Working for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Being diagnosed with Cancer can be a very scary situation for a lot of people. For those that are diagnosed, finding a place to receive great care and treatment is very important. One place that has continued to provide great care and treatment to those with Cancer is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a company that is based out of Boca Raton, FL, but has clinics and care centers located all over the country. When you receive treatment from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the quality of the service and treatment that you receive will be largely dependent on the people that work there.

For those that would like to treat people, there are many different job options available at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. When you are looking for a job through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, there are many different types of jobs available. Due to the level of care that the company provides, some of the most important jobs that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America hires for include nurses, certified nurse assistants, physicians, and other individuals that are able to provide direct care to the patients.

While the Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides a lot of direct care and needs staff in the area, it is still a company that needs a lot of the same support as other organizations. The company is frequently hiring individuals to provide financial and other administrative roles. This can include hiring accountants, book keepers, financial analysis, administrative assistants, and a variety of executive level positions.Working for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America can be a great option for anyone. Beyond being able to provide great care to others, the organization provides employees with good compensation and benefits.

What the Startup, Tempus by Eric Lefkofsky Hopes To Accomplish in Breast Cancer Patients

Eric Lefkofsky owns the startup company, Tempus, which mostly specializes with collecting and interpreting data from cancer patients. The latest partner to join the venture is the University of Chicago. The university has pledged doctors while Tempus provides the space and the amenities to make the molecular sequencing and analysis possible.

Tempus is a Data Mining Hub

Independent scientists working in different locales might end up taking months to analyze all that data and be on the same page. Thanks to the groundbreaking algorithms powering the innovation by Tempus, however, the researchers now have a simpler route. Computers make out patterns in a matter of microseconds. The findings are then used to come up with personalized care and management plan for breast cancer patients.

Too Much Information, Everywhere

Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade says that research efforts often get thwarted by the absence of a single database containing all the info and stats about all the patients who’ve been diagnosed with particular cancer. Dr. Olopade is the dean School of Medicine, at the University of Chicago. The end-goal of the association with Tempus will be to bring the world’s largest clinical database of breast cancer molecular research.

About Tempus

The health-related startup appeared in 2006. The facilities are endowed with cutting-edge machines which utilize AI technology to process the Metadata derived from their studies. The research firm is housed in the same properties other successful companies by Eric like Drivin, Groupon and Lightbank used to be in. The establishment also collaborates with other prestigious research institutes like The Mayo Clinic, Cancer department of Northwestern University, University of Michigan and the Medical Center at Rush University. Eric Lefkofsky also co-founded Uptake Technologies and Mediaocean tech companies.


Exactly eleven years ago, Eric together with the wife, Liz, started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. These were a private organization created to serve a multitude of charitable acts and deeds. Top of the benefices list of Eric’s foundation is the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Understanding the Various Aspects of Cancer With A Medical Journal Called Oncotarget

Cancer is a condition that affects both the patient and the family. Anyone who suffers from this disease or has a loved one undergoing cancer treatments turns to the Internet for information via search engines. While this information is helpful, people may wish to have more in-depth knowledge with scientific evidence backing it. This is where medical journals come into play.

A medical journal is a peer-reviewed magazine consisting of articles covering the latest discoveries reported within its field. Articles are selected by a panel of experts who determine if it meets submission requirements. This guarantees the material found within the journal is up to date, accurate, and of the highest quality. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Like any literary piece, some journals hold themselves to a higher standard than others. Oncotarget is a cutting edge journal which outlines the latest breakthroughs and findings in cancer research. This magazine comes out weekly and is available to the public online at no cost. The website is easy to navigate and allows readers access to the most current issue as well as archived pieces.

Selected authors go through a vigorous vetting process by a team of editors which ensures the material published meets rigorous standards. Oncotarget covers a wide variety of topics including to tumor development, cancer research, and general oncology. The journal is expanding and will soon be covering that the topics of stem cell research neuroscience.

Search engines are a great starting point when it comes to cancer research. They give you a cliff’s notes version of specific conditions and a general description of the medical procedures involved. However, for individuals who desire more in-depth information that is both reputable and backed by scientific research, only medical journals can be considered trustworthy sources of information.

,Anyone who wants precise, evidence-based information regarding the latest advances in cancer research or for a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of cancer, medical journals are a must read. Oncotarget is an outstanding resource that is available on-line at no cost for anyone in search of explicit material covering the latest advances in the field of oncology. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The Growth of Seattle Genetics & The Role of Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer seems to be as prevalent now as it has ever been in the past. This deadly disease just seem to be any and everywhere around the globe. There has been some major changes over the past decade thanks to the production of some of the most innovative medications in cancer research has come to light. Antibody Based Therapies are the name and saving lives is the game. One of the top cancer fighting organizations in the world is Seattle Genetics and it has become a powerhouse in the history since it’s birth back in the late 90’s. This exclusive organization produces and distributes some of the most advanced antibody drug conjugates of this business. These powerful therapies attack cancerous cells with cell killing agents which eradicates them.


The head guy in charge at the Bothell, Washington based company is Dr. Clay Siegall and he has played an intricate role in the fight against cancer throughout the years. This guy is the real deal when it comes to getting things done. Dr. Siegall has an extensive educational background as he holds a (BS) in Zoology from The University of Maryland and a Ph.D from George Washington University. Besides being the President and CEO of the organization, he also one of it’s founders. Dr. Siegall has taken the industry by storm as of late as Seattle Genetics will be going through much bigger changes such as hiring another 200 employees, release about five new drugs in the near future, and expanding their services instead of remaining a single drug company. Big things are on the horizon and most of these changes are coming from Dr. Siegall.


The company’s social media presence is ever growing as well. There are thousands of followers whom keep track of the company’s every move. Many of Seattle Genetics’ events, photos, and updates can be found here also which keeps everyone in “the know.” Overall the future of cancer research is constantly changing with ups and downs, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.