Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Bennett Graebner’s “The Bachelor”

“The Bachelor,” produced by executive producer Bennett Graebner, has become an absolute phenomenon. The series never fails to stand out in a crowded reality television landscape. It has led to myriad spinoff series and legions of devoted fans.

Even if you consider yourself a huge fan of “The Bachelor”,  there might be some facts about the hit series that you don’t know. Here are some fun facts about his producer Bennett Graebner and television’s hottest reality show.

Contestants Have To Refer To The Show As “The Journey”

Many fans notice that contestants tend to use the word “journey” a lot. This is because “journey” is the preferred terminology of Bennett Graebner and the production staff. In confessional interviews, contestants will often refer to “the show,” but they are asked to rephrase it as “the journey” in order to not take the viewers out of the experience and to not remind them that they’re watching a series (Vassar). 

Some contestants will use the word “process,” but the production team still feels that this is too close to reminding viewers that they’re watching a show and will ask them to rephrase it to “journey.”

People Don’t Actually Eat During Dinner Dates

The food on the table during the one-on-one dates might look delicious, but no one is actually eating it. This isn’t because Bennett Graebner and his colleagues want the contestants to starve, however. Instead, the contestants don’t eat because their microphones would pick up the sound of their chewing and make the audio from the footage unusable or unpleasant for the audience. Don’t worry about the contestants, though! According to Bennett Graebner, they have an off-camera meal before sitting down to film the dinner, which is typically the same thing they’re served on camera.

Contestants Plan Their Own Limo Exits

Many people assume that Bennett Graebner tells the contestants how to exit the limo, but this isn’t the case. The contestants are actually encouraged to plan their own limo exits all by themselves. If you see a contestant exit the limo in an extremely cheesy fashion, know that their stunt or gimmick was completely the result of their own planning.

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Awards Keep Pouring in For Irish’s Matt Landis

matt landis accolades

The accolades continue to pileup for Matt Landis. The defensemen on the Norte Dame Lacrosse team has added a multitude of awards to his resume over the past year. In early May he was awarded with the Atlantic Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year award. He also won the William C. Schmeisser Award for Outstanding Defensive player in men’s collegiate lacrosse and was nominated for the Tewaarton Award, which recognizes the most astounding lacrosse player in the country.

Over the course of the season, numerous media outlets also presented Landis with player of the week awards and routinely highlighted his defensive ability. Along with three other teammates on the Fighting Irish, Landis was recognized as an All-American for the sport as well. His tight defense helped Notre Dame obtain the number one seed in the ACC championship and a trip to the NCAA Championship semi-finals. On the year the Fighting Irish were ranked 9th in the nation in ground balls (32.57 per game), 12th in turnovers (7.71 per game) and 18th overall in scoring defense (9.21 goals allowed).

A business major studying in the Medoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, Landis still has another year of eligibility left to attain more awards. As a prominent member of the 2016 team, Landis figures to compete nationally for major awards—such as the Tewaarton. His defensive ability should position Notre Dame as a force to be reckoned with in the ACC and favorite for the 2016 NCAA Lacrosse Championship.