Agera Energy: Pure Wind Program

Providing the best services to their customers while providing natural gas and energy to customers Agera Energy offers the Pure Wind program to achieve the goal of using selling natural gas and energy while being the best energy provider. Visit to know more.

The Pure Wind Program s specific to Agera Energy where they offer customers the choice of reducing their energy bill by switching to the usage of natural gas and energy to power their home or business. For customers that agree to make the change they are offered enrollment into the Pure Wind Program where at least 50% of the energy used is generated by a wind farm (Premier Gazette, 2019). Read more about Agera Energy on

United States wind farms are an alternative way to generate energy that is better for the environment compared to energy generated at a power plant. By generating energy naturally using nationally-sourced certified wind farms Agera Energy is responding to the concerns of thousands of customers regarding energy generation and usage harming the natural environment. By using wind farms to offer the Pure Winds Project to home and business owner’s they are able to supplementing half or more of their energy usage with naturally generated energy (Chronical Weekly, 2019). Through this program Agera Energy is giving their customers a more natural, environmentally safer, and ethical choice in saving money on their energy bill while enjoying effective energy service with Agera Energy’s Pure Wind Program.



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