Jose Borghi Believes That Retailers Have No Other Option but to Embrace Smartphones and E-commerce

Jose Henrique Borghi is of the opinion that business must embrace the use of smartphones in order to keep tabs with the fast-changing economic landscape in Brazil. The CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil shared his thoughts through an article published on in June 2016.

In his submission, Jose argued that it’s through proper use of mobile applications that brands like Uber had taken the Brazilian advertising market by storm. He also noted that since Airbnb incorporated the use of smartphone applications, the brand’s perception and acceptance by Brazilians shot to an upward trajectory. According to him, smartphones bring about aspects of sharing economy- a new trend in the business world services where brands offer shared services.

Withstanding Downturns

Online business seems so strong even for an economic downturn to subdue. Jose Borghi noted this after doing an analysis of the Brazilian economy landscape in 2015. He found out that online business was abnormally on the rise, at a time when the economic downturn in the country was proving too tough for business. Jose reported that in that year, about R $ 41 billion made rounds within the online business space. This was a 15 percent growth relative to 2014. Jose Borghi estimation was that 2016 would also present a revenue increase within the sector.

A Wider Customer Base

Jose Borgi noted in his submission that traditional retailers are left with no other option than to jump into the e-commerce sector. According to him, this would present them with a wider customer base that is vital for business growth; particularly during times of crises.

E-commerce brought a convenient way of accessing products at the comfort of one’s home. In Jose’s assessment, the fashion industry has benefited most from the lucrative opportunities e-commerce is creating. He noted that in some countries, such as the USA, almost half of total purchases in the fashion industry in 2015 were made online. It’s because of reasons like these that Jose Borgi insisted that smartphones have become a business necessity.

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