Jordan Lindsey: The Pillar at JCL Capital

Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs, is experiencing great evolution with increasing trends every year. The year 2017 was a good year and the progress continues this year. More growth is expected as many companies and big corporations are embracing the blockchain and the ICO space. More than 57 percent of some renowned companies are embracing the move. Current trends in ICOs are expected to make it more successful and impactful. One of the trends includes new pricing and bonus structures. In 2017, many ICOs made a great rise by raising between $10 million and $ 100 million. As at now, more companies and countries are investing in this platform and crowdfunding is steadily growing. This will lead to a minimum limitation in amount to be raised by each company.

It is expected that in 2018, there will be less bonuses to companies from ICOs or even be smaller than last year. At the same time, product funding is expected to increase from ICOs with more opportunities in the area. The third trend is broader ICO adoption. This will limit any chances of backlash issues caused by lack of rules and regulations. Also, more investors are expected to join ICO. Many firms have embraced cryptocurrency as part of their assets and more are joining the ICO supporting the blockchain companies. The fifth trend is the level of expected trust and honesty in the ICO venture. More regulations and authorities are being structured to effect the trust issues to their respective investors.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of the JCL Capital and seasoned personnel in the technology and financial services industry. He is a self-trained systems architecture and programmer. Growing up, Jordan Lindsey was interested in entrepreneurship and did his best to get the opportunities from the industry. He had the intentions of inventing something that would make a great difference in the world. Jordan Lindsey schooled at Mount Angel Seminary and Saint Joseph’s College.

The most recent idea Lindsey has brought into accomplishment is creating his cryptocurrency. He shares that his success is tied to key areas such as ample planning of schedules and becoming determined to accomplish the tasks. To be effective in this competitive field, Jordan Lindsey says that it requires one to be creative, flexible, and resourceful enough.

Todd Lubar, a Passionate Businessman

As a Syracuse University Graduate out of Baltimore, Maryland comes a real estate business man and entrepreneur, Todd Lubar. Starting his career in working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation and ending that position he went on to Legacy Financial Group moving to the top of his game in no time at all. When Mortgage companies were at a low Todd Lubar became Senior Vice President for Charter Funding and became one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the US for many years. He is now the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Sr. Vice President at Legendary Investments and is always looking for ways of expanding the businesses to higher standards. Check out Ideamensch to know more.


Lubar also owns a demolition company and other companies that deal with real estate in Baltimore. He has been involved in financial and real estate and has been in some way or another for over twenty years. Being very passionate about business and helping the people in the community, he uses his knowledge of credit and finance to help the real estate business grow and prosper in both rural and business. Todd Lubar has his own software designed by his own team and uses his knowledge to bring his clients relief of the headaches with loans and financing and does this with his own system. The city of Baltimore continues to grow as older buildings are being turned into apartment complexes, condominiums and businesses such as restaurants and shopping centers and Todd Lubar is right there making his business grow along with the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.


A typical day personally for Todd Lubar is no different than the average entrepreneur beginning his day with a cup of coffee checking out the news and staying fit with a brief exercise before starting his day. He enjoys his family and gives the advise to anyone who wants to follow their own heart and become successful in the business world is to “work until you are tired and then work some more.” As Todd Lubar continues to follow his own advice we will hear from him for a many number of years in business.




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Louis Chenevert – The Man You Want to Run Your Business

John Maxwell, the modern day leadership guru, once wrote that “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” If you are a great leader than you can expect your organization to do great. If you are a failure of a leader than you can expect that your company will fail. Louis Chenevert was not just a great leader, he was an exceptional leader, and in turn, because of this, his company did extraordinary things.

Most of Chenevert’s work was with United Technologies Corporation, also known as UTC for an abbreviation. Under Chenevert’s leadership the company would start at $37 a share and end with $117 a share. This increase at a near 200% would bring the assessed value of the company to a grand total of $63 billion.

Chenevert accomplished this feat by hard work and wise business acumen.

Chenevert invested in his workers, the people who make the business actually work day to day. Engineers who were underperforming were known to receive further training and, if needed, to be moved to a location that better fit their gifts.

Chenevert made sure that the company was environmentally friendly. He was able to decrease the company’s once atrocious gas emissions by 26%. If that was not enough to please the environmentalists, Chenevert also decreased water consumption by 53%.

Chenevert would use acquisitions to place United Technologies Corporation into a more strategic place. During his eight year tenure, Chenevert would lead in the negotions to acquire both Goodrich and Otis. These two companies gave UTC the extra power they needed to dominate their field.

Chenevert’s accomplishments would not go unnoticed. After stepping down from the United Technologies Corporation, there was on business in particular that had their eye on Chenevert, Goldman Sachs.

Now, while Goldman Sachs did not have a place on the board for Chenevert, or even a place in the executive office, he was brought on as a consultant as an Exclusive Advisor for the Merchant Banking Division at their headquarters. How much Chenevert is compensated for this role is unknown but we can be sure it is comfortable.

How Thor Halvorseen is Championing the Underdog and the Powerless

In 2005, the Human Rights Foundation was launched in New York to provide a platform to voice concerns of political prisoners and dissidents. Its annual Oslo Freedom Forum has been dubbed the “Davos for Dissidents.” The man steering what is termed by some as the” New Global Human Rights Movement” is Thor Halvorssen.

The 41-year-old Mr. Halvorssen is of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent, born and brought up in Caracas. He has an ancestry of royals and freedom fighters. His paternal grandfather was the consul of the Norwegian King during World War II. His mother is a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen and his family have experienced the pain of political injustices. His father was tortured in Caracas after exposing the government’s corruption. His mother died from gunshots during the anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration, and his cousin is currently a political prisoner in Venezuela. Troy has also suffered physical and psychological torture for his activism.

Thor’s mission is impartial. He fights injustices from all sides alike. He has avowed himself apolitical and has shown a burning desire to end this world’s injustices. Thor has committed himself to the mission with an intensity matching that of the dictatorships he targets. CEPOS, a libertarian think tank points out that Mr. Halvorssen is “as much a fixer as he is a showman.” He makes things happen and never changes his mind once on a mission. Click here to know more.

In addition to being an activist, Thor Halvorssen is an actor and a producer who uses his platform to educate society on the importance of human rights and how to unite against tyranny. The films he has produced include Freedom’s Fury, Hammer and Tickle, The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, 2081 and the documentary, Indoctrinate U. He is currently working on a film adapted from the novel; The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein. Thor Halvorssen on Linkedin.

Capital Group Succession and Growth

Timothy Armour performs his functions as the head of the capital group. The capital group is the center of the American funds, and he is one of the hardworking fund managers in the world. Armour succeeded James Rothenberg as the chairman of the Capital Group.

Just recently, Tim Armour was working the head of the company’s management committee. The firm manages more than $ 1.25 trillion of customers. Most of the money is in equity mutual funds. He joined the capital group after he was through with his college education at Middlebury College, which is located in Vermont. His good education has made him be a hero in active management.

Rothenberg, who is a former chairman of the company, joined the firm in 1970, and he has been helpful in the expansion of the company worldwide. According to Armour, the company’s strength mainly comes from its pool of talents who are capable of delivering long-term investment results.

Capital Group recently made an announcement of its strategic partnership it has launched with the Samsung Asset Management. The association is meant to enhance its global investments and asset management products that are aimed specifically for the Korean Market.

Many renowned analysts, including Janet Yang, have recently given the Capital Global an excellent rating for its endurance.

According to Yang, the Capital Group, which has more than 7000 employees, has continued in the advancement of sound investing and creation of reliable results. In the report, she claims that Capital Global will continue being a solid model of robust investment culture, which has been made possible by long-term managers such as Armour.

Before joining Capital Global as the Chairman, Armour performed his duties as the equity investment analyst, equity portfolio manager and global telecommunications expert. Most of the asset managers including Armour are, however, skeptical that the entry of Donald Trump is going to end the sluggish economic growth, which has resulted in subdued interest rates in the country. Know more about Tim Armour on Bloomberg.

Highland Capital Management’s CEO Jim Dondero Announced A $1 Million Challenge Grant

Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful hedge fund investment firms in the industry. Highland Capital has more than $16 billion in assets under management. Thanks to CEO James Dondero, and co-founder Mark Okada, Highland Capital has a $3 million annual philanthropic budget. Dondero decided to partner with the Dallas Foundation, the state’s oldest foundation, so that budget could be used to fund national and local nonprofit organizations.

James recently announced a $1 million challenge grant to help the Family Place complete its legacy Campaign. The Family Place is the state’s largest family violence service center. The Texas organization helps eliminate family violence through proactive prevention, extensive community education, intervention, assistance, and advocacy for victims and their families.

The Family Place has counseled more than 225,000 clients over the last 38 years. The Family Place provides shelter for more than 20,000 women, men, and children. Volunteers have answered more than 500,000 calls for help during that time.

The Highland Capital challenge grant will match 50 percent of all funds raised for the Legacy Campaign up to $1 million. The grant is in effect until the Legacy Campaign reaches its $16.5 million goal. The Highland Capital grant will make that goal a reality, according to a article.

James Dondero has been investing in risky ventures for more than 20 years. He is considered an expert when it comes to investing in emerging markets. The firm’s recent investment in Argentina debt bonds is returning 25 percent annually.

Highland Capital has offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore and New York, so global investment information is exchanged daily. Dondero also likes to invest in healthcare, energy, tech, and retail companies. Thanks to Dondero, Highland Capital has a very diverse portfolio.

According to The Dallas Journal, James Dandero and Mark Okada have established a diversified client base. Highland Capital’s clients range from private individuals to corporations, public pension plans, foundations, endowments financial institutions, and governments.

Dondero and Okada like to support other local nonprofit organizations through the Highland Dallas Foundation. The Family Place is just one of those organizations, according to a article.