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Bruno Fagali Is A Reputable Attorney In Brazil

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In Brazil, Bruno Fagali is well known for addressing his clients’ cases appropriately. Bruno Fagali has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent and advise his clients. His areas of practice include Administrative Law, Ethics, Urban Law, Regulatory Law and Compliance.

Bob Reina: The Innovator Of Success

Success is something that can mean something different to each and every single person out there. For some people, success is simply having a job, a family, and a roof over their heads. For other people, they just love having money and being able to buy whatever they want. Again, this is not a simple answer. There is a lot more that goes into it. However, Bob Reina is the innovator of success as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a video technology company that is award winning, fun, and game changing for a lot of people out there in the industry. They are seeing life in a whole new way. One way that people view success is the ability to be able to have their own company.


People like things that are all their own without anyone else getting in the way of it. It is not as though they are not interested in sharing a piece of their pie. They are more than happy to do that. After all, they are not just interested in having this company all to themselves. They want others to work for them, and they are going to be the fun boss they wish they had had when they had to work for someone else. They are going to learn from the mistakes of others.


Bob Reina is big on being the fun and hard-working CEO of Talk Fusion. As far as award winning, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, an award that is only given out to products that are constantly growing and constantly improving. These are companies that are innovating. They are not going to sit on their hands and simply stay put. They are going to branch out and look for ways to change the game. They are innovators, which Bob Reina has always been known as in the industry.


One of the most telling things about reading about Bob Reina is that throughout all of this, the company has changed, but he is still a great human being and the success has not gone to his head. Learn more:

Rona Borre Embraces Employee Worth

There are quite a few “woman-owned” businesses around in today’s modern workplace, but there is something different about the enterprise started by Rona Borre. Instant Alliance is its name, and it continues to turn out great profits which are increasing every year while at the same time being recognized nationally for the success. She has become one of the think tanks or a leader in the sometimes difficult industry of human capital, and her opinions and ideas have been shared across a myriad of top television stations and publications.

The principles that Rona Borre and her firm strive to implement are not anything extreme. For example, they believe that the right executive team can make the difference between a company being good and a company able to do great things. They reach out to individuals clients in order to form a real human relationship that can later be leveraged to great success. She started as a recruiter out of college, and the relationships that she was able to form helped carry her through despite non-compete clauses and market downturns.   Check on to read more about Borre.

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So what does the average day of Rona Borre (once Enterprising Woman of The Year) look like? Well, she admits that there is hardly any day which is just a repetition of the one before it. It is that constant change and adaptation which keep the deeply motivated women like Borre eager to face the next challenge. She admits that any employee is able to bring an idea to the table, and if enough of those in the office feel like it is a worthwhile venture then it will be put into action. As a privately held firm Instant Alliance has the freedom that some others in the market are not able to enjoy.  Related article on

Rona Borre has also been challenged in her past by jobs such as the receptionist role that she took right out of college. While those around her looked down on her she was able to turn the experience into a motivating factor which gave her a valuable moral tenant that everyone is important in an organization. As such, she continues to keep this enthusiasm and sense of worth for all that she comes in contact with, and it appears that it will pay off for a long time to come.

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Instant Alliance under the Steady Leadership of Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the CEO and founder of Instant Alliance. She stands out as one of the best female entrepreneurs in Chicago. She founded Instant Alliance in 2001 from which she became a nationally recognized business owner. Her company continuously increases revenue with each passing year. More to read on

Rona is not only successful in the business world but also thrives as a leader in her community. From this position, she is a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago where she has leadership roles. She is also in young presidents’ organization as well as the Chicago network. Her role in the human capital industry has seen her featured in the CNBC, USA Today, CNN, CBS2 as well as the Craine Chicago, check this here.

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The business ledger, as well as the national association of women business owners as one of the most influential women, have honored Rona. The enterprising women magazine has also recognized her as the Enterprising Woman of the Year. Her business has also received a number of accolades for being a leader in the industry. Her BS in Business from State Arizona University has helped her in what she is passionate about today, and that is helping companies achieve their goals by pairing them up with the best talent in the market.

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Rona Borre Is a Self Made Success

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a leading staffing and recruiting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. She founded the company after quitting her job at a large, global staffing company where she led the company in sales and broke every production record that the company had every posted.

Instant Alliance was formed in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo from scratch. Today the company bills in the millions of dollars and works with Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized and smaller companies. The key types of candidates they look for are technological and financial professionals because these are the candidates’ companies look for when they are trying to break through to the next level.  Head over to

Rona Borre takes a different approach to selecting candidates by looking for a few that fit the hiring company’s exact needs as opposed to collecting hundreds of resumes and playing resume roulette, check related article here. When that candidate is found, they are recommended to be hired. Her attrition rate is only 1% which is the lowest in the business.

Rona Borre feels that she and her colleagues are just getting started as there is still a lot of ground yet to be covered. She feels that now the ground has been broken and the future will result in even more growth as time passes.