End Citizens United, The Group That Focuses On American Democracy

During the 2016 elections, a Russian troll company bought Facebook ads. This was proof that foreign agents have been spending in the US elections. Such spending tends to pollute the American democracy by influencing elections. That Russian advertisement did cost $100,000 and was just a tip of other foreign money spent to interfere with the American elections. These revelations by Tiffany Muller, President of the End Citizens United (ECU), came up as a bombshell to the unsuspecting public. This revelation did also show how the American system was vulnerable and unprepared to do anything about the whole situation.

It is illegal to accept donations from foreigners while running for public office in America. Various loopholes do exist in the campaign finance system that enables foreign countries to pump in unlimited sums of money secretly to influence the American elections. ECU has been warning that foreigners are able to exploit the current shell of corporations and political groups that seem not to report about their donors. ECU has called upon Congress to pass several bills that will put an end to these loopholes. The Republican members of Congress have been on the opposition when it comes to strengthening the reforms on campaign finance laws. It is up to the members of Congress to decide on whether allowing foreign money in the elections is worth it. This is because acceptance of donations from foreign governments gives a backdoor access to the American democracy.

ECU is a Political Action Committee, PAC, that is focused on bringing reforms to the American politics. Their focus is the driving away of big money out of the American political field and assists in funding politicians who will champion campaign finance reforms to Congress. ECU recently collected over $4 million from around 100,000 people in the first three months of 2017, 40,000 of whom were first-time donors. The group projects $35 million before the 2018 midterm Congressional elections. This is set to be a huge step for the group even after their successful raise of $25 million for 2016 concluded elections. The group’s donors tend to feel that it is unfortunate for the American public as the individuals who can donate the most tend to have the biggest say when it comes to reforms. ECU is their way to fight this back. This year the average contribution per person hit $12.

Recently, the PAC managed to gather $500,000 from its contributors and donated to the congressional campaign of Jon Ossoff, who happens to be a Democrat and a first timer political candidate from Georgia. He shocked many in the political establishment by managing to raise over $4 million during the special elections that were held in April and filled a seat in the Republican House, Atlanta, which had been vacated by Tom Price.