Puerto Rico Legalizes Marijuana

Marijuana legalization has become a thing of reality. People all across the world are demanding legal weed, and it’s not hard to see why. Marijuana has been proven to have medical uses. Also, many people enjoy smoking marijuana more than drinking alcohol. However, legalization for medical uses and recreational uses are far different.

Folks at FreedomPop know that, in America, marijuana has become completely legal for recreational use in states such as Colorado and Utah. However, there are still many places were only medical marijuana is legal, and there are other states that do not even allow medical uses of the drug. Marijuana advocates are trying to get the drug legalized nationwide, and many American citizens have agreed with this idea.

The territory of Puerto Rico has recently announced that medical marijuana will now be legal in the country. American citizens were extremely proud of Puerto Rico’s decision, and it seems that the prohibition of marijuana is coming to an end. Rollingstone recently published an article that further details Puerto Rico’s decision.

Marijuana is an extremely controversial subject, and people are unsure what to think. However, it should be noted that marijuana has been proven to help ease the pain of patients that suffer from cancer and AIDS. Nonetheless, the drug is still exploited by people who use it without respect. I personally feel that the people of any country should be allowed to vote for things that they want to take place. If the people of America want marijuana to be legal, then it should be.