The Active Ingredients In Genucel Products

Genucel by Chamonix is a leading maker of skin care products. They specially make their products with natural active ingredients. Being a brand that makes natural skin care products is very important to them. The market is crowded with brands claiming to make healthy and wholesome products. However, they make products that are truly natural and have been tested and proven to work wonders on the skin.

It is not uncommon for a company to claim that its product is natural. In fact, many times skin care companies will claim a product to be natural if it is mostly natural. Genucel by Chamonix is the complete opposite. Their products are one hundred percent prepared from wholesome and natural ingredients. They source their ingredients from many places across the world.

According to, the vitamins included Genucel products are included due to how they keep skin clean, plump and looking fresh. Vitamins are essential to healthy skin. Sometimes a poor diet can cause the body to not get enough vitamins. Moisture is another issue many people have with their skin. Genucel tackles dehydrated and patchy skin by including hyaluronic acid in their products. This acid is great for putting moisture back into the skin. It will allow the skin to begin to absorb more skin. The active ingredients in their line of products help to firm up loose skin, make rough skin smooth again, bring back luster to the skin and seal in moisture for healthy skin. Genucel has products in their collections that work great for the eyes, mouth and any other part of the face that needs renewing.

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Because Genucel has focused so much on being a natural brand the company has become more popular amongst a younger generation. Typically, skin care products had been mainly purchased by older women. Nowadays, the average skincare consumer is a younger woman apart of the millennial generation. The active ingredients Genucel puts into their products allow their products to appeal to millennials who are wanting a skincare regimen made of natural active ingredients that fight early aging. The vitamins, tea extracts and oils that Genucel puts into their products make millennials very interested in this brand. For more details about Genucel visit

Dr. Jennifer Walden Proves it is Possible to Balance Professional and Personal Success

What does it take to be known as one of the best surgeons in the United States? One might ask that question to Dr. Jennifer Walden, as she was recently named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Being successful in any type of medical care field is difficult because there is so much competition. Factor in trying to balance a professional and successful personal life and it is easy to understand why it can be difficult to come in as a top contender in the beauty surgery field. It seems to come naturally to Dr. Walden, though, as she is known for being a woman who has great balance in her life and who wears many hats on a day-to-day basis.


Not only is she one of the top beauty surgeons in this country, Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a published author. She is one of the only female surgeons to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s board of directors as well. In addition to these professional achievements, along with many others, Dr. Walden also has two children who are fortunate to call this high achieving professional their mother. She has earned a reputation for being in control while still maintaining a warm personality. This is important in any medical field, as patients like to know that a doctor is competent but still capable of being empathetic to their unique needs.


She was born in Austin. Medicine seems to be in her blood, as her late father was a dentist and her mother was a nurse. She grew up with four siblings in an atmosphere where education was always a high priority. As much as she has achieved professionally, Dr. Walden has been known to tell people that being a top surgeon is not as difficult as being a great mother. It is apparent, however, that Jennifer seamlessly does the job of being both a great surgeon and top-tier mom on a daily basis.


Dr. Walden stands out as a professional who should be a role model to women who are looking to get into the medical field or any other profession. She continues to prove that one can excel at their chosen profession while still being successful in other important aspects of life.