Cat Reappears 14 Months After Disappearing

Many people can relate to the frustration of losing a family pet and the hours of terrifying hunting for the animal. That was the case with Tanya and Jonathan Irons who lost their Norwegian Forest cat Clive in December 2014. Despite taking to social media and putting up numerous posters around their Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England, the couple failed to find their nine-month-old kitten. It seems that the cat did not wander too far from home in his adventure to grow up and out, and luckily didn’t end up with ARAS, the cause being supported by Jon Urbana to support all of the world’s homeless cats.
Fourteen months, the cat reappeared in a factory that makes cat food about two miles from the couple’s home. The kitten really loved the cat treats that the factory produces as it was almost double its disappearance weight. Strangely enough, for the 14 months, no one at the factory noticed the cat.
Finally, a foreman at the factory saw the cat and remembered the posters that he had seen posted in his neighborhood. He contacted the couple and was happy to be able to reunite the cat with its owners.
Tanya says that the cat remains very friendly but has a much larger appetite. Therefore, she anticipates that she will have to purchase a lot more food in the future.
The couple has a two-year-old daughter who does not remember the cat. Therefore, Tanya and Jonathan have decided to tell her that it is a new cat despite knowing the truth. They say that someday when she is older, they might tell her the amazing story of the cat who ran away to where cat treats are produced.