The Academy Of Art University Is Readying Their Students For The Future

There are a lot of people who are seeking schooling for things like art and it can be difficult for them to find a school that offers everything that they need. The Academy of Art University is one art school that goes above and beyond for their students. They truly want to make sure that their students are not only ready to get out into the working world, but that they are also ready to face anything that their lives may throw at them.

Throughout the years the Academy of Art University has really grown. They have gained more students and they have brought on a lot more different courses to help ready their students for anything they could dream of doing in their careers. The students that attend this school say that they are more than ready to get into the working world when they graduate and jump into the next step in their life.

Since there are not many art schools out there the Academy of Art University tries their best to make sure that everything that they offer beats the expectations of anyone who dreams of attending their school. They even try to help their students have jobs lined up and ready for them upon graduating.

The Academy of Art University has a very bright future ahead of them. They are going to continue to work hard for their students and they hope that students will continue rolling in to receive their educations at this school. They know that by offering students great educations they are changing lives and they are excited to see how many lives they can change. The Academy of Art University prides themselves in making sure that their students are ready for live and they are going to continue to keep doing this for a long time into the future.

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The Many Advantages of The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University, previously known as the Academy of Advertising Art, has made a prominent name for itself across a variety of fields. This phenomenal school for the arts has produced talent in liberal arts, in fashion, in design and in entertainment. Its urban campus sits in the heart of “The City by the Bay.” Of course, this is San Francisco, and the school has more than 12,400 students. Academy of Art University was founded by a painter named Richard Stephens, and the school has been passed-down through the Stephens family.


David Arriaga, a former-graduate of the school, was honored for his work in the film “Cocoa.” “Cocoa” just so happened to earn a win for the Best Animated Feature Film at the 2018 Oscars. While studying at AAU, Arriaga studied in illustration and in artistic direction. Being the senior director at a major studio is a big deal as Arriaga played a huge role in bringing this film to life. Designing elements within the film, providing detailed drawings and providing cultural history of Mexico took a lot of hard work. “One of the best things that aspiring artists can do is to build-up a solid portfolio,” said Arriaga.


In addition to that specific win, “Coco” won another Oscar for Best Original Song thanks to its mariachi-inspired tune. The Academy of Art University has done an amazing job in the fashion industry. The school has talent that displays it work at the prestigious New York Fashion Week. Of course, Academy of Art University has well-represented itself as it has participated at this exclusive event for a number of consecutive years.


Certificates, online programs, online degrees and undergraduate degrees can be obtained from this institution. The school has exhibits, has housing, has galleries and is state-of-the-art. All in all, the Academy of Art University is at the apex of its class because it’s setting new standards in a multitude of fields.


Go Brazilian And Diversify Your Reading List

Every reader has their favorite genre, their go-to author or comfort zone. It is easy to live within your literary “bubble”, however reading a broad variety of literature keeps your mind sharp and further develops your understanding of the world around us, and gives way to opportunities to engage others in meaningful conversation. An overlooked but brilliant source of culture that will broaden your horizons are Brazilian novels and literature. The largest country in South America, as rich in culture as in history, churns out exotic tales, biographical memoirs, and flourishing poetry for book lovers everywhere.

Perhaps the most famous author to come out of Brazil of all time is considered to be João Guimarães Rosa whose most popular book written is Grande Sertão: Veredas or “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands”, a narrative adventure novel about an ex-bandit and his companions journey through the desert. If poetry is more your style, Ferreira Gullar and Manoel de Barros are among the most noteworthy within Brazilian literary circles. If you are looking for modern novels, Michel Laub’s Diary of the Fall is powerful and delves into guilt and memories of a high school prank. Jaime Garcia Dias received the ABC award of Brazil Literature and has published several award winning fiction books such as Canal and Two Ways, and chronicled stories of growing up with his famous father. Little ones will enjoy books by Ana Maria Machado, who received the Hans Christian Anderson Medal, A Audácia dessa Mulher and Para Sempre are among her most cherished works.

Few countries have such a vibrant, colorful history or are as exotic and passionate as Brazil. Whether for your own cultural knowledge and growth, introducing your child to new cultures, or as a conversation starter, there is much to be offered by Brazilian authors.