Can Protection Go Too Far?

A case of protecting a child in Florida has opponents on both sides of the neglect and protection issue at arms. Many state that the government has gone too far in this case, removing a child from his home simply because he was in the backyard playing. Others argue that the child was locked out of his house and the parents were not there.

It seems a neighbor saw the boy playing basketball in his backyard. The parents did not appear to be home, and the neighbor was concerned for his safety. What seems to be the real issue at hand is that the neighbor wanted to be a do-gooder and called authorities without fully investigating what was going on.

This issue further raises eyebrows at the reach and scope of what authorities can, or should do. When the parents arrived home. It seems that the parents had been stuck in traffic and simply could not get there before the child.

Some, the authorities, have argued that the child had no access to shelter, water or food. The parents have cited that the child did have snacks, which he obviously already ate, a running hose with fresh water, and the shed was quite roomy and available for the child to take shelter.

Overall, it seems unreasonable that this child and his brother were taken from their parents. A simple traffic jam was the culprit for the boy being alone. The neighbor should have maybe offered a place for the child to wait, rather than jumping the gun and calling the police. The way that Andy Wirth sees it, the odds are, these neighbors will not get along in the future.