The Evolution of Dog Food Through My Three Dogs

Did you ever wonder what your dog was thinking as you poured the same old food into his dish day after day. Just imagine being fed the same old meal, the same meat,potatoes, and vegetable, night after night after night. It would get kind of boring, right? Well, with my first dog, Joy, we didn’t have much of a choice. This was back in the early 70’s and the selection was pretty limited. There were 2-3 brands of canned dog food, as well as dry food. Well. there was probably a few more than that, but that’s what it seemed like at the time. Fortunately, Joy didn’t seem to mind, as long as she got something to eat. She didn’t have any medical conditions that would warrant her having to eat a special kind of food, which was good since the current crop of pet stores that specialize in “specialty” foods hadn’t surfaced yet. Maybe a better selection of food might’ve helped Joy live a few more years, but she seemed happy the 12 years we had her.

When Charlie came along in the mid 80’s, the choice of food had improved, along with the prices. This one was more of a fuss pot than our previous dog and got spoiled rotten in the process.This led to him going on a special bland vet prescribed diet. From there we started him on canned dog food-the smaller, more expensive ones, mind you-but at least it was dog food and not people food. We could’ve gone to the pet stores and started him on the “new” brands of dog food that were coming out of the woodwork, but our tight budget kept us in the supermarket. We had him for 17-1/2 years, so we must’ve done something right.

Then there was my last dog, Rocky, whom I lost last year. He was fortunate to be around when the variety of dog food skyrocketed to astronomical varieties and prices. We went through many different foods with him, especially after he gained too much weight. One of his favorites was Beneful, and I can’t say that I blamed him. It looked good enough to eat myself. And even if it wasn’t as “elite” a dog food as some of the other brands we tried, he seemed to prefer this one over all the others, and, believe me, there were many others. I was grateful they had a “diet” version, which seemed to help a lot. Then they came out with the “canned” version, which almost looked like people food. I was tempted to buy that for him, too, but I couldn’t find a diet version of that, so we had to stick with the low calorie, low fat food I was mixing with his Beneful. Never heard a complaint form him about his food in his 15 years.

So, that is the evolution of dog food through the lives of my three dogs. May they all rest in peace!!

Looking Out for a Dog’s Health

It is important that those who choose to be pet owners always put in the kind of work that is required to be the best pet owners. When someone chooses to bring a dog into their home, that individual needs to be dedicated to the pet that they take in. An animal requires a special kind of treatment, Beneful, and it is important that those who choose to own animals do the necessary research to make sure that they know just how to help their pet in the best way. Pet owners need to look out for the health of their pets, and those who take in a dog need to know just what will keep that dog at its best.

As a pet owner, an individual needs to be prepared to take all of the necessary action to look out for the health of their pet. Dogs deserve to live with owners who are ready to help them stay healthy. Just as humans require doctor visits in order to stay on top of their health and in order to deal with any issues that might come up, pets also need to see their own doctors. Dogs need to visit the veterinarian’s office on a regular basis. Those who own dogs need to be on the lookout for any possible issues that might come up in their dog’s health, and they need to take those dogs to be seen when issues arise. Being a dog owner is serious business, and those who have a dog in their care need to look out for the health of that dog.

It is important that dog owners look out for their dog’s health by providing the animal with the kind of food that will support its development and keep it in good shape. Beneful offers the dog food that pet owners need in order to look out for their pets. Beneful offers dog food options that are made to keep a dog healthy, and they offer options that are appropriate for different stages in the dog’s development process. Beneful gives pet owners food options that will help them to keep their dogs healthy, supplying them with the food that they need to support the dogs that are a part of their home.

Dog owners need to be willing to do what they can to look out for the health and well being of their pets, and that includes giving the pets good food, supplying them with the medical help that they need, and insuring that they get the exercise that is right for them. Those who love their dogs will choose to give them the best care and look out for their health in the best way.

Purina PetCare A Name You Can Trust

They have a saying in Missouri about having to see it to believe it and Purina has adopted this idea with their pet care line. They know and understand that pets are an important part of the family. Purina is owned by the Nestle company and based in St. Louis Missouri. They make and market everything a pet could need. Purina has a line of pet food, pet treats and pet litter too. Some of the most popular lines are Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE and Friskies. As early as 2002 the company was the second largest pet food company in the world.

Purina had a commercial featured on its news site that went viral on places like Youtube and Facebook with an advertisement that promoted their line of Beggin’strips. These tasty strips are treats for dogs and our four legged friends love them in both the commercial and real life. One of the videos featured this cute dog named Boss. Boss is a Corgi and everyone just loved the commercial and Boss himself. This pup was all over Twitter and other social media platforms for months. This company even used this successful commercial during the Grammy Awards. Once again it was well received, not that this was a shock to the company or the Grammy Award viewers who already trusted the Purina name. After the TV spot, the already viral commercial got 950,000 Facebook and 250,000 YouTube views.

Purina is no stranger to bringing people and pets together. As a company Purina helped people and pets to celebrate ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day” This is a program that helps to show that people and pets are much better when they work together. The thought is that people love their pets and pets love their people, it is a win-win situation. This was also a study to learn a number of things about the habits of both pets and humans. Everyone learned things like the pets and owners took a walk at lunch or on a break to get exercise. The work environment was calming because of having a companion and so much more. This also ended in setting a world record for bringing the most pets to work.

Purina PetCare has been worked long and hard to become a name that every pet owner has come to know, like and trust. Regardless of if you currently own a pet or if you are thinking about getting a pet, Purina is an amazing company that can be trusted to keep your pet healthy.

Seven New Species of Frogs Discovered

Seven new species of tiny frogs have been discovered in the Atlantic Coastal Rain Forest in Brazil. A team of scientists went to the mountainous cloud forest where the frogs live specifically searching for new species. These frogs are brightly colored, probably as a warning to hungry predators that they contain a poisonous toxin, and are about the size of a human thumbnail. The genus that these frogs belong to was discovered in the 1800’s, and new species within the genus have continued to be discovered since then.

Sam Tabar has learned that these frogs have a very small habitat, since they are adapted to live only in high-elevation coastal rain forests. Also, the areas where they live are hard for humans to get to, and that is one reason why these species have been undiscovered until now. The scientists who made the discovery said they are confident that there are more undiscovered species within this genus of frogs to be found.

Personally, I think that the discovery of these frogs is great news. As humans, we think we understand the entire natural world, but the truth is we don’t. We need to continue studying nature to learn more about other species. Also, we need to do a better job at protecting natural habitat from destruction.