EOS Lip Balms – Egg Shaped Lip Balm All The Celebs Are Talking About

Evolution Of Smooth lip balm, more commonly known as EOS, was founded in 2006. By 2015 EOS lip balm was the second highest selling lip balm in the world. What makes EOS unique is it’s “egg shaped” packaging that is available in many fun colors and flavors. These great flavors include sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean and more. The product also features all natural and organic ingredients helping it to stand out among its peers.

Recently Evolution Of Smooth has released a new product, their Lip Stick Balm. This new stick balm is also all natural and organic, however, it is only created using sustainable ingredients. Consisting of nourishing oils such as vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter this formula is sure to moisturize your pout. The EOS Lip Stick Balm features a new sphere tube, similar to your traditional lip balm tube, but still cute and trendy. 

In 2019, EOS is still revolutionizing the lip balm industry and is very popular among women everywhere. They can be seen in magazines and on social media everywhere. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and even pop singer Billie Eilish all have all been caught sporting these adorable balms. 

Dan Bethelmy-Rada talks about R.A.W products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the current Global Brand President in a United States professional hair brand. The company’s name is called Matrix/Biolage. The institution has been aiming to create a product R.A.W that contains all natural ingredients and offers the best service to its clients. In this article, he talks about the process, challenges they faced when creating the product and how his team overcomes them.

R.A.W came into the world as a result of the customer’s need for natural products in the market. Customers want products that have a minimal effect on their bodies and to the environment. Given the support by L’Oreal, Matrix created R.A.W with the objective to fulfill these claims. They used a new approach to manufacturing and also in packaging.

The product is packaged in a way that the bottles used can be recycled to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment. The formulas used in its creation contained natural and biodegradable elements. No sulfates or silicone is involved in the manufacturing process since the ingredients came from traceable sources. Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that R.A.W looks at the life cycle of all resources used in the production process to achieve the principles of green chemistry. This principle helps in the effective utilization of the available resources.

Most of the ingredients are acquired from seaweeds, plants, or honey. Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team never wanted to compromise on naturalness. He worked with a research team that conducted a number of tests to ensure the product met L’Oreal standards.

Cost and time were a major challenge to Dan’s team. Time used to transport raw materials was not enough since they would get contaminated. Dan recalls a scenario when they transported clay thus compromising its natural formula. R.A.W initiated an educational programme that taught hairdressers and customers to live sustainably. This has been done in more than 700 salons in the US leading to a significant impact on the company. The company’s @Biolage Instagram account has testimonials and video clips which spreads the message of living sustainably and using R.A.W products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has a passion for traveling, photography, and fashion. The commerce graduate uses his photography skills to advertise the products. Due to the positive comments and approaches by individuals, Dan is set to enter the European market.

The RealReal: Adding Luxury at an Everyday Cost

When you find something truly special, whether it’s inside of a thrift store or maybe a yard sale, there is a certain degree of excitement that accompanies that find. When it comes to luxury goods these finds are rare, if not impossible. When you do find something that would be considered a luxury good, it’s often accompanied by a sense of panic as to whether or not it is actually real. The RealReal has you covered with their experienced sales staff and exceptional appraisers. The unique thing about The RealReal is that they only deal with luxury goods that are secondhand, so they know exactly what they are looking for to spot a fake. Apparently, the service was sorely needed because since it was founded in 2011 it has exploded. People have shown that they need a way to feel secure when buying used luxury goods.

On recode.com there is an article discussing some of the expansion moves that are being made by The RealReal’s founder Julie Wainwright. Wainwright is hoping to increase private funding for her company in order to expand. She wants the company to meet more of the national and global needs that are growing based on its founding. The company has also had an unintended impact on the luxury good market in general. It seems that while the luxury goods are being purchased at a fraction of the price through the consignor it is also boosting sales for normally priced goods as well. The best thing about this service is that it allows individuals to use the goods before they purchase them, building loyalty for the brands that they feature. This is a very important step in a lasting partnership between Wainwright’s company and luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

While there is still much that the company can do to increase their stock and retail footprint, they have shown that they are excellent at implementing their business model. It is apparent that Wainwright understands what people need, and she is working to provide them with the goods that they would not normally be able to afford.

Evolution of Smooth Offers a New Unique Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a skin care product manufacturer whose lip balm product promises to be successful because it touches on three distinct areas of enticement. The first area of enticement is visual and in the print advertising the model is photographed only showing her nose and lips. Her lips appear soft and smooth, and the visual and emotional effects are pleasant and only slightly suggestive. The second enticement has to do with our innate curiosity especially with impulse sales, and curiosity offers a reason to try this product. The shape of the container is different, not the typical cylinder and there is a tactile urge, a sensation to touch, hold, and operate the dispenser to see how the product works. And finally EOS lip balm is offered in a multitude of flavors. Consumers want variety, and the EOS lip balm offers blueberry, strawberry sorbet, even a medicated tangerine among other fruit flavors. The products use shea butter that is having a revival as a skin care product, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. These ingredients are all part of the composition of the lip balm.

As an impulse buy, EOS lip balm will be hard to pass up. The product has a universal appeal to men and women, and the Facebook advertising hits a home run with their choice of a lip model. Having unique flavors and an unusual dispenser all add to the impulse to buy and try the product. Evolution of Smooth looks like it will be a marketplace winner.

Read more about the product here: evolutionofsmooth.com.
How did EOS started? Read here: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick





Benefit of Shea Butter on the Hair

There have been a number of reports to broadcast the benefits that shea butter has on the skin but shea butter has many advantages when it comes to the hair. Some may assume that any type of shea butter may render these results. Even though shea butter in any form can possibly provide benefits for one’s hair, the best type of shea butter to use is the one that is unrefined and organic.


The name Shea Butter may cause some to become skeptical. Shea Butter is not made from milk but it is extracted from nuts that come from the African shea tree. These West African trees provide nuts have been used for many centuries for skin care and hair care.  The highest quality shea butters have to come from Africa, like the measures Eugenia Shea takes to ensure the quality of their ingredients.


There are lists of benefits that are associated with shea butter. One of the benefits includes being a moisturizer for one’s scalp. This butter contains vitamin E, which when applied to the scalp acts as a protector against dryness. Shea butter not only has the ability to protect a person’s scalp and keep it moisturized, it also has anti-inflammatory abilities that can heal the scalp when one has an irritating skin condition such as eczema. To offer relief, simply massage a small amount into the scalp.


The benefits of shea butter does not stop with it being a protector or a healer for a scalp, the antioxidants found within the butter helps increase blood flow in the scalp which helps the hair to grow.


Using shea butter in a specific way can also render a number of beneficial results.

Applying shea butter to one’s hair before curling it can help to create lustrous curls and radiant curls. Also, applying shea butter to one’s hair before using a curling iron or another type of heated styling device can protect it from heat damage.


Detangling one’s hair can become a time consuming processes, this process can become easier by dampening one’s hair with water and a rubbing a small amount of shea butter in the hair until it softens. After the hair is soft, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair until the tangles are removed.


While Searching For Unicorns, We Found Their Queen, Doe Deere


It’s not every day that someone sets out to search for a unicorn. In case you don’t already know, this is not a task to be taken lightly. You never know what you will find, for example, we set out to prove that unicorns were real and we found the Unicorn Queen herself. Her name is Doe Deere.If you are one of the people who know nothing about unicorns or their queen, you really need to meet Doe Deere. Doe is an amazing and very colorful queen. Doe’s personality sparkles and burns as bright as some of her amazing creations.

Doe is the creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. Russian born and growing up in New York City, Doe quickly because involved with the scene of fashion and makeup. She wanted to offer the makeup users what they were looking for, brighter makeup that would hold up. She created Lime Crime in 2008 and a year later the company launched a lipstick line that people loved. Today, Lime Crimes Unicorn Lipsticks remain popular and colorful.When that lipstick line was launched it made makeup history because all of the lipsticks on the market were bland and didn’t offer the wearer much in the way of color. It was Doe Deere that had the genius to reinvent lipsticks in true to life color. Radical lip colors were something that everyone wanted but no makeup company was willing to take the gamble on, Doe Deere and Lime Crime stepped up to the plate and hit the makeup coloring out of the ball park.

Listening to the needs of customers is one think that Lime Crime does good. When there is a request or demand for a color or shade, Lime Crime stands up and does their best to break the mold of the nine to five makeup company. Let’s face it, Doe Deere is not your grandmothers make up creator. As queen of the unicorns, Doe Deere takes her position very seriously and as a result prevention of animal cruelty is always at the top of the list. No unicorns or other animals are harmed in the process of Lime Crime’s Makeup testing. That’s not to say that the unicorns don’t wear the Unicorn Lipstick of their own free will. Keeping that in mind, all of Lime Crimes products are cruelty free and Vegan friendly too.

When you want a makeup that is fun to wear and meets your needs of personal expression, you will want to check out Lime Crime and while you are there, say hello and Thank You to Doe Deere.

For more, visit http://www.doedeere.com/

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Special Kind Of Skills

It takes a lot of work and skills to be a successful plastic surgeon alone, but to own one’s own business, and to be able to move that business all the way across the country, it takes a special kind of skills. And that is what Dr. Jennifer Walden has been gifted with. She has been able to perform many successful surgeries, which have left her clients feeling very grateful to her, and she has been able make a good name for herself in this business. People know of Dr. Jennifer Walden and the work that she has done, and they feel confident coming to her when they need a surgery done, themselves. It is an amazing thing that Dr. Jennifer Walden has done in being able to gain the respect of all of her clients, and in being able to not only run her own business, but to move it across the country with no signs of slowing, and she is someone that all young girls can look up to as an example.
It’s great for girls to have a woman for them to look up to when they are thinking that they will never be able to do big things with their lives, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is the perfect example taking a dream and making it become a reality. She is the perfect example of someone working hard to make themselves the best that they can be, so that they can have success in their career. When girls look at her and the things that she has done, they will be left feeling in awe. There are very few plastic surgeons who have been able to have as much success as Dr. Jennifer Walden has had, let alone woman plastic surgeons who are running their own practices.