Class Dojo Is Enabling Parents To Stay Connected With School Activities

Class Dojo is an interactive communication tool for students, teachers, and parents to use and stay connected within the school environment, and help promote positive feedback and encouragement. Students and teachers are able to make profiles of their own on Class Dojo, and each student has personalized avatars to stand out from the others. The instructor for a class can set up behavior standards and tasks for students through the app.

Class Dojo is also compatible with most devices, and can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students can receive feedback and notes based on their performance in the classroom, and even more importantly, parents are able to see the progress of their student and what they are doing in class as well.

The program has many upsides to it and is continuing to help reduce the confusion and disconnect between students, parents, and teachers in class and school. The Class Dojo app works quickly, and allows teachers to instantly access any information as well as post videos, photos, and send messages. Teachers can give feedback on a students behavior quickly which helps reduce overall classroom distractions. This ensures students are spending time on their activities and not just goofing off in class.

Class Dojo is using the latest technology for their app, and as technology continues to advance, they will improve the overall features of the app. The company raised more than $20 million to help fund upgrades for Class Dojo.

By providing parents with the ability to stay connected to their students throughout the day while they are in class, students are more likely to try harder and behave properly. Before this, instructor and parent interaction was limited to scheduled conferences that happened far and few between the school year.

Founders for Class Dojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don stated they plan on using the assets from fundraising to help expand Class Dojo as a whole. In time, Class Dojo’s features will be improved and more features will be added. This is all in an attempt to help parents become a stronger influence for their kids while they are learning and to help them grow properly.

Class Dojo was originally founded in 2011, and based on the other learning and education tools out there, they decided to fill the need for a proper tool for communication. The program is dedicated to building up the school culture and community by using positive encouragement to get everyone involved.


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Talk Fusion Taking The Tech World By Storm

In the world of mobile apps, often times new apps come and go. Some trend for a few weeks, then are quickly forgotten after something else releases. Some never even get the chance to trend, because they are simply not enjoyable or as useful as the developer had planned for. On rare occasions is an app able to grab the attention of the whole world. These rare apps have the ability to offer an enjoyable experience for its user, and unique features that no other app offers, or simply a solution to an existing problem its user may have.

Truly one of the rare apps that did actually go on to succeed, is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is video chat app that allows its user to communicate from a multitude of devices to include PC, Android, Apple, Mac, and tablets. It has quickly became the #1 communication app in Indonesia, 5th in Japan, and 20th in Switzerland. The app allow businesses to communicate effectively and securely through its many features. Its video chat feature is noted as being smarter, faster, and more reliable than any other communication app that currently exist.

Talk Fusion was formed in 2007 by the founder and CEO, Bob Reina. This would mark the first time that a Instant Pay Compensation Plan would be brought to the market. Talk Fusion is also a member of the world renowned Direct Selling Association (DSA). Under the leadership of Reina Talk Fusion also strongly believes in getting involved in the community and giving back to family, animal charities, and friends across the world to initiate a positive global change. As of now the technology used in Talk Fusion has a patent pending.

To help grow more in the upcoming months, the creators of the app plan to offer a free trial of 30 days with access to all of the app’s features. Right now the app can be downloaded on either iTunes for apple devices, and the Google Play Store available on android devices. The free trial requires no credit card. At the rate of its growth, Talk Fusion is sure to become a long time trending app.

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Handy Founder Oisin Hanrahan Changing the Game

Smartphones have completely change how we approach problem solving in the digital age. No longer are we content with waiting to have something get done. Now we want instant satisfaction and instant problem solving. Oisin Hanrahan, founder of the digital on-demand handyman service ‘Handy‘, is now beginning to completely dominate his space in the niche of the digital world. Now Hanrahan is looking to the future after a successful round of financing and he’s never been more excited.

Oisin Hanrahan is originally from Ireland and he got a chance to head back to engage in the annual Web Summit. It was here that the CEO got to talk a little bit about his service. Over the space of three years Hanrahan had taken a simple idea and turned it into an enterprise worth over $500 million. As one of the hottest tech start ups in all of New York, Hanrahan proudly owns a space of valuable digital real estate.

Hanrahan had gotten his start in tech development in a fairly different way. In college he had focused primarily on working in real estate and before long he was leveraging his education, an MBA at Harvard, toward political services. Then things took a dramatic and profitable turn. Hanrahan had hosted an incubator, a small tech start up company, with Handy at its central focus. He quickly raised $50,000 in start up money with just a couple of friends as his co-workers. The next step was obvious: Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is home to just about every tech idea under the sun and Hanrahan clearly had an understanding of how hard it would be to rise through the cracks. So instead of focusing on competition Hanrahan instead focused on evolving and pushing his lead in the niche. Now Handy, formerly known as Handybook, is one of the most successful start ups in all of New York.

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Study Proves Email Marketing Is More Effective With Video

The Relevancy Group just conducted a study reported on Hello Tesla that found that adding videos to email increases the revenue of email marketing campaigns by as much as 40%. Part of the reason for this is that attention spans of internet consumers continue to get smaller so videos are a quick and easy way to capture their attention.

The study found that if a video is placed into an email open rates can increase by 20% in some cases and click through rates usually increase by about two to three times compared to emails that are just text. This proves that video simply works better than text in email marketing campaigns. With today’s internet consumer used to a world of instant gratification this is the fix to making sure that consumers open their emails.

Talk Fusion has helped define the space for video email marketing, and now the Florida based video marketers are ranked the 8th largest video provider on the globe. CEO Bob Reina founded the company in 2007 with the intent of figuring out a way to send a video clip to his friends within an email. AOL told him that he could not embed a ten second video, but he soon figured out his own way along with the help of a friend in the IT world.

Quickly the duo became good at embedding videos into email and Reina started to think about further implications of the technology. Talk Fusion has made it easy to embed videos since then by offering its users over a thousand templates so that they can simply choose a template and then pop their video into the email. Users can also choose to customize their own templates once they get more comfortable using the techonology.

Start Up Company Handy Headed For Global Domination Of The Service Business

The start up company Handy is making a name in the on-demand services business. It appears they are headed for global domination. This might not be the case but, the company is taking over city by city. Handy’s CEO, Oisin Hanrahan has a plan and that plan is putting Handy on the cutting edge of the handyman and cleaning service industry. Handy makes most of their money by offering cleaning services. When you want someone to come and tidy up your house you put your request into Handy and they send someone over to get the job done. That service accounts for about eighty percent of their company revenue. The other twenty perfect comes from hiring handymen. When you need a plumber, again you call Handy and they send over a highly qualified expert who is able to do the job. Offering these services has paid handsomely for Handy.

Part of the reason Handy is so successful is also that they do business with the client more than one time. They offer you a cleaning person and a handyman. This is not the only services they offer, they will fill other voids in the market as they arise. For example in New York City the had a furniture deleivery and installation process where you could have furniture delievered by them. This helped to fill a hole in that market. This is a major reason why Handy is not worried about other companies who look like they do the same thing. In reality, because of the marketing system Handy has in place, their customer isn’t going to go anywhere else as long as Handy offers the service.

During several interviews Oisin Hanrahan talked openly about his future plans for Handy and he knows that Handy is going no where but up. Part of this is because the offer a service that everyone wants and needs. They also keep the client and the handyman protected during the process. This is a winning situation for everyone. If you need a service and want it done correctly, call on the services of Handy.

Video marketing should be your new marketing strategy

Video marketing should be your new marketing strategy because our attention spans have changed over the years. Pursuant to a study done by Relevancy Group, having a video in a email can help grow your email marketing grow by 40% A video email can also help shape your brand’s image and personality. Talk Fusion is one of the outstanding companies that offer video email marketing services. They are graded eighth in the world. Talk Fusion’s templates are simple to understand. Once you get the hang of it, they have templates you can customize. They have over 1,000 templates.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Mr. Reina was informed by American Online that putting a 10 second video into a email wasn’t doable. So Mr. Reina and a tech savvy friend formed the idea of video emailing. Video email is presently an element of the Talk Fusion Connect which includes of other services like video chat, live meeting, and video newsletters. Talk Fusion is located in Brandon, Florida. They have a staff of 11 to 50 workers and they have independent contractors in 40 countries.

Talk Fusion’s services include video chat, video email, video newsletter, live meetings, and a community blog. The video chat can be done on any device that has an internet connection. There is no plugin to download. You can video chat with up to four people at one time. With the video email, you can choose from 1,000 templates for all occasions or make your own. You can schedule the email in advance. With the video newsletters you can choose to do them in a personal way, a business way, or a professional way. Talk Fusion has 600 templates to choose from in the professional category. With live meetings you can host and show off presentations from anywhere. With the community blog, you will be able to voice your opinion about anything.

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Handy Is a Successful Home Cleaning Service

There are many companies nowadays that offer home cleaning services. Many of these companies come and go rather quickly because of the large amount of competition within the cleaning industry. However, the home cleaning company known as Handy has made itself a leader in the industry in a very short period of time. What have they done to set themselves apart from the rest of their competition? What has made them more attractive to the general public than many of the other home cleaning services that are out there? There are several answers to these questions. Let’s take a closer look at Handy and what has helped to turn them into a very successful company.

1. Professional cleaners

The people who will be coming to your home to clean it are not some people off the street. They are professional cleaners who have been thoroughly trained in all of the latest cleaning techniques. They also know how to use all of their equipment and chemicals correctly. You can feel safe putting your home in the hands of the cleaners that are employed by Handy. Obviously, you should only allow people who are insured into your home to do any sort of job. All of the cleaners who work for Handy are fully insured. This means that you will be protected if any of the Handy cleaning crew causes any damage to your home or possessions while they are working. All people who apply for a job with Handy are subjected to a background check. This allows you to feel safe allowing Handy employees in your home and around your children.

2. Have your home cleaned the next day

You will never need to wait a week or more to have your home cleaned. Waiting a long time for a cleaning appointment is a thing of the past. A person simply needs to go to the Handy App. It only takes one minute to schedule an appointment. A cleaning crew will be at your home the next day. This type of fast service has made Handy very popular with their customers.

3. Money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for Handy. They want the people who hire them to be completely happy with the work they receive. Therefore, they are willing to give their customers all of their money back if they are not satisfied with the cleaning that was performed in their house.

Flipora Has Gotten A Lot Of Attention Lately

Investors start to get excited when they see something new and different come out, and that has been the case with Flipora. Investors are swarming the company, as they want to be a part of it and the changes that it is bringing to the web. The investors want to help Flipora to grow so that it can one day take over all of the search engines that people use, nowadays. They believe in all that Flipora can do, and they are more than happy to put some of their money into the company.
Flipora was formed by two guys who were in graduate school, and they did their best work to make it into something good. Now, 7 million unique users a month have the founders to thank for the convenient way in which they use the web. Flipora helps them to do things differently, and more easily, than search engines would, and people are really enjoying using this service because of that. Flipora just keeps getting more and more attention because of how unique and great of a service it is.
Everyone likes hearing of something different coming out and taking over the web, and everyone has gotten pretty excited about Flipora and the things that can be done with it. Investors have taken notice and have given Flipora a good amount of money to keep expanding, and users have taken notice and begun to get on it all the more. Flipora has done many great things, and there is sure to be more to come from the company.

Understanding Russian Woman, Their Values and How to Act Around Them

For many Americans and Europeans Russian women represent something exotic, yet refined at the same time. Situated in both Europe and Asia, Russia is a unique culture that contains elements of European culture combined with its own rich Russian heritage. Russian women are well known for their beauty and are highly sought after by Western men looking for brides abroad for this very reason.

Besides their good looks, Russian woman are known to be very feminine, a trait that is starting to erode in woman in many developed countries. Russian woman are what is considered to be traditional women in the United States and Europe, and they have traditional values. They value the family, are happy to look after the home and raise the kids. This is in contrast to many Western woman, who are instead focused on themselves and their career instead of the family and the home. Russia is a patriarchal or male dominated society and most woman are expected to perform traditional female roles such as raising a family and looking after the home. Being married, having kids and a husband who takes care of the family is also highly esteemed in Russia and most Russian women share this mindset.

So how do you go about courting a Russian woman that strikes your fancy? As stated above, Russian woman are highly feminine and come from a male dominated society. They will expect you to lead courtship and act gentlemanly in their company. Unlike Western women who may see a man leading a relationship as being aggressive, Russian woman expect the men to lead the relationship. Intimate conversations are valued and will help to the two of you to get to know each other. Holding hands and touching while talking will show the Russian women that you are taking an interest in her. She might return the interest back with some physical contact of her own.

Showing proper etiquette will help you win over a Russian woman. Many Russian women will expect you to hold the door in front of them, help them undress before sitting and order food for both parties on the date. Unlike American and Western Women Russian women will expect you to take the relationship further, and this means that you should not wait to express love or you might end up losing her to another man. As stated before Russian women expect you to be in charge and lead them through the relationship and eventually the marriage.

Anastasia Date, A Leading Website For Meeting Russian Women

With so many online dating websites where do you begin to search for a Russian women that can make a perfect partner? Anastasia Date is a online dating site that is specifically tailored for American and European men wanting to meet charming and beautiful Russian woman who are looking for a husband. The company was founded by an American and Russian couple 18 years ago, who understand the difficulties that occur when two people from different cultures want to start a relationship. Anastasia Date features thousands of Russian women that have their profiles and photographs verified by Anastasia Date staff. You can be assured that you will be seeing and communicating with real Russian women who are serious about finding a partner for life on Anastasia Date.

Using Skout For iPhone Or Android To Make Friends And Find Dates

Have you ever wondered what online dating was all about? Maybe you have tried it before with online dating websites. You could have had mixed results after paying hefty sign up costs and monthly membership fees. Well, you can cancel those subscriptions right away. Skout is an innovative, new dating and social media application and website. It works on iPhones and Android devices. You can go to the App Store or Google Play Store now and find it there. It’s simple to use, and it comes in handy if you’re traveling as well. It is easy to get connected with a large amount of people that can become friends, lovers or just show you around town.

The New York Times just wrote an interesting article about Skout on skoutshop. They made the argument that Skout is a valuable tool for travelers. This is coming from first hand experience. Traveling is fun, but you need to meet people along the way if you’re going to enjoy yourself. Locals always know the best sights, places to eat and things to do when you’re in town. You get to have a tour guide, and maybe you’ll fall in love with them. It’s exhilarating to have this experience. Meeting new people is always great fun. Thanks to Skout you get to see their pictures, their interests and get a good idea of who you’re meeting before you meet with them.

Then, you will get the opportunity of meeting someone who has been built up all this time. Will they meet your expectations? Will you meet theirs? It might just be a great match when you meet in person. Take the chance and get to know them some on Skout before meeting in person. This helps with breaking the ice. It gives you both some ground to work from because you know some about the other person. You will have a lot to talk about, and you should have some mutual understandings about life.

Using the app on your iPhone or Android device is perfectly safe and easy for anyone who uses a smartphone regularly. You just log on and create a profile like any other social media site. It is a social media site. Keep that in mind, so you will have an open mind throughout your experience with Skout. You can use the site to make valuable connections and friendships that could one day turn into a great lifelong companion. If that is what you’re after, you have come to the right place.

Dating was a tough business before this social media application came along. It was tiresome, and awkward at times. You would have to go through a weird introduction phase, like you were a telesales caller. Now, you just log on to the Skout website or application. Then, tell the person you like what is on your mind.