George Soros Faces Every Challenge

Discussion is Essential
George Soros is well-known as a strong and prominent international supporter of ideals within the democratic views. He has been solid and supportive for over 30 years. He believes in human rights in every way. He has been supporting these rights in over 100 countries. This is a powerful individual who appears to hold the belief that overall discussion is essential within democracy. It would be apparent that Mr. Soros does indeed have a flair for communication and conversation in many areas overall. Discussions appear to spark fresh ideas that will impact everyone.

Voices Must be Heard
It has been stated by George Soros  that everyone of us does indeed live in an imperfect world. He is a firm believer that everyone has a voice that must be heard. Every voice must be heard in order to create positive changes. Empowerment just may be the key. Advocating for oneself will lead to engagement and offer a strong sense of hope and accountability for everyone. These are some of the ideals that Mr. Soros has sparked up through discussions. The idea of being heard and feeling empowered has the ability to spread like wild fire. Mr. Soros is known for making his voice heard through his writing and philanthropic organizations that he has been involved in. He seems to believe that every person has a voice that can be heard.

The Open Society Foundation
George Soros is a philanthropist and an investor who had established the Open Society Foundations ( This is a foundation that had the goal to assist countries in making the transition from communism. Mr. Soros has expressed his commitment to many ideas associated with the open society. These ideas include the following:
* rights are respected
* the government is held accountable
* there is no person who has the monopoly on the truth
These are some of the basics that this founder and chairman of Open Society has incorporated within this philanthropic effort.

Philanthropy Since 1979
George Soros does not in any way avoid a challenge. He is involved and engaged in many ways. He had started his philanthropic efforts in the year 1979. He played a role in the undermining of communism. He was able to do this through the following:
* providing Xerox machines to copy banned texts
* supporting cultural exchanges with the West
* his promotion of critical thinking
* his expansion of philanthropy to the United States

Mr. Soros is involved and engaged in every way. He has been facing challenges and providing solutions for many years now. There is much more to this intriguing individual who seems to have a strong passion to create needed changes.