Whitney Wolfe-Herd Doesn’t Play By the Rules

Whitney Wolfe-Herd is someone that has refused to play by the rules. Anyone that has taken a look at the Bumble NYC Hive where people from Bumble are able to meet are well aware that she is planning the dating app game completely different.Wolfe-Herd knows what she is capable of with a dating app, but she did not set out to start a dating app alone. If someone gets a chance to look inside of the headquarters for Bumble they will notice that it is to start up technology dating app that does not actually have engineers in place. It is much more common to see a large number of women that are using laptops and phones to engage in various types of brainstorming activities.

These women are doing their best to make improvements with Bumble, and they are testing the waters with all the other possibilities that come from researching the competition.Bumble has proven to be a stellar dating app, and Whitney Wolfe has received a great amount of recognition for branching out and reinventing the wheel when it came to dating apps and the way that people perceive dating app developers.It does no good for Whitney Wolfe to create a dating app that looks like everything else there is out there. When she got married to her husband Michael Herd she was taking a break from the rigorous work schedule that she has engaged herself into. She would find herself in Italy enjoying some of the fruits of her labor.

She would enjoy transitioning from a single woman to a wife, but Whitney Wolfe has remained well aware that there are so many other single women that are trying to get to where she is. She knows that there are a lot of women that are looking for a chance to cross the threshold, but first they have to find the right match and engage in communication with the right person. This is what she is trying to establish with Bumble. Whitney Wolfe-Herd is someone that has not been afraid to push the boundaries. Her level of fearlessness has allowed people that may have never consider dating apps to try this type of environment out. She has clearly proven that dating apps have the ability to be successful if someone is willing to think outside of the box. Wolfe-Herd has shown that she is creative.

Whitney Wolfe Establishes Bumble; a Woman led Dating Site

Whiney Wolfe is a talented businesswoman and the chief executive officer of Bumble, a woman-led dating app. Whitney joined the entrepreneurship industry as a young lady. In 2012, she was a co-founder of Tinder, a dating site company. She also worked as the vice marketing officer of the firm. Wolfe then left the company after a lawsuit was settled on sexual harassment and discrimination against one another of the company’s co-founders. It was not easy for Whitney to leave the company but that did not kill her dream as an entrepreneur in the online dating industry. At that time, she underwent a lot of torture from cyberbullying and was almost giving up.Wolfe Herd raised her head high and realized that all was not lost. She figured out a way and took advantage of her personal experience to start a new business. She thought of establishing Merci- a social network for females only based on kindness and good behavior.

While still in the process of building her idea and making it a reality, Andrey Andreev, the chief executive officer of Badoo, the most famous dating site in the world approached her. At first, Andrey asked Whitney to be the chief marketing officer of Badoo, but she did not consider the offer.During her meeting with the Badoo CEO, Whitney Herd talked extensively on her idea about Merci social network. Andrey was impressed with the idea and urged Whitney to exploit the concept in the dating industry and promised to fund the business to get off the ground. At first, she was reluctant to take the offer, but her boyfriend encouraged her to grab the opportunity. Whitney Wolfe traveled back to London where she made a deal with Andrey to establish the first woman dating app, Bumble.

Bumble has been operating for four years now with more than 30 million users. The company has been successful and has also advanced its services by including new unique features like bumble bff and bumble bizz that has helped better the lives of the app users. Bumble bff helps users find their best friends for hangouts while bumble bizz has helped the app subscribers grow their careers through person to person networking. Whitney Wolfe Herd holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the Methodist University. In September 2017, she got married to the love of her life Michael Herd, a heir of oil and gas Company. The duo celebrated their relationship in a breathtaking Italian destination wedding.

Jed McCaleb Banking in Developing Nations

Jed McCaleb is the founder of Stellar Lumens. Stellar Lumens is one of the various cryptocurrency options available today. He had experience working with bitcoin many years ago. With that experience, he was able to launch his currency.

Jed McCaleb is passionate about providing banking opportunities to developing nations. People who live in developing countries have few options for banking services. With a currency like Stellar, Jed McCaleb hopes that he can stimulate economic growth around the world. Many entrepreneurs understand the value of generating high returns through a new product or service. With Jed’s background and experience, he should have no problem making Stellar a success.

Early Career

Jed has a long history of working on startup projects. He is the type of person who is always looking for new challenges and opportunities. When he started his career, he worked at a large company. He did not enjoy the work environment, and he decided to move to California. He worked at several startup companies, and he enjoyed the freedom he had each day.


As an early investor in cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb was able to build a massive fortune at a young age. He is excited about the various opportunities that he has for the future.

Jed McCaleb believes that Stellar can become one of the most prominent cryptocurrency options in the future. Anyone who wants to learn about the industry should talk with him. He is always willing to teach people about the importance of blockchain. He firmly believes that blockchain technology will change the world in the coming years. Although Jed McCaleb is relatively young, he already has a ton of experience managing a business.

Stellar is still a young company, but it has a lot of possibilities for people who live in developing nations around the world.

Where Can The “Sandwich Generation” Go?

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm. The company’s blog provides insight to any and all who choose to read the articles published on it.

A thought-provoking article may prove insightful to the “sandwich generation” of middle-aged adults dealing with significant financial strains. A lot of adults find themselves in a financial position to support their aging parents, themselves, and their children at the same time. With the “sandwich generation,” parents must cover costs associated with caring for the children and their elderly parents. Unlike generations past, elderly people may find their retirement budgets much tighter for a host of reasons. Unrecovered losses from the 2008 market collapse combined with increases in the cost of living have led some elderly parents to ask their adult children for financial assistance. Without the help of their children, these elderly people might not be able to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, covering the costs of both parents and kids makes things troublesome for the “sandwich generation.” And the members of that particular generation do have their own expenses to pay for as well.

The worst thing members of the “sandwich generation” could do is nothing. Simply collecting a paycheck and paying bills for all parties can eventually create a disastrous financial situation. Limited funds eventually hit the proverbial wall and run out. Careful budget planning must be done to address everyone’s expenses. With older parents, those expenses need to be carefully evaluated. Since you must put money into your children’s college funds and your own retirement savings account, eliminating expenses unnecessary for retired adult makes sense.

Don’t consider it selfish to put your own financial needs first. Remember, if you are not in a good position to care for yourself financially, you won’t be able to care for others.

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How Glen Wakeman Started his Career Path

The modern market can sometimes be very complicated. Individuals who have been fortunate in this area can say how much they have endured many challenges. The most successful businessmen are those that have chosen to remain strong despite the changes in the market. Glen Wakeman is one of these professionals (https://www.wingsjournal.com/world-traveler-glen-wakeman). Upcoming people in business in the world can look at the career of Glen Wakeman and see the amount of success they will achieve. Many people know Wakeman as the founder and also the chief executive officer of an organization that is called LaunchPad Holdings. The organization has not been in the market for a long time. The institution focuses on providing software services that assist newbies in the business world. With the help of the software from this company, many people have been able to successfully transform their ideas into a reality.


Successful Career Path of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman successful career path was not an easy one. The businessman began his journey when he enrolled in one of the leading colleges so that he can acquire his degree. After graduating, he used the skills he got at the university to transform the business industry. His success in the finance department has motivated all people in the complicated markets. People in the market have followed his expert advice so that they can become successful like him. His company has been recognized on several platforms. The company has assisted numerous clients to realize their goals. The institution has served as a mentor to very many American citizens.

According to Glen Wakeman, businesspeople can turn out to be very successful if they have the right connections. With the right connections, it is very easy for individuals to get funding that will assist them in establishing strong businesses. The kind of connections in business will determine how a company will succeed in the modern markets. Wakeman has served as an entrepreneur for a while now, and he understands the kind of challenges facing consumers in the modern times. Using these skills, the businessman has managed to assist the investors to start profitable ventures. The people who have sought for his expertise say that they got great returns.

Omar Boraie Brings Back the Health of the City

Omar Boraie has successfully turned around an entire city by using only his grit and determination. This won him the label from many news articles as the father of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This tenderhearted man has used his real estate company in order to build the infrastructure necessary to grow a healthy city.


Sam Boraie has been passionate about reviving the city of New Brunswick ever since he returned from his two were in Europe. While traveling across that great continent, he saw the powerful cities of Munich, London, and Paris. He told himself that New Brunswick, New Jersey could become just as powerful as any of those European cities.


When Omar Boraie arrived back in the United States of America, he began sharing his dream and vision with anyone who would listen. He detailed for them a four-step plan that would allow New Brunswick to become an economic force to be reckoned with. The first part of the plan was to make a loving community. The second step of the plan was to make jobs lucrative in the area. The third step of that plan was to unite the entire city under a single vision. The fourth of that plan was to build the backbone of the strong society, which is the middle class.


According to WSJ, Omar Boraie set to work immediately by helping New Brunswick become a more loving place. He mainly did this through working with churches and nonprofits. He gave them instructions to plan events that would help families meet one another. In return, he we=ould provide them the necessary finances. One nonprofit worked with the State Theater to provide a summer of movie nights for the people. Seven movies were shown for free and 7,000 families were united.


Omar Boraie also immediately began to strengthen the job situation in New Brunswick. At that time, jobs were leaving. Rumor on the street was that Johnson & Johnson were moving their factories to another city. Omar Boraie knew that if they did this, the entire area would die. He was able to work out a plan with them so they could raise wages, hire more people, and build an additional factory. You can search on Yahoo for more details.


Omar Boraie then worked through his network to build a strong coalition. The Mayor, the President of Rutgers University, and members of the state Senate made it their life’s work to help New Brunswick thrive.



Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.html