Lime Crime Hues Rival those of Kylie Jenner

In a recent article for Parent Herald, author Rachel Cruz, agog at the popularity and the price ($29!) of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and frustrated that stores were constantly running out of them, proposed several viable alternatives for the super-popular brand. Among the eight substitutes for specific Kylie Jenner shades that Rachel came up were items from a number of cosmetics firms. Kylie Jenner’s Kourt K lip kit had its duplicate in Nyx Soft Matte lip creams, for example; Maybelline’s Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color in Nude Thrill was the best substitute for the Kandy K lip kit. And Kylie Jenner’s Mary Jo K lip kit had, as its look-alike rival, Lime Crime’s Reddest Red Velvetine Matte lipstick

It’s interesting that in a piece on Kylie Jenner’s hair make-over and the introduction of her new magenta Kourt K lip kit, Dory Larrabee referred to Lime Crime’s matte liquid Velvetine in Jinx, almost the identical shade. Lime Crime is clearly becoming a main stream brand.

Twitter really shows how Lime Crime has in fact been creating vibrant, exciting shades of lipstick, nail enamel, and makeup since 2008, so it’s no surprise that CEO and founder Doe Deere, who personally oversees the extraordinary hues that give the magic to her cosmetics line, would have colors able to compete with those of Kylie Jenner. Lime Crime’s Velvetines, mentioned in the two articles just cited, come in no fewer than 29 shades, from lime green to black. The range is about as far as can be from natural lip color, but one thing that Lime Crime does not do is natural; in fact, its name refers to the audacity of its color range, characterized by Doe Deere as “almost illegal.” This same creative and assertive approach to cosmetics runs throughout the line. Just consider its eyeshadow offerings: the Venus II Eyeshadow Palette alone boasts eight shades with names like jam, mud, and mustard. Lime Crime nail polish, eyelid glitter, and eyeliner follow suit.

Lime Crime’s extreme color palette is anchored in Doe Deere’s holistic philosophy of cosmetics as a form of self-assertion and self-creation. The message? Be bold, wear the colors that make you feel the way you want to feel, and forget about the dictates of fashion. Considering that Kylie Jenner’s palette is beginning to approach Lime Crime’s, it may be that fashion has final caught up with the company.  Find the Lime Crime Pinterest for more ideas on new looks, and how to wear their products.

The rise of estates in New York

Manhattan and Brooklyn have been rivalries forever. Manhattan has always been the most desired place that people would rather live oppose toBrooklyn. As of lately, there has been a switch in people decision on where they want to live in NYC apartment for sale. People are now more willing to live in Brooklyn.

A recent study reported that Brooklyn had record breaking sales over the last few months. The median price for a Brooklyn apartment is up 15.1 percent than it was last year. Manhattan has some good numbers as well, but Brooklyn at the moment is during better.The medium price for Brooklyn apartments is over $600,000 while Brooklyn medium is over $400,000. The change in Brooklyn medium apartment prices speaks volumes. There is now more people wearing Brooklyn t-shirts vs. Manhattan t-shirts.

Summer is typically a slow season when it comes to apartment sales. Even though summers sales are usually slow, Brooklyn sales actually rose 14 percent. Queens sales rose 64.6 percent. The Corcoran reported that there was 736 contract that was sign up during the third quarter.Brooklyn has also increased from $1.28 million to $1.6 million. The neighborhoods in Queens has also seen a new rise. Specifically, the areas that have been rising is Long Island City, Woodside, Astoria, and Sunnyside

The suburbs has even been seeing a new slew of buyers. In Westchester County, the sales are up by 5.5 percent. In Westchester, the apartments are more affordable than both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The average price for a single family is about $529,000. Overall the NYC economy is during well, no matter where you choose to live.

Speaking of places to live in New York, if you would rather live the luxurious lifestyle, then there is the only place to consider. TOWN Residential is New York number one leading luxurious resident. The resident was created by Andre Heiberger and Joesph Sitt in the year 2010. The TOWN Residential has solidified itself as being the residents where individuals will experience the utmost excellence.

Of course, the residents will have access to a team of professionals who are experts in their fields. TOWN Residential have a winning formula that have brought them many successes.The staff is fantastic at their job, and that have created a workplace that many would enjoy working at. They have even landed on the list of the Top 50 Best Places to work in New York City. The clients can come to expect nothing but the best service.

Benefits of Hiring Handy Cleaners

Never has a company’s name been more appropriate than in the case of Handy, a home cleaning service provider that offers cleaning services at the click of a button using the company app. The traditional cleaning industry has several problems – under-tipping of cleaners, overcharging of customers, security issues with cleaning staff, availability, and delayed bookings. Handy has sorted out all these problems with a simple company structure and creative approach to business.

Easy 24 Hour Advance Bookings – The best thing about Handy is the company’s service of making appointments at least 24 hours in advance. There are many times when people have a bash at their place and need the area to be spotless the next day. Sometimes, friends or relatives announce their plans to drop in at a day’s notice and the house is a mess. With Handy, making bookings doesn’t even take a minute and everything is hassle free.

Electronic Payments Inclusive of Tax and Tips – Customers are often unsure about how much to tip. Also, they often feel like they are being overcharged. Knowing about quotes is great for this reason. Almost every other business that is service based uses quotes for payments and Handy has inculcated this great feature into their business. When customers set an appointment, they enter the time they would like the person to come in, rooms, and other details, and a payment quote shows up. Since the quote includes taxes and tips, there is no ambiguity left. The payments can be made electronically for the convenience of customers.

Professionals With Experience and Background Checks Confirmed – Experienced professionals are employed by Handy to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The professionals come to the house fully equipped and perform the job efficiently. Another great thing is the safety feature of Handy. All the professionals’ backgrounds have been checked in advance to reduce any chances of problems in the future. It is because of this creative approach to cleaning that Handy is making so many waves in the industry.

Not Just For Cleaning – Handy might be known for its cleaning services but in reality, the company offers furniture assembly, painting, moving help, electrical and plumbing services as well. This ensures that every job – little or big – in the house is performed without any fuss and professionals are at the doorstep at short notice. Not just that, by offering quality services, Handy is setting a new benchmark for the service and handyman industry and other companies would have to do a lot to catch up.

Now, people don’t need to worry about cleaning the house at a short notice when they have a party or get together next day. Handy will take care of everything.

NexPoint Trust Recently Appoints James Dondero to Chairman

Long time finance company executive and entrepreneur James Dondero has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board at NexPoint Trust Inc. Dondero brings a lot of experience and expertise to this company and will therefore provide lots of valuable guidance to the company in his new role. NexPoint is very happy to have Dondero as a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman. With Dondero leading NexPoint in his new role he will be sure to help give the company the guidance it needs in order to reach its goals and get to the next level.

What makes Dondero a great selection as an appointee to Chairman of the Board is his experience. He has over 30 years of experience as a finance company executive and founder of two successful companies. Although he currently serves as President of NexPoint, he has a track record of managing other companies as well as starting up other ones. In his career, Dondero has co founded NexPoint Advisors and Highland Capital Management. These two companies have managed billions of dollars in assets and therefore helped individuals and businesses better manage their money. His experience as an executive at NexBank and NexPoint Real Estate Advisors solidifies his track record as a highly capable and successful finance company leader.

In his new endeavor, Dondero looks to help NexPoint Trust improve its operations and become another one of the premier finance companies in the nation. With Dondero’s experience and track record he looks to add yet another chapter to his already successful and accomplished career in the finance industry. With Dondero as Chairman of the Board he will be a sure bet to help the company NexPoint reach its full potential and better serve its customers. Dondero’s new appointment to the Board of Directors will give him an opportunity to experience even more success as a leader of finance companies.

For more information on James Dondero, visit his official website.