Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires another Company

Goettl has continued with its dream of expansion to as many states as possible with the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air which is based in California. The acquisition of the company means that Goettl now has a strong presence in southern California. The news about the acquisition was published in the GlassDoor Reviews.

While explaining why he opted to sell his company, owner Todd Longbrake stated that he needed the help of Goettl Air Conditioning to grow his company even further. Longbrake had put in all he could into Walton’s Heating and Air until the company reached a stagnation point. It was time to look for a partner.

With Walton’s Heating and Air being a family owned company, Longbrake was reluctant to enter into a deal with another company. However, he knew that he had found the right company to take his business to the next level after he heard all the positive reviews about Goettl from other players in the HVAC industry.

One surprising fact about the acquisition is that it was finalized years ago, in 2015. However, there were still some issues that needed to be ironed out about merging operations, and thus the announcement was held off.

The owner of Goettl, Ken Goodrich, stated that he wanted to announce the acquisition once all the operations and marketing strategies were in place.

A good outcome from announcing the deal late is that Longbrake can attest to how it is fairing — and the growth has been tremendous. Longbrake says that his company has managed to grow ten-fold ever since they finalized the deal.

Longbrake now works in Goettl as sales manager. He also holds the role of a field supervisor. Goodrich says that Longbrake quickly assimilated into the company and showed himself to be a leader.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in existence since 1939. It was first established in Phoenix to help the locals combat the severe climate. Since then the company has expanded to different cities in various states located in the southern USA. Goettl is also in Las Vegas, Tucson, and now in the south of California.

Goettl deals with the installation and maintenance of high-quality air conditioners. The company has a competent team of expert technicians who deliver beyond their client’s expectations. The company offers commercial as well as residential solutions for air conditioning. They also have a 24/7 response team that can attend to HVAC repairs at any time.