The Success of Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties

In the Top CEO Awards 2017, Hussain Sajwani took the first place after defeating the other real estate developers in his region. Also, he was also ranked number 11 from a list of one hundred regional Chief Executive Officers. The awards were held in Jeddah in the first quarter of 2017.

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder and CEO of DAMAC Properties. In the region, DAMAC Properties is well known for building luxurious real estate properties. The leader of this renown group is a graduate of the University of Washington. His carrier started when he was a Contracts Manager in the subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) known as GASCO. After a short period of working as a Contracts Manager, he was able to venture into his own business in 1982. At this point, he was catering for his venture.

Hussain Sajwani’s catering division has been able to grow immensely. Today, the division is a leader in the section as it can cater for more than 200 projects across different regions. In addition to this, the venture also serves over 150,000 meals daily.

Hussain Sajwani is also one of the pioneers in the real estate market. In the 90’s, he established several hotels to that would accommodate the high populations that came to conduct business in the emirate. After identifying a market opportunity that many had not, he established DAMAC Properties in 2002. As the owner of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani has been able to guide the company to the level of success it has achieved today.

Hussain Sajwani has also met Donald Trump, US president severally over discussions of new ideas. The meeting is to come up with new ideas in collaboration with the owner of DAMAC Properties for future joint projects.

Hussain is also a philanthropic person. This is illustrated by the support that he has provided to the disadvantaged children. He wrote a cheque worth AED two million purposes for the children who are lacking clothes around the world. This money was worth providing clothes for more than 50,000 children. In addition to this, Husain Sajwani has been involved in the donation to many charitable organizations.

Who is Eric Pulier

The question that is asked by many is,who is Eric Pulier? Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and has succeeded in many different ventures. He is the founder of over fifteen companies and all of them are successful. When you think of success, this is the guy who embodies that very word. Not many people can manage to raise millions of dollars for their business. With over fifteen under his belt you can be sure that his hands are full.

He has been linked to many ventures that are listed below

  • Digital Evolution
  • US Interactive
  • Media Platform
  • Akana
  • Desktone
  • ServiceMesh
  • Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (TM Forum)

Eric Pulier is also a known philanthropist. He has funded many different charity organizations. Charities such as Trident Capital, eCompanies,and Monitor Ventures.

He is not only a businessman, but he is also a family man. Eric Pulier has 4 children and shows how active he is by participating in family events. He serves on the board of a summer camp for children with chronic illness. The painted turtle is the name of the summer camp that he a board member of. He is a resident of Los Angeles California and spends most of his time there doing research and how to make the world a better place.

Eric Pulier uses technology to solve the issues that go on in communities. He focuses on impaired children, who have disabilities that can be solved with technology.

He created a program for people with multiple sclerosis. The program helped teach people about the disease. The main purpose of it was to help them manage the disease. As you can see his work has helped out many. A good entrepreneur keeps people motivated and works as a team player. This is who Eric Pulier is, a hard worker and a great team player for the community.

Eric @Facebook: Eric.Pulier

Sam Tabar, A Great Lawyer And Capital Strategist

Mr. Sam Tabar is New York’s outstanding lawyer and capital strategist. Claiming law degrees from Columbia School of Law and the Oxford University, Mr. Tabar is now a new successful manager of Hedge Funds, with various Asian companies. Despite being trained as a lawyer, Sam Tabar has associations with hedge funds organizations as he was always engaged in the legal and financial structures, and investment law professions. He is a limited partner and investors, who uses massive gamble techniques to invest borrowed funds, with hopes of accomplishing substantial capital accumulations.

During his career, Tabar has managed to work in several separate communities. He has acquired numerous diverse languages as a result. He is adequately fluent in French and Japanese, in addition to his native English language. Tabar is widely distinguished for his experience in international finance regulation, Hedge Fund laws, and is well acquainted with Hong Kong, and the United States financial markets.

His legal professional accomplishments at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP stints at law firms give him an outstanding financial career. In 2001, Tabar served for the subsidiary of Japan’s Sparx Group Co. in Hong Kong, and the PMA Investment Advisors. At PMA Investment, Sam Tabar was accountable for designing a new brand, product development, and revolutionary asset development strategies. He also planned and accomplished decisive marketing plans for his company that aimed large family offices, ultra-high-net-worth clients, and global institutional investors. He also presented the firm with personal models of numerous possible qualified investors and formed various additional investor foundations.

In 2013, Sam Tabar was also the Administrator of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction in Merrill Lynch Companies Inc. In the same year, he also worked as an Assistant Attorney for Roth, Zabel, and Schulte LLP. This legal practice gives him a unique perspective and sharp focus to hedge fund administration. His involvement and expertise in hedge reserve strategies and management are exceptional.

Tabar is currently pursuing his trade ambitions in hedge funds. He is a capital strategist and has made significant initial progress by investing major money in THINX, the startup company focusing on the support of women in Asian and Africa nations.


Managing Your Online Reputation Like A Professional


We’ve all heard the stories about a company that worked for years to gain a positive reputation online. Their reputation was ruined because of negative remarks that were made by one person determined to destroy the company for personal or financial reasons. The fact is that this happens all the time. Most might think that they must take drastic actions and immediately hire reputation management consultants. An owner of an online reputation management service suggests that there are steps that an entrepreneur can take before hiring an online reputation management firm.

Fix my online reputation!
The owner of the online reputation management firm, shared that a small business might not have the budget to invest in an internet reputation repair service. However, there are some important steps that they can take to secure their reputation.


  • Learn to control your reputation online before any trouble erupts. Make sure that your site is in the top Google search results.


  • Get involved with all the popular social media sites and build a following that is loyal.


  • Buy several domains that are in your industry early on and take control of them.


  • Optimize the website to make sure that it ranks high with the top search engines. This will help push down any negative remarks about the company.


  • Update the site on a regular basis. Update at least once a week. Update social media post daily.


Other methods to control the company’s online reputation include syndicating content to the online world. Today, this is an extremely easy task for an individual working solo or for a large corporation. This is due to the software that automatically syndicates content. Expand exposure to popular places like Blogger or WordPress. This is a great way to keep in contact with loyal customers or new customers. Let them know that the company is available for discussion and contact. Let customers know that it is easy to interact with the company and gain new insight into the company. Press Releases are also another option that more companies should really use to build a more positive company image.

The Search Fixers
The Search Fixers is an online reputation management service that will fix bad search results through proven SEO methods and tools. Don’t stress over negative comments, articles, or remarks that try to drag your business down. Call in the search fixers and fix bad reviews.

Online Fitness Brand Fabletics Seeks To Design Workout Clothes For Wide-Range Of Body Types

Among the many frustrations that can come with being a human being on the hunt for clothes to add to their wardrobe is the disappointment of trying on clothes that aren’t the best fit. Oftentimes it can feel as though retailers are only creating clothing for a particular body type while everyone else must either find a good tailor or be forced to endure wearing clothes that they are not comfortable in. Consumers’ bodies are different and retailers that are seeking to be successful in the marketplace are recognizing that. Fabletics, an online brand that sells fitness clothes to female shoppers, has developed its shopping experience and clothes with this reality in mind.

According to a 2013 interview that actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson gave to Elle Magazine, conscientious design is a priority for Fabletics. Hudson told the magazine that “designing for every body type” was “really” important and that the brand had developed workout clothes that were made for a variety of body types. These clothes include sports bras and leggings that are forgiving by making its wearer’s derriere “squeeze in and up.” Hudson also discussed her experience working with a physical trainer, the roots of her interest in athletics and fitness and her views on cleansing with the fashion magazine.

Fabletics creates a customized user experience that enables the brand to give customers more of the workout clothes they want and need. Fabletics is able to customize its shoppers’ experiences by asking to take a short quiz about their style preferences. The quiz also includes an inquiry about a customer’s body type and the option to select a “unique” body type if the choices for body type that presented are not relevant to them.

According to Elle many of the items sold by Fabletics are under $100. The price point coupled with the brand’s versatility and fashion-forward design make it a marketplace leader. The bloggers behind the shopping site The Krazy Coupon Lady reviewed Fabletics last year. The savvy shoppers expressed their belief that Fabletics was a good brand in comparison to competitors like Gap Body and that the company had prices that were on par with Target. According to a 2015 interview with Elle, Kate Hudson and Fabletics were working on a Fabletics collection called Fly. According to the Fabletics website Fly was a capsule collection that focused on bringing sophisticated style elements to the brand’s clothing.

How Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is a trader based in London. He was born in the same city, and this is where he went to school too. His parents were Kenyans who migrated in search of a better life, and they chose to settle in London. Shah went to college where he studied medicine. However, before completing the studies, he felt that he wasn’t meant to become a doctor. He changed his career, choosing to go for accounting. Because his parents were wealthy, the millionaire had the opportunity to be raised in a good neighborhood and the best schools in London.

As an accountant, he worked for several banks, but he still felt that this was not his calling. He did not like sitting in an office for many hours working for people. His home was in North London, and commuting from there to work was no easy. This made him feel that most of his time was being wasted and that he was not getting what he deserved. He abandoned this career after the famous 2008 financial crisis that affected the banking industry.

He started a brokerage company, and today, the company is known as Solo Capital. His first office was a tiny room he rented located in London, and he hired a few graduates to assist him in running the small business. Over the years, the company has grown, shifting offices to better premises and employing a big number of people.
Solo Capital was incorporated in the year 2011, in the month of September. Because the company is based in London, it is regulated by the United Kingdom regulations. The company has grown tremendously in its capital, opening branches in several parts of the country. One of its branches is located in Dubai.

Due to the success he got from this company, Sanjay Shah was able to open several companies in different parts of the globe. Today, he owns more than forty companies, all under his care. The businessman is currently aged forty-three years, and he has accumulated enough wealth to consider himself retired. He is no longer involved in the day to day management of his companies. His latest company to acquire is known as Old Park Lane, and it is an institution that focuses on natural resources. He continues to purchase more companies under his name.

Five years ago, he experienced something that changed his life completely. One of his sons aged just two years then was always sick and vomiting. Doctors confirmed that he was suffering from autism. The experience with his child made him start Autism Rocks, a charitable company that funds autism research and also creates awareness about the condition. All his charitable funds are donated here.

You can like them on Facebook.

Brazil’s Real Estate Boom Is Benefiting The Construction Sector

Brazil has made a lot of progress since it’s economically bleak past. In fact, Brazil is becoming one of the world’s more successful economies. The success of Brazil’s economy is benefiting citizens throughout the country. People’s earnings are on the rise, and spending is going up as a result. People are spending a lot of money on acquiring real estate. When people do this, they involve businesses that specialize in real estate. Companies that are involved in the purchase and sale of real estate profit from this. In addition, companies that do construction benefit from this. Whenever a new home or other structure is built, construction companies in Brazil profit from this. Construcap is one Brazilian construction company. They are very longstanding, and they have been successful for the entire time they have done business. However, the latest surge in the Brazilian economy has been quite profitable for them.

Construcap got it’s beginnings very early on, well before the current economic upswing. In fact, Construcap has been around since 1944. So, they have a lot of experience in the Brazilian construction business. For this entire time, they have done a lot of work with new real estate. However, they have also done a lot of work on building other types of structures. For instance, they have done a lot of work on business establishments. However, they have done work for the government, as well. In fact, they have built highways and other forms of large infrastructure. Construcap has a very good reputation in the Brazilian construction industry. Construcap also has a good reputation in terms of meeting all of the construction codes and regulations. The structures that have been built by Construcap are designed to meet Brazil’s standards in construction. This makes their buildings safer and more likely to last in the long term.

In addition to Construcap’s impressive track history, they are getting lots of business nowadays. The upswing in the economy means that there are more buildings being constructed. This includes new homes that people are having built. In addition, it also includes new commercial real estate. Furthermore, Construcap has done work setting up structures that are used for the industries that are migrating into Brazil. All of these types of real estate growth are resulting in a rise in profits of Construcap. These factors make Construcap an excellent investment nowadays.

Brazilians have a lot more money to spend these days than in the past. There are a lot of companies in Brazil that are benefiting from this. Construcap is a highly reputable construction company in Brazil, and they are profiting from the recent real estate growth that is taking place.