Bob Reina: The Innovator Of Success

Success is something that can mean something different to each and every single person out there. For some people, success is simply having a job, a family, and a roof over their heads. For other people, they just love having money and being able to buy whatever they want. Again, this is not a simple answer. There is a lot more that goes into it. However, Bob Reina is the innovator of success as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a video technology company that is award winning, fun, and game changing for a lot of people out there in the industry. They are seeing life in a whole new way. One way that people view success is the ability to be able to have their own company.


People like things that are all their own without anyone else getting in the way of it. It is not as though they are not interested in sharing a piece of their pie. They are more than happy to do that. After all, they are not just interested in having this company all to themselves. They want others to work for them, and they are going to be the fun boss they wish they had had when they had to work for someone else. They are going to learn from the mistakes of others.


Bob Reina is big on being the fun and hard-working CEO of Talk Fusion. As far as award winning, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, an award that is only given out to products that are constantly growing and constantly improving. These are companies that are innovating. They are not going to sit on their hands and simply stay put. They are going to branch out and look for ways to change the game. They are innovators, which Bob Reina has always been known as in the industry.


One of the most telling things about reading about Bob Reina is that throughout all of this, the company has changed, but he is still a great human being and the success has not gone to his head. Learn more:

How the Internet of Things and Jason Hope are Shaping the Airline Industry

If you have been paying to the technology industry that has been growing before our eyes then you are probably at least sort of aware of Jason Hope. Hope is a futurist, technologist, writer and entrepreneur. Hope is most well known for his work with the SENS Foundation but now he is shifting his focus toward the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a joyous little concept that could end up fundamentally shifting the way that we live our lives. The Internet of Things is a technological phenomenon that explains how our daily activities will become increasingly connected to the internet — literally.

One of the easiest ways to see how effective the Internet of Things can be in real world applications is by looking at the airline industry. Airline companies rightfully get their fair share of flack due to customer service and price gouging issues, but there are going to be airline companies in the future that go all in on the Internet of Things in order to make their service a step above the rest. We’ll look to Virgin Atlantic as a prime example of a company that Hope believes is profiting directly from the Internet of Things.

We can start by analyzing how Virgin Atlantic as embraced the Internet of Things with their Boeing 787 jets. This plane is the commercial plane that is commonly used by people who are flying daily, all over the globe. What makes the Boeing 787 so important and special, in regards to the Internet of Things, is that it is connected directly to the internet. From rail all the way to the nose you are looking at a device that has been interfaced directly with the internet. Analysts can read information to stay up to date on the operational statistics of the plane at all times.Outside of the plane and back into the airport the Internet of Things will make it possible for people to closely watch the way their baggage treks along behind them. We can see that the Internet of Things has life changing application and also smaller, more convenient applications as well. Jason Hope believes that this is the next great industry and we believe him.

Hedge Fund Guru Kyle Bass Is Getting Slammed By Oil Prices


Kyle Bass, who describes as the golden boy of the 2008 subprime mortgage meltdown, is not fairing so well in 2016. Bass talked about investing in the energy sector, and he backed up his words two years ago when his hedge fund invested in several oil producers. Bass believed the price of oil would increase in 2015 and 2016, and he dumped millions of dollars into the oil market. But the Kyle Bass crystal investment ball must have been tainted with a little crude because oil is sitting at $48 a barrel, and Kyle Bass is hoping for a lifeline. But he’s up against Iran and the OPEC nations, and they are not interested in cutting oil production any time soon.



The list of recent Kyle Bass investment missteps continues to grow. He bet on JC Penny and sold the stock months later. He kept his position with GM, but the faulty ignition switch situation cut another hole in the Bass investment bag. His bet against Hong Kong and China are still pending, but the Chinese are well aware that Bass and others have bet billions of dollars on the fall of their currency, and they aren’t feeling it. The Chinese want a devaluation, but they want to control it, and the Chinese usually manage to do that.



The Kyle Bass Hayman Advisors hedge fund suffered the worst year in its ten-year history in 2015, and 2016 isn’t looking much better. Bass is trying to make up for some of the losses by betting against drug stocks when they are investigated for inflating drug prices. Kyle is getting his information from the man that is calling for those investigations, Erich Spangenberg. It seems Bass and Spangenberg have some sort of agreement, and that agreement may be a little shady.



Hayman Capital Advisors is not on the top of the list of hedge funds that play by the book. The hedge fund book has its own rules, and Bass has crossed the line on several occasions in the past. But as long as Kyle has a big bank account to fall back on he’ll keep talking and some people will still listen.

George Soros the Philosophical and Philanthropic Financial Speculator

George Soros was born in Budapest a town found in Hungary in the year 1930 and later moved to England as a seventeen-year-old during World War II. He was a student at London School of Economics where he secured an entry-level opportunity with a bank in London concerned with investment after his graduation in 1952. He worked here for four years and later moved to the United States where he was employed in some firms as investment management officer and as an analyst.

George’s investment and current developments

He has returned back to trading after a long time. The investor has not been trading for some time now. George Soros made his first landmark economic touchdown in 1973 when he founded and launched Soros fund management as a business entity registered under limited liability companies (LLC) and named it The Hedge Fund Company which grew, developed and had its name changed to Quantum Fund. After accumulating sufficient income, George established ‘open society foundation’ in 1979 which gave black students in a South Africa a scholarship at Cape Town University. It also gave rebels from Eastern Europe a chance to study abroad. Currently, this foundation has arms stretched to more than half the number of countries in the world with an expenditure estimated to be $835 million in a year.

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George’s fame came into limelight in 1992 when he won a bet featuring the British Dollar that earned him close to $2 billion profit in a day. Recently, he has been involved in significant investments in what he views as an opportunity for profit under looming economic constraints and troubles. He bought shares of gold miners and gold. In December 2015, George Soros donated up to $8 million to “Super PAC” in a bid to support the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the race of presidency as the first female president of the United States of America.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

George as an author

He has written some books which cut across almost all the vital scopes of life, from politics to open societies, globalization, and even economics. The number of published books totals to fourteen and were all released within a short duration of time with the most recent being ‘The Tragedy of the European Union’ a book that clearly highlights the shortcomings of the European Union. Other books are; The Age of Fallibility, which was released in 2007, The Bubble of American Supremacy, which was published in 2004 and Open Society, which was released in 2000.

He retired one of the wealthiest investors by using people’s money reach to the top, and this placed him at the helm successful business investors. After which he ventured into writing broadly on the niche of United States of America as a player in the affairs of the world.

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Kyle Bass, Pharmaceutical Stock Expert

Betting–sorry, investing–on the stock market can be something very difficult to successfully accomplish. There are many factors which contribute to a stock’s success or decline, and knowing where, when, and what influences those factors is key to profit.

Recently, Clovis Oncology stock took a huge dive when it was revealed that their clinical trials, and the drug’s actual effectiveness, were very far from the same. This was revealed by the FDA, and Clovis dove seventy percent in a single day. They soon regained nearly the entirety of their previous position, but the dive was still huge, and many lost faith in the organization. Wikipedia shows Kyle Bass was critical of the stock market’s response though. An Argentine who made his mark on the financial market in 2008 when he successfully predicted America’s sub-prime lending crisis, Kyle Bass has since made a number of lucrative predictions, investments, and financial moves which have kept him relatively relevant. Currently a hedge fund manager in Texas, Bass yet has controversial ties to an Argentine socialist by the name of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Are Bass’ ties benign or acute? It’s difficult to determine from the media spin, and because of that spin, Bass is very unlikely to give a straight answer himself. But what can’t be denied is his acumen regarding financial matters, and his ability to profit from the stock market. Bass usually has solid reasons behind his choices, and in Clovis Oncology’s case, the reasoning is solid indeed.

The primary reasons Bass believes that Clovis is still worthwhile, is that Bass believes Clovis’ next drug, Ruca, will be lucrative indeed; and that pharmaceuticals in general pull shifty number-fudging shenanigans. He cites AstraZeneca, an organization that used Asian patients in clinical trials regarding a drug which Asian patients are known for positively reacting to. The drug wasn’t marketed at Asians, however; it was marketed at North Americans. And, while there are certainly a population of North Americans who are Asian, there definitely aren’t enough to justify AstraZeneca’s clinical trials. AstraZeneca legally lied while telling the truth; but their stock didn’t take a seventy percent dive. This is why Kyle Bass feels as though Clovis Oncology is still fair game, as the saying goes.

But Bass has manipulated the stock market himself in a legal way reminiscent of both pharmaceutical organizations, and UsefulStooges exposed that. He started The Coalition For Affordable Drugs which managed to decrease certain medicinal drugs’ price and subsequently lower their parent pharmaceutical organization’s stock value. Bass then capitalized on this lowered stock value, and profited. Congress scrambled in an uncharacteristically bipartisan motif to close the loophole, so the event has received national attention. Bass is still here, however, and he still has aims to profit from big pharmaceuticals. So the takeaway from this is: keep watch on Kyle Bass and see if there’s anything in his activity which could prove lucrative elsewhere, to other financiers.

Reasons Why The US Money Reserve Is A Good Investment Choice

The US Money Reserve was the brainchild of gold market veterans, who saw the need to combine various factors to bring success to precious metal traders. Some of the factors these investors needed to combine included top-notch customer service, market knowledge from the best experts available as well as trustworthy guidance. With these key factors, trading in precious metals becomes an easy task.
A key factor that makes the U.S. Money Reserve a good investment option is the level of expertise the staff have. The Money Reserve maintains a highly trained team of professionals, who have vast experience in the trade besides being very knowledgeable. The team is made up of over 100 people who are carefully selected to fit the nature of their job.
The U.S. Money Reserve happens to be one of the most trusted distributors of precious metal coins. It deals with U.S. government gold and silver coins. It is also worth noting that the U.S. Money Reserve is under the leadership of Philip N. Diehl, a former U.S. Mint Director. Philip, the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint currently serves as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve.
US money reserve specializes in the sale of gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, Gold bullion, silver bullion and bars. All these are at one’s disposal after placing an order. US money reserve also has an online service where one can place his order at any time of the day and a shipment to overseas destinations. However, orders made get processed after making a call in the number 1-866-646-8465 and making a wired transaction to the bank account. Any decision to buy gold should be well calculated and research on the best company to buy from should be deeply thought.
Making a decision of what precious metal is right for u should be an easier task for you. Once you call the helpdesk, one makes a decision on whether to purchase bullions, coins or a mixture of the two. The decision lays on the buyer and once you make a decision to purchase the order is quickly processed for customer satisfaction.
The US money reserve provides its customers with an option to return their gold coins for a full refund 30 days after purchase and a 20% cut during this period. This a buyer friendly term considering the money reserve’s coins are state of the art and crafted to appreciate in value. The firm has sold hundreds of thousands of coins world over and is considered one of the best in the business.

Why Susan McGalla Never Quits!

She’s tough as nails and a force to be reckoned with. Susan McGalla is not just your ordinary women. She empowers other women to do great things with their lives. She never had the thought process behind her that just because she was a woman she couldn’t do amazing things in the corporate world. In fact, she proved to all the men that surrounded her at the Amercican Eagel board room table that she was destined for greatness.

She was raised by a father who was a high school gym teacher. She grew up in a house full of brothers. But, in McGalla’s home, it wasn’t about the boys and the girls. Rather, they were all seen as equals. She never though that because she was a girl that she was inferior to her brothers. In fact, it’s probably one of the defining factors of her life. She knew that her gender didn’t matter. It was what was inside her that was the key to making things happen in her life.

When she was fresh out of college, she started working for one of America’s biggest and best clothing lines. As a worker at American Eagle, she began as a buyer for women’s clothes. Soon, she worked her way up the corporate latter until she was the president. When she made it to the board room, she was the first and only women to have ever served in that capacity. The men there didn’t treat her as an inferior, because they knew that shew as a force to be reckoned with.

Though McGalla no longer works for AE, she realized that her ability to transform lives could be best utilized somewhere else. She founded P3 Executive Consulting. When her job of consulting doesn’t have her booked to the max, she also makes time for the Pittsburgh Stealers. An avid lover of football, this Pennsylvania girl is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the team. Though she hasn’t always lived in PA, when she married her wealth manager husband, Steve McGalla, she moved to this city. She is from East Liverpool Ohio and graduated from college at the Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. She has serious ties to the Midwest and has decided that these are the women she wants to help.

During a seminar taught by McGalla, women often leave feeling like they can tackle that mountain in their way. She teaches them to overcome adversity and to cease the day. Women in business have to be careful and not let their emotions overtake them. Women are different than men and they see and feel things quite diversely. However, with the right tools and tricks of the trade, it is possible for women to run companies and be successful. McGalla wants to empower moment that they don’t have to take a back seat to any man or any position that they desire. With a lot of determination and hard work, they can be anything they want to be.

Making A Fortune: Kenneth C. Griffin

As one of the wealthiest people in America, Ken Griffin boasts a net worth of $7 billion. The hedge fund manager and CEO of the Chicago-based Citadel, is one of Forbes’ 400 wealthiest Americans, and placed on Alpha’s Rich List thirteen times.

Getting Started
During his freshman year at Harvard, in the 80s, the self-made billionaire became interested in investing. By his second year, he set up a trading center in his dorm room so he could obtain real-time market data; raised $265,000 in capital from family and friends; and traded options between classes. After graduating, Griffin caught the eye of investor Frank C. Meyer, founder of Glenwood Capital, LLC. Meyer gave Griffin the opportunity to invest $1 million, and Griffin showed his gratitude by making a 70 percent return on the investment. Later, he went on to found Citadel Capital, the 13th-largest hedge fund manager in the world, which oversees an estimated $25 billion in investments.

Philanthropic Efforts
Griffin, who was born in Daytona Beach, in 1968, is a passionate supporter of education and health care, contributing more than $500 million both personally and professionally through his foundations: the Griffin Foundation and the Citadel Foundation. Most notably, he has given large donations to Alzheimer’s, blindness, and cancer research. Additionally, Griffin has contributed heavily to Lurie’s Children Hospital, Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Weill Cornell Medical School, and the University of Chicago. Moreover, an investment of $10 million helped fund the Griffin Early Childhood Center in Chicago Heights, Illinois, an experimental school program for preschoolers intended to determine how different curricula affect academic success.

His largest contribution, to date, has been to his alma mater, Harvard. In February 2014, Griffin donated $150 million to the university, stipulating that $125 million be used to sponsor scholarships for need-based undergraduate students. The endowment is the largest single gift Harvard has ever received.

Griffin serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. He sits on the Board of Trustees for the University of Chicago, and is a member of a number of several organizations including the G100, the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, and the Economic Club of Chicago.

Calling himself a Regan Republican, Griffin has contributed to the political campaigns of Mitt Romney for president, Mark Kirk for senate, and Bruce Rauner for governor. He has also donated to organizations he feels encourage limited government such as American Crossroads and Restore Our Future.

James Dondero is Appointed

Board of Directors
It had been originally reported by Business Wire that NexPoint Residential Trust Inc. has appointed James Dondero as a member in the board of directors. Next Point Residential Inc. is a publicly traded REIT. Mr. Dondero has been described as being a high-quality person who will have the ability to contribute greatly with his expertise while adding value to this company. Mr. Brian Mitts had stated this of Mr. Dondero. Brian is the Chief Financial Officer of NextPoint Residential Trust.

He is Qualified
James Dondero is more than qualified to be appointed on the Board of Directors. He is a He provides his experience. He is a president of two other companies. These are:
*Highland Capital Management
*NexPoint Advisors
He is an individual who will add his many skills and qualifications to this board.

Appointed Alongside Mr. Arthur Laffer
James Dondero has been appointed alongside Mr. Arther Laffer. Mr. Laffer is Chairman of the Compensation Committee. He had served in the advisory board of President Ronald Reagan. This was President Regan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board. Mr. Laffer was on this board from the years 1981 to 1989. He has been called the father of supply-side economics. He is the person who has been given the credit for the invention of the Laffer’s curve. This curve that he had invented shows the overall relationship that are between the tax rates and the tax revenue that is collected by governments. Mr. Laffer is a good match to be appointed alongside of James Dondero. This will prove to be a skilled match.

Credited for Growth
Mr. James Dondero has a reputation fro creating growth. He has been credited for playing a vital role in the growth of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. This came about from an idea. It wet over two billion in worth. This occurred between the years 1989 to 1993. James had been in the role of the Chief Investment Officer. He now has well-over 30 years of experience in investment in regards to the following:
*mortgage-backed securities
*leveraged bank loans
*preferred stocks
*common stocks
This is an individual who is well-known for instilling growth in many areas. His expertise has earned James Dondero a quality reputation. His experience in the credit and equity markets had focused on high-yield as well as distressed investing. This is a man who is a solution-based individual.

Ads in Brazil Make the Country Irresistible

Cláudio Loureiro knows Brazilian advertising. He started and grew his company there so he knows what will lure Brazilians. He has a keen eye for positioning products and services in a way that will entice the interests of those that view his ads. His Head Propaganda company is at the core of the advertising industry in Brazil and the company is spreading to other regions. What Cláudio Loureiro has been able to do is branch out and create a company that is specific to Brazilian culture. He knows how to target Brazil, but he also knows how to market to those outside of South America.

Advertisements in Brazil can be sensual. Cláudio Loureiro knows this, but he also knows that there can be something that is lost in translation if he doesn’t get it right. That is why he has hired some of the best marketing agents in all of Brazil to bring Brazilian advertising to new heights. An advertisement has to be able to stand out and become alluring. This is often the only way that a company will have a chance to entice customers. When Americans see Brazilian ads they may be instantly engulfed in this because there are cultural differences. When people in Brazil are watching these ads, however, it may seem ordinary and plan. That is why Cláudio Loureiro focuses so much on the unconventional marketing approach. Commercials and advertisement print ads must be able to grab attention.

There are a lot of people that come to Brazil simply because they have seen an ad on television. It may be a resort. It may be a beach and vacation ad. Either way, Brazil is a booming economy, and everyone seems to have some sort of interest in the way that country is progressing. tells that all of the natural resources that are coming into the area are making this one of the most profitable countries to invest in. It is also becoming a hot tourist spot because there are so many people that are investing in vacation homes here. This has become the type of hot spot that everyone wants a piece of. There are a ton of different people from around the world that come to enjoy all that Brazil has to offer. This has become one of hottest tourist locations and the ads have a lot to do with this.

Ads play a part in making people realize that Brazil has a plethora of different things to offer. It is an entertaining culture, and the sensual ads will wet the appetites of those that are ready to explore this area. Most people that come to Brazil will look for those exotic ads to come to life.