As the owner or manager of a real estate agency, your profits depend on the effectiveness of your team of agents. The people working for you want to succeed, but your leadership is necessary for increasing their performance. With thoughtful coaching, you can cultivate a positive team culture that fosters a spirit of cooperation. Your agents should not feel like they are competing with each other. Instead, they should know that they are working together to outperform your competitors.

Accountability is critical for coaching to succeed. Each agent should have an accountability partner. This partner could be you or another agent. Coaching advice from RIS Media recommends creating a mastermind group of agents. Everyone within the group acts as a partner for another team member. As the owner or manager, you’ll lead the group and maintain its focus.

Whether you’re running a group or working with an agent one on one, your coaching will begin by listing the person’s strengths and weaknesses. These aspects need to be discussed openly. The next step will be to build on strengths. Positive attributes should be addressed one at a time. An attempt to improve someone in multiple areas at once will overwhelm and frustrate a person.

A coach will assign weekly activities, like prospecting for new listings. The next week, the agent will talk to the accountability partner about whether the goal was achieved or not. During the coaching, the person will get the chance to discuss problems and gain fresh ideas. Gradually, this process will help a person confront fears and break through mental blocks. Even small successes will create a sense of accomplishment, which is important to building confidence.

You do not have to do all of the coaching yourself. Many real estate coaches are ready to build your team. For example, Greg Hague at Real Estate Mavericks has valuable insights that could unlock the potential within your agents. He advises that people get past the notion that they are selling themselves. They need to develop selling formulas and communicate to clients what they will do to get a home sold. This formula-focused strategy excites prospective clients because it explains how their needs will be met.

Coaching from Real Estate Mavericks aims to make all of your agents listing agents. As a high-performing coach, Hague does not believe in drilling agents in old cold-calling scripts. His coaching teaches people how to make an action plan for selling homes. Once they are able to explain their value to prospects, then more listings will ensue.

With more listings, your agency will be positioned for greater earnings. Whether you provide the coaching yourself or outsource the service, your leadership must be present. Without it, your agents will flounder. By creating a helpful and productive culture within your agency, you’ll enable others to earn money, and their success will translate into greater success for your agency.

Independent Workers Looking For More Security In Workplace

The way Americans work is changing by the day as over 53 million Americans now work for themselves or work as freelance contractors managing to get by simply by becoming a jack of all available trades With Uber, Handy, and Lyft making it easier for people to work as contractors by using the sites to connect them to work people are choosing to freelance or at the very least supplement their incomes. However, regulations and laws to protect freelancers have not been able to evolve as quickly along with them.

Many companies allow those who depended on companies or businesses for work to now enter the market on their own. For instance, is a new website/app that is rapidly building its customer and professional marketplace. connects customers that need help around their home with trade professionals that can supply it. This can mean anything from house cleaners to plumbers to furniture assembly. If it is a trade job you can do with your hands then you can find help on Of course, on the flip side you can also get a job if qualified.

Independent workers are starting to build momentum however across the nation to help build a better workplace even in the independent workplace. This week two initiatives have bene announced that will help create stability and a social safety net that can coincide with the new flexible workplace. The focus is on creating a Good Work Code and portable benefits which are two things that independent workers do not enjoy currently.

The new coalition of contract workers is led by Greg Nelson who used to be an advisor to Obama. His group formed and released a letter signed by many of the top independent business ventures such as Handy Instacart, Lyft, Etsy and more. Policy experts, academics, and venture capitalists also signed it acknowledging the need for everyone to have access to a safety net regardless of how they are employed. CEO Oisin Hanrahan signed the flexible benefits initiative stating that he would love to offer more to his 10,000 professionals that regularly use the website. Right now the laws only distinguish between independent contract and employee, but in the future he would love for there to be a middle ground so that everyone gets a fair share. He said his aim would be to create a safe harbor for individuals that work with

Image Recognition Technology

Visual search:
Visual Search or search by image is the ability to search with a picture than with a text.
Image recognition or visual search technology is is a find the similar technology which uses algorithms where computer technology mimics the way brain recognises images or objects or pictures which result in 95% positive matches.
This system has much-sophisticated image recognition which is very much like a human brain. This is cloud-based visual search platform uses object recognition algorithms and visual interference engines. Visual search technology conduct highly accurate image search that is exact match and find similar images from a search.
Just like the human brain this visual search technology uses paralleled computation to find the exact match during the search.
Within the database of many millions of images, the visual search technology makes it possible to recognise the exact or similar image matches in the most accurate and efficient way possible.
Visual search technology is set to impact the way people do shopping in future. The consumer can snap a picture of the something that catches their eye which they like to have exact same object or the item and using this visual search technology will be able to find similar or same item for sale immediately.
There are new apps coming every day promising this kind of service but not all of them are showing good reliable results. This technology helps users to upload the picture of the object or item they are looking for and find an equivalent product to make a purchase immediately. Visual search technology has a great potential for fashion and retail industry
Slyce Visual product search technology provider:
One of the best and leading visual search providers for brands and retailers is Slyce. They provide visual search technology and they help connect with customers at any time. Slyce is currently working with six of the top 20 retailers in North America. Captured images are streamed through series of recognition stages using this advanced visual image recognition technology used by Slyce to accurately determine matches. For every search you make using Slyce visual product recognition technology you get close or exact matching product results.
To put the retailer at the exact moment of shoppers inspiration, Slyce can make it happen at any moment.
Slyce in action: This is what they do as they integrate their visual search technology right into your already existing app as a retail partner. Consumers can do real world shopping by downloading their in-house Apps like craves, pounce or snipsnap. They integrate with world’s leading retail brands and provide shoppers with the ability to find things they like to have just by snapping a picture of the item with their smartphones.