With Alex Pall, The Chainsmokers are Never Slowing Down

For most young people, choosing between passionate and exciting hobbies and meaningful careers is a tough choice especially if the two happen to be in different industries. For Alex Pall, the one half of The Chainsmokers Duo, his hobby as a DJ in the streets of New York City seemed not to be a real career until he noticed some potential in dance music. Using connections within the industry, Alex quit his job and linked up with Andrew Taggart, and they started working on dance music as the Chainsmokers. Andrew too also abandoned his DJ ambitions as he was interested in dance music and when the chance to link up with Alex came up, he did not hesitate to move from Maine.

Writing their songs or collaborating with songwriters in writing their songs have been their goal. As such most of their songs reflect their own lives and the circumstances and situations they go through. Alex Pall says that thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, they are privileged to make their music touch on international audiences in places such as South Africa and Philippines. Tough their main demographic target is the 16-25, their music transcends all ages with both children and adults uploading social media statuses singing their songs and enjoying it.

They are concerned with how much emotional connection their songs makes people feel regardless of age, color or religion. As their growth continues up from campus audience, they seek to improve on their performances to cater for the diverse audiences. Alex Pall says that to make their shows elaborate, they have invested in changing their live shows and visuals as the audience demands. They have to keep reinventing themselves evidenced by Andrew Taggart singing for the first time in the just-released song “closer”.

They are putting on a festival following the sold-out Red Rock festival, have plans for a big fall tour, as well as mixing videos from their DJ show. To keep on improving the Chainsmokers have a visual expert charged with developing new visual contents to avoid complacency. They want to push the boundaries further and give their fans new experiences.