Shah and Autism Rocks

The best way to give back to the society after having all the needed success in life is by starting a charity foundation. Many billionaires have touched the lives of the needy in the society by running charity programs that help those needy individuals get good health. Autism Rocks is an organization that aims at creating enough awareness on autism to members of the society. Sanjay Shah is a UK-based billionaire who is well reputable in the financial investment sector. He owns more than four companies in London’s commercial brokerage field.
Sanjay Shah founded the Autism Rocks in 2011. It was after his son was diagnosed with autism that he got more concerned with helping others. He thought about something that could be done to help the children who might have been suffering from autism out there. He had been active in charity campaigns in India before the founding of autism rocks. Shah had been making monthly donations which were used to help children in their educational and health matters.
Autism Rocks has some musicians who have been the organizations, major ambassadors. Drake and Snoop Doggy have been very instrumental in leading the concerts that are staged in many parts of the world. Autism Rocks collects money and raises the necessary awareness on autism through the concerts. Shah has also been aiming to talk friends into donating funds to the campaigns. He works hand in hand with autism research organizations in the world since the money gotten from the organization is used in these researches.
In the year 2014, Shah made a big contribution to autism by spending a lot of his money to come up with the domain name for Autism Rocks. He retired from leading his companies at the beginning of the year 2016. He now dedicates his entire time to running Autism Rocks. Shah worked in the finance investment sector in his entire career life. Many people would think that this person studied finance or something of the sort. Shah went to Kings College to study medicine but later desired this career. His medical knowledge might be utilized in autism research rather.