Greg Blatt Enjoys Business Success Wherever He Goes

Greg Blatt is a highly educated, brilliant businessman who has experienced extraordinary success in a number of different markets in a wide variety of different positions.

Most recently, he took the helm at dating sites Match Group, Tinder, and IAC, and led them to not only increase their revenues and userbases, but what with as CEO for these companies at various points between 2009-2017, he helped them to become leaders in the very competitive online dating industry. When he was not serving as CEO of these companies, Greg Blatt served as executive vice president in general counsel; executive chairman; and chairman at times. 

Greg Blatt was a success in the fields he’s worked in ever since his university days. He earned his undergraduate degree from Colgate University, majoring in English language, literature/letters, and economics. Later, he attended Columbia Law School, earning his Doctor of Law degree. Then he would work at two different law firms as an associate before really taking it big time when Blatt served at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. 

He held several positions with the company, with perhaps his most noteworthy job there serving as executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs. Some in the business sector may wonder why Greg Blatt continues to explore opportunities with different companies. However, they do recognize his need to push his boundaries, seeking out the most he can achieve (Consumerist). 

These ‘doubters’ acknowledge that the drive he shows is vital in helping to become a forward-thinking, successful leader.Modern technology that he implemented with Tinder and other dating applications opens up many doors in different avenues if he should elect to go in any number of different directions.

Now, it wasn’t an immediate jump from one big accomplishment to the next one. In fact, Mr. Blatt had a brief ‘real world’ time between getting his degree from Colgate and attending Columbia. In this time he took a few years off and bussed tables, painted houses, and bartended in Telluride, Colorado, Budapest, Reims, France, and San Francisco. Perhaps this time spent between universities spent out in the world working these jobs gave him some real-world perspective and helped him to focus on what he aspired to become in the future.

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Managing Your Online Reputation Like A Professional


We’ve all heard the stories about a company that worked for years to gain a positive reputation online. Their reputation was ruined because of negative remarks that were made by one person determined to destroy the company for personal or financial reasons. The fact is that this happens all the time. Most might think that they must take drastic actions and immediately hire reputation management consultants. An owner of an online reputation management service suggests that there are steps that an entrepreneur can take before hiring an online reputation management firm.

Fix my online reputation!
The owner of the online reputation management firm, shared that a small business might not have the budget to invest in an internet reputation repair service. However, there are some important steps that they can take to secure their reputation.


  • Learn to control your reputation online before any trouble erupts. Make sure that your site is in the top Google search results.


  • Get involved with all the popular social media sites and build a following that is loyal.


  • Buy several domains that are in your industry early on and take control of them.


  • Optimize the website to make sure that it ranks high with the top search engines. This will help push down any negative remarks about the company.


  • Update the site on a regular basis. Update at least once a week. Update social media post daily.


Other methods to control the company’s online reputation include syndicating content to the online world. Today, this is an extremely easy task for an individual working solo or for a large corporation. This is due to the software that automatically syndicates content. Expand exposure to popular places like Blogger or WordPress. This is a great way to keep in contact with loyal customers or new customers. Let them know that the company is available for discussion and contact. Let customers know that it is easy to interact with the company and gain new insight into the company. Press Releases are also another option that more companies should really use to build a more positive company image.

The Search Fixers
The Search Fixers is an online reputation management service that will fix bad search results through proven SEO methods and tools. Don’t stress over negative comments, articles, or remarks that try to drag your business down. Call in the search fixers and fix bad reviews.

Brad Reifler Reaches out to Average Joe Investors with Forefront Income Trust

If someone wants to turn money into more money, an advisor named Brad Reifler may have the answer. For decades, most people thought successful investing was a secret that was kept by the elite 1% of investors. That is not the case.

A company named Forefront Capital wants to help close economic gaps with their Forefront Income Trust product. While the majority of investment programs only work with accredited investors, Forefront Income Trust works with average people.

Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, explains that he once only worked with accredited investors. As time went on, he began working with non-accredited investors and developed investment plans for them. Over 40% of middle-class citizens have less than $6,000 in savings. Forefront Capital strives to increase that figure with as little risk as possible.

Reifler realized how limited non-accredited investors options were when his father-in-law gave him his life savings to invest. Thereafter, Reifler developed a public fund that the average Joe could invest in.

Accredited investor standards were originally created to save shareholders from unsafe investments. Things have changed over the past 30 years, as knowledge and oversight in the stock market have increased.

The definition “Accredited investor” is reviewed every four years by a committee. After a recent review, the committee recommended doing away with net-worth and income tests that were created over 30 years ago. In turn, they replaced them with financial sophistication measures. The new measures look at an individual’s educational and professional credentials.

After much research, Reifler created the Forefront Income Trust to give the middle class more investment options. This product allows non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest as little as $2,500.

Forefront Income Trust’s products have nothing to do with the stock market’s performance. As a result, diversification is automatically allowed in an individual’s overall portfolio. While the investments may be higher risk, Forefront Income Trust has built-in structures to help lessen risks.

While Searching For Unicorns, We Found Their Queen, Doe Deere


It’s not every day that someone sets out to search for a unicorn. In case you don’t already know, this is not a task to be taken lightly. You never know what you will find, for example, we set out to prove that unicorns were real and we found the Unicorn Queen herself. Her name is Doe Deere.If you are one of the people who know nothing about unicorns or their queen, you really need to meet Doe Deere. Doe is an amazing and very colorful queen. Doe’s personality sparkles and burns as bright as some of her amazing creations.

Doe is the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. Russian born and growing up in New York City, Doe quickly because involved with the scene of fashion and makeup. She wanted to offer the makeup users what they were looking for, brighter makeup that would hold up. She created Lime Crime in 2008 and a year later the company launched a lipstick line that people loved. Today, Lime Crimes Unicorn Lipsticks remain popular and colorful.When that lipstick line was launched it made makeup history because all of the lipsticks on the market were bland and didn’t offer the wearer much in the way of color. It was Doe Deere that had the genius to reinvent lipsticks in true to life color. Radical lip colors were something that everyone wanted but no makeup company was willing to take the gamble on, Doe Deere and Lime Crime stepped up to the plate and hit the makeup coloring out of the ball park.

Listening to the needs of customers is one think that Lime Crime does good. When there is a request or demand for a color or shade, Lime Crime stands up and does their best to break the mold of the nine to five makeup company. Let’s face it, Doe Deere is not your grandmothers make up creator. As queen of the unicorns, Doe Deere takes her position very seriously and as a result prevention of animal cruelty is always at the top of the list. No unicorns or other animals are harmed in the process of Lime Crime’s Makeup testing. That’s not to say that the unicorns don’t wear the Unicorn Lipstick of their own free will. Keeping that in mind, all of Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and Vegan friendly too.

When you want a makeup that is fun to wear and meets your needs of personal expression, you will want to check out Lime Crime and while you are there, say hello and Thank You to Doe Deere.

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Brian Torchin Helps Everyone Find A Better Medical Job

Brian Torchin has a reputation for helping people find the medical jobs that they need, and he has been able to help people get the exact help they need as they continue the job search. Everyone who is trying to get a job needs some kind of help that is going to guide their resume or their interview. Brian Torchin helps people find out the right places to apply, and he also helps people figure out what field they should move into.

Brian Torchin is using his blog to shares the stats that he finds as he does his own research, and he is answering questions of people who come on the blog to learn more about the industry. He wants to be as helpful as possible, and he wants to make sure that everyone is going to feel much better about the choices they have made because they were more informed.

The people who are reading Brian Torchin’s blog are going to be able to check on the information he has, and they can send him messages in return. He puts up all the questions that he answers, and he shares the answers to make sure that he is going to be able to get the right kind of help for people who need it. He wants everyone to read the answers because he knows it could help other people besides the person who asked, and he also wants to make sure that people are going to learn the newest information.

The newest information in the industry is going to be very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn more about finding a job, and they can use that information to see if they found something that is going to really help them get a good job. They can apply in places where they are most likely to be hired, and they can learn about interviews from Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin knows everything that people need to know about getting a job in medicine, and he makes it very easy for people to get the exact information they need.  Running HCRC is no easy task, but Brian is up for the challenge.

Organo Gold Now has Coffee and Tea Products Infused with Healthy Chinese Herb

Organo Gold is pleased to introduce a new, innovative and healthy coffee to the market. The new product is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, an old health remedy used by the Chinese. The product reserves a great taste that genuinely makes one feel better and caffeinated.

Numerous Health Benefits

The new coffee and tea products greatly improve the health of customers who drink them. The Chinese herb is famous for having many wonderful health effects in the body. A prominent nutritionist, Bob Rakowski, has praised the herb calling it “the King of Herbs” because of its many health benefits. These include the following: Helping to alkalize the entire body system, improving oxygen delivery throughout the body cells, helping the detoxification process, controlling inflammation that causes other chronic pains to develop and improving the immune function of the body. These five major factors make it a huge and beneficial nutritional herb. Surely, no one can say that they cannot benefit from these new products.

Organo Products Infused with Ganoderma Lucidum

Organo Gold continues to serve active customers by offering sachets that allow them drink the tea or coffee even on the go. Tea products include Black Tea, Red Tea and Green Tea. Coffee products include café Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, and Black Coffee. All products can be accessed and purchased from the official website of Organo Gold or at any independent distributor of the Organo products.

About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua (Philippine native) has years of experience working in various multi-level marketing arenas. He worked as one of the executives from Gano Excel starting in the Philippines. Three years later, he was instrumental in helping to expand the brand in Hong Kong, the United States and also Canada. When he moved to California, he became the president in charge of Gano Excel USA. The company marketed products that had Ganoderma in them. These include capsules, food stuffs and instant coffee brands.

Today, Chua is the Chief Operating Officer for Organo Gold. He founded the company back in 2008 and has grown it ever since. Today, it serves markets in over 35 countries located on six continents. The top gourmet coffee firm caters to the active lifestyles of customers. He has been instrumental in spearheading the company’s huge success through network marketing. He is a recipient of Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Gold Medal and the Dangal ng Bayan Award given for excellence in business and industry. He is also credited with bringing successful strategies to the multi-level marketing. He has a LinkedIn Profile and is active on Twitter.

Brad Reifler Strives To Improve The Community

On March 9th, 2016, MSN reported that Forefront Capital Advisors has decided to partner with Easter Seals Dixon Center. According to the firm’s founder and chief executive officer Brad Reifler, the new partnership is expected to have an enormous impact on the lives of veterans and military families.

Throughout the years, Easter Seals Dixon Center has worked nationally and locally to create life-changing opportunities to veterans and military families by providing these respected groups with access to meaningful employment, education, and healthcare. Led by cofounder and chairman David W. Sutherland, this prominent organization strives to consistently support these individuals through community-based outreach programs in areas across the United States.

To support Easter Seals Dixon Center’s admirable mission, Brad Reifler and his team at Forefront Capital Advisors have just recently donated $3 million to the organization. The firm’s extremely generous donation will provide important programs for veterans such as education/advocacy, health/wellness, and job training. Reifler said on Twitter he believes that the support from his company will help veterans and military families achieve financial stability, which will ultimately play an important role in their success in the community.

David W. Sutherland expresses his gratitude for Forefront Capital Advisors by informing the public that he is proud that Easter Seals Dixon Center is the firm’s charity of choice. Like Reifler, he also believes that the new partnership will offer veterans and military families the unique opportunity to significantly improve their lives.

During the course of his twenty-year career, Brad Reifler has written for Reuters, and has always strived to support his clients as well as members in the community. After graduating from Bowdoin College, he held executive positions at Genesis Securities, Pali Capital, European American Investment Bank, Refco, Reifler Trading Company, and Foresight Research Solutions. He is most known for generating over $200 million in profits as the chairman and chief executive officer of Pali Capital. With offices in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Reifler’s primary goal was to ensure that he adhered to the financial expectations of his clients in each of these three locations.

In order to support middle-class members of the community, Reifler launched Forefront Income Trust in 2014. This innovative investment fund was designed to appeal to non-accredited investors who already had a 401K and savings. Because these investment vehicles are not correlated to the stock market, clients can engage in high calculated risks in order to achieve substantial financial growth. Another advantage of acquiring a Forefront Income Trust is that the product offers non-accredited investors many portfolio diversification options.

Reifler plans to continue to support his community by closing the gap between the wealthy and the middle class as well as improving the lives of veterans. has more on Brad’s career, and where he’s expected to take off next.

Success And Satisfaction At The Manse On Marsh

For seniors, if there is a sickness like a flu, there is probably a lot they could have done to prevent it. Some health threats, however, are random and unpredictable, even more when they are facing old age. But many such seemingly events are not totally random and can be avoided with adequate planning. Assisted living facility like the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo is the right place to spend a lifetime of happiness and comfort under the nature.

There are systematic differences between this assisted living facility and many nursing homes and medical treatment facilities around the world. For one, the Manse on Marsh provides the right kind of service seniors are looking for after retirement. This means fresh meals on a daily basis, cleaning and laundry service offered at the doorstep and services like transportation and medical care available upon request. Some of these services are very essential to seniors depending on their state of well-being. Others are tied to options they are choosing during sign up.

People who has sought help from assisted living facility like the Manse on Marsh live longer. This finding is one of the most common conclusions to emerge from many survey conducted across the world. There is no doubt from the review that the Manse on Marsh can do many wonderful things to promote health. Many programs such as yoga meditation and light aerobic exercise are designed to provide just that. The team of caretakers, physicians and nurses working at this award winning facility will make sure that the residents are healthy – physically and mentally. It is helpful to have an attentive caretaker like this at their side, advocating on their behalf. Having an advocate can help catch mistakes with diet as well. These caretakers can also serve as a buffer against stress. The Manse on Marsh management staff members regularly talk to residents about their stay. They are looking for improving the conditions of seniors living at the facility and their demands believing that if they were able to provide the right combination of service the residents will be happy and healthy. They have developed a concept that applies to every situation that seniors are living in – the notion of a “self-healing environment”. This is the idea that a calm atmosphere and the fulfillment of ones’ living demands is a path to overall well-being. It has made great intuitive sense for the seniors and turned out be to successful as well.

In essence, the Manse on Marsh is where senior citizens will find a life filled with joy. Assisted living facility like this will offer plans and options that fit senior citizens. And this is where they get to enjoy the benefits of a community lifestyle.  Take advantage of their contact page and see if Manse is right for you and your family.

George Soros right Prediction

George Soros is, left. In any case, for this situation, he’s sort of right — sort of right, that is.

Listen to me.

About a week ago’s business sector turmoil, George Soros only said it on Uncommon Wisdom Daily “helps me to remember the emergency we had in 2008.

After a close to 5% decay on the major U.S. securities exchange midpoints through the span of only one week?

It’s somewhat pompous to say this feels like 2008 once more. That is, unless you’re living in Canada where the land market has foamed and family units have not deleveraged.

In any case, contrasting a week ago’s cost activity with the business sector breakdown in 2008 is untimely, if not mistaken.

Yes, there is no less than one reason 2016 is 2008 once more.

Be that as it may, there is a different motivation behind why 2016 won’t turn out the same way 2008 did.

Those reasons boil down to two numbers: $225 trillion and 0.25%, separately.

$225 Trillion

The obligation is the same today as it was in amid the 2008 money related emergency.

It’s more awful.

One assessment puts worldwide obligation at about $225 trillion. That puts worldwide obligation to-Gross domestic product in the ballpark of 250%.

This graph is dated, yet it typifies the adjustment in the red levels from 2007 through the end of 2014.

Fundamentally, obligation expanded by $57 trillion through the end of 2014.

One outstanding newcomer to these obligation shenanigans is China. The obligation in China has multiplied by levels before the worldwide monetary emergency. Obligation to-Gross domestic product now sits north of 240%.

In truth, we’ve known the size of this surge in Chinese obligation since right on time a year ago.

China hosts joined the get-together after real jolt endeavors by the General population’s Bank of China.

It’s a pattern that is prone to proceed inside and outside of China.

0.25 Percent

Consider the state of worldwide economies:

The World Bank cut its 2016 development figure from 3.3% to 2.9%.

The leader of the Universal Fiscal Asset said the worldwide development will be frustrating and uneven in 2016.

George Soros might have been right about the obligation likenesses in the middle of now and 2008. He wasn’t right about the similar strength of the fundamental worldwide economy.

In the event that the supranational associations above are to be trusted, the worldwide economy is far more terrible now than when things came disentangled in 2008.

George Soros’ currently favorite quote on the “unusual way of the share trading system” is good exhortation that financial specialists ought to remember heading into 2016.

In the second 50% of 2015, the business sector’s state of mind swung uncontrollably as an aftereffect of horde headwinds, for example, smashing oil costs, the political vulnerability inside of the U.S., and the rising worldwide risk of ISIL. Regardless of a better than average begin to the year, for occurrence, the S&P 500 completed the year level, as indicated by information gave by S&P Capital I.

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George Soros: The Billionaire Philanthropist

The EU needs a comprehensive plan to eradicate the growing problem of the lack of a common refugee policy that has seen a transformation in the growing numbers of the asylum seekers into a political crisis in Europe today from a manageable problem. Every member of the EU state has focused on their individual benefits and not the interests of other. The panic among the asylum seekers has also precipitated as a result as well as the authorities responsible for order and law and the general public. The refugees are the victims that are worst hit.


The European Union needs a comprehensive plan, a plan that reasserts effective governance over the flows of the refugees. In an orderly and safe way that depicts the picture how Europe can absorb the refugees. For this plan to be comprehensive enough, it has to extend beyond the borders of Europe outwards. This will make it less expensive and much less disruptive to maintain those refugees close to their locations.


Syria is the origin of the current crisis facing Europe, the population of Syria is to be the priority. But other migrants and refugees should not be forgotten. The European plan must be brought to effect accompanied by a comprehensive response, under the UN authority and every member state under the UN. This will help in distributing the burden in Syria over many states while a global standard is established for dealing with the caused problems of more generally of forced migration.


The comprehensive plan must have the integral components. The European Union must accept at least one million refugees every year into the future. For the European Union to achieve that, the burden must be shared equitably. It is critical for the EU to have adequate financing; The European Union must provide a minimum of 15,000 euros fro every refugee for the first two consecutive years. These funds will be used by the asylum seekers to take care of their health, education and cover housing costs. The EU must use its unused capacity in the AAA borrowing that has added to stimulate the economy of Europe.


The EU will lead the worldwide effort to provide funding to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to support the millions of refugees in the country. The EU will then embark on building a migration agency that will guard the border. Safe channels must also establish for the refugees from Italy and Greece to their countries of destination. Please Visit: MarketWatch for more information.


George Soros fled from Hungary to England in the year 1947. He studied in a London school of economics and obtained qualification to work in a local investment bank in London in 1952. He immigrated to the United States and held two positions as an analyst and investment manager in three companies in New York City. He went off in 1973 and started a hedge fund firm. The Soros Fund Management grew into the well renounced Quantum Fund. For related reading, please visit Investopedia.