The New Collection Of EOS Lip Balm

You may have seen the new collection of EOS Lip Balms on social media. The new collection by all natural skincare company is trending on both Facebook and Instagram. The popularity of this collection has not grown by accident. The help of social media influencer son two of the biggest social platforms has helped the company get the word out about their products. 

EOS purposefully teams up with top social media influencers to promote their products. Working with influencers is apart of their marketing strategy. Inflcuers share with their followers about the products. They tell their followers through videos and photos about the quality of the products, ingredients in the products and how well the products have worked for them.

EOS Lip Balm is a game-changing type of lip balm. The lip balms are made from the finest natural ingredients and will make your lips feel hydrated and smooth all day long. The FlavorLab collection includes eucalyptus, beach coconut, lavender latte, sweet grapefruit, lychee martini and watermelon frosé. All of these flavors are packed with hydrating oils and smooth shea butter. EOS Lip Balm will be your go to lip balm this summer to have smooth, hydrated and beautiful lips. 

The story of Doe Deere

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia Vorotova is a Immigrant from Russia who became a successful American Entrepreneur by creating a cruelty free makeup brand by the name of Lime Crime. Lime crime has a variety of colors, styles and even a hair dye that has every color in the rainbow. You can even mix the colors together to make your own wacky colors! But Xenia didn’t always have so much success and wealth, plus she had a pretty rough upbringing. When Xenia, her mother, and little sister first moved to New York, her mother couldn’t find a job despite being an experienced accountant because her work history papers were taking too long to transfer. In order to make ends meet Xenia’s mother started cleaning people’s houses while Xenia started a animal walking business and would babysit. Despite their efforts and hard work, they still couldn’t pay rent so they had no choice but to check into a homeless shelter. It was pretty rough for them, they had to stay in a skin-tight room with no kitchen. Every Thursday morning the woman stood in line at a local church in order to get free food. They were angry, depressed and uncertain about their futures but they did everything they could to remain hopeful. Xenia always wanted to be a fashion designer, so to pass the time and keep her spirits up she’d draw sketches in her notebooks. One day Xenia and her family met the leader of a company called Sanctuary for Families. The leaders name was was Dorchen Leidholdt, she was a lawyer, s feminist and she saw the potential in Xenia and decided that she’d give them a helping hand. She helped Xenia get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and managed to get her mother an accounting job. Dorchen Leidholdt also helped Xenia’s younger sister get a full ride scholarship at Columbia University, where she was able to get straight A’s. The family eventually transferred to East Harlem and settled into an apartment. Unfortunately East Harlem was a gang territory at the time, so the girls weren’t exactly safe.

The Beauty Guru of YouTube

Internet based entertainment is incredibly popular. So popular that there are some who are concerned that it is taking the place of television as we use to know it. In a day in age where the internet is at your fingertips and readily accessable most of the time, it makes sense that we would all gravitate toward entertainment on the internet. Not only is internet based entertainment more convenient, it is far more diverse. There are plenty of streaming sights that require a fee, however, YouTube is a forum that allows for anyone from anywhere to have a channel. Then popularity determines whether or not money can be made from that venture. This means that all of us have access to cultures and places that we wouldn’t normally be able to experience because of this open ended forum.

In this open format of open and creative entertainment, there are a handful of names that have managed to rise to the top of the YouTube food chain. Comedic personalities like PewDiePie from Sweden and Grace Helbig from the United States have gained loyal and enthusiastic fanbases from around the world. Morning shows like Good Mythical Morning with hosts Rhett MacLaughlin and Link Neil have ganined popularity as well as an array of endorsements. In the realm of beauty secrets and fashion tips, it is Australian YouTuber and cosmetic expert Wengie.

Wendy Huang, known better to fans as Wengie, shares fashion tips, cosmetic trends and gives a variety of tutorials. Her show The Wonderful World of Wengie has gained popularity and become quite the success. Her creative approach to a subject that has been covered and covered again has set her apart from the pack when it comes to cosmetic and fashion entertainment. Inspiring and creative ideas from hair dye to complicated makeup techniques have given this Aussie and entertainment advantage that fans are grateful for.

Not only does Wendy Huang promote creativity and inspirations in the world of makeup and hair, she also encourages healthy living as a means to enhance appearance. Choosing foods that are good for your body add to your overall health and nutrition. Proper nutrition has been shown to improve the appearance, but Wengie encourages her fanbase to be even more conscious of the foods they eat. Foods good for the skin, hair and nails are among some that she recommends along side basic nutrition.

We are lucky to live in an age where we are able to access personalities from across the globe. Without sites like YouTube, some of our favorite people and videos would be inaccessible. With endless inspiration as far as costmetics are concerned, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd. Lucky for Wengie, and all her fans, she seems to have exactly what it takes.